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Excellent post Carlos about how we each frame our situations and settings cognitive-behaviourally speaking, and this comes back to the role of the sports psychologist in supporting the team. Australia doesn’t have one and New Zealand continues to miss theirs. The Captain’s Call in the 79th minute about “lineout or scrum” needed a clear head by the All Blacks captain.

The Thursday rugby two-up: One bio-bubble too many for the ‘Boks and Pumas?

Being on the road for a long time is something that affects musicians too. Or at least it used to. Here in Victoria the music industry was on a par with the sports industry in size and contribution to the economy, but while there’s plenty of media attention about opening up for Grand Finals of footy, motor racing, footy, horses, footy, trugo, and footy, there’s almost nothing about the touring band and pubs scene.

But when the music industry was alive and kicking, some bands took their entire entourages with them, kids and all. Which led to a very strange upbringing for the children of the Fleetwood Mac band members. Others used recreational substances to deal with the “it’s Tuesday, must be stuck in Lodi again” situation. Some relied on groupies for interest. The Grateful Dead combined all three. Many others wrote songs about being out on the road too long. Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page” made the charts in Australia when covered locally by Jon English. It’s a good song, and overdue for a re-release even though it’s not in the key and tempos that the algorithms tell us guarantee a #1 hit record.

Let’s bring all these things together. The team in eternal lockdown should record and release an album of road songs.

Singing will exercise a creative part of the brain that isn’t otherwise touched by rugby, so that’s a good thing. Group singing helps with bonding, will bring joy, also a new way of looking at one’s team-mates. (could Faf be a bass? If so, who knew?). The revenue from record sales would help the coffers. We pride ourselves that rugby players aren’t one-dimensional and so it’d be good to have the genre of rugby music expand beyond “file beside Bavarian beer music”. It would help with the national anthems, routinely butchered at the start of Test matches.

The final point alone would cheer up many people.

Who knows? They might end up feeling so good about it as to include Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again”. If not, an album of maudlin blues numbers with a cover of Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s “Homeless” would do me.

Just a thought.

The Thursday rugby two-up: One bio-bubble too many for the ‘Boks and Pumas?

The books have the name of the viewpoint character at the top of each chapter. It helps.

The Thursday rugby two-up: One bio-bubble too many for the ‘Boks and Pumas?

and I see that another web site Planet Rugby has Akira in their team of the tournament.

Get your questions in for Issue 29 of Coach's Corner

Hi Nick – All Black lack of power, lost the ball 1 in every 5 collisions, and your colleague Geoff said: “…Akira Ioane lacked presence on the ball. Ioane resorted to old habits – jersey grabbing on defence, and on attack stopping prior to contact, halting his own momentum and making timing difficult for his support players.”

In a collision role in a collision sport, the words “stopping prior to contact” certainly stopped me in my tracks! How much damage to the All Blacks cause did this do? I know it’s been talked about a lot but whither Akira?

I am not seeking to double down on a player who is feeling pressure. I’d like to understand the pros and cons that the experts are seeing, because as a mug punter I’m simply confused. The All Blacks don’t do Bernard Foley scenarios.

Get your questions in for Issue 29 of Coach's Corner

A point well made Nick and one I missed when I was dubious about bringing the old heads into the Wallabies setup, on the basis that the younger members were coming along and building cohesion. Whether or not that was happening is now moot, because of the step change we’ve seen (and enjoyed) with QC etc involved.

Thanks for that Ireland vs NZ footage. Quite a trip down memory lane!

How the Wallabies are building cohesion towards 2023

“the harsh past 12 months has been an important catalyst for this change… “There’s nothing hidden. There’s a sense we need to change. We’ve suffered a lot as a code.””

Congratulations to the administrators for at last catching up with the spectators. In truth, the suffering by those who put their bums on the stadium seats has been going on for a bit longer than twelve months.

'We're absolutely committed': RA chief reveals plan to centralise control of Super Rugby clubs

I am saddened that the role of waterboy has become so greatly tarnished. Would Tana have done things this way, or made big long videos for social media? I don’t think so.

Should water carriers stick to water carrying?

It’s been the so-called countermeasures that got us that result. Credit where it’s due.

Spring Tour in jeopardy as SARU says bio-bubbles are 'out of the question'

I can see the problem for the Springboks. Ten days is 240 hours which is 14,400 minutes. The squad has recently had difficulty organising themselves around achieving or sticking to a 500-minute mark.

Spring Tour in jeopardy as SARU says bio-bubbles are 'out of the question'

Hi Mick I wrote a paragraph or two agreeing with you, from the point of view of a lowly and disappointed waterboy whose professional colleagues had let the side down.

Before posting my five juicy parragraphs, I decided to fact-check, which meant reading that Stuff NZ article linked above.

That article gives Nienaber’s quotes in full, and I was surprised and rather pleased to read that he genuinely apologises for the entire fiasco.

So I’ve deleted what I wrote, which was based solely on what I read here.

I would urge anyone upset about the on-field fiasco to click the link and read in full what Nienaber said.

I certainly felt a sense of relief that Nienaber apologised and what he apologised for.

Even so, I would not yet go so far as to say the Code of Rugby is in a safe pair of hands regarding South African international-level team management respect of match officials. The pattern of behaviour, and its egregiousness, is too worrisome.

'We stuffed it up': Springboks apologise for waterboy incident

Excellent wrap, Geoff.

It truly has been a team effort, right through to the administrators and officials.

The series also has been notable for match day contributions from the team entourages – medics, deputy under-assistant coaches, and so on. We’ve seen a seismic shift or step change in their roles.

In preparation for next year’s Championship, I am writing to SANZAAR for a “Best Waterboy on Field” Award to be introduced.

The Wrap: Rugby Championship rediscovers its DNA and ends with a thriller

Yes. The step-through of the try by the third ref started with “Player is onside from the kick”.

MATCH REPORT: Springboks edge All Blacks in one of the GREATEST Tests

In the “what to do differently” chat midweek I suggested the drop kick be used, and am now feeling mildly chuffed. Interesting how many gripping Tests seem to include a drop goal.

MATCH REPORT: Springboks edge All Blacks in one of the GREATEST Tests

Define “inevitable result” please Harry.

Best Barrett? Best Mo? Worst cliche? Still plenty to play for in TRC finale despite the inevitable results

Hi Tony, a misprint by The Roar on this Roar page below, which has the Wallabies just having won a 3-test series against South Africa and not yet having played Argentina, which makes nonsense of the Argentine “bounceback” as there’s nothing to bounce back from?

Wallabies fixtures 2021: Full Australian rugby union Test draw

Australia 27 def. South Africa 8
[end snip]

On the other hand, if I’ve got my facts wrong (see Muphry’s Law on wikipedia) I’d like to see a copy of that match, and would welcome hyperlinks.

'They're full of emotion': Everything Hoops said about fiery Argies, Skelton link, Quade's impact

Thank you StillMissIt. This has been a privilege to read.

How rugby turns boys into men

Regarding changes I’d like to see? A match won by a drop kick not by a penalty.

The Thursday rugby two-up: Who gains what from the final round?

A halfback wedged in with wonderful locks? That could be from any of the four teams, the tight fives are getting into their stride at this end of the Championship. If it was Brodie Retallick I’d like to know who won the battle for possession of the seat arm.

The Thursday rugby two-up: Who gains what from the final round?

Rewarding someone for being a fine waterboy is mighty appealling to the waterboy fraternity, but truth to tell we see how hard the professionals train. They do it tough. Dave Rennie has the right idea of rewarding the squad members who are performing well. A line has to be drawn, otherwise you could end up with a waterboy being promoted to Director of Rugby of the World Cup winning nation. I mean, as if that would ever happen.

Everything Rennie said about Holmes' 'shock', McMahon role, Jake over Tate and Argies shambles

One of the things about how the law operates in Australia is power, money, and vested interests. In COVID-19 quarantine the WA billionaire who avoided mandatory 14-day quarantine by dispensation to quaratnine “at home”. Other examples inadvertently make the news, such as au pairs or the Sydney judge who had a dial-an-orphan arrangement (Royal Commission on Child Abuse).

This Argentine Byron Bay incident will answer “how highly ranked is rugby union among Australia’s sporting codes?”

Old boys network,s and movers and shakers, have a huge impact on the sport and its administration. So I expect this to be a storm in a teacup and sorted quite soon.

Six Pumas, including Matera, locked out of Queensland after Byron visit, Wallabies Test will go ahead

Hi Geoff, yes, the “civic pride beats good drains” infrastructure argument. Your “that shouldn’t be the case” applies to both sides of the argument. I suggest that not everyone cares about the rugby, but everyone has an interest in clean water and drains that work. I take your points too, and we agree to differ.

I’d certainly feel more comfortable as a ratepayer if there was no smoke and mirrors in the cost-benefit equation. But it gets very murky, call it dodgy, very quickly. And this in a city where the QEII Stadium was meant to do so much but over its life proved a relative failure, and with Dunedin’s $-dodgy stadium having been built, there’s now a good alternative stadium 350km down State highway 1.

The Wrap: Tense, gripping clash of styles falls the All Blacks' way

The link is behind a sign-up wall. A direct link to the article is here:

(This avoids your being added to the tally of Telegraph readership, which they use to tout their advertising and justify their rates and editorial stance. For those uncomfortable signing onto a site known as the Torygraph and which endorsed Boris Johnson).

Data in rugby is about to get a turbo boost – and that’s a good thing!

Wow! Astonishing skills. Your post nails it exactly.

Wallabies pre-dawn: Why learning from the Townsville win is another important step

Same with players tying their bootlaces. It seems bizarre that six Springboks are inept at tying their bootlaces, I’m picking up on a comment made elsewhere on the Roar recently about six stoppages for tying bootlaces.

Send ’em to the touchline. Waterboys are multi-skilled. They can tie the bootlaces if the players on the field are not competent at this skill.

You’d think everyone in the Springboks camp would be encouraging the diligent and scrupulous tying of the bootlaces. It’s a reputational thing. Maybe put aside an hour or so on a Wednesday afternoon training session. The last thing the Boks need is to be pointed to and giggled at for not having this schoolboy skill. It was bad enough when Robbie Deans said he was receiving players at international level who didn’t have the fundamental skills. But unable to tie a robust bootlace? From the World Champs? They really are in a dire hole.

The Wrap: Tense, gripping clash of styles falls the All Blacks' way