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I bet if you look at roosters record – they probably give away most penalties on try line .

The roosters have always intentially given away penalties on try line to halt other teams momentum and for them to do subsequent errors as they are one of the best teams defending with set line

Roosters should have players binned more often

Trent Robinson fumes over 'brand new' application of sin-bin rule

The problem is obvious , when brown “lost the dressing room “ IF that Claim was the case that players were not putting in their should have been a clean out of that roster .
Either way the manner in which they capitulated that season after going so well pre origin should have seen a clean out

Would making Pearce captain turn Newcastle's season around?

Titans problems are they have a subpar spine , also you can’t just buy a side . You need quality playing consistently together , look at Newcastle

Why the Titans are the NRL's most inconsistent team

I find it funny how roosters playing such against adversity … they still have more rep players in their side than the eels and panthers

Despite a horror injury toll, the Sydney Roosters continue to find a way through

Correct No one complained when broncos signed Milford , bird , Reynolds , Mundine to name a few . Roosters buying Cronk , tedesco , sualli, maloney, poached Flanagan tried poaching xerri

Why has Xavier Coates signing with the Storm hit such a nerve?

I thought it was due to the June 30 rule . Contracts would not be registered by then

Cronulla would have needed three months and a salary cap rort to land Adam Reynolds

Funny how if this happened at tigers – club in crisis from mainstream media and coach and club would get smashed … somehow not the case here

Soured milk: Have the Raiders and Sticky reached spoilage?

No sympathy , every team has gone through what the broncos are getting and no one has been asking for sympathy .
Sport success is like empire building , get arrogant on success and then fail the basics end of empire .

Sinking to the bottom: The sad decline of the Brisbane Broncos

Poor headline , pretty much sums up rugby league media .

@tony full respect for calling this out

Tommy Raudonikis was a legend and larrikin... and a thug

Nothing wrong with the rules. Coaches are the issue . Players know how to wrestle more than tackle.

Also how I would have stopped the wrestle , would be legs /1v1 tackles is considered the dominate tackle and players can slow the play the ball . 2 or more involved , they have to realise immediately and ping them for 6again if not.

This will bring back skill of actual tackles and less gang tackles means less hia and injuries …. the injuries are occurring due to these warped wrestle tackles , watch any tackle and see what unnatural position body is put under no wonder thei bodies are stressed and they get injuries innocuously

Why did the NRL introduce the new rules anyway?

Guess V’landys has the AFL crowd scared. Never see these types of articles when Nrl didn’t have their house in order. AFL has been the sport that has begun the cross wars with evidenced of having MUlTIPLE teams in Nrl stronghold states .

Time to end the code wars, AFL and NRL can live in harmony

Doesn’t seem to be based on form .
Haas has been outplayed by opposing props and lock all year . Cook and graham wouldn’t be picked if selection based on form

My NSW Blues side based on form

Agree Mary . The blowouts have actually highlighted poor coaching in my opinion as you can see many teams not adjusting to the new rules . The other thing is they all tried to be Bellamy clowns with same block plays and not creating ther own style or tactics .

Lack of talent isn't a problem in the NRL - but lack of good coaches may be

Not sure what the outrage has come about . Classic pot scenario .
The raiders bought him mid contract hence why they paid a transfer fee. Only difference is the raiders not getting transfer fee as nrl clubs don’t charge the,

Daley: Bateman owes Canberra

The sharks don’t have the cap space and you would find Johnson’s salary is greater than Morris so does not make sense

Is Alex Johnston on the move - and where would he go?

It’s simple if there was a merge of RL and RU , without knowing the specifics a lot of fans would turn away as RL has continued growing on its tribal roots. You can bring out whatever metrics you like but end of the day NRL Survives due to the Sydney teams and the teams and fans mutual hatred for each other . You lose that you lose the fans . Why do you think the A league is a flop , they created plastic sides with private owners with no history , super rugby I imagine the same , do Aussie fans really care about playing the South African sides ?

Outrage over new rules for junior rugby league players

It’s rugby league everyone from players, media , club land to headquarters has an agenda.

Todd Greenberg can't rule on Josh Reynolds and expect zero backlash

Gould was just using his insider knowledge of what was happening off field with Latrell and when saw early in the game he was not up to it he went to town to show how knowledgeable he is about footy

The news about approx 4 family member recent deaths would have been known by Gould

Did Gus Gould play a hand in Latrell Mitchell's Origin 2 omission?