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How will Rodgers save Liverpool?

28 Jul 2012

Brendan Rodgers has his work cut out for him at Liverpool. He has left his job at Swansea City, where he was worshipped by fans for guiding them to promotion and then Premier League safety by playing a cosmopolitan brand of football.

Tactical analysis: Socceroos vs Blue Samurai

13 Jun 2012

The Socceroos emerge from the toughest week of qualifying for Brazil 2014 with two points. Lucas Neill said pre-game that the team would’ve taken a point. To get it in the circumstances they did is even more satisfying.

Omani heat makes it hard to judge Socceroos after draw

9 Jun 2012

Given the 40-degree heat in Oman it is hard to judge the Socceroos convincingly on this performance which led to a 0-0 draw. The approach in the Denmark game, which was relatively cautious, was virtually a dress rehearsal for this game.

Liverpool's gain, Swansea's loss with Rodgers departing

31 May 2012

It was one year ago yesterday that Swansea won promotion to the Premier League. If compensation is agreed to, their manager Brendan Rodgers will become boss of Liverpool.

Neeld needs time to find his halo

24 May 2012

Mark Neeld has been hit with a cacophony of conjecture and criticism about the way his coaching tenure at the Melbourne Football Club has begun.

Craig Foster's Australian football media dream

13 May 2012

A few tweets from SBS football analyst Craig Foster yesterday got me thinking.