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Essendon have been unlucky with the unavailability of tall forward options. Daniher had to be rested last week and there were injuries to Brown, Stewart and McKernan. Take 4 tall forwards out of any side and they will be tested. Brown and Stewart should be available shortly, but with Scott Draper going down in the VFL Essendon are heavily reliant on Bellchambers in the ruck. Daniher and Stewart have pinch hitted in the ruck and their absence made things difficult. Daniher and Begley will improve significantly in coming weeks after missing the last year.

2019 AFL Power Rankings: Round Nine

I can’t understand one of my friends, it is almost as though he needs to be angry. There is so much “noise” these days, is being angry the only way some people feel that they can be heard?

Outrage is ruining our game

Five comments from non-Essendon supporters at the time of posting. This piece should have died at birth.

Careful Essendon, don’t bite the fans that feed you

We are to blame as well in helping to create the 24hr news cycle. This does help to generate the revenue that leads to the big money that footballers receive.

Tom Boyd's retirement shines a light on the game's biggest challenge

As good as Boyd was in the Grand Final, he was very important in the win over GWS in the Preliminary Final.

Tom Boyd's retirement shines a light on the game's biggest challenge

With one bookie Brisbane are favourites at $1.76 and Carlton are $6, with a double giving $10.56 or a multi boosted $11.64. I am surprised Brisbane are favourites.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 9

Fan-ta-see-ah calls himself Fantasia.

LISTEN: Just how big of a deal is the BT-Fantasia saga?

The story out of Essendon was that Daniher was sore, they wouldn’t want a repeat of last year where some short turnarounds led to OP and close to a year off.

Teams can be especially unlucky with injuries affecting one type of player. Apart from Daniher’s unavailability, tall forwards in McKernan, Stewart and Brown are injured. Their replacements for this game were basically Zac Clarke and Aaron Francis, Clarke demonstrated that he is not a goal kicker and Francis is not a forward. There was obviously a plan to switch Hooker and Francis but an injury to Hurley interrupted that. Essendon now have a problem with their ruck stocks with Draper doing his ACL in the VFL last week, an injury to McKernan and Stewart has also been a pinch hitter in the ruck.

I think we should give some credit to the Swans in winning the game.

Nine talking points from AFL Round 8

It looks similar to last week, in trying to spin out of a collision Ablett’s arms have been involved. Try to spin your body without using your arms!

Will Gary Ablett have to face the MRO over this hit?

Should Heppell have had a go at Myers for missing a miracle kick?

Paul Roos unimpressed by Dyson Heppell's reaction to loss

No team should rely on a free kick paid after the siren has sounded, hopefully there will be no future repeat of this action.

Worsfold refuses to blame Rampe non-call for Bombers loss

Isaac, I assume you know what a non-apology is. I apologise if you were offended (but I meant what I said.)

What alloys do you have, copper and tin as in bronze or gold and mercury as in a tooth filling?

McGuire and Folau: Sins and punishment

This is going to be a tough season for every team with about 10 teams competing for the lower half of the 8. Geelong, Collingwood and GWS seem likely to be in the top 4, the depth of teams is going to be tested this year and end of season success is likely to go to one of the top teams best able to manage and rotate their on field team.

Geelong are setting the pace; the AFL season is in their control

Christian is fine, just appeal if you don’t like it.

Ablett cops one-game ban for striking Shiel

It looked bad from one angle but from another angle it just looked clumsy and certainly wasn’t a stiff elbow. I believe an appeal would be successful — has Ablett ever been suspended before?

Ablett cops one-game ban for striking Shiel


Is Gary Ablett in trouble for this high elbow on Dylan Shiel?

Has Scott delegated more to the assistant coaches?

Eight talking points from AFL Round 7

Naughton has great upside given his size and youth. Very pleased to get $226 for the Bulldogs to make the 8 and the Bont to take the Brownlow — not available now!

Eight talking points from AFL Round 7

I wonder how many people fast forward through AFL 360. Whateley is good but that is not enough to make up for Slobbo.

The AFL landscape after Round 6

No tattoos either!

The AFL landscape after Round 6

I agree with that, 10 teams competing for 4 positions in the 8. This is going to be a bruta1 season because of the evenness of the competition, many upsets and the successful teams will be those with list depth who rotate their players.

The AFL landscape after Round 6

As an Essendon supporter I am happy for North to be given the Easter Friday game permanently.

It's time to make a call on Good Friday Football

Essendon also have the Country game.

It's time to make a call on Good Friday Football

As an Essendon supporter I say good on him, also apply that comment to those who boo Gary Ablett.

Nathan Buckley whacks Essendon fans after Pies skipper takes medal honours

The booing reflects poorly on those doing it. I can understand it as a one off in the course of a game where a player has earned it in a particular incident, but the continual booing of Watson, Goodes, Abelett and Pendelbury in games is beyond the pale and attracts nutters who have other axes to grind.

The post-game booing controversy that is dividing opinion in the AFL