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I always like your positivity.

Why John Worsfold is the man to coach Essendon to their next premiership

A good article. I expect Essendon to be competitive in their last two games.

What impressed me with the big loss to the Bulldogs was that Worsfold walked off the ground with the players, sharing the responsibility for the loss. Worsfold needs stronger support from the coaching box, this is very important in the modern game.

Why John Worsfold is the man to coach Essendon to their next premiership

Essendon did very well with the pressure on due to injuries by winning 5 games in a row. The 2 defeats since have been bad losses but perhaps we are underestimating Port Adelaide and the Bulldogs who are running into form at the right end of the season. The Bulldogs would have beaten any team in the competition on Saturday.

Has Essendon’s season come to an end? If the Bulldogs win one more game than Essendon in the last two games then they will finish above them, will the Bulldogs displace Essendon in the eight?

Are Essendon actually in a funk, or did we all just fall for the hype?

Other young players to be given games were Redman, Francis and Begley. McKernan has flourished with more game time.

Are Essendon actually in a funk, or did we all just fall for the hype?

Yes, I guess it is a very modest claim.

Not even Steve Smith can catch Don Bradman

I was referring to the amount of Test cricket played at that time when using the term leisurely. I am not trying to put down Bradman, one measure of a great sportsman is to perform at a high level over a long time, and to perform at a high level when age would dictate that the sportsman was no longer physically capable of performing as well as in their peak years. Bradman achieved that. Smith has yet to play for long enough to be tested in the same manner. There is more money in modern sport than there was decades ago, but Bradman did fairly well for his time and good luck to him.

A story that Bradman told several times, including to Tendulkar, when asked what he would average in the modern game was: “Fifty”, “Only 50?” in response, “Well you must remember that I am 87 years old.”

Not even Steve Smith can catch Don Bradman

Bradman scored 334 runs off 448 balls in 383 minutes, a strike rate of 74.6%.
Smith, in two innings, scored 286 runs off 426 balls in 662 minutes, a strike rate of 67.1%.
How would the pitches compare? What can be said is that modern bowling rates are much less than in Bradman’s time, there is no way Bradman could have scored 300 runs in a 90 over day.
I am sure Bradman was the ultimate professional and ahead of his time in preparation and fitness. How would modern cricketers go in the former more leisurely environment? How would Bradman go in the modern game? These are questions with answers that can only be guessed at.

Not even Steve Smith can catch Don Bradman

Selfish cricketers can improve their averages at the expense of winning games. Smith could have scored more runs in both innings of the recent Test. In the first innings he tried to score quickly so as to give Australia a chance on the first day of forcing England to bat in difficult conditions, in the second innings he scored quickly to give Australia as much time as possible to force a victory. Averages can also be enhanced by not out scores, just keep batting until the declaration or draw. Another way a batsman can improve their average is by batting in the best position for themselves, that accusation can’t be levelled at Bradman batting at 3.

Don’t rely too much on averages, in addition the game has changed so much since Bradman’s time — didn’t they use to bowl 120 overs in a day? No slow motion analysis to exploit an opponent’s weakness. The overall standard of the game is much higher in the modern game, in bowling, batting, fielding and general fitness.

Not even Steve Smith can catch Don Bradman

I think Myers and Begley are also two important ins for Essendon. I don’t believe the captain, Zac Merrett, was injured last week.

Tips and thoughts: AFL Round 21

Injuries particularly hurt if they are in the same area:
Bellchambers, Draper as primary ruck — McKernan as well last week and our ruck stocks were weakened when Leuenberger retired after the draft to be replaced by Zac Clarke. In addition Daniher and Stewart used to pinch-hit in the ruck.
Tall players missing apart from the ruck include Daniher, Stewart, Hurley. Daniher has effectively been replaced by the duo of McKernan and Brown, but with McKernan ill last week the tall forward option was easy to counter.
I hope Darcy Moore can get over his soft tissue injuries but I believe you have a weakness with your key position players, losing Cox may be significant even though he is not top shelf.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 21

If Teague isn’t given Carlton’s coaching job he would be well advised to look elsewhere — Brisbane perhaps where the coach would be happy to assist with his development? I believe he is ready for the senior job.

Why Teague must be appointed Carlton coach


Steve Smith is the best Australian batsman since Bradman

I always thought Smith was good but didn’t realise he was great until this match. Second best batsman to Bradman for Australia, on a par with Tendulkar and Lara.

Smith could have scored higher runs in both innings, he went out chasing runs in both innings — in the first innings with a view to putting England in late in the day while the pitch was playing a few tricks, in the second innings by trying to force a win. Team first, absolutely selfless!

Smith’s historic twin tons by the numbers

You missed an innings that one only sees a couple of times in a lifetime.

Steve Smith once again saves Australia from Ashes embarrassment

All power to your cause, but it doesn’t have to be done through football.

There was a racist element in the booing of Goodes and it was disappointing that so many who indulged in it didn’t know or care.

No excuse to boo Goodes

More credit should be given to the Bulldogs, the Dockers were very competitive in the second half.

Could the Pies be vulnerable against the Suns this week? How will they cope with the height of Day, Ben King, two metre Peter and Witts?

What happened? AFL Round 19, 2019

My hope is for the Dogs to make the eight and Bontempelli to win or share the medal — the odds were too good to resist.

Favourites, smokies and bolters: A dozen players who could win the Brownlow

On the home turn “and Kingston Town/Cocky Raider can’t win” (words of the late Bill Collins). Well, they did win and they were recognised as champions.

I thought there was a good chance that this would be a close game, a team with nothing to lose against a team that had a lot to lose. This is a very even competition and Gold Coast played very well, they also played well against an improving Carlton the previous week. A few defences would be stretched by Sam Day (197cm), Peter Wright (203cm) and Ben King (202cm) and of course there is the 209cm ruckman. Ben King will be a star.

AFL Power Rankings 2019: Round 19

Just is enough.

Five talking points from AFL Round 19

The Dogs have been unlucky to have played both North and St Kilda the week after their coaches departed. The Crows play the Eagles and the Pies in the run home and you play them in the last round. I think you will beat Brisbane next weekend. The competition has been so even that there have been many upsets this season and I expect that to continue over the last four rounds.

Five talking points from AFL Round 19

I did think of him as well — I don’t think he would be near $800k though, and that is a good reason why teams competing at the top level have no excuse for lacking a high grade key position back. Forwards are a different matter. It is cheaper if you develop your own rather than attempting to poach players from other teams, but that takes time and good list management.

Defiant Buckley insists Pies aren't far off

It is hard to see top quality key position players in the Collingwood side, Grundy is certainly outstanding in the ruck and I expect Darcy Moore to develop into a top quality player. Compare the Pies with other teams:
Geelong: Hawkins, Taylor, Blicavs
WCE: McGovern, Darling, Kennedy
Richmond: Riewoldt, Lynch, Rance
GWS: Davis, Cameron
Essendon: Hooker, Hurley, Daniher

Most of the players named would be on $800k+, who have Collingwood got? Howe is not a key position player. Cox wouldn’t be on anything like that money and wouldn’t be the key forward in other leading teams. Cox is much criticised by Pie supporters but who is the obvious and available quality player to replace him?

Defiant Buckley insists Pies aren't far off

The Bulldogs lost to North Melbourne and St Kilda the week after their coaches departed, that was just bad luck in terms of timing.

I hope Essendon aren’t thinking of building their percentage against Gold Coast, this could be a better game than many people think.

Tips and thoughts: AFL Round 19

The comment is often made about bigger players such as Brown, Stewart, Laverde, Darcy Moore that they are plagued by injuries. Perhaps it is just a matter of giving them more time to grow into their bodies.

Mitch Brown is the most underrated player in the AFL right now

Out of contract and they are only talking about a further one year contract. You would think clubs would be chasing him, not your main forward but the next best thing. He can also play back.

Come on, give him a two year contract — he has earned it.

Mitch Brown is the most underrated player in the AFL right now