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Henriques won’t get anywhere near the test side. He’s had a go in limited overs cricket and not had the temperament there. Has dropped the ball (literally) at some very key moments during his career and the powers that be don’t regard him as hard nosed enough for test cricket.

Moises Henriques should be Australia’s preferred all-rounder

As others have said, bad TV times, not as big a ground, no guarantees of attendance and that’s before you get to the fact the rest of the country really does hate Perth and West Australisns in general, even if they don’t admit it.

Why can’t Perth hold the Boxing Day Test?

Yeah I overlooked Wagner, but I don’t think his bouncer barrage is going to be that effective, most of our guys are pretty good on the short ball. Paine makes Ian healy look good with the compulsive hooking but him aside the others won’t have any qualams

Kiwi reputations will be made or destroyed this Aussie summer

Unless the pitch conditions offer a bit to the bowlers I don’t think the Kiwis have a hope in hell. Not unless they play Ferguson and he fires, they won’t have the firepower to trouble Australia with a half fit Boult, Southee and Grandhomme. As others have said, the only games when it’s been close have been ones where the pitch is a bit green.

Perth will probably be the most interesting test of the tour, particularly if NZ win it. I see MCG and SCG being battles of attrition that will only result in draws or Australian victories, hard to see a path for the Kiwis to win on such flat pitches with such minimal assistance to bowlers that aren’t 140+

Kiwi reputations will be made or destroyed this Aussie summer

Yup. Classic case is from when Michael Holding roughed up Brian Close and John Edrich – 45 mins of short pitched stuff, but most of it was aimed at the body and torso, all perfectly legitimate, if not in keeping with the sensibilities at the time

Wagner will use Bodyline tactics against Australia

I always thought it was 4-1. Must have my series mixed up. Maybe I’m thinking of 50-51.

I’m just looking at results, not necessarily side quality. On paper our 2010/11 side wasn’t terrible and yet we were made to look very very ordinary.

Another traumatic season: Remembering 1986-87

The closest I got to facing anything approaching quick was facing Luke Feldman in an indoor cricket net at Toombul – they had a speed gun behind the centre net at the time and he was clocked at 133kmh off a short run-up with an indoor ball, and believe me that was plenty fast for me and everyone else in my side

A few months later Dan Christian hit him out of the Gabba in a Big Bash game, perhaps the most comprehensive demonstration for me that it’s a different world between us amateurs and the pros

Wagner will use Bodyline tactics against Australia

Not necessarily. It’s all about how much pace is retained off the deck. It’s not always a linear equation.

It’s a combination of angle, release, action, what part of the ball impacts – not sure science is going to be able to explain this for you anymore than it can explain reverse swing

Wagner will use Bodyline tactics against Australia

I was 3 at the time so don’t remember any of it personally, only what I’ve read – 1989 was my earliest cricketing memory. But I have seen the footage of that final test in Sydney, looked a pretty ropey pitch – the last ball Peter Sleep sent down bounced about 2 cm off the deck.

It’s nice to be reminded of times when we were absolutely terrible. Maybe you could look at 78-79 when England touched us up 5-1, or 54-55 when we smashed England by an innings in the first test and then lost the next four

Actually we did the same in 1911-12. Won the first, lost the next four. That could be a candidate. That loss was so bad Clem Hill was prompted to throw one of the selectors down a flight of stairs

Another traumatic season: Remembering 1986-87

Pretty good ball to get first up, that’s come back a long way

Maybe George should have poked his bum at it, clearly the issue is that he’s finally faced up in something approaching a conventional batting stance

WATCH: George Bailey out first ball in his final innings for Tasmania

Yeah I saw the Deluca piece earlier today. Pretty bloody ordinary from Carlton, drag a bloke across the country for 6 months and then go out and sign a bunch of other small forwards rather than a guy who actually played for them and had pretty decent numbers.

Whitfield shuns free agency to sign monster extension with GWS

I can’t remember who it was, but someone said once the best captain is one who one of his players would feel comfortable asking for advice on his relationship or marriage. I think that’s a pretty good summation. I don’t think anyone out on the field who’s captain of a bunch of professional cricketers could actually be a “nice guy ” – certainly that’s just the image they project, as you say, even Fleming, the nicest of them all had a ruthless streak to him. I remember he destroyed Damien Martyn’s confidence by packing the point zone with 3 fielders during an ODI series, and he wasn’t shy about keeping the boot on the throat.

Warne I think is a bit like a Churchill – great skipper during wartime, or during the 5 days out on the field in this instance, but outside of that period and off the field he’d have been absolutely terrible.

Do nice guys make the best leaders?

Great article Geoff. Any argument Janet Albrechtsen is pushing is automatically the wrong one

Why everyone got it wrong about Rugby Australia and Israel Folau

It’s basically a ball that retains a lot more pace coming off the pitch, because the bowler has really thumped it into the ground when he delivers it.

Often it’s a measure of how hard the ball is hitting the bat. A ball that is hammering into the splice of the bat over after over will eventually become quite jarring for the batsman and dull his hands and feeling in them.

Wagner will use Bodyline tactics against Australia

It has some beautiful moments and some very ordinary half hours

Wagner will use Bodyline tactics against Australia

I don’t have any issue with that not being in line – maybe going over the top, but I also don’t mind the 50/50 calls going the way of the bowler when the batsman has shouldered arms

As James said, there have been far worse decisions made. That one Tremain practically cut off his bat into the arms of first slip and was told not out still baffles me. John Ward couldn’t spot a fire in NSW based on that.

Alex Doolan 'can't believe it' after copping questionable LBW on the last ball of the day

It’s not your business at all.

Again, it is only an issue because Folau specifically breached the terms of his employment contract. This was never about hurt feelings or human rights. He signed the contract, he accepted the terms about his social media use and he breached them.

The last column about Israel Folau ever, I promise

Sorry I don’t buy any sort of argument that says if Izzy worked as a plumber he wouldn’t get the sack for tweeting about gays

He doesn’t and his case will always be different to Joe Blow with his 80 facebook friends posting nonsense on social media

The last column about Israel Folau ever, I promise

My argument is that as a private businessman you can do what you like in terms of what threshold employees need to meet to get the sack. If you don’t mind them bringing your company into disrepute that’s your call. But what you choose to tolerate can’t be cited as some sort of precedent for an international sports personality with a high profile. Unless you happen to administer and own a major sporting organisation.

Employment comes with a code of conduct. I will never concede for a moment that this was anything other than an employment issue, he broke the terms of his contract. It was never a human rights issue, if you think it is that there’s nothing I can say to you or you to me that will persuade us otherwise I feel.

The last column about Israel Folau ever, I promise

Do you receive taxpayer money to pay their wages? Do your employees represent Australia when they ply their trade?

The last column about Israel Folau ever, I promise

Great article. I have tried to steer clear of the Folau saga by and large, because I don’t care – disclaimer, I am gay, but I’m in my mid 30’s now, I don’t give a stuff what someone like Folau says. He wasn’t bothered when he took the pink dollar from the Hustlers to go advertise the Bingham cup, just another man behind a pulpit trying to demonstrate his piety to himself. But what he says even if it doesn’t directly resonate on kids who are gay, what it does do is embolden others to attack these kids. I remember reading an amazing piece from Harry Jones on this place about a friend of his from old South Africa who was gay and took his own life because he didn’t feel he could fit in, it remains the best ever argument against Folau’s dross I’ve ever read.

I always saw the Folau comments as a workplace issue rather than a freedom of speech issue, which it is – ultimately if he chooses to sign a contract with the Wallabies or any sporting organisations he has to agree not to bring into disrepute said organisation, and manifestly he has utterly failed at that.

Imagine if he was still under contract and tweeting that bushfires were god’s wrath on us because gays. RA are well rid of him. It is not a fundamental human right to be able to continue putting the boot into groups that historically have been marginalised and run down, and I’m glad Folau’s rubbish has finally been defunded by RA

The last column about Israel Folau ever, I promise

Speak for yourself, Cleary is brilliant.

The last column about Israel Folau ever, I promise

I don’t fault Archer for having a bad attitude. England test cricket needs him more than he needs it.

Consider perhaps why fast bowlers like Archer can afford to have a bad attitude. He could make tens of millions from cricket over the next ten years through playing limited overs formats without ever needing to pull on the whites again

The prospect of slogging it out for days on flat pitches with a crap ball and burning up his body’s mileage is scarcely designed to put him into a good frame of mind.

Jofra Archer is not the quick fix England crave

Great article JGK!

Off the top of my head I think we’re looking at


Given what others have said about the world test championship, it’s fair to say we might be waiting an awfully long time for someone to break 400. it may never happen. if every test is worth points it’s hard to see a situation arising where a side can indulge someone to hang around long enough to get to 400, assuming of course anyone still has the talent to do it.

I’m convinced Laker’s 19 wickets will never ever be broken in a test match ever, the 400 runs for a batsman could well be heading towards the same territory

Should Paine have let Warner chase Lara? Part 1

They are boring as hell. it’s the 21st century version of protectionism

Instead of hiding behind tariffs and making inferior holdens, we prepare flat boring wickets, give bowlers a ball with no seam and then claim we are dominant because we outlast the opposition

heaven forbid the visiting bowlers actually have a sporting chance

Literacy crisis: Helping Australians struggling to read a cricket pitch