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Dragons tragic.



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Not too bad. Looked like the ball swung a bit.

WATCH: Aussie singer gets first delivery of BBL13, bowls marginally better than John Howard

Great article, makes a lot of sense. It pretty much confirms my very unscientific appraisal that no one was better than Viv Richards, that Kohli and de Villiers are almost as good, and that Australia has had no better one-day batting exponent than Michael Bevan. Plenty of big names that I thought would be there and aren’t though, like Imzamam and the Waugh brothers, which just goes to show it’s best not to rely on my faulty memory.

Paper giants? - how to rank the best ever ODI batsmen

Wow. Lots of great players to choose from. I’d have Freddie Jones in front of Krilich for hooker, because he was just such a tough, hard player. I reckon O’Connor was a better centre than winger so I’ve got him in the centres in place of Jamie Lyon. And I’d have Russell Gartner on the wing in place of O’Connor because I’ve seen a lot of electrifying wingers and Gartner was as electrifying as any of them. But these are preferences based on my recollections and probably faulty memories. So I’ll defer to your scholarship, I can’t really argue against any of your selections.

Eight-time premiers: Who makes Manly’s greatest-ever team of grand-final winners?

So . . . he’s very staunch, and was a fastidious trainer. Hard not to get excited really.

'Thank f--k': Why RA's new chairman has brought 'hope at last' - and won't be scared of tough calls

Buy Tom Dearden to make Ben Hunt happy? That’s got to be just about the stupidest reason to hire someone I’ve ever heard. Ben Hunt is 33, and he will be gone one way or another in two years in any case. What are we going to do then? Buy someone to make Tom Dearden happy? If Sloane or Lomax is unhappy, do we buy them someone too?

Personally I think the Dragons have little hope of getting Dearden. It would not be in Dearden’s best interests and the Cowboys would be stupid to let him go. But either way the Dragons need to stop basing decisions on what is best for Ben Hunt.

'Got the world at his feet': Flanagan sets sights on Maroons playmaker to help keep Hunt a happy Dragon

Always fun reading these articles. But let’s face it, our press and sports writers would have blamed the toss or the pitch in no less scathing terms, had the result gone the other way.

'India still best 50 overs team in the world': Former star blames 'sandpaper pitch' and toss of the coin for World Cup loss

What a lovely tribute Ben. There was a little tear in my eye while reading your piece. I too wrote them off, I just did not think it was Australia’s year in any sport. The Matilda’s finished an heroic fourth, the Kangaroos a bewildering second, and the Wallabies an abjectly miserable equal twenty-fourth. But then this . . .

I knew Australia's bunch of 'no-hopers' couldn't win the World Cup, right up until I knew they would

What a good idea! Hopefully the dedicated fund is a little more than the current 3 or 4 %.

'Oh, what a tangled web': The need to unravel the rugby centralisation conundrum Down Under

I wish someone from Rugby Australia would present how their centralised model will work in detail, instead of just saying “it works in Ireland”. Because from an outsider looking in, it looks like RA saying give us all the lucrative money making bits of Rugby. The rest of it, all the hard stuff like looking after grass roots rugby, promoting community rugby, and running small local competitions in remote areas, well that doesn’t generate money so the States can handle that. RA will throw a few coins the States way from time to time and as finances allow, to assist.

Not sure why anyone would sign up if that’s the model.

'Oh, what a tangled web': The need to unravel the rugby centralisation conundrum Down Under

I’m keen to see how Sullivan goes at 5/8 with Sezer at half. Sullivan played his best footy at St George when Ben Hunt wasn’t at half. Those two just didn’t seem to gel. I’m tipping Sullivan to surprise with an experienced hand like Sezer organising the plays. What’s happened with Douehi though? Is he ever coming back?

Smart Signings: Why the Tigers need to throw the keys to the team - and the cheque book - at Jarome Luai

Good on you for having a go and coming up with a plan. I wouldn’t say it’s rubbish. It certainly bolsters the existing competitions and builds pathways. My concern is that the competitions it bolsters are all city based competitions, but then it offers nothing to country rugby. You can’t build depth without inclusion and regional areas continue to be neglected. Maybe there is a way of dealing with this within your framework, I don’t know.

How to rebuild Australian rugby's depth - without breaking the bank

What a great read, and no arguement from me about lack of grassroot’s engagement being one of, if not THE major problem with Rugby Australia. You’ve also jogged a memory in me, because when I played junior rugby (many, many years ago), I don’t remember seeing any Wallabies either. But one afternoon at training, Ron Coote turned up. Not to tell us to play league, but to work on our tackling skills. I assume he was a friend of a friend of the coach, but he still made the effort to turn up and run a few U16’s schoolkids through some drills. I wonder if that sort of thing still happens, in any code.

Rugby Australia needs to target the NRL and AFL's best talent - but not on the field

The Wallabies will still lose. Rugby Union favours sides that play 10 man rugby and can kick penalty goals. Sweeping back line movements are an anomaly. NRL players won’t make any difference.

How do you drag the Wallabies from the gutter to the Lions in 2025? You harvest the pick of the NRL crop

I wouldn’t mind Gamble. Unlike some he never just goes through the motions, he wants to win.

Smart Signings: Manu would be great for the Dragons - but Flanno has to find Ben Hunt a partner first

Dragons will keep deBelin. They should have let him go after the last debacle but he seems to be a favourite for some reason. I expect Suli and Su’a will leave because they can. I’d keep the Molo brothers – both went OK at different times, let’s see what they do under Flanno. I reckon Lomax might go OK at 5/8, I’m sure that will be looked at during the off-season; if that doesn’t work out it makes the decision to release Sullivan look really stupid, even by Dragons standards.

Smart Signings: Manu would be great for the Dragons - but Flanno has to find Ben Hunt a partner first

Great compilation, please do Hamish next.

Read it and weep: Eddie made Wallabies fans 'eat s--t' for 10 months - here's every bit of BS he uttered

Not insane, just continually disappointed that the two country towns I used to play rugby in, neither has a rugby club anymore. Yet the Leagues clubs are thriving. If you’re a young person and you want to play rugby, your options as of now are to move towns, or hope your parents enrol you in an elite private school. Seems a bit pointless having a professional pathway if you can’t even get on the path.

Is the Rugby Schools system still as relevant as the days of old - or is it in need of a serious overhaul?

I never thought the rugby schools system was relevant. I always thought the better scheme was to have strong community based club rugby, where players have a strong connection to the area they live in, not just the school that they may get parachuted into. That way you are supporting country as well as city rugby and expanding your participation rates. Then again, what would I know.

Is the Rugby Schools system still as relevant as the days of old - or is it in need of a serious overhaul?

Wonder if you like, but the NRL don’t need to do anything to make Rugby implode in Oz. Rugby Australia is quite capable of imploding on its own, without any outside assistance.

'I'm so pissed off': Eddie open to walking away from Wallabies if it suits RA, sticks knife into Hoops, Quade

Of that lot I reckon French, Taukeiaho and Ikuvalu would still go OK in the NRL. May would go OK as well but who would want him? I had high hopes for Jai Field and Kaide Ellis when they turned out for the (StGI) Dragons. Alas, both too good for reserves but never did quite enough in the top grade.

13 ex-NRL players you may be familiar with from the 2023 Super League GF

I thought the press conference was necessary. Look at The Roar over the last couple of weeks. There has been a disconcerting amount of focus on Eddie Jones and whether he is staying or going. This press conference should hopefully quell the conjecture, at least for a few weeks, so people can focus on the actual games being played.

Eddie Jones joked about signing Nathan Cleary - but he might be the only man who can save the Wallabies

I enjoyed reading this, it’s good to get the perspective of someone from outside the regular rugby circles. I’ve always tried to be a supporter of all sports and it brings me no joy to see Union in the state it is in. You can only hope that there is a lot more going on to correct the problems than merely looking for a publicity stunt.

Eddie Jones joked about signing Nathan Cleary - but he might be the only man who can save the Wallabies

I’m old too but I’m sort of the opposite. I played Union through to my mid twenties before injuries made me give it away. The sad thing for me is that the two NSW country towns where I played most of my rugby, neither has a Union side any more. They both have thriving league clubs. I don’t know what happened. There used to be plenty of room for both. Just focusing on the Wallabies, Super Rugby and broadcasting income will not bring Union back to where it should be. There’s no point recruiting fans if they can’t watch or play a game where they live.

'Be Australian': How the RWC QF classics showed we must urgently define and deliver our own style

I wish I didn’t feel so negative. This just sounds like Eddie Jones has agreed to accept another year’s salary without any KPI’s until 2027. He is absolutely right about the need to fix up the systems underneath, including support for grass-roots rugby, but this depends more on RA than him. So far they aren’t saying anything.

Oh well, at least there’s Phil Waugh’s old boys GPS schools festival next year to look forward to.

Eddie Jones says he needs to 'give myself an uppercut' but '100 percent' committed to coaching Wallabies

I have a couple of issues with this whole debacle/fiasco/shemozzle. One is it wasn’t just Dave Rennie who lost his job. His assistants lost their jobs as well replaced by Eddie selections – that’s on Eddie, not RA. Another is the fact that stalwarts of Australian Rugby were dumped in favour of youth – that’s on Eddie, not RA. There are the various statements from Eddie regarding his commitment while at the same time checking out possible escape routes – that’s on Eddie. And then finally there’s the grandiose statements of team performance prior to and during the cup followed by mediocre outcomes – that’s on Eddie.
Yes it would be better if RA had a more competent chairman and board. But Eddie is more and more looking like a snake-oil salesman who took advantage of the board’s gullibility for his own benefit. He deserves our outrage.

'It's personal': The outcry over Eddie Jones' contract situation exposes a double standard in sports business