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The thing is with Cockatoo is that his body is holding him back. It is near enough as simple as if he gets his body right, he has a big impact. If he doesn’t then he is just another player. I feel that the impact he could have is very underrated

One player from each club to look out for in 2021

“He can eventually walk into the Gold Coast side”. As in he will once he gets his body right because he has the talent and doesn’t need to prove himself as much as others. All the players you mention have potential but I feel that Hollands will have the most impact.

One player from each club to look out for in 2021

Incredibly frustrating to watch him play against your team due to the sheer talent he possesses. Definitely up there for player of the season. If he continues playing like he is it would be very hard to deny him of that accolade

Jack Grealish is the most underappreciated star in the Premier League

The definition of the magic of the cup. The income generated is the best part of this story, that has set Marine up for the future

Spurs vs Marines: The FA Cup's most fascinating fixture

Really like Hinkley’s coaching style, seems to have a really good repour with the players and the higher-ups. Can see Port going really far in the future, a flag should definitely be the goal

Hinkley earns two-year extension with Power

Would love to see if Western United can get close or even equal WSW performance in their early years

Cowbells and new blood suddenly make the A-League look a whole lot better

Vale Frank Arok. Truly a great man and a great person for football in Australia

Vale Frank Arok: A man ahead of his time

Lampard has the ability to turn things around. Proved it last year that he can adapt

Can Frank Lampard avoid the axe?