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So these are ‘raging Bunsen burners’ that assist both pace and spin?

At home with the bat , Kohli averages 61.06, Pujara 54.39, Rohit 75.66, Pant 63.90 …

Seems India are able to doctor the pitch so that it only behaves badly when they bowl hmm

'Hard to believe': Steve Waugh stunned by Head case as Aussies collapse, Warner on last legs - Talking Points

The same English pitches where in their most recent series averaged just 189 overs per test?

Who makes Australia's 2023 Ashes XI?

I think if Rohit is unavailable KS Bharat will open. He batted well in the practice match and has opened in most of his first class career.
Also if Rohit doesn’t play it looks like Jasprit Bumrah will be captain, which would be very interesting.

The challenge facing a depleted Indian batting unit at Edgbaston

Sams has recovered decently now but to say he hasn’t ever put Mumbai in jeopardy is a bit of a stretch. Figures of 0/57 (4) and 1/50 (3) in early season losses were quite bad for the franchise.

IPL Watch 2022: Who are the top performing Aussies so far?

Venky has had an impressive start to his international career. A bit of a shame that he will be opening in the IPL though, rather than getting more practice in the finisher role.

Personally I still believe if Hardik Pandya is back to bowing he is a shoo-in the XI, he is still India’s best finisher. It’s great to have squad depth though.

The question is can Venky and Hardik play together, considering Jadeja’s diminishing returns with the ball in t20Is and also in Australian conditions playing a second spinner isn’t always necessary?

From chartered accountant to all-rounder: Venkatesh Iyer could be India’s X factor in the T20 World Cup

Yeah I don’t think he wants to play till his 40s, even though his body could certainly handle it.

With the RCB point, I simply think Kohli just doesn’t care too much about t20 cricket, especially compared to his Indian peers. He wanted to keep the ODI captaincy, and losing it definitely made him drop the Test captaincy.

Kohli's resignation is a loss to Test cricket

If you are just talking about Test cricket, Kohli captained zero test matches whilst Dhoni was in the side. Dhoni retired abruptly mid series but put full trust into Kohli. Yes that combination might’ve worked in white ball cricket, but in Test cricket Kohli was on his own.

His struggling batting form has definitely mentally impacted him and it must make him believe he can’t put his full effort.

I do agree just having ‘the most’ isn’t the greatest indicator. But let’s compare Kohli’s to other Indian sides. Until the 2000s India were still a mid-level test side, very up and down.

Ganguly did a solid job but even with a legendary batting line-up he couldn’t rack up the away wins like Kohli.
Dravid didn’t have a huge sample sample size, but he was also inconsistent, a highlight being a series win in England. He also failed to win at home against Australia and England.
Dhoni had a great Indian side that did become a number 1 team but the decline was quite poor. This included 4-0 away losses to England and Australia, even with legendary batting line-ups. Away from home Dhoni only managed 6 away test wins. Wicket taking ability and applying pressure was the biggest flaw.
I can’s see which option you think was better than Kohli. He was without a doubt India’s best ever Test captain.

The boy from Delhi who made India believe

Yes the SA series was one they should’ve won but I don’t think one lost test should undo all his work, also considering in their last series India were 2-1 up against England away.

The timing is still very poor from me. There’s no next generation leader to take over the Test side. They will have to have a temporary captain which is unnecessary. Kohli knows this is important because he stressed the importance of Dhoni putting trust in him, which makes me think Kohli was partially forced to step down.

Obviously as a captain Kohli has a big say in Indian cricket, but I’m not sure why it’s been forced that it’s entirely Kohli’s fault that Rahane and Pujara are still around? Shouldn’t that be on the whole team management as well as Kohli?

Kohli's resignation is a loss to Test cricket

‘Don’t expect too many matches going the full distance’
You reckon they’ll be one sided games or just bad pitches?

'Blockbuster series': Can India conquer South Africa?

Yes he is still in the squad.

'Blockbuster series': Can India conquer South Africa?

I am also sceptical of Vihari, but I think there’s enough grit there and his Sydney heroics perhaps earn him another chance.

Also just before this series Vihari was part of an India A side that toured South Africa. He scored 227 runs at an average of 75.67. Hopefully those runs would have given him a decent chance of acclimatising to the conditions.

'Blockbuster series': Can India conquer South Africa?

That test between India and NZ was brilliant. India would feel they should’ve won, but NZ did very well to have 9 wickets in hand with 2 sessions to go. Thought the pitch was great, bowlers had to work for their wickets and batters for their runs, and enough deterioration by day 5 to make it interesting.
My worry is that for the second test a dust bowl will be produced to ensure that India wins the series.
Also with Kohli coming back into the team next game, you’d think that has to be the end of the road for Rahane.

Agar's 2022 prospects, India-NZ draw: Talking points from the world of cricket

I would say India are probably just above par. Yeah the odd ball is keeping low and spinning, plus there’s enough for the pacers. Yet Shreyas and Jadeja made it look alright. You are right about the 4th innings. I reckon even 150 could be a tough chase.

India vs New Zealand: Test series preview

Excellent stuff from Jamieson, matched by a very solid start from Shreyas Iyer. This India lineup bats deeps they’ll still be targeting 400, from NZ’s perspective they need to keep them below 350.

India vs New Zealand: Test series preview

In theory he seems such a solid cricketer, but just doesn’t have enough edge to his bowling in reality I guess.

India vs New Zealand: Test series preview

Yeah fair enough, was a little unsure, especially with the positioning of Blundell. I don’t rate Santner but just assumed he was back in the reckoning now.

India vs New Zealand: Test series preview

An interesting final point, but not too relevant in my opinion, because the bulk of Kohli’s poor form has been in test matches.
His ODI form, since Dhoni has been gone, has not been at his best, but certainly not bad by a long stretch (883 runs in 17 innings @55.19).
In t20I he’s been in good form (896 runs in 22 innings @59.73).

Virat Kohli's captaincy dilemma

I think the whole mantra about Kohli’s ICC tournament record is overblown. He’s only had one Champions Trophy and one ODI World Cup. (Dhoni was captain for the 2016 t20 World Cup).

In both tournaments India were pretty much cruising until their respective final losses (exceptions of group stage losses to Sri Lanka and England receptively). The only reason why they might be so scrutinised is that both losses were very tragic and emphatic. I don’t think Kohli is the only problem; the whole India top order crumbled in both games. This was even after the likes of Dhawan and Rohit were having stellar tournaments.

I know Dhoni is a legend, winning one of each ICC tournament as skipper, but in comparison he’s had the opportunity of captaining in 6 t20 World Cups, 2 Champions Trophies and 2 ODI World Cups.

The notion of Kohli getting removed from white ball captaincy is preposterous, I only believe it could happen is if Kohli himself wants to manage his workload better, which is already underway with his recent announcement.
I think he deserves the ODI captaincy till the 2023 World Cup especially because it’s at home for India.

Virat Kohli's captaincy dilemma

Yeah I’m really not sure when because New Zealand is touring India in November and then they tour South Africa for their home summer.

The ICC need to sort out their priorities after the cancelled England-India Test

I’m not sure to be honest. I thought the forfeit would only have an impact on the series score rather than the insurance, but you could be right.

The ICC need to sort out their priorities after the cancelled England-India Test

The result is important especially considering the WTC but the money may be more important to the ECB.

I believe the current situation is:
England want a forfeit result from India for this test match, yet they still want a one off test played next year for monetary compensation.
India meanwhile would want next year’s test to count as the 5th test of the series but are also happy to play extra limited overs games as compensation instead.

According to the WTC rules, games can be abandoned due to COVID, albeit in slight murky circumstances this time.
Surely either way, playing a one-off test is pointless, in terms of cricketing context.
India playing more limited overs matches seems the best solution to me, and maybe they could please the ECB even more by allowing Indian players to play in the Hundred.

The ICC need to sort out their priorities after the cancelled England-India Test

Yeah the ideal initial solution would’ve been to wait a few days for the Indians to test negative and then begin the test, that’s where the IPL has been the factor.

Interestingly enough, the players still need to quarantine 6 days in Dubai anyways, meaning if the test started on time the test players would’ve missed the first few games anyways.

This makes it even more frustrating that they didn’t consider delaying it slightly.

I like the IPL, but the timing is so frustrating, days after a 4 month UK tour and days before a World Cup. Surely the Indian squad needs some rest!

The ICC need to sort out their priorities after the cancelled England-India Test

You can’t be serious, moving Rohit from the middle order to opener has been such a revelation for his test career. He finally looks at ease, especially away from home. He relishes the challenge of facing the new ball, and does it better than any other Indian batsman currently.
I doesn’t matter that he started his career in the middle he’s found his best spot now.

Nobody's place in the Indian team should be taken for granted

India A are playing 3 tests against South Africa before the main series, which could be pivotal for youngsters to stake their claim. Also the Ranji Trophy is set to come back in January.

Surely there will be some changes to the Indian middle order coming up.

Nobody's place in the Indian team should be taken for granted

Yadav is a very classy batter but I think India should let him find his feet in the white ball set ups first. I feel like his selection in the squad was based on his form in the shorter formats, but he has only played a handful of matches.
Yadav and Iyer both play for Mumbai, with Iyer having a slightly better record. I wouldn’t mind either, but I have a slight personal preference to Iyer.
Shaw is an interesting case. I think he will get a test opportunity again but he has a lot of work to do dealing with the moving ball. India had Easwaran in their test squad against England, before Shaw. I don’t know a lot about him but he’s been part of the India A set up for a while, so he might be next in line.

Nobody's place in the Indian team should be taken for granted