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I’m not a Patriots fan either and in fact I’d love to see them lose (as I support the Jets), but from an unbiased perspective facing them in the playoffs will be tough for most teams. I’m confident that the Colts will be able to handle them though. Good luck to you guys in the playoffs

Why the Patriots have a good chance of returning to the Super Bowl

What makes you think that Japan will win the group? They only beat China 1-0 and they lost to Oman at home

Don’t panic, Australia will qualify for the World Cup

Great article and good decision to open up the debate to The Roar public as it will bring new perspectives to this debate. I’ve stated which sides I believe are the best with reasoning below.

In tests, Arjun has the best bowling, Ryan has the best batting, and Will has the best all rounders. I agree with you that all 3 teams are even overall. Ryan has the best ODI team as his team has multiple explosive hitters and solid bowlers. Will and Arjun are tied for the second best ODI team as they both have great players in one department but are lacking in the other. Arjun has the best T20 team as his team has top notch batsmen and bowlers. Ryan has the second best T20 team as he’s got solid batsmen but like you mentioned, there are some questions over the bowling. Will’s T20 side has decent bowling but shaky batting, although I do think his side is the most variable because when all his players perform well, they’re a hard team to beat.

Picking Australia's best three-format squad

I didn’t talk in depth about Gamba as this article was about teams just outside the relegation zone. Though I do agree with you that they won’t stay in the bottom four for much longer as they have to make up games against Oita and Sendai and their form has improved recently. I also agree with you that Shimizu should be fine. However, the other 3 aforementioned teams are in real danger of getting relegated.

How can these J-League teams avoid relegation?

I’m sure the J League’s popularity would explode and more people will pick a team to follow if it is broadcasted on free to air TV in Australia. As you said, once you get hooked to the J League, you can’t stop watching it.

Why we should all pick a J.League team to support this season

On their day India are hard to beat, but they have to start performing in big games in order to be considered a top notch side IMO.

Are India close to being top notch?