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And it’s not as if they need to go to a cheap holiday destination like Bali, they’re all cashed up so why not get away as you say to somewhere else in the world.

Fancy that Australia, a drunken punch-up in Bali?

Fair point, although that was prior to their big Sydney plans with GWS coming in.
If it stayed at the original capacity then I wouldn’t put it past the AFL to p1ss off their Melbourne faithful by sending it to Sydney.

The difference I see here is the AFL are hellbent on forcing their way into Sydney, whereas the NRL barely care about anywhere other than Sydney, they take for granted the state of Qld IMO.

SCG to host NRL grand final as Greenberg snubs Brisbane

I’d say if Perth, Adelaide or even Sydney ever built an oval ground holding close to 100k then yes they would.

SCG to host NRL grand final as Greenberg snubs Brisbane

And the thing is, the SCG has barely any nostalgia left with the only old element being the (old) members stands, which are terrible for watching any sport if you’re on the ground level.

SCG to host NRL grand final as Greenberg snubs Brisbane

While on the topic of Groundhog Day, this article reminds me heavily of lasts weeks effort:

Is this D-Day for the A-League?

Dear A-League fans, it's time to take off the rose-coloured glasses

It seems quite common that facts are either omitted or outright incorrect when it comes to Brisbane Roar on this site.
Glad I don’t support them otherwise it’d get pretty tedious.

Is this D-Day for the A-League?

Safe to say this article is deeply entrenched in the pessimist bucket. 🤢

Is this D-Day for the A-League?

I think this is great news, as ABC will undoubtably show it on their main channel, which has a larger viewership then the SBS channels and quite often Ch.10
I know for me ABC is the only FTA channel I watch, although I have Foxtel so will catch the games through that medium.

A-League locks in free-to-air TV deal with ABC

That’s my major bugbear with memberships Buddy, they’re all counted equally whether it’s a season ticket, right down to an infants membership with no games included.
A League aren’t the only ones, all the major professional sports misrepresent in the same manner.

A-League owners have taken two significant missteps

Short answer is YES, I’ll read the article later 😁

Is it time to start the A-League season in September?

I quite like your clear disdain for Souths Stuart, I share similar feelings about this fraud of a club.
Great result last night, hopefully Souths are bundled out with two straight losses.

One thing though, I was at the game last night and the NRL/SCG obviously forgot it was supposed to be a Roosters home game. Both clubs received equal attention from the colours surrounding the ground, the signage, the club songs playing, everything. What benefit did the Roosters actually get from finishing higher, absolutey nothing.

Utter embarrassment as the ‘pride of the league’ are pummelled by the Roosters

My comment was more general in nature in respect to the entire qualifying campaign, particularly those at better time slots, and less for this particular match.
As I mentioned in another comment I don’t think one match, this early in qualifying and at 1:30am is much of a concern.
While we still don’t know the televised schedule, i think it’s more of a concerned hope that FFA will negotiate in order to have at least the next round of qualifying all on FTA.

Has anyone noticed the Socceroos aren't on free-to-air TV?

Coming back to the overall point of the article, I believe it is not in the interest of football to be hidden behind a paywall.
Professional league is one thing, but our national team representing all should be accessible to all.

Has anyone noticed the Socceroos aren't on free-to-air TV?

Admiral it’ll actually be the opposite, lots of the the FFA money came from the A League rights, now without that they’ll have to me much smarter and run a leaner organisation.

Has anyone noticed the Socceroos aren't on free-to-air TV?

I don’t think it’s that big of a deal that the Kuwait match isn’t on FTA, it’s a terrible time slot and this stage of qualifying is more of a formality if anything.
Our only concern will be Jordan.

I love the Asian qualifiying process, but this early on with nothing on the line and middle of the night, I’ll watch extended highlights in the morning.

Has anyone noticed the Socceroos aren't on free-to-air TV?

Scrap it = solved.

Goal line decisions should be the only video intervention.

How to fix VAR


Sydney's stadium crisis: Bigger is not better

Haha, sounds more like a puppet coach, where the fans make all the calls.
Live in game decision making through an online portal for members only…

Can Steve Corica co-ordinate another successful Sydney FC rebuild?

I for one wasn’t particularly impressed with Corica’s first season in charge. While we came 2nd, I rarely felt that we played really well compared to previous seasons.
I think the Championship victory may mask over this a little.

Can Steve Corica co-ordinate another successful Sydney FC rebuild?

If fans were to ever own a team, the reason the youth would get a run would be because the club wouldn’t enough money to buy quality players with experience.
I think it’s got all to do with money, if you’ve got it you spend it and currently on the whole there’s not a heap of young aussies killing it that are in the A League.

Can Steve Corica co-ordinate another successful Sydney FC rebuild?

How good would mini matches for A League be!

Did anyone watch an EPL game live this weekend?

I’ve got free Optus sport on my phone due to moving from virgin to Optus, so I thought I’d give the premier league a crack this season. Went and bought a chromecast and I must say it’s excellent.
I never liked plugging in a laptop, very clunky and the TV ruled. But just casting your phone to the TV means there’s no more excuses.
On the case of the football, so good! Watched the arsenal mini match and plenty of highlights on the TV. Open the app, cast to the TV and it’s almost as quick as changing the Foxtel channel. But the difference is that Optus has everything on demand, which Fox Sports don’t (which Kayo do I believe).
I’ll continue to tune in that’s for sure, and I’d be more than supportive if the A League ever goes digital.

Did anyone watch an EPL game live this weekend?

It’s a poor effort by Cronulla to send off a club legend with that disaster of a jersey.
Also couldn’t they remove the main sponsor for one match? And yeah that sponsor just reeks of a local amateur club.

Cronulla have released a Paul Gallen retirement jersey and it's the worst thing we've ever seen

The Knights grandstand is pretty good, overall considering the weather a great turnout.
Also that’s the huge benefit of owning your own stadium, no extortionate rental fees and much better opportunity to turn a profit on match day.

No more 'old soccer' and 'new football'. The FFA Cup proves there is only football

I thought the film was excellent. Shows how far a personality like he’s can be corrupted by the good things in life, and being around the wrong people.
Anyone who has Netflix should start watching Gomorrah, as it’s loosely based on the Naples Conorrah.

The amount of football showcased was a welcome surprise too.

Diego Maradona documentary an insight into a flawed genius