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I don’t understand the negative comments about Roy, he’s proven to be an effective striker with a good goal ratio.

Roar sign O'Donovan to lead the attack

Yes agree it would be a great idea to have our own ‘nations league’ for Asia.

Would this then be used as World Cup qualifiers, or would that remain seperate? How’s it work in europe?

Asia should have its own Nations League

Yeah and we all know how stupid and flawed the rugby league SOO eligibility is.
Like how Inglis and Folau forgot where they were from LH.

What if we had State of Origin in football?

Pretty sure this quote is from the 70’s
“Smithy, head the damn ball away!”.

Why is Austrlian football obsessed with heading?

I don’t think Sydney should negotiate with any of their clubs, or Brillante.
Caceras is average, DDS doesn’t actually produce anything to equal his early hype and dribbles around without actually doing much, and unfortunately Brillante has become more of a liability. But if we move him on, it can allow Corica the opportunity to try some different formations, instead of playing to number 6’s.

A way-too-early look at the 2019/20 A-League

I don’t understand what a ‘partnership’ with any European leagues would do to help either us or them or exactly what it wold entail.

Can you share some info on what the NBL and NBA deal is?

The A-League isn't ready for a European-style season

Western United will be homeless for 2-3 years, so they’ll bring next to nothing to the league until they get their own stadium (if it ever heppens).

BankWest will completely revitalise the Wanderers, or at least we hope so. Otherwise their claim as a ‘big’ club will be laughable

What is the state of play in football after another stagnant A-League season?

I don’t think we need to scrap the finals, there’s plenty of better models out there on Twitter and by posters here on the Roar.
All I will say is I don’t feel Sydney FC are champions by winning 2 knockout matches. It’s clear in anyone’s mind that Perth were the best team all season.
The GF win was cool, but it felt nowhere near as special as winning the double.

Is it time for the A-League to scrap finals?

Fair enough you want to claim it, but it’s not how I see it.
Pretty sure there was plenty of discussion on this at the time though so I won’t harp on any further.

As Muscat's glorious reign ends, Victory must set sights on Asia

Also may I be pedantic and state that Victory didn’t win the treble in 2015. They may have held all 3 trophies for a while, but the season they won the double they only went as far as the quarter finals in the FFA Cup. They then won the FFA Cup the year after.

As Muscat's glorious reign ends, Victory must set sights on Asia

As an Australian football fans we (or at least most) want Melbourne to succeed in Asia.
Even though I dislike Melbourne as a club, that doesn’t necessarily extend beyond the domestic campaigns. Same way I was happy to see the Wanderers win the ACL, who wouldn’t I. Until we’re competitive in Asia we should rally around each other to perform.

As Muscat's glorious reign ends, Victory must set sights on Asia

4th our of 10 isn’t too special, and it’s still pretty easy to progress far in the FFAcup as the A-League teams starts way to late.
But I agree on the small budget and overachieving. The Reds bosses need to start spending some money, reckon Kurz could prosper at a club with a little more coin.

A-League season review

Adelaide: B
Brisbane: D
Mariners: D
City: C+
Victory: B-
Newcastle: C+
Perth: A+
Sydney: A-
Wellington: C+
Wanderers: C-

A-League season review

Anon thought he was quite clever, ‘check’ he calls, then Chris comes in with the ‘check mate’ bang!

This will be the biggest A-League grand final of all time

It’s a really great thing that the A League gives the best team in the country the honour and advantage of hosting the GF, I think it’s much better than neutral venues as for the NRL and AFL.
But saying one is better than the other I don’t buy, what I love about the NRL is that it has 3 matches on the day so it’s an all day and night affair.

This will be the biggest A-League grand final of all time

True, but he basically forced the Tiger hand.

Where has it gone wrong for the Penrith Panthers?

Its not a club vs club thing Josh, don’t be so childish.
This incident is about it happening to a family where a parent is trying to use a toilet they have had access to all season, but now all of a sudden security decide to enforce such a silly rule.

When is the A-League going to admit it has a problem with policing?

Oh definitely, loving it so far Hawtdawg.
I half expect players to break contract, but I think coaches should be above it. You sigma. Contract you should honour it, poor form.

Where has it gone wrong for the Penrith Panthers?

The issue really stemmed from over zealous security, who couldn’t use any rational thought to allow Rory and his daughter use the grandstand toilets (which are very close), as they have been allowed all throughout the season. But it was either the FFA or different event management that felt the need to enforce ticketing sections, which makes no sense really.
The issue just got worse when security got the police involved and they too couldn’t use rational thought and instead intimidated, enforced and booted Rory and his kids. Disgraceful stuff.

When is the A-League going to admit it has a problem with policing?

They put all their faith in a father & son combo who combined have achieved next to nothing in this game.
Has Penrith due to all the off season drama become one of the more hated clubs now?
For me I really wanted to see Ivan fail due to what he did to the Tiger.
The way this season has panned out so far is glorious!

Where has it gone wrong for the Penrith Panthers?

Why was it played at Kembla Grange when Coledale are pretty much based at the northern tip of the Illawarra?

Is the A-League overrated by people who like it or underrated by people who don’t?

Most Glory fans feel the same, but I’d argue Brisbane fans couldn’t care less about Perth anymore than most other teams. Why, because they won and Perth have never beaten Brisbane in a big match, or got one over them in controversial circumstances like that GF.

Until it’s each way, teams aren’t going to develop a rivalry.

Is the A-League overrated by people who like it or underrated by people who don’t?

I personally would much prefer we send our strongest team to Korea for the ACL as it’s a must win.
With all the local success SydFC have had the last few years, I’m really wanting (and prefer) to get out of the group in the ACL.

Six talking points from A-League finals: Week 1

One thing I love is the very national footprint the finals are covering, showing how we have a true national competition.
4 teams from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide left. Or even the top 6 had 5 cities covered, it’s great to see.
Something the bigger leagues (in Aus) would really struggle to attain. But something the FFA obviously prefer as they want more and more Sydney and Melbourne sides which will just dilute our national footprint.

The A-League's best football takes place in the finals

These headlines aren’t going to rekindle my interest in coming on The Roar each day

Can the finals help rekindle some interest in the A-League?