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He’s a sad sack and I wouldn’t be too disappointed to sell him if I was a Roar supporter. Can the bloke crack a smile at least when he scores?!
He has missed so many good chances, he should be leading the golden boot race this season.
Anyway that kid that scored the winner against us (SFC) looked alright so giving him a start for the rest of the season is a big positive of this move.

Brisbane Roar deal Adam Taggart to Asia

Da Silva plays the play maker role like he thinks he is Messi,taking on man after man while his striking mates wait for the “killer ball” that never comes.”
Never heard a truer word JB.

Corica still keen on top spot despite slip

They’re trying to be the Big Bash by the looks of this.

So you think you can dance...for the Melbourne Storm?

I went to school across the road from St George’s home ground Jubilee Oval. We used to have our sports carnivals there and got to meet the players on multiple occasions.
My best moment was a photo that I had taken with my favourite player Ricky Walford.

What made you fall in love with rugby league?

The whole thing is a mess.
Add to it now the anonymous email doing the rounds on twitter talking about the cliques exerting too much power and the various lesbian ‘relationships’ within the squad.
The whole thing reeks of amateur hour.

"Devastated, hurt, angry": Matildas captain reveals stress from controversial Stajcic sacking

‘Finally, I repeat.. Aussie Rules players get homesick when they move interstate. They wouldn’t survive a day having to move to Europe to continue their career. They wouldn’t survive a day on the Tennis Circuit.’

Haha, I’m not disputing that fact, it’s quite embarrassing really.

The Socceroos are not as good as we like to think they are, and that’s okay

True somewhat, if we have a pool of 100 players , increasing that to 150 isn’t necessarily going to mean we create better than what we currently have, but I would be confidant that if anything it would build a better quality football population, which I think in turn would create better top line players over time.
Yes money is always at the heart of things, pretty much the reason why our indigenous population isn’t more heavily represented in the A League and overseas. Another big topic of discussion really ????
It’s a very big and different discussion Punter, and one that has worried me for a long time, which is why don’t we produce many technically gifted players who can run at and beat a man.
It’s probably got something to do with the way juniors are coached, but I won’t go into it as I’m not well enough informed.

The Socceroos are not as good as we like to think they are, and that’s okay

Nem you’re missing the point about losing players to other sports.
Totally agree that skills are not really transferable, so the discussion isn’t about converting existing players who are good at running and kicking, or tackling, or catching; no, it’s about those coordinated youngsters who do not even get into the football system to start with.
Say at age 8, a fit, healthy boy who is very talented at a range of physical pursuits has the option of trying football or aussie rules, if they go to aussie rules then we never get the opportunity to see how they could progress.
It’s quite simple really, if you have 10 boys choosing a sport, if football only gets 5 of them, then we only have only utilised 50% of our potential player numbers and future prospects of creating the next Dukes or Harry.

The Socceroos are not as good as we like to think they are, and that’s okay

Hey Kangas, as much as most of would not like to hear this but I think lots of aussie rules players would have done well if they dedicated their energy in their youth to football.
They seem to have the ideal body shapes, compared to for example league and union.

The Socceroos are not as good as we like to think they are, and that’s okay

All true Kangas, but I think the author was saying that imagine other codes weren’t as dominant and we had access to all young athletes like other football first countries do.
Those players that excel in other sports do because they’ve trained all their lives, if instead they got into football would they excel, who knows but there’s a decent chance some would have done alright.

The Socceroos are not as good as we like to think they are, and that’s okay

Normal WSW victim mentality.

(But I’ll concede the Adelaide goal was a farce)

Six talking points from A-League Round 14

Hmm a certain gun striker by the name of Bruno Fornaroli could help I’m sure, but you’ve burnt that option joyce.

City to continue search for A-League goals

JA if serious needs to manage an NPL side and gain experience. He clearly wasn’t ready to jump straight into a head coaching role at Heart and that has shown since at Roar.
What we’re seeing with Rudan and now John Anastasiadis being promoted from Bentleigh to West Melbourne assistant role is that opportunities are now there. I think the recycling of old coaches may move away to promoting proven NPL performers, or at least it should.

What in the world happened to the Wanderers, Roar and Mariners?

Exactly what we don’t need, more VAR interference.
Just improve the refs and linesman on the field and accept the outcomes (which occur live).

Mulvey's Mariners tormented by VAR calls

Our loss and Jordan’s 2nd win pretty much cemented then as the winner of our group.
If we finish 2nd it’ll actually work out much better as we’ll miss Japan and have an easier run to get to the semi final.

It's time the Socceroos did their talking on the pitch

I’m totally staying away from the code war between football, league and aussie rules.

But half the problem with this list is that it mixes up between the popularity between the top division/league and that off the code in general. i.e. grassroots, casual participation and also the top league.

Also horse racing at 6, ha! Can we really include a sport which would barely exist if there was no gambling. The entire sport exists in order to have a punt.

What is the top sport in Australia?

Albo on the money; I think changing the interchange rules would have the biggest impact on the game as a spectacle.

Rugby league’s three-point moment

This is terrible!

Boyle to miss Australia's Asian Cup defence

He’s a better all round striker than Bobo, but I doubt he’ll beat the record purely based off having a less dominant team.

Sydney FC's Le Fondre a machine: Corica

I believe part of the negotiation of getting us out of OFC and into the AFC was to allow a NZ team into the A League, as in this was by request from the OFC.

The Phoenix's problem? They're the outsiders

Good considered read, I look forward to your next article on why SMFC never stood a chance and what they need to do to win the FFA’s love

Examining the winning A-League licence bids

You say “Without O’Neill, there is one unanswered question: is Devlin comfortable on the ball like O’Neill when being pressed hard?”
But I would argue that O’Neill isn’t actually that capable on the ball when being pressed. His passing suffers when he is put under pressure.

Don’t get me wrong, I think he does his job well but he isn’t really very strong at distributing to attacking players up field.

What would it mean for Brandon O'Neill to leave Sydney FC?

Unfortunately it’ll never happen, as it is frustrating following 2 quite similar sports.

Is rugby league's window of opportunity in the Pacific beginning to close?

League players have certainly morphed into a single sized model, where most of the players are built like a back rower.
Pity really, maybe if some tweaking is done to interchange rules this may change…

Is rugby league's window of opportunity in the Pacific beginning to close?

Thanks Rebel334, I’ve subscribed to the podcast and will give it a listen.

Is rugby league's window of opportunity in the Pacific beginning to close?