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And it’s goinf to be great to have some pace this season, something clearly lacking in Arnies teams.
I liked the look of Lefondre, I think he will cause a lot of headaches for defenders.
I think think we have a weakness in Lokilongoi as he just doesn’t seem to have the skill to step up from youth to seniors. Crazy to think before he joined the senior squad he scored a goal a game, but doesn’t look like scoring for the men’s team.

Sydney are wisely recasting their attack

Agree you need to maintain a healthy competition, but also a 4 team competition is hardly considered a league.
Need to get to at least 6-8 asap.

Avoid expansion or NRLW will suffer, says coach

So you say the SFS is inconvenient for Cronulla and Penrith fans, but somehow Liverpool is more convenient…..

The NRL needs a new stadium – but not another in the city

Johnny Cheng sorry brother but you’re so far incorrect in that ascertain.

Music during play at A-League games is the FFA's worst idea yet

MarkfromCroydon I’m not sure if your comment is genuine or not.

I’ll guess and say it isn’t based on your commenting history, but if you are then you’re wrong buddy.

Music during play at A-League games is the FFA's worst idea yet

The less pop music played at the ground the better.

Where does O’Rourke get his stats from, I would be very very surprised if there was 30mins a game where the ball is not in play!

I don’t mind if the FFA survey their ‘football family’ to get ideas about how to improve the match day experience, but I would be shocked if a majority of fans signaled a lack of music and/or a more BBL style match day is what is needed!

Music during play at A-League games is the FFA's worst idea yet

Interesting angle you’ve taken here.
I’ll say this though, APIA Leichhardt has and never will be Wanderers territory. Leichhardt is clearly in the SydFC ‘catchment’ for want of a better word.

And merging Southern Sydney with SW Sydney, surely you’re havin a laugh.

What the FFA doesn't care about in A-League expansion

Right on OldPsycho.
I think Mike has in the past, especially the Monday morning posts focussed too much on the negative aspects from the weekend instead of providing a review of the matches (which is the sort of thing Evan excels at).
Mike will often through in a barb about the AFL and next thing you know there 100+ comments, although only time will tell if we’ll see that many comments with this new website design.

There’s no reason there can’t be more balanced articles of providing information and staying neutral instead of having an agenda. I think Mike has historically probably published 70% which are on the pessimistic side.

Is it the media's responsibility to only report good news stories?

Top 2 currently is the goal, as there’s no difference between 1st or 2nd.

The NRL's minor premiership prize money is insufficient

Fittler is on the right track, but I would instead the minor premiers a $500k cap exemption, along with $500k prize money.

I would then also give the premiers a $500k cap exemption with a $1m prize money.

The ‘minor’ premiership is undervalued for sure.

The NRL's minor premiership prize money is insufficient

They should definitely be stood down but haven’t been because the NRL love Souths. They couldn’t have been any happier when they beat the Dogs in 2014.
Todd would love them to win again this year.

Under-fire Bunnies look to re-group against Dragons

Cameron Smiths legacy will be as the best hooker of all time, highest point t scorer, most games and the main instrument in steering Melbourne to be the most dominant team of the last decade.
I hate the Storm and Queensland, but respect where it’s due. The bloke is a champion player.

Smith signs million-dollar deal to play on in 2019

I’d flip your first guess and instead say Perth will finish top 4, but will not make the GF.

Also agree, Fornaroli to win golden boot.

Five bold predictions for the 2018-19 A-League season

Hey @The Roar, can you please fix up your comments section (to how it used to be).
How are we to know if someone has replied to a comment, or another comment in general if we’re not notified by email??????????????

2018: The year rugby league turned on Buzz Rothfield

I think the NRL should take a leaf out of the AFL’s media policy, which is to blacklist journos who continually spread a negative message about the league.
I wouldn’t go full AFL as they have too much power in Vic, but the NRL could learn a thing or too. That would silence Buzz, Kent, Crawley, etc if their ‘access’ to the game was reduced.

2018: The year rugby league turned on Buzz Rothfield

Forty Twenty – Of course though, traveling through Facebook comments will show the worst of the worst.

2018: The year rugby league turned on Buzz Rothfield

No doubt gents that Kent is just as bad or worse than Buzz.
Nobody really take buzz seriously anymore, but Kent actually believes what he thinks is right and everyone else is wrong. He thrives on negativity and activity drives it, even when something isn’t a negative!

I would rather see Kent off the screens and radio before Buzz retires, he is the worst.

2018: The year rugby league turned on Buzz Rothfield

Why aren’t we getting email notifications any longer when somebody comments!
@TheRoar you guys need to fix this asap as nobody likes the new design.

Avondale reportedly set their sights on signing World Cup-winning star for FFA Cup clash vs Sydney FC

So dumb, I hear the extent of it is Avondale sent Pirlo’s manager an email asking him to play, and they haven’t heard anything back….
Yeah that’s it.

Avondale reportedly set their sights on signing World Cup-winning star for FFA Cup clash vs Sydney FC

Excellent read Evan

From Rio to Russia: Did the Socceroos surge, stagnate or slide backwards in the last four years?

Terrible headline.
While I’m fine with Timmy playing, what Moore is suggesting is entirely reasonable and sensible. There’s nothing bitter about it.

Former teammate slams Tim Cahill's Socceroos farewell

I agree Buddy, any talk of Congress this or administrator that and my eyes glaze over. Not that I don’t have concerns, but I’d rather they just work themselves out and hopefully for the betterment of football in this country.

I just the football to start doing the talking again, oh well what is it 6 weeks away…

A-League: The interminable wait

I’d love the A League to start in september too, but remain on Fox.
There’s plenty of other football content on Bein too.

A-League: The interminable wait

Poppa is going to do good things for the people of Perth, not that I think they’re a top 2 chance but some consistency and resolve at the back is surely welcome.

I think Victory and Sydney are equal favs for the premiership, with Newcastle coming back to the pack to fight for the top 6.
Unfortunately for the Mariners they’ll finish bottom with Wellington a few points ahead.

A-League: The interminable wait

My biggest surprise was how gassed he was, I thought he was going to collapse with the amount of sweat he was generating.
His understanding of where to exist on the field will be his downfall, which isn’t good for a man of his age.
But hey, Charlseworth is laughing, being their 2nd biggest crowd in 12 months, and in a trial against a select side no less, they’re not even a team.

The early verdict on Usain Bolt's A-League trial