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It’s like any team thought though, do as you want as long as you’re winning. But if you’re not winning and acting like a bunch or ar$e hats then expect some backlash.

The Americans are rude, loud, arrogant... and winners

I think it’s great to have arrogant teams/nations such as the U.S. as long as they’re and others are comfortable with the rest of us hating on them for it.
Villains are great to have in sport, without it it can became a little stale sometimes.

The Americans are rude, loud, arrogant... and winners

Jack don’t worry what some people think of your future journalistic ambitions. Keep writing and you’ll be fine, provided there are journalism roles available in future :/

Anyway it’s clear Nemesis can’t handle any kind of critique or criticism that doesn’t fit his own opinion when I comes to MVFC.

Will Melbourne Victory suffer from a 6-1 finals hangover this season?

You’re right, those numbers are great and should be called out and celebrated.
It’s just hard as a reader sometimes to overlook stats which aren’t comparing apples with apples.

Finally, football is becoming everyone's game

This is nothing new, the winning NBA and NFL team each season have some kind of controversy when players decline to visit the white house (mainly in the trump years).
I don’t agree with it, but then again Trump isn’t my leader so I don’t really know how I’d feel or act.
Since the Matildas were eliminated from the world cup, my interest has waned in part because I’m sick of hearing or seeing the highlights of the US womens team. They come across very arrogant, and Rapinoe’s celebration against France for what was really just a combination of luck and defensive mistakes to allow the goal to go through was well over the top.
Anyway it’s her choice to not attend, it shouldn’t be as big a deal as it is. But I feel the reason for that is Trump inflaming situations to make them worse.

Rapinoe vs Trump: Disrespectful or inspiring activism?

Except I believe those viewing stats are highly misleading. The England women’s word cup match was shown on FTA, whereas the comparison to the mens cricket match was on pay TV. I suspect the mens Nations League match was also behind a paywall on payTV.

While women’s sport is seeing a very real increase in viewing and general interest, let’s not use incorrect comparisons to try and ram home a message that frankly isn’t true.

Finally, football is becoming everyone's game

It’s probably bit of chicken or egg situation with the Wanderers.
Did he have a bad attitude because that’s the kind of player he is, or was it due to not getting along with the Babbel and it was his way of getting out of a contract…

Anyway I think it’s a great signing for Sydney, the service he will provide to Kosta and LeFondre will be good to watch. My only concern is whether this will mean Ninkovic will continue to be played out of position on the wing instead of a more central role.
But I shouldn’t complain, our recruiting for the season ahead has been much better than most of the competition!

Baumjohann's move is a win for Sydney and the A-League

Great read

The night old soccer came home

Try and convince anyone that most of those stadiums aren’t either dumps, or not fit to host a major tournament due to them having a running tracking around most of them.

Why an Australia-Indonesia World Cup bid is worth it, even if it fails

Nah it’s too hilly 🙂

FFA reportedly launching joint 2034 World Cup bid with Indonesia

Yes I do, but at least they’re close and a very short flight or a ferry ride.
Australia is nowhere near any Asian nations so we either go it alone or not at all.
But I’ll stop here as I know you’ve stated on Twitter you’re not interested in talking this nonsense until we fix our leagues. Which I quite agree with.

FFA reportedly launching joint 2034 World Cup bid with Indonesia

Surely hosting countries need to at least be joined by land, I don’t think Australia trying to get in with Indonesia (among the large group of countries) is a good idea and doomed to fail.

FFA reportedly launching joint 2034 World Cup bid with Indonesia

I liked Melbourne Knights suggestion that there should be immediate promotion of 2nd division clubs up to the A League, provided the winner each year meets the minimum off field requirements.
Then once we get to the required number of teams in the A League we can start pro/rel. that way there’s no incubation to wait through, but also the risk of relegated clubs is still low as it allows the 2nd division to get established before any clubs get relegated. Also support there being no salary cap (min or max) in the 2nd div.
They also reject the youth requirements, which I agree with as the 2nd division shouldn’t be a youth league, it should be for clubs that strive to be professional and also to play in the top division.
If youth are good enough they’ll get a run.

Is football finally uniting?

Can’t wait to get out and watch some winter football.
Plus it’s been said plenty, but I wish the draw wasn’t so manufactured as it currently is!

FFA Cup fixtures: Fowler's Roar campaign to start at Sydney FC

Neymar has apparently signed back with Barcelona so we won’t be taking on him.
Part of me is really excited for this game, the other is fearful that they’ll destroy us.
Anyway it beats playing friendlies at home against semi professional teams!

Sydney FC to take on PSG in China

I don’t understand the negative comments about Roy, he’s proven to be an effective striker with a good goal ratio.

Roar sign O'Donovan to lead the attack

Yes agree it would be a great idea to have our own ‘nations league’ for Asia.

Would this then be used as World Cup qualifiers, or would that remain seperate? How’s it work in europe?

Asia should have its own Nations League

Yeah and we all know how stupid and flawed the rugby league SOO eligibility is.
Like how Inglis and Folau forgot where they were from LH.

What if we had State of Origin in football?

Pretty sure this quote is from the 70’s
“Smithy, head the damn ball away!”.

Why is Austrlian football obsessed with heading?

I don’t think Sydney should negotiate with any of their clubs, or Brillante.
Caceras is average, DDS doesn’t actually produce anything to equal his early hype and dribbles around without actually doing much, and unfortunately Brillante has become more of a liability. But if we move him on, it can allow Corica the opportunity to try some different formations, instead of playing to number 6’s.

A way-too-early look at the 2019/20 A-League

I don’t understand what a ‘partnership’ with any European leagues would do to help either us or them or exactly what it wold entail.

Can you share some info on what the NBL and NBA deal is?

The A-League isn't ready for a European-style season

Western United will be homeless for 2-3 years, so they’ll bring next to nothing to the league until they get their own stadium (if it ever heppens).

BankWest will completely revitalise the Wanderers, or at least we hope so. Otherwise their claim as a ‘big’ club will be laughable

What is the state of play in football after another stagnant A-League season?

I don’t think we need to scrap the finals, there’s plenty of better models out there on Twitter and by posters here on the Roar.
All I will say is I don’t feel Sydney FC are champions by winning 2 knockout matches. It’s clear in anyone’s mind that Perth were the best team all season.
The GF win was cool, but it felt nowhere near as special as winning the double.

Is it time for the A-League to scrap finals?

Fair enough you want to claim it, but it’s not how I see it.
Pretty sure there was plenty of discussion on this at the time though so I won’t harp on any further.

As Muscat's glorious reign ends, Victory must set sights on Asia

Also may I be pedantic and state that Victory didn’t win the treble in 2015. They may have held all 3 trophies for a while, but the season they won the double they only went as far as the quarter finals in the FFA Cup. They then won the FFA Cup the year after.

As Muscat's glorious reign ends, Victory must set sights on Asia