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John I absolutely believe gambling companies want people to ‘gamble responsibly’. As in you should gamble within your means, but as often as possible 🙂

The last thing they want is people going broke due to gambling addiction, they’d prefer a long-term customer who bets every weekend.

I just think their definition of ‘responsibly’ is probably a little different the communities…

I bet on the A-League. I’m an idiot

I hear ya Stuart, a good mate of mine always defers to me for his multies when he throws in an A League match or two. I feel like I’m giving him good advice but really I’m barely right, haha.

I’ve mostly given up on betting on football as the 3 variables (win, draw, loss) make it too difficult.
I much prefer when the NRL season kicks in to have a bet, as a draw is very rare.

But it’s all a bit of harmless fun, we’re adults and should be allowed to do what we like with our money.

I bet on the A-League. I’m an idiot

I think the biggest gambling issue are pokies, they are a zero skill ‘game’ and the legislated minimum payout figure is something 11%. The way they’re built they suck people in so well; from providing a rare big win, the lights, sounds and excitement from getting a feature (which invariably doesn’t payout much) all add up to mesmerizing people into putting note after note through a machine.

Betting on sports, no problems. It’s enjoyable for many and for most it is nowhere near the money sucker that pokies are.

I bet on the A-League. I’m an idiot

I think a home semi at Jubilee would be okay, but a GF couldn’t be hosted there.

There’s plenty of chatter going on about whether we’d hold it at Bankwest stadium, while an excellent choice, I do understand the point of essentially opening the ground to a competitive game of football before it’s main football tenant and our fierce rival WSW. I wouldn’t complain too much, as I’d love an excuse to go and watch a match there, but understand the complaints of Wanderers fans who have been homeless for so long.

A-League moves Sydney FC from SCG

Very good points Mike, too many are quick to throw blame. Everything is easy in hindsight.

Jubilee Stadium in Kogarah might be a superior venue for fans and broadcasters alike, but it’s still in the city’s southern suburbs.

There’s also the fact that, when the fixture list came out, there was probably a hope that Saturday night’s encounter would attract well over 20,000 fans.”

Some smarter decisions can help get the A-League back on track

Okay I’ve been moderated.
My comment in summary was this comment section is full of negative types talking about TV ratings, well done you just be so proud to follow your beloved AFL who is oh so glorious and not full of itself.

Anyway Sydney’s chance of overtaking Perth is slim as Perth only require a single win from their last 3 to win the premiership.

Surging Sky Blues put heat on Perth Glory

What’s the GB supposed to stand for?

More than a bit of nuisance value: Getting one over the A-League pace-setters

I’ve never known what COYS means, please enlighten me

More than a bit of nuisance value: Getting one over the A-League pace-setters

Let’s hope that Central Coast cause a lot of nuisance and pick up the points against Perth!

More than a bit of nuisance value: Getting one over the A-League pace-setters

Might be an unpopular opinion, but I reckon the stadiums ‘big’ screens are very underwhelming.
Maybe they’re fine in person, but they had the opportunity to slot in a couple of monsters like Allianz had.

Five must-see matches at the new Bankwest Stadium

I’ve always found the existence of cheerleaders a completely pointless addition to rugby league. Unless they get to the quality of what you see in American colleges (and football) where they’re very acrobatic I don’t see how they add anything to the ‘entertainment’ factor.

Excluding cheerleaders only removes women from the game

Wouldn’t necessarily say the guy deserved it, but he instigated it and it didn’t work out

Former NRL player's sickening QLD Cup king hit

Agree, a relocated club would probably lose their administration and lot’s of their players.
No way Nick Politis would leave Sydney.
Lot’s of the players join the Roosters because they live a great lifestyle in Bondi.

The Sydney Roosters are the most logical team for relocation

While a relocated club would keep their name, branding and colours, the biggest issue is that they would not represent the area anymore which I think removes the tribalism.

Maybe the people around the state who have never actually lived in Sydney but support a Sydney team (very common) could accept it, but for anybody that has lived in the area of the club they support it would be hard to accept.

For my I have supported the Dragons all my life, I went to school across the road from Kogarah Oval and the St George region is still represented (at least partly due to the merger).

If they started representing Perth or Adelaide then their home changes and many supporters love of the club would too.

The Sydney Roosters are the most logical team for relocation

Souths have a pretty large southern eastern suburbs catchment already, I think Zetland and Alexandria haven’t really been claimed as they barely existed back in the day when these clubs were created.
Either way my point stands about a growing population in these areas which can be grabbed by both the Rabbits and Roosters.

The Sydney Roosters are the most logical team for relocation

I agree that there is very little difference between Cronulla and Manly, they’re both cul de sacs of Sydney with very potential for growth.

Roosters on the other hand do I believe have growth potential in them. The population growth in the Sydney council area is booming with the amount of apartments, you only need to look at the Zetland, Alexandria, Waterloo areas to see how many more apartments exist compared to only a decade ago. Whereas the Shire and Northern Beaches are pretty much capped in comparison.

The Sydney Roosters are the most logical team for relocation

The Tigers has a cracking start to last season too, if I recall beating both Melbourne and Easts in the first 5 rounds. Then they played out the reminisce of the season in typical fashion, I expect similar (even with Madge cracking heads at training)

Wests Tigers fans deserve better

They definitely deserve a big crowd for that massive game. Surely they can pull 15k just once this season.
But I reckon if the West Coast are also playing that’ll keep some at home or at Optus Stadium, AFL is a religion there too I believe.
I hate to say it, but come on Victory, get the win so Sydney can somehow scrap back into premiership contention. Not that we deserve it the way we’ve played this year.

Can the Perth Glory #FillThePark?

I was very surprised to see Kurz get the sack, I feel he’s been hamstrung the entire time by Adelaides lack of spending. If it wasn’t for Craig Goodwin would they be challenging CCM for the wooden spoon, maybe…

When did football become so difficult to like?

But at least tell your members first.
I assume members receive regular emails and notifications, this is the sort of member first comms which clubs should control.

Paul Gallen to hang up the boots at the end of the year

Too many people get caught up with governance issues, political issues in the game and a whole bunch of outside issues instead of what’s actually going on in front of them.
Who cares about everything else, just enjoy the actual football and shut up. Something we football fans do very well is rant and whinge, it’s tiring.

When did football become so difficult to like?

And on the Kyle and Jacki O show, could it get any worse

Paul Gallen to hang up the boots at the end of the year

True, this site is becoming tiring with the amount of negativity, although in reality most online forums will thrive on the pessimistic stuff.

Six talking points from A-League Round 22

Ronnie owns Europe

Messi hails Ronaldo's "magical" effort for Juventus

But players will have to accept lower pay as their only other alternative is the Super League or rugby.
But many wouldn’t get paid as much as they’re currently enjoying, so I wouldn’t imagine they’d have many options.

Fixing rugby league step three of five: Stop selling its soul