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Unfortunately it’ll never happen, as it is frustrating following 2 quite similar sports.

Is rugby league's window of opportunity in the Pacific beginning to close?

League players have certainly morphed into a single sized model, where most of the players are built like a back rower.
Pity really, maybe if some tweaking is done to interchange rules this may change…

Is rugby league's window of opportunity in the Pacific beginning to close?

Thanks Rebel334, I’ve subscribed to the podcast and will give it a listen.

Is rugby league's window of opportunity in the Pacific beginning to close?

Bring it on, love the ACL.
Do us proud Newcastle, we need all the representation we can get.

There was something going around Twitter a while back saying that the A League will have its current allocation of 2 auto and 1 qualifying spots reduced to only 1 auto and one qualifier in 2020-21.

So it’s really important our teams get out of the group stages.

Sydney FC, Victory await Asian draws

Excellent analysis Evan, while it comes from a negative angle, it also presents some important questions about what Mooy offers to the team.

Is he suited to what we’re trying to do, or should we start giving other players his starting position to see if that works better for us.
Seeing how he lumbers around the field does frustrate me somewhat, his lack of pace removes a vital aspect of an attackers arsenal, so the defence never needs to worry about attempting to beat them on the dribble. Although this last point would apply to most of our team.
How refreshing is it having Boyle and Mabil get time…

Aaron Mooy might not have what the Socceroos need

You make a good point Kangas, until a manager wins trophies with a less wealthy club how much can you really praise them (over others with less money to spend).

While Pep is obviously a very talented and smart manager, and is taking a very good squad and making them great, it would be interesting to see what he could do with an average squad.

Manchester City is the Barcelona of England

Anytime you incorporate Seinfeld into the equation you’re onto a winner.

Six talking points from A-League Round 4

I don’t think Redmayne made a mistake by letting that goal in, but Moss’s mistake early was a bit of a shocker.
Redders efforts when he comes out to punch or catch the ball however are a constant worry.

Six talking points from A-League Round 4

I wasn’t necessarily saying that’s how the consulting job market operates, just saying that’s closer to the mark compared with a normal permanent employee.

The football market is a different beast to normal employment though, factoring in injuries and movement in form warrants the necessity of contracts to protect both club and player.

Nem your suggestion of a multiple is still a transfer fee though, it’s just a controlled one.

Should we reform the football transfer fee system?

I don’t see a problem with transfers fees, and your analogy about an employee moving from Kmart to BigW doesn’t compute as they would be permanent employees.
A better example would be a consultant at company A is on a 2 yr contract, that essentially provides the consultant with security of 2 yrs employment which the company A has to honour. If company B wants that consultant bad enough they can buy out that contract and pay company A a fee, of which the consultant would receive a cut. And in this situation obviously the consultant needs to agree to the move.

Without transfer fees I think the players would be worse off as they would lose the security of longer term contracts.

Should we reform the football transfer fee system?

There’s plenty of critics of Grant on this forum, but I see it as nothing but jealousy of a player that most wish they had on their team.
They complain about him getting away with fouls or not getting carded, but maybe he knows more than you in how hard you can go into a challenge since he’s a professional footballer of 10 years.
He offers plenty in attack and is very willing to go forward. LeFondres goal against City could be directly contributed to the excellent work down the wing from Grant. This is something you’ll get from him in the national team.
As long as he’s smart enough to know when to sit back based on his opposition and their tactics then I’d be more than happy for him to replace Risdon.

Grant's is a wonderful A-League reclamation story

What a ‘job for the boys’ that appointment is!
Good on ya Mal, you’ve really squeezed everything you can from your Qld gig where your immortals won a whole bunch of series.

Mal Meninga joins Gold Coast Titans

Joyce is a very underwhelming manager for City, I can’t see how he is the right man for that squad (or organisation).

Will Melbourne City unlock the forgotten genius of Bruno Fornaroli?

I’m right here with you Kangas, you speak the truth.

The Sydney aftermath: Do we need a VAR fair usage policy?

What’s his twitter handle MF?

Six talking points from A-League Round 2

Just watched the Steven Taylor miss, while he should have scored it pretty easily it hardly goes down as a blooper. Mainly because he was not in front of goal.

By the way, I had never heard of him either because I don’t watch the EPL.

Six talking points from A-League Round 2

There’s not really a strict correlation of members to how many turn up each week.
1. Because you’re quoting 104k members across 10 teams, when there are only 5 games each weekend, and
2. The memberships unfortunately contain a portion of non-ticketed memberships or 3 and 5 game passes.

Anyway I think the crowds have been pretty good.

Six talking points from A-League Round 2

This reads like a year 9 assignment to write an essay about any topic you like.

This article is full of generalisations and frankly statements which made me scratch my head.
In what measure would Melbourne Heart/City be considered successful.
While the Nix have a good core group of supporters, it wouldn’t seem to me they are anywhere near big enough to survive.

One question which can't be overlooked in the FFA's expansion of the A-League

Nice little read, thanks Paul.

After 137 years, the Wanderers ‘return’ to the Sydney Cricket Ground

Ooh juicy (and correct) headline, now to read the article 🙂

The Wanderers' dwindling fan base proves why they're Sydney's second team

Don’t worry Sydney would gladly take Kenny of your hands.

'Big Boy' Kenny disappoints on debut

Completely agree Kangas, the fans don’t care what you think about VAR O’Rourke, all we know is that there’s just as much if not more controversy being created because of VAR.
It’s not fixing anything.

It’s ruining the spectacle and enjoyment for fans of the sport.

VAR here to stay, says head of A-League

Sydney have an additional VISA spot to fill, Corica originally said he’d wait until January to fill it. But with Buhagiar out maybe we need to act faster??

Adelaide and Sydney draw in tense season opener

Completely agree Alexgibb, I can live with ref decisions as you make your own luck and run with the good and bad calls. And at least this allows the game to flow, VAR has ruined all of that, there’s still incorrect calls being made so what’s the point of it?!

The A-League needs a better narrative than just VAR

I pity your family Pedro

The A-League needs a better narrative than just VAR