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Its going to get ugly. Clive just tweeted

@CliveFPalmer: We intend to fight this ludicrous decision by incompetent FFA in the courts. Frank Lowy is an institution who now belongs in an institution

Frank Lowy and his fed up A-League fans

There’s some movement at the FFA station.
Football Federation Australia will today make a major announcement about Gold Coast United.
FFA Chairman, Mr Frank Lowy, AC, and FFA CEO, Mr Ben Buckley, will hold a media conference at 2pm today.

Frank Lowy and his fed up A-League fans

thanks for the link Qsaf
I got my figures from this link

Clive Palmer and the billionaire’s guide to loving football

jbinnie – Cliive’s rent per game has gone from $100k per game to $45 k per game.
He has not saved $100k per game- he has saved $55k.per game.
And even if my figures are out and I am corrected. What does it matter. For a billionaire this is chicken feed. Especially when compared to the generous acts of another billionaire who happens to actually love football as I quite clearly described in the article.

Maybe, I should have made it clearer to you but now I’m starting to sound like a broken record.

Clive Palmer and the billionaire’s guide to loving football

Thanks jbinnie – capping the crowd and shutting down stands to save $55k a game in rent money is just a reflection of how clueless their management practices are. The trick is to try and bring people to the game not shut them out.
This is their venue map for tickets.
This sends a terrible message to the fans.

He should be selling all seats in the three closed stands at $27 or less, letting every kid in for free, engage with the community and make the fans feel as if they have a stake in the club. At the moment they feel as they are trespassing at a private function.

Sure he come out bit behind like he is now, but at least he’ll have a bigger supporter base and they won’t think badly of him.

Sage and Tinkler have justifiable complaints with the way the A-League is run but at least they are trying to make a decent fist of setting up their clubs for future stability and success. Plus I don’t see them making fools of themselves in the media.

Clive with his fluff and bluster, is an attempt to hide a self made wreck of his own doing.

Clive Palmer and the billionaire’s guide to loving football

thanks peter, the Saudis also played the NZ u/23 team last night at lakeside and defeated them 3-0

Osieck's Socceroos squad gives desperate Rijkaard hope