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In theory a great idea. Execution is the key

I’d love to have some aboriginal lines/verses in the anthem, but it has to be a national decision as you cant have an anthem for rugby and another official anthem – feels like this is a political hot potato.

In order for it to be successful, we need KB to drive it – he is the only indigenous wallaby player currently as a first choice option in the XV. Love Goodsey but not sure he should be driving change in sports he is not close to.

Rugby Australia and Adam Goodes should create a dance to rival the Haka

Absolutely – there is a risk this comes off as contrived.

Rugby Australia and Adam Goodes should create a dance to rival the Haka

On that basis, you should temporarily merge the Tahs and Brumbies – makes more sense from a geographic perspective. Would be a decent team capable of challenging the NZ sides.

"I know what bullies look like": Andrew Forrest blasts ARU chairman in explosive press conference

Both are AFL dominated markets.

Melbourne is undoubtedly a tough market, but having 4.8 million people (vs. 2 million in Perth) means you can make the economics work much easier without taking over the city.

Its certainly not an easy choice, but there is clearly a bigger opportunity for rugby in general in Melbourne than in Perth. Now the WA junior development program may be superior to the VIC equivalent but that doesnt change where the long term opportunity is. You go where the population and wealth is.

"I know what bullies look like": Andrew Forrest blasts ARU chairman in explosive press conference

I’d prefer to keep them all. Is it possible? If not, and if not the Force, who should go?

In fact I’d prefer a 10-12 team trans-tasman comp but is that realistic and economically viable?

"I know what bullies look like": Andrew Forrest blasts ARU chairman in explosive press conference

Its really tough for Force fans, but the reality is that SR is shrinking and we have to lose 1 team. Putting all the legalities aside, for the betterment of Australian rugby, if we have to pick one, the Force should be the team to go.

You cant lose the Tahs or Reds as they are the heartland, the Rebels present a big opportunity in the second largest city in Australia and the Brumbies have consistently been our most successful team and have a sensational history in SR.

Its great the Force fans and Twiggy are actively trying to save the team but the reality is they are the team most impartial people would choose to cut due to economics, geography, long term opportunity to develop local players, etc.

It sucks, but its reality.

"I know what bullies look like": Andrew Forrest blasts ARU chairman in explosive press conference

The Wallabies had more luck in this game than any other in the past 5 years – countless wild passes went to hand, miraculous cover tackles were made as well as the obvious intercept, line breaks out of crumbling scrums and mauls, etc.

Add to this that the ABs were the most error-prone i have seen in ages. Perhaps this is complacency but they have rarely been guilty of this in the past. These errors were pretty much all unforced as well.

For the Wallabies to still lose given this backdrop highlights the belief inside the ABs that they can win no matter the deficit and form that they have shown to date. Also the lack of belief inside the Wallabies team that they can beat the unbeatable ABs.

Saturday's Aussie winner was Sydney club rugby, not the Wallabies

Think the team might actually be worse than last week – hard to believe! Unlikely to make much difference though

Wallabies stick with similar team for Bledisloe 2

Phipps wasnt too bad last time he started when Genia couldnt get a release.

Not an ideal selection, but the sensible one in such a big game against the 2nd best team in the world.

Wallabies team to play England: Timani, Naivalu to start, Mumm benched

I thought the economics of Super Rugby falls apart without SA? Cant recall why/how, but arent they the driving force financially?

Boks loss to Italy should force a Super Rugby format re-think

Spiro – Beating the Boks outside of SA is no longer a massive upset… Nevertheless, Japan’s win was much more surprising IMO given it was the RWC and the limited time the team has together vs. Italy, which has some consistency throughout the 6N. Italy is used to going head to head with top tier nations, so has less of a step-up to the Boks than the likes of Japan.

Boks loss to Italy should force a Super Rugby format re-think

Agree he is a liability at times, but we do need size on the bench, our starting unit is very light. Maybe Lopeti provides enough size?

Skelton has had enough chances now. He needs to get the mental side right and start delivering. If not, his time is up at test level IMO.

Eleven changes made to Wallabies side - Godwin to debut, Pocock skipper

Not a bad B-team. I think last weeks Wallabies team is only 5-10 points better than this one.

Hopefully some of the young guys take their chances and run with it, as experience will be the big issue.

Looking forward to seeing Godwin, Naivalu and Morahan

Eleven changes made to Wallabies side - Godwin to debut, Pocock skipper

Pocock is dominant defensively (at the ruck and in general play) but has had always had limited impact in attack.

Given the amount of possession we had in the first half (the only time he played), how much could he really contribute?

I agree Hooper was quiet – thought he could have been more impactful with ball in hand.

Wallabies vs Wales DIY player ratings: The results

Well said Watcher. There is some signs of progress (off a very low starting point).

In reality however, there is little joy in the thumpings we are receiving from the ABs. Progress is nice, but when you lose 6 tries to 1, it feels almost condescending for the media or other sides to give us a pat on the head and say “well done, nice try, you really are doing better”

For most Wallabies supporters, we need to be competitive with the ABs, win fairly frequently and feel as if we can genuinely compete. In my opinion we are at least 3-4 world class players away from being able to do that. I also dont think those 3-4 players are currently in the squad.

Should we be confident or pessimistic about the Wallabies?

Good to be able to laugh at ourselves after a very serious and depressing start to the season.

I like the optimism but I cant help but feel that if we played to that standard against the ABs we would still lose by 20 at home and would be neck and neck with the Poms.

My question is: did we play any better or did the Boks simply play poorly?

Unbeaten in September! And other associated hyperbole

Agree with all that Simon – Need the right kind of stability. Your comment echoed my sentiments around Mumm, who shouldnt even be on the bench.

The problem is, i dont think there is a pack which can match the boks… What is your preferred pack? Mine is Sio, TPN, Kepu, Coleman, Douglas, Fardy, Pocock, Timani. On the bench I would have Moore, Slipper, Alaalatoa, Hooper, Simmons. These blokes aren’t setting the world on fire.

The back line honestly does not matter as to whether we win this test. Just select players in positions they know how to play. My only real issue is the centers, I would give Godwin and TK the nod.

Mumm's the word, but only Michael Cheika knows why

Timbo – Wasnt referring to niggle – more the ability to get over the gain line and throw their weight around in defense.

Mumm's the word, but only Michael Cheika knows why

While Mumm is certainly not the answer, neither is constantly changing the side. Some stability is a good thing.

The Mumm decision is baffling. Fardy is a similar lineout jumper with much more impact at the breakdown and carrying the ball – at least we have 2 bruisers in the second row to try to match the boks physical style. If we had Mumm and Simmons out there we would have gotten killed.

Hope Timani gets a run from the bench, McMahon should be the one to miss out – we have enough light weight forwards in the starting side.

Mumm's the word, but only Michael Cheika knows why

Classic Lordy!

Cheika’s fine line of selection

Agree – need a captain committed to the side over the next 12 months. Genia will be in France and Pocock will be on sabbatical

Michael Cheika needs to drop half his side against the Boks - including the skipper

Rugger – A bit harsh on a 20 year old – he has a lot of potential. Clearly not ready for the 15 jersey at test level but dont write these guys off before they’ve even finished developing.

Michael Cheika needs to drop half his side against the Boks - including the skipper

There is no secret combination which will unlock the potential of the team. Constantly changing the side will not uncover it, instead it destabilises players, resulting in a risk averse culture – if players make a mistake, they feel that they wont retain their position. Its reactionary and self-reinforcing.

Lets get some stability in the selection process (injuries notwithstanding), back a few young blokes, like Timani, Alaalatola, Coleman, Arnold and Godwin to develop in a culture which encourages (calculated) risk taking.

I think it is time to drop some of the older players who arent performing (Moore, Kepu, Simmons, TPN, etc), at least to the bench and some out of the 23. Just need to find the balance in the sheds of experience and youth.

Cheika’s fine line of selection

You are spot on Nick, if you consider the back line in isolation.

Unfortunately, until the forwards get anywhere close to parity, the attacking benefit from your suggestions are nullified. No 10 will perform with slow, back foot ball

Defensively we give up quite a lot wherever Cooper plays and while we would see an improvement with some of your suggestions defensively, in my view the biggest issues are defensive strategy – realignment in particular, intensity and accuracy. This is more on Nathan Grey than any one player. If only the defensive fix was as “easy” as Grey makes it out to be.

Should Quade be handed the reins for the rest of the Rugby Championship?

Because Quade has always handled the pressure in NZ… lets name a poor defender at 10 who is spooked every time he crosses the Tasman.

Wallabies team for Bledisloe 2: Quade Cooper to start at flyhalf, Foley inside centre