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Nah. You earn the number when you earn the position. Being given the number 1 jersey or the number 7 jersey or whatever is a reward for the work you put in, the numbers actually mean something in this sport…

Should the NRL finally adopt squad numbers?

Again with the 70 minutes thing, I already explained how that’s irrelevant in an 80 minute game, even more so when scores are level with 10 to go.

I cannot stress this enough, what I and most people would have preferred is the referee getting the last tackle call right the first time so we wouldn’t be in this mess. But yeah, on a fundamental rugby league level, sticking with the 6 again call really is the next best option, because that’s how footy is sometimes. I’ve often defended referees and understand they don’t get it right all the time, but they are supposed to call it as they see it and back themselves and everybody is supposed to move on. Thats not what happened the other night. Tedesco didn’t touch it but he came awfully close, the ref called it how he saw it and that should have been the end of it. Ideally, the Raiders deserved the right call so they could play accordingly but since they didn’t, they were more deserving of an incorrect set of six than what ultimately happened, because that’s just how footy goes sometimes.

Ultimately, that’s what it comes down to, that’s why it’s left a bad taste in the mouths of non Roosters fans, the Raiders were robbed of an opportunity (and again, it was just that, an opportunity) by something that was fundamentally un-rugby league. Bad calls happen, but that is rugby league and this goes way beyond a bad call. Did the Roosters make better use of their opportunities than the Raiders, yes, but considering the game came down to just one of those being the difference for the Roosters to win, the fact that referees took one of those opportunities off the Raiders when they shouldn’t have is massive and should not be down played. You might be right about biases coming through, but I really hope you don’t think it’s coming through from just one side…

Why Peter Sterling doesn't think the 'six again' controversy cost the Raiders the premiership

Can’t agree with you on this one, Sterlo. Did they have plenty of football and field position in the first 70 minutes to win the game? Yes. Does a game go for 70 minutes? No, it goes for 80. You can’t blame the Raiders for not wrapping it before the 70th minute if it still took the the Roosters until the 72nd to do it, after a controversial call like this. Also, there’s a massive difference between the first 70 and last 10 if scores are level. Up until then they are only trying to score tries, but this was right when a team would start looking at a field goal. Even if the ref got the last tackle call right the first time, the Raiders still could have gone for a repeat set and try to set up for one. I’m not saying the Raiders were robbed of the win, but they were robbed of a massive opportunity to set up for one…

Why Peter Sterling doesn't think the 'six again' controversy cost the Raiders the premiership

Sterlo said on his wrap today that the Raiders had enough football and field position in the first 70 minutes to win the game and it’s like, yeah true, but a game goes for 80 and being robbed an opportunity in the 71st isnt ok because they should have taken one of their other opportunities earlier.

As for refereeing mistakes, you have to accept they are gonna make them, but this is beyond that. If a referee makes a mistake by ruling 6 again when it should be last tackle or ruling last tackle, you have to stick with it and move on. The refs have to call it as they see it, sometimes they’ll see it wrong and we should live with that, but the refs need to live with that too. Cummins made a call, it might have been the wrong call but he made it and he had to stick to it because the confusion from calling and signalling both ways at such a frantic point of the game is much worse.

We have to be honest about refs

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, of course…

Roosters go back-to-back at 2019 NRL Grand Final

I’ve seen it multiple times, I don’t go on the internet and just say stuff, I look into it so I know what I’m talking about. I’m not the rookie here. I’ve already explained more than once how it doesn’t matter what the referee does after he signals six again if the player already believes it’s six again. You’ve got nothing new so you keep bringing up other incidents not relevant to the one we are actually talking about. But, I’ll take the bait, if you wanna talk acting awards, maybe he can share it with Keary after the dive he took late in the game. They way he kept grabbing at his face while he was laying on the ground was extra riveting…

Roosters go back-to-back at 2019 NRL Grand Final

I’m not saying they should selectively listen to the refs, I’m saying that they do. He did listen and look at the ref and what he got was a 6 again call and he kept playing accordingly. What’s he gotta be listening for now? Not a different call, because the refs don’t and can’t change their minds on a call like that for exactly this kind of situation. As for the rest of what you just said, it’s a) not relevant to this particular incident and b) proof that you might be the one with your blinkers on…

Roosters go back-to-back at 2019 NRL Grand Final

If the touchie from that sharks game a while back got dropped for raising his flag, Cummins has to be dropped for raising his arm and signalling 6 again…

Massive drama late as Raiders dudded by ref mix-up

Oh please, now you’re just making it up. Time for bed, bro…

Roosters go back-to-back at 2019 NRL Grand Final

Nah, more deserving than when DCE also got it when Manly lost…

Roosters go back-to-back at 2019 NRL Grand Final

Doesn’t matter, the players can’t be constantly looking and listening to the referees, they’ve got to play the game. Once they get the call, they play. That’s why you can’t just change your mind

Roosters go back-to-back at 2019 NRL Grand Final

They had trouble scoring tries for the previous 30 minutes but to be fair, that wasn’t field goal time. 8 all with 10 to go? It wasn’t just about tries…

Roosters go back-to-back at 2019 NRL Grand Final

Doesn’t matter, there’s a reason we have hand signals as well, it can be loud and frantic out there. Wighton get the 6 again signal, he got it, he knew what the play was. After that he doesn’t need to pay attention to the ref. What, is he supposed to be continuously looking and listening to the referees? He’s got a game to play!

Roosters go back-to-back at 2019 NRL Grand Final

No. The answer is no. Inexplicably? Come on, no frame actually showing the bat and ball making contact. No help from snicko because of the bat hitting both the pad and the ground. Literally all there is is a frame of the ball moving in a slightly different direction. That’s not quite enough for a third umpire to overturn an on field decision but to his credit, you could tell he knew it wasn’t out and did everything that he could to find a reason to overturn it within the boundaries of his job. Absolutely no reason to criticise this guy in this instance…

Did the third umpire make one of the biggest howlers of the Ashes?

When Tim Paine was made captain, I really wanted him to succeed and be known as more than just the ‘stand-in’ captain. Winning an ashes series in England would certainly go a long way towards doing that, until the reports came out during the first test that Smith was still secretly captaining the side. So here he is, no Smith, Ashes within his grasp and he puts up a performance like that. Even if he still somehow fumbles his way to an Ashes series win in the next two tests, he’s just not up to the job. The stand-in captain will never live this down…

Australia third Ashes Test player ratings: Labuschagne and Hazlewood the best performers in stunning loss

The way you win a game of rugby league is by being in front after X number of minutes, it isn’t by scoring any winning points. If scores are locked after 80, play 5 more minutes. If they are still locked after 85, play 5 more. I don’t want golden try or anything, I have no problem with a team kicking a field goal to win a game, but it shouldn’t end a game. Just like it wouldn’t end a game if you kicked at 78 or 79 minutes, you should still have to defend that lead until time expires, what ever time that is. I don’t think you need 10 full minutes of extra time, if golden point can be over after 45 seconds, 5 minutes will do. and then 5 more if needed. Call it a draw after 90 minutes in the regular season if you want, keep adding 5 minutes in the games that have to have a result.

Should we axe golden point?

I don’t know about the last 10, but I remember in 2017 the Storm went into the origin period leading the comp, contributed 6 players including all of their spine at one point, and still finished the origin period leading the comp before winning the premiership. And while that’s just typical Melbourne and might not be as easy for other teams, that’s not really the Storm’s problem…

Origin eats the NRL but what are you gonna do?

Jack de Belin remains innocent until proven guilty. If he’s found guilty, he will go to jail. At the moment, he is not allowed to play football, those two are not the same thing. When we started equating not playing football with doing time, we lost all perspective…

Hit the road, Jack: Federal Court finds in favour of NRL

If I did my job and hand delivered Wayne Bennett to my club and they turned around and said “Nah…” I’d probably reconsider my position there too…

Phil Gould reportedly set for Panthers exit in the coming days

Forget next season, could Muster now be unavailable for the two test matches coming up? He was practically a lock for the Australian no. 6.

Seven talking points from the NRL grand final

Broncos won the inaugural premierships for both the NRL and NRLW 20 years apart. I love that…

Brilliant Broncos bump off Roosters to win first ever NRLW premiership

Top 4 get prime Friday and Saturday night spots and they can’t swap it with the Broncos home game at 5:30 Saturday because Suncorp is unavailable because of the Wallabies. It’s a Penrith ‘home’ game, being played in the only available time slot and the Warriors finshed 8th, so they don’t exactly get (or deserve) the most consideration…

Nine talking points from NRL Round 25

Well don’t wonder any longer, I’d say “shoulder to shoulder contact is fine”

Brisbane Broncos vs South Sydney Rabbitohs: NRL live scores, blog

It was all shoulder to shoulder contact, which is in the rules, its not like he pushed him or grabbed him. I’m not sure what there commentators are going on about…

Brisbane Broncos vs South Sydney Rabbitohs: NRL live scores, blog

Of course we weren’t complaining then but everybody else sure was so let us have our turn…..

Melbourne Storm vs Brisbane Broncos: NRL live scores, blog