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You can’t bring up the case of Auva’a because it doesn’t support the narrative that some want you to hear – which is all women who make allegations are liars and therefore this lady is a liar. …

But heaven forbid anyone judge JDB, which I haven’t actually seen anyone do – but plenty are judging the alleged victim.. – Sure it doesn’t help in the small percent of cases when a person – for one reason or another – makes up or embellishes a claim but people wonder why sexual assault victims and domestic violence victims don’t come forwarded when they are judged by people like the subset of the community that is on here.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

I was just throwing out another the way of thinking but you are right, I need not worry because if people are going to compare it to Matt Lodge then they clearly are not comprehending the detail of what JDB is accused of and the severity… so you are right a couple of soft boos will be inconsequential…

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

There is an excellent point in there.

We all know about the conspiracy theorists who think the Roosters rort the cap and the NRL favour them by not pulling them up.

Well if the NRL favoured them, they would just make the cap higher or remover it all together. The Roosters would still be at a huge advantage because they could spend money other Sydney clubs don’t have and it would be within the rules. So if the NRL love the Roosters so much, why don’t they just do that?

Who are NRL HQ's least to most favourite teams?

Here is another way to look at it;

The NRL/Dragons have a duty of care to their labour force (players) correct?
Is there a risk that JDB will be subjected to vile comments and worse from crowds that he plays infront of?
Is there a risk that in addition to the anxiety and stress caused by these taunts (and worse) from the crowd, the fact it will be aired on television all around the country will only increase the stress he is put under?

The answer to all of the above is ‘yes’. You have just identified a workplace risk. An employee’s stress only has to be at risk of being aggravated – not even caused, just aggrivated – in order for them to claim compensation.

So, to the Hierarchy of Controls for risk management;
Eliminate: Can we eliminate the crowd or the TV cameras? No.
Substitute: Can we replace the crowd with people who won’t taunt him? No
Engineer: Can we make the field of play sound proof? No
Administrative changes: Can we make rules prohibiting people from taunting him? No
PPE: can JDB wear noise and eye protection to block the crowd out? No

The only way to remove the risk is to remove JDB. Sit down with pay.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

Sitting a player with pay is not accusing him of being guilty.

I haven’t lived a day in Brett Stewart’s shoes – though I spent some formative years in Wollongong so I have some understanding of Brett, his brother, his sister and his father. I understand that Brett Stewart thinks his name was run through the dirt by a scum bag who was trying to extort him. I don’t understand why he hasn’t sued for defamation, but that is his prerogative. I do know the Stewarts are not choir boys (and girl), so the notion that he is some holier than though victim makes me think his reputation somehow benefited from the whole ordeal.

He may have known (mmm thought – given how drunk he reportedly was) he was innocent, but he didn’t know he would be found not guilty.

When you are charged with something like Stewart was, like facing JDB – we are talking about your freedom – the next 20 years of your life. If I had the opportunity to focus on protecting my livelihood and taking care of myself and not have to worry about generating an income while doing it, I would grab it with both hands.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

JDB isn’t on $750k and regardless, he would be stood down because he needs to sort himself out and I am now unsure how well I know him – and I don’t want a Kristy Fraser Kirk situation. I am going to protect my business.
The Dragons are sponsored by Brydons Laywers – Not a bad ploy by them considering how much trouble players seem to be finding themselves in. I might review my sponsorship arrangement with them seeing as they are getting some easy business from our relationship.

I didn’t say no bail was normal, I said he was lucky.

That was a two minute seach suggesting he is lucky that not only is he out on bail, but the court was flexible with his bail.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

If he is found guilty the NRL won’t punish him at all because he will be in his 50’s the next time he walks as a free man.

But if you are that worried, pay him his Origin money as well. Because the alternative – if he is guilty and goes to jail for 20 years and you just let him run around like a hero on your biggest stage (Origin), that will cost the game way, way, way more than $100,000.

But I would be saying to JDB, Origin is the least of your problems.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved


Do you think if in the Stewart case he had been stood down with pay to address the charges instead of suspended for x number of games and fined, the outcome for Stewart would have been different? Sure he may not have been thrilled with not being able to play – but that should be the least of a persons problems when facing something this serious. Being paid, vs paying a fine is a very different message though.

Like I said yesterday, if the statement needs to be that JDB “has requested leave to fight the charges he maintains he is innocent of”, then so be it but get him off the football field and off TV screens. I won’t feel good watching him celebrating match winning tries while this is ongoing and that is just regular fan, not the other people involved in the case (his family and the alleged victim and her family).

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

If JDB worked for me, he would be suspended with pay so he could focus on his court case. I wouldn’t want to risk the push back from my customers if they found out about his charges.

I can find you plenty of cases in 2018 where people with these charges have been refused bail altogether, never mind the employer having to make a decision. The guy is lucky to be walking the streets at the moment, much less continuing in his high profile, well paid job – regardless of what ends up happening in court.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

He hasn’t been charged with stealing a car, or common assault. It is in the handful of most grievous charges an individual can be handed. People are stood down from jobs (with pay) every single day while they fight criminal charges far less serious. It is totally just.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

Perfectly written.
Completely agree. I actually can’t see what the counter argument is if someone reads that from beginning to end.

By playing JDB will be on television screens every week for months while this plays out in court. He will be front of mind every week. Or he is stood down and the story goes into the background and receives less coverage. It actually reduces the trial by media component.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

The decision regarding Daley is another example of the NRL incompetence. Daley isn’t allowed to be involved with the Tigers because he gives tips on a radio show he co-hosts and that show happens to be on a station owned by TABCORP. But Johns and now Ennis are allowed to be involved in similar roles with clubs even though they both give tips on the TV network partners of the NRL where the respective coverages are bank rolled by betting agencies.

The decision makes no sense and it isn’t about favourites, just incompetence.

Who are NRL HQ's least to most favourite teams?

The punishments don’t show favourites, they show the NRL’s in ability to take control and to work hard. It shows how out of touch they are with what is important and shows they only react to things in the media which the media tell them are important. Because that is easier than being diligent and being proactive.

Who are NRL HQ's least to most favourite teams?

They need some luck and things to fall in to place but if they gel quickly it could be a Finals season for the Titans. Their forwards will do a job and they can finish a scoring move.

They need to sort out the halves asap – that has been a weak link for the Titans, pretty much as long as i can remember. It is probably a concern that there are 6 players who could play in the halves, but other than Taylor, the rest don’t seem to be specialists (hmm I guess Jacks is). Getting that right will be hard and would be the biggest concern impacting their potential success.

They also need to get more out of Don. He is a really good finisher – one of the best in the game. But he just doesn’t do nearly enough work bringing the ball out and giving his team good field position (he was 46th among wingers who played 5 or more games for average runs last year ). If they can get better field position they can win more games (obviously). Sami could be anything as well. I have my fingers crossed he goes from strength to strength and has a break out year.

I have them in my top 8.

Season preview: Are the Titans bound for September?

The Eels lost nobody they wanted to keep although i am sure many would have been happy if a couple of other oldies left. I don’t think they were ever going to go completely young when the coaches job is on the line. But with a 24 year old fullback and 24 year old 5/8, an 18 year old half and a 20 year old dummy half – that is a young spine which ever way you look at it. If Salmon works his issues out he is only 20, Moeroa is 23 and most of the forwards are 25-26. Whether they have the talent, don’t know, but they are young enough to develop and improve.
If what we are told is correct – that they were offering Hayne $500k and he declined, and now they have got rid of Norman’s salary as well – they should have room to recruit some talent around them. Now the problem there is Mark O’Neil is in charge of football operations….. even though he isn’t qualified… soooo good luck with that i guess….

NRL 2019 season preview: Parramatta Eels

Don’t disagree with either of you. His play the ball is poor as well. But he is picked because Parra haven’t had a better alternative.

NRL 2019 season preview: Parramatta Eels

Absolutely – continue to get paid while on leave – he is still a free man.

And yep, there are probably some examples of crusty old Boards not suspending exec’s because the exec makes them all millions of dollars. I think it is fair to say the NRL and its fans aspire of the League to be held in higher regard than big banks. Not sure how far ahead they are right now….

NRL says de Belin free to play despite ongoing trial

mmmm. He keeps his spot because he averages more metres per minutes on the field then any other Eels forward (except Vave – but he never plays enough minutes) and only Edwards averaged more runs per minute on the field (he is about tied with Brown). And in defence, only Alvaro averaged more tackles per minute on the field.

Maybe that is a reflection on the quality of the Eels forwards in 2018, but he actually gets through a lot of work and while not amazing, it isn’t terrible quality.

NRL 2019 season preview: Parramatta Eels

Agree there are no winners.

To me if they are worried about the perception they are accusing him of anything, then go with a straight forward statement that says “JDB has plead not guilty in Wollongong Court and is determined to defend is innocence. In order to for JDB to focus on this, the Dragons have given him leave without pay while he addresses his legal situation.” and leave it at that.

One way or another they need to distance themselves from him in the public domain. As written in The Australian today, in business senior executives facing lesser, but serious charges would stand down with pay in the same situation – and business executives are not recognisable and on TV every week like an NRL player nor do kids wear the jeresys and wave flags to celebrate senior executives.

NRL says de Belin free to play despite ongoing trial

Agree. They gave French 5 shots at Fullback last year and he averaged just seven runs a game and 57 metres in those games. woeful. Will Smith had better numbers and would be a more likely fullback – though not a long term solution.

But I think they will all have their fingers crossed that Brown just clicks so that Gutherson can play fullback.

NRL 2019 season preview: Parramatta Eels

I hope they do well if for no other reason than with the new stadium, it would be great to see a good atmosphere in the ground on a week to week basis – After a decade of watching so many regular season games at an empty ANZ stadium, and the damage that has done to the game, a 3/4 full stadium in Western Sydney most weeks would be a huge PR boost for the NRL, not just the Eels.

NRL 2019 season preview: Parramatta Eels

I understand. My point is, there is no reason or value for the NRL clubs to show this fixture any particular recognition, their obligation is to the majority of fans and sponsors who care far more about trying to win a repeat NRL Premiership.

My opinion is I would rather marketing focus be on the NRL, not an inconsequential one off exhibition game against a club in England. Given the lack of growth in the game and the negative press it receives, it would be a far better and more important spend – otherwise there won’t be an NRL comp to have a premier, to play in WCC…

NRL interest in Super League showdown a world-class challenge

I don’t think Aussies really care what the English think about it. The traditional rivalry between Australian and England in sport is fading through the generations in my opinion.

And NRL fans believe the NRL is far superior to the Super League. So in their minds, they don’t need to watch a one off game as to them it means nothing. Until the Super League is seen as the better league, the game will continue to mean little to the NRL fans, and I get it.

NRL interest in Super League showdown a world-class challenge

“On the flipside, NRL clubs only wish to directly prepare for a gruelling season”

Only wish to prepare for a gruelling season – well of course. It is a long season and you are the hunted. Who wants their preseason messed up while their opposition are preparing for them.

Why would coaches care about a game that won’t effect their job? I would focus on the 25 that will.
Why do the NRL care? A game at 6:30am in Feb is not going to create new fans and will barely touch point with current fans. Very few fans of the team involved really care if they win or lose. Many will find out about it when they wake up and check their social media follows or watch the nightly news 12 hours later

Unfortunately the game has little value to the fans, the coaches and the Game as a whole. I don’t see how you change that.

NRL interest in Super League showdown a world-class challenge

The positive for the Eels, is they look more settled this year. No confusion over who will be fullback, no confusion over who is the controlling half and no confusion over the starting hooker.

You also take out Norman, Hayne, Williams, Matagi (although he seemed reformed) Auva’a and Edwards – who all have criminal records and you have to think maybe the club is looking for a bit of a cleanse, although releasing King is unfortunate as he seems to be one of the real good guys.

A problem they seem to have is trying to find magic in a bottle and repeating previous wins to the point of failure.
In the forwards it was Fui Fui who they plucked from relative obscurity and he turned out a very solid career. Since then they have been looking for the short burst bigger prop and failed time and time again. Wicks, Vave, Matagi, all didn’t work out. Evans has failed. Will it be Paulo?

On the wing they are trying to find the next Semi. Sivo is an okay player, but he doesn’t have anything like the power Semi had. They need to stop trying to bash square pegs into round holes.

As you say, depth is a huge issue. If Moses matures and gets back to playing in the line, not deep they have enough strike power to be competitive. Salmon could be a reasonable fit in the centres if his defence holds up. Evans shouldn’t be in the starting 17 based on last years form. Right now he is in Justin Poore territory when it comes to Eels failed big money forward signings

Those three need to work out (along with the development of Dylan Brown) in order for the Eels to have any success. 8th would be a success for the Eels. Realistically it is probably 9th-13th.

NRL 2019 season preview: Parramatta Eels