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I think Mikaele Ravalawa might have played his last game in the Red V….

Josh Reynolds should have been on the bench for the Tigers last week. Liddle hadn’t played more than 39 minutes in a game since Rd 10 last year and unfortunately for the kid he seems to have bad knees which have plagued his young career. And having lost Mbye and Farah, could have done with an experienced head out there. It was pretty foolish of
Madge IMO.

Meanwhile at Parra, there is still one perplexing decision being made by Brad Arthur;

Player A has played 197 fewer minutes than Player B, but has more total post contact metres, just 5 fewer run metres and averages fewer missed tackles. Player A hasn’t played first grade since Rd 11 while Player B remains in the side (except when suspended). Player A is the club captain and player B is Peni Terepo. It baffles me what Arthur see’s in Terepo. He looks like he is running hard, but he doesn’t break many tackles and he is a walking penalty machine. It isn’t even like Terepo is a good guy for morale… Total mystery to me.

NRL Round 23 teams: Still no Cordner for Roosters, Foran returns for Bulldogs

Sportstab confirmed that an Adrian Megale article on Nathan Brown and the Knights for tomorrow on The Roar has firmed in to $1.05..

BREAKING: Brown to part ways with Newcastle

I wonder if Bateman got the same letter, or maybe the Telegraph didn’t extract a still out of the Fox coverage…

Cameron Smith's ugly tactics against young Raider

I love the wabbits! How good is that halfback Adam Reynolds! Did you see the other week how he appeared to have no problem moving around. Then Munster pushed him off, made a line break that lead to a crucial try and Reynolds promptly did his weekly limping around move…. How many boxes of tissues do you think he goes through when he gets those tats done…? Nah, he probably just goes under a local anesthetic hey..? :laughing: :silly:

Holy Moses! Why Mitchell is now the real deal

Agree. All I hear is what an important promotional tool Origin is – So why wouldn’t you have it out there in new market places?

NRL reveals details of 2020 Origin fixtures

I was a little scared off this after yesterdays Fix it article by another author, so full disclosure, I stopped reading on the first dot point about interchange where you wrote;

increasing fatigue, which will lead to reduced injuries

Many studies will tell you that muscle and endurance fatigue increase the likelihood of injury.

I think if you reduced interchange, you increase the chance of injuries and fatigue, so to combat this, clubs train less, meaning quality and variety of play gets diminished.

I am sure there are many good points in your lengthy article. I just got stuck on that early point.

How to fix the NRL

Yeah… you would want to make sure that house you live in as a Raiders fan isn’t made of glass.

This was penalty sufficient and barely that. Plenty of players cop something in the face on the ground – some get penalised some get missed and I can guarantee you that there have been Storm players who have done worse to a players head this year and there have been Raiders players who have done worse. He has a grip on his jersey. He is wrestling him on the ground. Pretty normal in the course of a game.

But you can remember him however you like. Just keeping cheering for Jack Whighton I guess..

Cameron Smith's ugly tactics against young Raider

all those noble aspects of sport like shared experience, tribalism and morality lessons were commodities it sells to you. . Football (soccer) in the UK is clearly there. Hence all of these clubs that represent, towns and villages etc are bought by overseas people looking to make more money. That is why Bolton Wanderers are owned by the Chinese, not by the Local businessman who struck it rich, or the local family that have generational money – with their tangible connection to the local community and th ehisotry of the club.

Rugby league dispatches from a heretic in exile

A Parramatta fan will probably tell you in 2005 a young halfback named Tim Smith blasted onto the scene. He had 40 try assists and 28 errors. By 2007 those two numbers were reversed, he couldn’t make a line break anymore and he was missing twice as many tackles. So Eels fans probably want to see this Moses for a little longer.

To your point though, Smith was a 20 year old kid from QLD in the vaunted jersey of Peter Sterling. It was all too much for him.

Moses has shown glimpses. When he first came to the Eels he played very well. Last year was very poor. But in between he had an impressive World Cup where he was a leader.

I think you touched on a key factor that helps him. Hooker. When he joined the Eels he had Cameron King as his hooker pretty much all the time. While King didn’t threaten from dummy half, he gave solid, early service. In 2018 the Eels had 4 different hookers and like the hooking position, he had an inconsistent year. In 2019 he has had 1 hooker – Reed Mahoney who often plays 80 minutes. Mahoney runs the fourth most of hookers in the game and is fourth in kick metres for hookers, so he does create some questions for the defence and his passing his top notch. I think the consistency of working with a hooker seems to help Moses – which is a logical statement, but given his predisposition to be a little volatile when things aren’t going well, having that consistency helps him.

Holy Moses! Why Mitchell is now the real deal

The problem is, is explanation of this is probably fair, and at the end of the day, it is such a line ball decision, that most reasonable people can live with a decision either way.

Problem is all the focus was on this because it happened in a close game on Sunday afternoon. Maxwell (the Bunker official on Sunday) made an absolute howler in the Titans v Eels game. But as it was a blow out and involved a low interest team at a low interest timeslot, nothing come of it. The problem remains – Maxwell makes too many poor decisions, but addressing this decision in such detail highlights that Anessley is only responding to the media, not addressing the actual problems.

NRL give ruling on Sharks' contentious match-winner

Without knowing the logistics, resources and sponsorship available to the NRLW or the player depth in womens rugby league, I don’t really have an opinion on whether the teams should play each other twice, or should be there be one additional team, but a longer tournament would be better.

I think it is a great idea for the NRLW to kick off (or conclude) during Women in League Round. Would be very fitting.

The diamond ring is a Storm in a teacup

Yep, The Storm beat Souths a fortnight ago. Damien Cook (NSW and Australian hooker) was asked about all the controversy last week and he said he noticed nothing different about the Storm and they didn’t do anything that bothered him. But Hooper’s sources… those mysterious, nameless sources.. they know.

Brett Finch furiously defends Storm 'wrestling' tactics in heated argument

Phew! I just realised it was a satirical piece. I thought it all seemed a bit thrown together and not well thought through. But you just pointed out it was recommended that Tommy Raudonikis be on the NRL Board. Put him on with Billy Moore, Greg Dowling Ray Price, John Gibbs and Benny Elias. That would be awesome…

Seven steps to save the NRL

That was probably 10 years ago.

Who flew Graham’s parents out from the UK for his 400th?

NRL make classy gesture to deserving person, outrage ensues

Well done to the Raiders for the win – a very gutsy effort. The Raiders attack was clunky as it often is. They continue to have issues moving the ball two wide of the ruck with any sort of rhythm.
They won the game, IMO, because the hooker (Hodgson) played better in the second half and because they stifled the Storm attack by slowing the PTB down by holding the tackled plyer for long periods and wrestling them over when they are on the ground…

Are cracks appearing in the Melbourne Storm?

So I have no problem with acknowledging the support Cameron’s wife has given him and it seems appropriate to do it during Women of League Round rather than get lost in all the hoopla of Smith’s 400 games.

Are there more appropriate gifts? Probably. If they had asked Cameron’s wife, what sort of gift she would like, she may have come up with something more suitable. But are we really making noise because a couple of old men didn’t read the room well and gave a gift to a woman that wasn’t suitable? Like that never happened.

Side note – Other than the ring thing which I am only hearin gabout now because i don’t read the Telegraph, I thought Women in League round was quite understated this year. Maybe it was just how i consumed my footy this weekend, but it seemed a little low key through the week.

The diamond ring is a Storm in a teacup

So merge three clubs that represents probably more than 2 million people, but leave the Roosters and Souths fighting separately for those 350,000 people in the east and south of the CBD…. Sounds about right…

Seven steps to save the NRL

I don’t want to jinks it and write the Bunnies off just yet, but it is looking good. 3 more years of Sam Burgess is going to be looking pretty ugly by 2022…

Well done to the Dogs for having a crack even with nothing to play for. I don’t know what it means for next year – they haven’t scored more than 20 points since Rd 10 v the Titans andonly cracked the 20 point barrier 3 times all year. We’ve already sen the Panthers 7 game win streak was a little bit of a false image of where they were, and they weren’t scoring points regularly in that run either.

Haas is great to watch. That try was great, but to do it 5 minutes from fulltime make sit even more impressive. While on the Bronocs, Does Seibold have a press confrence on Mondays? I am just curious if he will be comparing Boyd stats from Friday night with a halfback from Sydney who plays for Australia and played on Sunday…

Agree 100% on the Eels needing Ferguson. They don’t have a star like the other contending teams and he is their closest thing to one.

Seven talking points from NRL Round 22

Looking through your new emojois – where is the clap emoji.

This was brilliant from Finch. More shame on you Fox, for continuing to give Hooper a platform. Quote a person, just one James, and I will consider calling you a journalist.

When it is a Storm player not getting suspended, it is favouritism toward the Storm, when it is a player from a Sydney club avoiding suitable sanction, it is just put down to inconsistency.

Brett Finch furiously defends Storm 'wrestling' tactics in heated argument

If a coin toss is farcical as the 6th tie breaker option, what is the more fair option?

Coin toss is no more fair or unfair than field goals. How does field goals scores represent any sort of performance indicator?

Here's how we can break the NRL ladder

The Eels did what they had to do. If they do anything in September it will be all power to them. They are a team with very good players but no stars, so it will be a team effort.

Brisbane v Penrith was a curious game. It was very entertaining but execution was dreadful for large parts of the game. Unlike the Eels, the Broncos have a handful of players throughout their roster who can be game breakers on a given night and they kind of rely on those guys to create something from nothing as they are playing with no recognised halves. For a prop to make that kind of run and to do it 5 minutes from full time, man Haas is a beast.

Meanwhile the Panthers continue to stink. There was plenty of stinky performances through that winning run, barely cracking 20 points it just masked some clear problems with Ivan Cleary and attacking football. The ladder position may show a slight drop in performance on 2018, but the eye test says they have gone backward in a big way.

Parra matter, the Panthers lose their puff and the Broncos are going to make the eight

Joe watch the world blow up when the Storm try one strip, with two in the tackle, or Cam Smith releases the ball and wins a penalty just before the Raiders employ their strip… All of the sudden everyone will be against it….

Hey Robbo - without competition for the ball, league can be formulaic and predictable

Just checked. The run time on Showgirls is actually just over 2 hours!
… still more stripping in a Raiders game… :silly:

Hey Robbo - without competition for the ball, league can be formulaic and predictable

Ironically he will probably rattle off all the stats that say his team were great even though they got thumped by 30 points – like he did earlier this year when Souths beat the Bronocs.

'I don't care what he says': Keary's bemused response to Seibold's criticism

If the Storm exploited this rule first and were doing all the stripping, you better believe 99% f people would be blowing up about it.

People whinge about the Storm wrestling and slowing down the game… but a team hold a player standing up for an extended period – creating a wrestle and delaying the ‘held’ call, so that they can strip a ball when the attacker isn’t expecting it.. and it isn’t the Storm, so that is okay…

Hey Robbo - without competition for the ball, league can be formulaic and predictable