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I can’t put enough money on the Chooks this week.
They played without multiple stars, a couple were still getting their legs back and they played almost no attack through Tedesco. Sure it will help Souths not having Sam in the line up, but assuming Cronk is fine after that late whack he copped they will win by 13+ this week.

Similarly Parra getting the Bronocs instead of a Sydney team is a huge plus for them. Factor in the game is the day game so a dry track which seems to be when they play their best and it feels like they should be far too good if they don’t let the moment get too much for them. Brisbane continue to be a team which looks rudderless which is a shame given the talent they have on the field.

That said, after last week I learnt the hard way that I can’t be negative about the Broncos, so i took a week off The Roar last week after I moped around all weekend (including what was supposed to be a joyous occasion – my first fathers day). It was a pretty tame crack, but the cumilative effect from a particular contributor (whose opinion I did value) had taken it’s toll. I have previously been treated for depression and I am not going back down that path of feeling a lack of self worth.

And to be honest i found too much confrontational stuff going on – which I take some repsonsibility for as well. 40/20 – while i completely disagree with your position on the NF Policy, to what end i let that discussion become to personal – i sincerely apologise (and it is rare i apologise to a Manly fan..).

So i am tapping out. Good luck to everyone and their teams. And be kind to one another – you don’t know who you are dealing with, their age, their triggers, their personal situations.

All the best.

Seven talking points from NRL Round 25

Greg – The Bunker literally said that DWZ “right hand comes away for the ball”.

I saw no angle that showed his right hand conclusively came off the ball. We lose sight of his right hand but that doesn’t mean it has come off the ball.

Like i said elsewhere, i could have accepted the decision either way, by not over ruling the on field official – whatever he/she ruled. But not when the logic applied by the Bunker is flawed.

DWZ scored a try but consistency says it wasn't one

Manly fans should check out the great article by Bulldog Ritchie today which is supposed to highlight how the Sea Eagles can’t win at night.

He points out that they have lost 11 games at night this season (even though they have only lost 8 games total) and according to his math they lost 18 of 24 at night in 2015 and 19 of 24 in 2016 – suggesting they didn’t play a single day game… Manly lost 13 and 16 games total (day and night) in those seasons respectively…

More great NRL journalism from the DT…

Manly vs Melbourne: A history of hate

Didn’t they extend Egan until the end of 2021 at the start of this year?
I guess that says either he is destined for reserve grade/been told he can look else where
(purely speculatively speaking),

There has been ongoing talk that the Tyrone May fall out could be greater and perhaps there is potential for him to be implicated in a way that see’s him miss significant time..?

He really hasn’t kicked on this year like I thought he would. He has to take responsibility for that (though he currently has an ordinary coach compared to what he had coming through the Penrith system). Assuming the later of the scenarios above is completely off the table, I still think he would be a good pick up for a team with a good coach that could help develop the between the ears part of his game. He was way to dominant, not just in juniors, but in ISP playing as a 20 year old against seasoned players, not to make it.

Penrith swoop for Manly hooker Api Koroisau

I tend to agree with you Albo. If you can’t see both of DWZ’s hands then you can’t tell if he still has both his hands on the ball. If he has both his hands on the ball, then that should be enough to constitute possession.

As you say the whole reason the on field official now gives a decision (try or no try) is because the Video Ref has to determine there is enough evidence to over turn. If the onfield ref had given no try, I don’t think they had enough evidence to over turn either, so I could have lived with what ever decision was made, but it is the procedural aspect that lets them down.
The later try was ruled no try on the field and there was nothing in that footage that clearly suggested the ball missed Morgan. The Bunker just flat out got that one wrong.

DWZ scored a try but consistency says it wasn't one

I am not a Manly fan, but I am guessing some do, especially given the rivalry.

Crocker was a hard man who walked the fine line plenty of times in his career. In that hit though, he was always going to plant the shoulder into him with intent to soften him up, but Stewart chose to go into the crouch position to catch it, so he wore it in the head. In todays game, Crocker would be in trouble both because of the shoulder hit and the carelessness of taking your eyes off the ball carrier, but I can’t see how it was a cheap shot. No different to driving your shoulder into a guys ribs. You want to wind him.

Manly vs Melbourne: A history of hate

Watching last night all I could think of was Star Wars and the Emperor saying “Everything is proceeding as I have forseen”
Low scoring and pretty ordinary game to watch with at least one controversial bunker decision impacting the result. Who could have predicted that.

There is nothing wrong with the Bunker and the technology they have, because we can all see what the call should have been. It is the people making the decision. Train them properly. Get it right, If they get it wrong train them more. If they still get it wrong, get them out or get the guys training them out.

The onfield ref’s – two of the more inexperienced refs by NRL standard- did a pretty good job. Let down, again, by experienced men in the bunker.

DWZ scored a try but consistency says it wasn't one

Shane Wright has now scored 2 tries in his NRL career.
Both were from loose balls in the in-goal and both were incorrectly awarded a try by the Bunker.

Is this the most bizarre bunker overrule of the season?

Such a non-story. The media boffins cared but no one else really did. If he had a history of being disrespectful, then okay, it is a story. But clearly that isn’t who the kid is.

All the Telegraph and Fox did was improve the chances, however slightly, that the kid turns to NZ Union instead of staying in the NRL.

Ponga opens up on thickshake-gate

Eerr They do program the games before the start of the season, Noosa Duck is actually stating a fact. Unlike where you say the Roosters are rorting the cap (unless you have access to all their contracts and proof to the contrary).

But as you say – Believe that if you need to and if you want to sleep peacefully at night…

North Queensland Cowboys vs Canterbury Bulldogs: NRL Thursday night forecast

Tough one to pick (and most likely to watch). Cows haven’t won many games this year and even then, some of the wins have been pretty ugly. They (usually) stay in the fight for 80 minutes though.

The Dogs are on a winning role, but they are not scoring points. If Penrith was an example of winning without scoring points, then we have seen that sooner or later the wheels will come off. But Penrith were winning, scoring few points and making plenty of mistakes. The Dogs complete well and are disciplined (except when as a pack they attack a single player being spoken to by a ref) so I think there is a little more legitimacy to their winning run. This could be a tough watch – a bit of a grind. Hopefully the Cowboys play with a ‘lets entertain’ philosophy and the Dogs are forced to try and go with them.

Too many mistakes in the Cowboys for my liking, so I will take the Dogs but who knows, maybe the ball sticks for the Cowboys tonight.

North Queensland Cowboys vs Canterbury Bulldogs: NRL Thursday night forecast

Agree – “journalists” need to be more responsible in their reporting.

But…. They stir up the punters who abuse the player if he plays which has a terrible effect on players who are often found to be not guilty. Save the angry rants for those found guilty.

So I have an idea for addressing that – stand the players down with pay and remove them from the crowds of punters who can then abuse them…?

NRL would have "withered and died": Peter Beattie

Maybe they would have been stood down – you are correct. I’ll accept that.

And I would have had no problem with them being stood down with pay.

But when you think I am twisting your words because you say people are found “not guilty” when in fact the charges were dropped, that isn’t picking at your words, they are two very fundamentally different things. It is these fundamental differences that make it hard to accept your position.

People are allowed to disagree with the No Fault Stand Down Policy, every one is entitled to an opinion. But you can’t choose to disagree with it because you you think “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law” has any sort of baring on the policy – that status is irrelevant to the policy because the policy isn’t judging someone. I am not judging whether or not JDB has committed a crime – true I might be questioning his morals given the facts that we are aware of, but not judging his innocence against the charges.

The policy is judging the impact the charge could have on the game and the impact that players face could have on the game given the various ways a season could go for a player – like standing on a dais receiving a MOM in a big game or Grand Final.

NRL would have "withered and died": Peter Beattie

The NRL CEO will also be able to use his discretion to stand down players charged with other criminal offences, particularly those involving women and children.

Given the charges they both faced – no problem with it. And I had met and quite liked Tyrone May when I met him. But I guess I can put my biases to the side and see the bigger picture..

NRL would have "withered and died": Peter Beattie

I would be on the Dogs as well. I like the unders there (36.5 points).

I like the overs (43.5) in the Knights v Titans game if they get a dry track for a 3pm game..

And are we seriously taking another game to the SCG unnecessarily?! Haven’t we got enough games there this year?!

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 24

Fergo is certainly a big in for the Eels. Darius is a big in for the Eels as well…

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 24

First time Curtis Scott, Dylan Walker and Api Koroisau have been on a field together since the biff. Especially as he has only been back a week or so and I already had judiciary charge, I can only imagine Scott will be read the riot act abut remaining disciplined and not being sucked in to anything…

Mind you I reckon Justin Olam could pack a punch. I wouldn’t mind seeing him put one on Dylan Walker’s chin. Then Walker’s partner wouldn’t have to interrupt his computer games to ask him if he wants a spoon or a fork because she would just need to bring him a straw….

Get set for the battle of Brookvale this Saturday night

Radradara and El Masri – neither were found “not guilty” the charges were dropped – there is a difference and it isn’t minor. Neither were facing a min 11 years in jail, so neither would have been stood down. Nobody in the Coffs Harbour scandal was charged.

These examples have no relevance to the No Fault Stand Down Policy. They have relevance to the matrix guidelines being proposed (which needs more work IMO) is to manage fall out from such issues because, as you observe above, they create appalling publicity and hence why something may be needed. Fortunately (again IMO) Peter Beattie won’t be around to drive it going forward

NRL would have "withered and died": Peter Beattie

Problem with all of this is there are quite a few youngsters and what we have learnt is Mary does not seem to have the knack for bringing on young talent to realise their potential.

The side that can save our Saints in 2020

And one who I don’t think has played a tonne of fullback.

The side that can save our Saints in 2020

It may be nit picking, but I would say there is subtle difference between Ennis copying a clap and AFB basically telling the crowd they are cry babies.

Neither of us know if his words were genuine or because he knew pleading innocent and being found guilty meant jail, vs pleading guilty and staying out of jail, so he did it to protect himself. I can live with the position I choose of prove me wrong. Not saying you or anyone else has to, I am not judging anyone else. My choice is to put a line through him until he proves me wrong because I think any man (but in particular a man his size) kicking his partner – Sorry it is a fair way back from there….

Fonua-Blake's 'childish' post-win taunt riles Raiders

A link to an article that outlines his actions and guilt and a bunch of words he said to keep himself out of jail.

One of the things he says is I was caught up in this life of thinking I was better than everyone else when I wasn’t. I hadn’t even played first grade but I carried on as though I had … implying that he thinks first graders are entitled. Implying that he thinks first grade players are better than anyone else and can do what they like – like mistreat women.

So I choose to put a line through him until such time as he give me reason not to. I am sure he doesn’t care, and neither do I.

I realise that what I see on the football field isn’t the entirety of who AFB is, but does he look like a guy that has matured to anyone? Not me.

Fonua-Blake's 'childish' post-win taunt riles Raiders

The year was 2016 and it was the final round;
Robbie Farah – His last opportunity to play for the Tigers but he was left out of the side.
The Wests Tigers were 9th and knew their fate. They needed a win over the Raiders at Leichhardt Oval in their last game of the season to make it into the Finals… win you’re in, lose your out. They promptly not only lost, but got slaughtered 52-10.

Come the final round of 2019 – it is reasonable to assume the Tigers will be sitting 9th, Robbie will be sitting on the scoreboard again and they will be playing their finale at Leichhardt against a Sharks side who in all likelihood will have something to play for. Would it suprise anyone if the enigmatic Sharks turned up to Leichhardt and put 50 on the Tigers?

Which NRL teams will qualify for the finals?

He says it is ultimately up to the referees to make a call and pointed to the fact that given both players were binned and are now facing suspensions, they did not get away “scot-free”

There is a big difference between playing 10 minutes without a player and playing the last 60 minutes without a player. Especially in a game which was decided by less than a converted try.

How about we make this a rule; If a player strikes another player in the back of the head, while the latter is lying defenceless on the ground, after the play has stopped, and with force.. Why don’t we define that as a send off offence?

NRL respond to whether Roberts, Brown should have been sent off

You sound like a bit of a romantic Dec 🙂

I think you would find the majority wouldn’t be so kind to Mr Smith. Cameron Smith could help an elderly nun across the street and people would say he was dragging her too fast, but anyone else does it and they are a saint.

Its like Kerrod “Chicken Wing” Holland. Can’t make a tackle without trying to force an arm out of a socket… but anyone in purple does it…

How Josh Jackson's shoulder charge reaction shows the Bulldogs are in a good place