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A problem here is that all referees get lumped in when one referee is the problem when it comes to ruck interpretation. Perenara. He allowed the Raiders to do it last week, Bulldogs saw this and exploited it. Criticise him not everyone.

And criticise Maxwell for his video ref disgrace

"The worst I've seen": Bennett slams NRL over referee leniency

Gallen’s lucky his name isn’t Cameron Smith or he would be getting crucified and this would already have 54 comments crushing and accusing him of all sorts..

Paul Gallen blasts ref after Sharks' horror first half

They can throw a bullet spiral pass though..

Game of Codes, Episode 2: Listen to the second instalment of The Roar's new podcast

You will find that plenty of businesses monitor their NPS and plenty will show correlation between revenue growth and a strong NPS. Especially today with social media, google reviews and all those sorts of communication channels. Word of mouth. It is the most cost effective way of generating business – peoples experiences matter to potential buyers of your product or service, far more than a flashy tv commercial. And conversely, someone throwing your business or product under the bus at every BBQ they go to or social chat at the pub or work or on twitter, can be equally as damaging. It matters.

'It's Mabo. It's the vibe': The NRL's Federal Court defence

Talk about odd timing…. Were other clubs queuing up to sign Paul McGregor and steel him from the Dragons?

Dragons re-sign coach McGregor until 2021

Agree 100% on the Inglis issue.

What did Greenberg say at the “Stand Down” policy announcement. I am paraphrasing but it was something along the lines of, – I am not going to use the word consistency, it isn’t reasonable to use and gets used too often. I prefer “fairness”.

Well show us how it is fair Todd. Show us how it is fair to 15 clubs with rosters already depleted by injury and with no cap room. And I would add to that, you know as the head of a national sporting body and having worked in the industry for decades – that fans are passionate which makes them irrational at times. So while I agree with the person above that this isn’t a conspiracy of favouring one club over the other, when you write a letter of reference for a player and then do this – you are only fueling the flames. It is incompetence not to realise your actions do that.

On the De-Belin court case. I haven’t followed it that closely, but I will say I haven’t heard much of it, nor have I heard JDB’s name much – which is a big chunk of the reason to be pro the decision. It has kept him out of the media spotlight and the focus been able to be on the games. The Dragons have come up with two 1 point wins and a near shutout and we have thankfully been able to focus on that, and not a sideshow which would have/may have, presented itself with JDB jumping around and celebrating like a delirious school boy.

Out of curiosity – What is the NRL’s NPS? Net Promoter Score isn’t a made up thing – Tim sounded a little sceptical in his write up. It is something that is used in many, many industries all around the world to gauge how well you are satisfying customers and the likelihood they will promote you. Amazon crushes it. Not for a minute do I think it should be a lead piece of evidence given the variables which can impact it – unless you were able to say our score was this, we implemented the policy and now our score is better. But even then it is more a further justification, rather than lead evidence I would think.

'It's Mabo. It's the vibe': The NRL's Federal Court defence

Is any time on the podcast allocated to theory’s on why the White Walkers are marching the Army of the Dead south?

Game of Codes, Episode 2: Listen to the second instalment of The Roar's new podcast

Never been to Wrigley Field but the Rickkets have done 100’s of millions in renovations to it since about 2014. Good old private investment!

Start saying goodbye to watching NRL at suburban grounds

Agree if Ferguson is out, it swings the game. That said the Tigers have named Jennings in the centres which I reckon Parramatta prefer to Chee Kam.

The Storm are due to click into gear at some point – so far they have only been doing just enough and if the Roosters don’t clean up the dropped ball (the only negative in their game at the moment) that could be the opening the Storm need. That will be a tight one

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 6

I don’t think central stadiums is the way to go either but who is forcing Souths and the Tigers to cross numerous boundaries to play their home games?

Start saying goodbye to watching NRL at suburban grounds

You want to have the last word, I get it. I don’t really want to back and forth either. You did say in your third post after being challenged on your position “or words very close to the above”, but they weren’t very close, not close at all. You made your accusation and tried to back it up and were caught out. End of story. You can review the footage if you like or take my word for it. Like I said, I check my facts before I make public accusations. But if it helps the incident happens with 22:52 remaining in the first half.

I can skip your comments. that’s fine. I am doing it for others and it doesn’t diminish my life. I enjoy some of your comments so it is a shame but I agree it isn’t worth the hassle.

Addin Fonua-Blake would have been better off eye gouging Mitchell Pearce

Leader in the club house for article of the year so far.

If i had a point 9 it would be;
Don’t focus on forward passes. Easier said than done if it is your team. But you will do your head in trying to resolve something that isn’t resolvable.

Eight simple rules for enjoying the NRL more

So, calling me a QLD’er, is a mistake (because while I once lived in Far North QLD for 3 years, I was born south of Kempsey) and that statement benefits no one. Misquoting someone can be a mistake. Making an entire quote up to promote your agenda, is a lie..
Heck you even said that Atkins said “Play the ball” when the next action was a line drop out?! You got caught out expecting nobody to question what you wrote because Cameron Smith is unlikely to comment in a Roar comment section. But I have called you on it.

You have some entertaining posts and some valid and interesting ideas and opinions. Heck you are allowed to have agendas, I do. I harp on about the Tigers going to Campbelltown, that Souths should be relocated to Perth and that Seibold is yet to proove himself as a coach. But I don’t come on here and say “I know Seibold told Maguire he would never start for the Bronocs and that is why they lost an International forward”. I wouldn’t say it, because it would be a lie to say I knew it, just like it was a lie to say as a fact (in two separate posts, which were then backed up by a third where you put your version of the entire conversation) that Smith instructed Munster not to make an accusation.

We had made some progress, but if you want to hate me, hate me, but hopefully ou think twice before making things up in the future. That is keyboard warrior stuff. Be better than that.

Addin Fonua-Blake would have been better off eye gouging Mitchell Pearce

Papi, You have repeatedly made it clear you are anti Cameron Smith

Above you quoted what Cameron Smith said. You wrote that he said”…Hang on. Think about it. We don’t want to make this official. It doesn’t need to escalate. Leave it on the field.”

Smith said exactly none of those things. I listened back to the audio. paused it, replayed, paused it and replayed it again, so that I had my facts right.

We all make mistakes, I do. But if you don’t want to be called out for lying, know your facts before you quote someone and accuse them of something.

Addin Fonua-Blake would have been better off eye gouging Mitchell Pearce

Cam Smith is with Munster when the referee says to Munster;
Referee: “Do you want to make a complaint? I can’t do anything unless you make this official. Do you want to make this official?”
Munster: Yes. Yes I do want to make it official.
Cam Smith: [to Munster] Hang on. Think about it. We don’t want to make this official. It doesn’t need to escalate. Leave it on the field.”
Referee: [to Munster] Are you making a complaint?
Munster: No.
Referee: Then play the ball.
(Or words very close to the above but this was close)

Lol. Your bluff has been called champ. You are right, I can go back on Kayo and have a look. See my response to your 2nd crack at Smith below). I have put the actual transcript below. What you have written there – you have completely made up.

Addin Fonua-Blake would have been better off eye gouging Mitchell Pearce

Good stuff.

I had zero problem with the sin bin or suspension for AFB. It is careless and it hits the head – end of section. Quite frankly many would say AFB should shut up and play football and be greatful his indiscreitons in life happened a couple of years ago and not in 2019 or he wouldn’t be playing period.

The Maguire thing is a joke. Themfine is a joke. He either eye gouged – multi week suspension, or he didn’t ee gouge – so nothing. What is the fine actually for?

I get our point that one is worth two weeks and the other a fine, but people can dispense with the conspiracies about qld players and whatever else. Inconsistent judiciaries have plauged league forever. It is incompetence not some grand master conspiracy.

Addin Fonua-Blake would have been better off eye gouging Mitchell Pearce

On camera Cam Smith clearly stopped Cameron Munster from reporting the incident. The referee told Munster he couldn’t act unless a formal complaint was made then Munster confirmed he was going to proceed with the complaint and make it official. Next Cam Smith steps in and stops Munster from proceeding with the complaint.

Sorry. That right there is a flat out lie. Daily Telegraph stuff.

What actually happens…
The tackle involving Maguire occurs. Next play, Storm put a kick in and it is forced in goal / line drop out.
Munster yells at the ref (Atkins) “He eye gouged me there” and runs away not wanting to take it further.
Atkins calls out to Munster “Do you want to make a complaint or not”
Atkins stops the game and calls Munster back.
Atkins “Do you want to make an official complaint or not?”
Munster looks at Smith confused
Smith” If you want to make a complaint mate, then it goes on further… so think about it”
Munster (cutting Smith off before he says “so think about it”) “alright don’t worry about it.”
Atkins “Are you okay?”
Munster: Mate (to Atkins) watch him (pointing at his own eyes)
Atkins (to Smith) “He can’t come in like that unless he is going to go through with it”

Papi, you have all your consipracies about the Roosters sombrero and QLD rep player bias, implying that people in hihg places are being decietful to further their agendas. And look at you – flat out lying to further your Anti Cameron Smith agenda.

That is not very smurfie.

Addin Fonua-Blake would have been better off eye gouging Mitchell Pearce

In the 5 seconds that they were standing infront of referee Atkins, how did Cameron Smith instruct Cameron Munster not to make the complaint? I missed that.

Addin Fonua-Blake would have been better off eye gouging Mitchell Pearce

…is all this demand for suburban games coming from the right place? Is it because watching a game at Brookvale Oval is a genuinely enjoyable day out, or is the game’s tendency to cling on desperately to the past?

Good question. hard to answer as what is “enjoyable” is subjective. What one person enjoys, another may not.

What isn’t in dispute is that there is a difference a classic, historic venue and a dump. Leichhardt and Brookvale are dumps. How Leichhardt has found its way to being seen as some iconic venue that should be retained for prosperity confuses me. As i scribbled somewhere yesterday, Parramatta have played more games at the site of Parramatta Stadium than the Balmain Tigers and the Wests Tigers combined have played at Leichhardt. Leichhardt holds no historical importance what so ever. The facilities are dreadful, access is dreadful, no transport, damaged seats and it isn’t secure. Heck for as long as I can remember they have had old dooners wrapped with gaffa tape around structural beams in the commentary boxes to protect people when they invariably hit their head (which might explain some of Ray Warren’s ordinary calls these days).

I am not anti history. I love Fenway Park – but it has been maintained and added to while keeping its past. I love Wimbledon – but it has been maintained and modernised. Brookvale Oval can’t even get a medi cab up the players tunnel – that alone should be enough to shut it down.

If you want a game each year at these venues for a retro round – go for it, no drama. Don’t forget the past, but it is the past, not the future.

Start saying goodbye to watching NRL at suburban grounds


Masri gets kudos for his goal kicking, Galle for his longevity but I don’t think anyone would list them as the best in their position in the last 10 years, much less the best 7 or 8 players to have played the game.

And you realise Meninga is an Immortal.

Should Greg Inglis be made an Immortal?

um, You realise Hell isn’t an imaginary place to Folau?
And the comparison is fair. If he condoned stoning people who are gay, like the King of Brunei – that would be okay?

The NRL has allowed worse than Folau to play

a) show me the evidence that they get away with more. Show me the data that says ‘the Storm hold players down for x number of seconds repeatedly and don’t get penalised and then on the occasions that every other team holds a player down for the exact same amount of time – they get penalised’.
b) explain why the NRL would want the Storm to get some sort of advantage and not be “treated the same as any other team”?
c) You said refs are intimidated by Smith – Well if he intimidates, why are they still brave enough to penalise him over and over again?

Happy to admit I am wrong when that can be proven/explained.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 5

Not for one minute am I suggesting that Melbourne don’t win the ruck – they almost always do. They play to the limit of the rules and they win more often than not. But I watched Canberra play Parra on Sunday night – Canberra did everything the Storm do and they slowed the ruck down to a ridiculously slow pace which was clearly a tactic given the speed at which Parra played against Cronulla to great success the week before. Cameron Smith doesn’t play for Canberra, who were the referee’s intimidated by that they didn’t blow the whistle? Jarrod Croker?!

Do Melbourne benefit from Smith’s status? Maybe. Did the Broncos benefit from Lockyer’s? Ask basketball fans about what Le Bron gets away with, or the James Harden 5 pace – steep back three. Does Tom Brady get flags thrown in his favour that other QB’s don’t? Do the best full forwards in the AFL sometimes get free’s that rookies don’t? Of course. Status is earned.

The Storm get the benefit of his intellect. Does he approach referee’s anymore than Gallen? It is just that Gallen invariably makes ridiculous comments which lack any common sense. They get the benefit of the way he approaches referees. Remember the way Jamie Lyon used to flap his arms in the air and run in fomr the centres whining. They get the benefit of his confidence. Tim Mannah walks up to query a referee, they look at him and before he opens his mouth the ref gives him a glare and he just polietly turns away.

Like i said, Smith gets penalised more than anyone except Maloney, Fafita and Ryan James. If people think he is somehow getting away with something untoward, it is tall poppy syndrome. It’s a captain job to talk to officials, he just does it better, like he does everything else on the football field better. If he played for a team with a large fan base, or a team that didn’t win, you wouldn’t hear half the complaints.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 5

Hey, you know I will always stick up for my beloved Dragons ;p

Should Greg Inglis be made an Immortal?

Sorry Papi. I will acknowledge, that like most tackles, there are ifs and buts, but in my opinion it is in the grand final for worst tackles not to result in a send off – even allowing for shoulder charges to have been permissible at the time.

If as you say, Young hadn’t turned his head, it wouldn’t have changed the way GI attacked him, it wouldn’t have changed the way the taller GI would have left his feet and led with his shoulder and forearm. All that would have changed would have been Young would have worn it in the back of the head, not the front/side. Still just as brutal.

He may have had a personal issue with Young, who knows. I can live with that, he isn’t the most affable fellow, but that shot was low.

Should Greg Inglis be made an Immortal?