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No bigger fan of the Aussie cricket team in the world than me !!



The more closer we get to the selection call – the more i feel that it ain’t going to be anyone of the specialist trio. “Picking your best 6 batsmen” , the suggestion that Green might open and now this statement from Smudge all point to that fact. I somehow feel the selectors do not like any of the 3 specialist options – so much for FC cricket !!!

Having said that the Smith move up top is not as bad as some might feel. Yes it will be a colossal change to the order but it might have some merits as well. Firstly Smith is equipped to play the new ball with all his experience and batsmanship. Most importantly he is not averse to opening – Green might be a reluctant opener- and this challenge will invigorate him and the last part of his career.

Secondly if Green does then slot in at #4 – it beautifully sets up the long term middle order of Marnus , Green and Head at 3-4-5. Green is not a permanent or long term opening option so why not bring him in at the position where he is likely to bat multiple years in his career.

The thing would then be to plan out the replacements of Uzzie and Smith – and you just hope that WillP is ready by the time Uzzie hangs up his boots. Clearly he and Green were the two undisputed rising talents till few years ago

Every Australian Test opener option, ranked: Why sending Smith up is a recipe for disaster

Looking at the South African batting in their first four innings – this double spinner strategy talk is a crap. If the SCG is indeed a turner\dry pitch as some are suggesting, Lyon on his own can run through the protea lineup. So unless the selectors are putting Agar on a India tour trial – playing Cummins , Boland\Hoff and Morris seems the way to go.

Renshaw then slots in at 6 – i see the guy being a regular member of the squad after the current openers are gone. I also feel the selectors are getting in Renshaw as a left handed cover for Trav Head in case Head does not fire in India, hence his selection in this test.

In-form duo recalled, rising star in mix for SCG Test debut as Aussie selectors consider options to replace Green, Starc

Just go through the rookie contracts of the state teams year after year. Hardly 5 to 10% of these rookies eventually make it to the state team on a consistent basis. This in my view is a systemic problem of getting the deserving talent to make a step up to the Shield level.

Australia's batting future is here and now - so how to harness it?

Agree Rellum , he is a perfect #3 followed by Marnus at 4. Think he started opening for the Vics only because there was a vacancy in test team at that spot

Australia's batting future is here and now - so how to harness it?

Hard to say how this bloke does not get mentioned anywhere despite him being one of the prime reasons for the shambles -

Rishabh Pant masterclass guides India to incredible fourth Test win at the Gabba

Respect your views and opinions Paul. I have been observing the selections over the last several years and then come up with this piece – I have nothing personal against Hohns 😁 . Forget this time around what did he do in the last stint – last time the cupboard was overflowing for a good succession plan. Anyways.

Is the “cupboard” going to be the only reason for the selection failures – they pulled Handscomb and Renshaw out of the “cupboard” and both have test centuries to their name. One career trough and they are out – and that has not been the treatment for few others. They seem to have some players in their “nominated pool” and treat them differently than the newer players. If cupboard is bare then lets pull the ones from the top most filled shelf and let them groom and nurture with Smith, Warner and co. Pucovski, Green and Marnus should be persevered now so they gain the most out of the experience of the seniors.

The young players that have come in recently barring Green and Pucovski are more the work of Greg Chappell one feels – and you know how he advocates youth – ones he is out they seem to have gone back to Burns , Wade and even Siddle was part of the Ashes

About the possible results in T20 due to playing youngsters – who the hell cares about T20 results. And in ODIs , am not saying play all newbies but atleast rotate the big players and play one of them each game. Else there is no way they will have exposure to international standards – particularly because Australia A is virtually non-existent nowadays.

See I am not here to make a scapegoat out of anyone – there are other equally important issues like importance to Shield cricket , the BBL circus, scheduling , transition from U-19 to mainstream – as you say plenty of things contribute to we not dominating – astonishingly we are still the No 1 ranked team in the world. But this Hohns issue is something that defintely cannot be swept under the carpet

The silent killer of Aussie cricket

Whats the news on Will P ? Is he returning for the second test ?

Justin Langer confirms Cameron Green will debut in Adelaide - if he's fit

Great article !! Kudos

The point is about selecting them young in the shield teams and then the test team. That is the job of the selectors – state selectors are still ok in this aspect than the NSP jokers. Unbelievable how much damage the national selectors have done by not trying to rebuild the team, putting in some youngsters and sticking with them.

Along with WillP and Green i think Liam Scott has really impressed, standing tough at tough times. Henry Hunt too has been really good and needs to kick on to 100s

Breaking down the young talent in Australian cricket

The all-rounder tag scares me. If we only get a top 6 test batter out of Greenie i will be more than happy

Young gun Cameron Green stars for Western Australia with unbeaten ton

Agar will be a major pain point going into the world cup..not a great bowler, not a great batsman. Replace him with Maxi , Wade by Wells/Cooper and we’ll have a chance

Ashton Agar and Adam Zampa are driving Australia's T20I resurgence

Finch in , Fraser-Mcgurk out 😱

Pucovski, Maddinson recalled for Sheffield Shield

In the long run Head , Pucovski and Patterson should be fighting for 2 places when Wade is gone.

Sad that Pucovski opted out – I can see him and Marnus forming a long-term backbone of the batting unit

Burns, Head and Neser deserved their Test call ups

Many reporting that Puckovski is in the 12 for Gabba !! Would be wonderful that. Hoping he succeeds so that he and Marnus would form the long term backbone of the team

Australian Test candidates flop against Pakistan

Many reporting that Puckovski is in the 12 for Gabba !! Would be wonderful that. Hoping he succeeds so that he and Marnus would form the long term backbone of the team

Eighteen months in: How is Justin Langer really going?

i can think/rethink what i want .. no need of your advice. Langer is the subject of discussion here not me – so keep the discussion to him

Eighteen months in: How is Justin Langer really going?

Forgot to add i never thought he was a legitimate choice in the first place. Legend of a player but as a coach ? i doubt

Eighteen months in: How is Justin Langer really going?

He has not formed the base for a new batting order – my biggest complaint. Far too long been circling around SMarsh , MMarsh and Khawaja , Wade.

Sometimes you just need to hit the reboot button and then stick with it.

Eighteen months in: How is Justin Langer really going?

“Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood, James Pattinson and Jhye Richardson”

Add a certain Riley Meredith to that list – fast and wicket-taking

Should Cricket Australia adopt the seven 'P’s instead of a bowling rotation policy?

If Smith and Warner are back , Harris Burns Patterson and Head should be the other 4 batsmen

Unfortunately Khawaja misses out but thats the correct decision imo currently

Renshaw and Patterson playing for Ashes spots in Sheffield Shield

Would make only 1 change to that 11 Chris (which I feel will come as it is by the 3rd Test)

Hazlewood / Richardson

Think the 4 to 8 in Smith , Head , Patterson , Paine and Cummins look much much better than the teams of recent past to absorb the shocks of early wickets and rebuild the innings

Four frantic rounds to book your ticket to England

Is there a chance to change the squad now ? If Renshaw is going to bat middle order we might as well play a proper middle-order batter in Patterson

Patterson ton versus Sri Lanka upstages Test rivals

My ideal batting group though


Pick them and give them 10 tests

VOTE: Pick your Australian XI to play Sri Lanka

Look at the batting pool

Warner , Khawaja, Harris , Head , SMarsh , Renshaw

Smith , Burns , Labuschagne , Handscomb , Maxwell

First 6 lefties , next 5 righties .. if you have to pick 8 batsmen( there is no all-rounder currently in Australia) – i would leave out Marsh and Renshaw 🙁 from the lefties and Handscomb from righties

VOTE: Pick your Australian XI to play Sri Lanka

James i think Head has also done reasonably ok given the circumstances. Marnus has looked ok in all his innings so far (except his first).One big score -100+ by any of these newcomers would have set this team on its way .. too bad that so many starts were wasted collectively

Aussie team battling internal enemies

Can be given benefit of doubt since he is only in his first season. Though his appointment as such typifies the selections and decisions of the Sutherland era. Scary when one and only one person is considered for the job overlooking others completely

Aussie team battling internal enemies