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It is a bit strange how much is happened since the Tahs won their last championship only a few years ago.

I remember it so well, 3 AM at “The Australian” on 38th St. in New York.

Super Rugby Round 12: who’s the second ‘A’ in SANZAAR, again?

Genuinely enjoyed the read. So many unsung heroes lost to the sands of time due to playing for relegated, unmemorable, and/or forgotten clubs.

I guess we have to ask ourselves if greatness as an individual player is enough or do we require that said person also have the luck of being on a good team to get such high awards….

Thank you for writing this on Irvine.

Why isn't Ken Irvine an Immortal?

Super Rugby is a testament to how complicated things can be made but still float.

There are just so many interests that are at loggerheads here since, for one, it creates a national identity while being a club competition.

The Wrap: Super Rugby continues to shoot itself in the foot

@Rugby Tragic Too –

No worries and totally understand that you are coming from Voltaire’s POV but am not certain everyone else is doing the same ergo my above additions.

Happen to be having a similar discussion on another page in terms of the logic pattern being nearly identical, albeit, the topic itself being more on sport itself.

Global warming caused by rise in hot takes

Folau has broken the 12th commandment

@Mike, @Rugby Tragic Too, and presumably others, the following quote may be of interest to you.

The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” ☛ Newsweek: “A Cult of Ignorance” by Isaac Asimov, January 21, 1980, p. 19

Before anyone assumes anything, 1. no, this is not directed at any one group or ideology specifically but is geared towards a greater trend across the human landscape and 2. this was written nearly forty years ago so one wonders how much further down the proverbial rabbit hole we are in light of the technological advancements that have likely sped up the process.

Folau has broken the 12th commandment

@Dane, that reminds me, I’m this year’s Tom Brock recipient and will be giving the lecture that partially covers similar ground in Sydney and Melbourne. Both will most likely be in June and I’d love to have you join if you’re interested. Just DM me on Twitter/Instagram @BallsOutPhD

Global warming caused by rise in hot takes

@Geo – Agreed with Dane! You at least have the knowledge and cojones to write something to contribute!

Global warming caused by rise in hot takes

Guess it was bound to happen in some universe… why not ours? :-p

Global warming caused by rise in hot takes

Glad to be on the same page. Can’t say things are as civil where I’ve commented today on another page…

The funny thing is that the logic pattern is nearly identical between both though the topic is different…

Folau has broken the 12th commandment

Global warming caused by rise in hot takes

1. Technically, Australia does not have explicit freedom of speech though it is understood to be implied. This is quite different, and more flexible on how much or little is granted compared to countries like the US that have explicit and constitutional freedom of speech.

2. You’ve roped me back in. Re: homosexuality as interpreted by many Semitic religions, I recommend this video featuring Jack Black as Jesus…

Yes, it’s funny but, without having to get too technical, it is pretty accurate from Leviticus etc.. The same words and legal phraseology do come up against shellfish, pork, and male homosexuality.

As such, this creates a conflict as to why two of the three are considered to have been “fulfilled Commandments” from a Christian perspective but one is still on the books and “binding” today.

Now let’s go back to arguing as the “fanatics” we are about sports a.k.a. “fans”…

Folau has broken the 12th commandment

Enjoyed the read @Dane and got a laugh @Paul

It would be an understatement to say that laws, as written, are not always, if ever, in perfect alignment with the application of such whether in sport or any government/societal construct.

Culture and convention tend to overrule what is on the page and what we are seeing is a backlash against what can be viewed as a reinterpretation of an unspoken but understood application of the laws.

Not saying it is correct or wrong but it makes sense that some people are angry.

Global warming caused by rise in hot takes

FML – @Rugby Tragic Too: I thought I had left the space of religious research/discussion when I finished my MA on the topic to pursue a Ph.D. on sport… Enjoyed the read but you ruined my day! :-p

Folau has broken the 12th commandment

Cheers Mark.

I was doing the same as you while writing it.

To be fair the menure FIFA is a real group!

FIFA forced into stunning name change

Rob, I enjoyed reading the article. One of the better ones here in recent vintage.

At this point, the best choice for team eligibility, in an RL oval world with only two major powers, is to identify as many opportunities to ensure stronger teams that could have a fighting chance against Australia and England.

The Barry makes a good point as well. I do believe the RLIF is doing a good job in this respect though it would be good to see them adopt the “eligible for citizenship” policy of the World Baseball Classic.

When sport, war and ethnicity collide

“Look, Mr. Burns, I don’t know what you think sideburns are but…”

“Don’t argue with me just get rid of them!”
“Mattingly, I thought I told you to trim those sideburns!? Go home! You’re off the team! For good!”

“Fine… Still like him better than Steinbrenner…”

Who’s on first? What we can learn from Israel's success at the World Baseball Classic

Hi “The Barry”. I think you just proved the opposite of what you were hoping to argue.

The rules are in the NRL but the culture of enforcement seen in Union is not.

Just because we are not necessarily looking to rugby union for RULE changes does not mean that we would not be looking to them for a better alignment between culture and enforcement with the laws of the game.

PS With “The” being such a rare name, you must be related to “The Donald” 😉


League must look to union to stamp out dangerous tackles

Well said Cleveland and nicely written article Bret.


League must look to union to stamp out dangerous tackles

Frankly, this is a well intended but bad idea.

For example, athletes in the US that aspire to play in the NFL are already required to go university for at least three years where they train as professionals without getting paid.

Even with the “education”, many still find themselves in the same boat as the AFL players.

The same thing will happen here.

Raising the AFL draft age is the right call for both players and clubs

Greatly enjoyed the article, Tim and a fair point about how RL will always be a faster game.

Personally, I just think this was bad decision making on the field and not entirely indicative of the game as a whole.

That said, you may enjoy this article about what also happens when the player talent pool is distributed through a draft.

It’s called “You’re not from here” and goes on to discuss the implications of greater competition in exchange for the lack of local talent and identity.

Better to be quick than correct: How the NRL screwed the Knights

Hey again @Cat,

As you know, I could not disagree more regarding SoO so here we go again.

When looking at other sports competitions such as soccer or rugby union, the extra-league i.e. international and intercompetition, matches are simply considered part and parcel of being a professional team and, not to forget, a major source of local pride and revenue.

The idea that the AFL sides should be immune to this perceived “additional” challenge is very stagnant in thinking and execution.

If a southern state SoO were to be executed, it would be a great event but, as @Tim Lane already pointed out, the most concentrated number of teams are in the greater Melbourne, VIC region so it is unlike to come about unless there is the gumption and pressure from South Australia, Tasmania, and Western Australia.

Regarding an AFL side in Tasmania, the population is likely not the issue but the up front and ability/interest that would maintain ecconomic profitability, let alone solvency at the current costs of having an Aussie rules team.

Greater Geelong has a population of around 211,000, Green Bay, WI has 306,000 (including the two surrounding counties but only 104,900 for the city alone), and Tasmania has 515,000 but over a significantly larger area. Devenport to Launceston is 75 minutes drive and from there to Hobart is just shy of three hours.

No chance of AFL State of Origin, as Tasmania's state of oblivion continues

@Big J

I read that and completely agree. There should be a sports culture/business tab.

That was a great article for that matter.

As things would have it, I’ll be lecturing at the Australian Society for Sport History the week of July 3rd in Sydney. If anyone is interested, reach me on Twitter at @BallsOutPhD

You’re not from here... Why support a club when no players are local?

Hey Epiquin,

Just breezing old articles and wanted to say this one was particularly enjoyable.

Am I too late? 😉

Can dusting off an old rule breathe life into rugby league attack?


Love your question one.

I’d say the one that pays the most always attracts the most people and that only some of those people have the right body types etc.

Sport is fun, but it is a business.

Which Australian sport produces the greatest athletes? Part One: AFL

I don’t know Ryan, seems pretty civilized and levelheaded here for the most part.

There seems to be a consensus that each sport takes and produces the best athletes for the rigors required by their respective sport.

On the other hand, the Australian curling team clearly produces the best athletes and their versatile skills double as an effective technique for mopping floors.:)

Which Australian sport produces the greatest athletes? Part One: AFL

Hi Epiquin,

We meet again!

Yeah, those really were some great days and fantastic play. For better for worse, the handshake agreement about not contesting scrums killed the need for “big guys” at least in the sense of parody from those days.

On the other hand, hypothetically, this shift in player size probably wouldn’t happen in rugby union since the forwards would still need the weight to ruck and counterruck effectively.

Which Australian sport produces the greatest athletes? Part One: AFL