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Geelong has no reason to panic quite yet. Although 2018 was one of their worst years for a while, I think it’s important to look at the outs that they had to fill for most of the year. Taylor, Henderson Gregson, McCarthy, Menzel, Cockatoo, and Scott Selwood who applies a lot of tackling pressure, then the injury to Ratugolea just as he was showing real promise. Danger was carrying a bad back for the first part of the season. In short most of the forward line and two of the most experienced backs in the competition.The Cats look like they have finally realised they can no longer afford to carry injury prone players as they have for the last five years and have cut the forever injured. IMO this season should be cockatoos’ last if he cannot overcome his injuries as he is only averaging 8 games per season over his career at Geelong. This year maybe GAJs swan song and with a year under his belt back at the cattery he will want to go out on top, along with improvement from Danger who is now injury free. Kelly will only get better this year and the addition of Dalhuis, Ratugolea now over his leg injury, Narkle and a rapidly improving Constable there is a lot to like. Now we will see if Scott and his forward coaches are up to the task of bringing the right forward game plan. They are still experimenting in the ruck which has been an achilles heel for them and this needs to be sorted ASAP. I expect to see (barring injury) a rapidly improving Geelong in the second half of 2019.

In five years the Cats could be Carlton - so go hard now

I feel for the players named in the top 5 of the draft. It must be like getting the poisoned chalice.

The appeal of big clubs is as strong as ever

We will need the salary cap space anyway, for Sam when he returns to Geelong after his initial contract expires.

The appeal of big clubs is as strong as ever

When Tim Kelly leaves we’ll need the salary space for Sam when he returns to where he belongs the year after.

The appeal of big clubs is as strong as ever

So Sam Walsh from Geelong Falcons was Stoked to be picked up by one of the worst clubs in the competition. Really? What did you expect him to say? This club is rubbish but I’ll make the best of it. Don’t you think he would have preferred say Geelong where he has been playing? Failing that Collingwood, Richmond, Hawthorn or maybe Essendon who should be way above Carlton and a contender by the end of next season. Carlton is hardly a destination club. Sam Walsh wasn’t even born last time they won a premiership.

The appeal of big clubs is as strong as ever

Geelong is midfield heavy and forward line deficient. Despite being able to make the stingiest backline in the AFL their lack of forwards (and depth) in the forward line plus the persistence in keeping injury plagued forwards has knobbled them and this was exposed by the better teams. I don’t buy the “playing the weaker teams at Geelong” argument. Geelong lost games against good teams by small margins, all away. Do people really think that those better teams would have won by more at GMHBA? That is a ludicrous assumption. Some of the away losses 15 points v WCE with an injury depleted side. 1 point V Hawks, 11 points V hawks, 3 points V tiges, If Geelongs home ground advantage is so great as many suggest then it’s logical to assume that Geelong would’ve won all four putting them at least second on the ladder with possibly a home finals game. Is 12 or 13 games at Optus stadium where no one had played before in 2018 less of an advantage for WCE than 9 at GMHBA? In saying that do Geelong have problems? Yes, In the ruck as well as the forward line and a creeping suspicion that Scotty ( and to be fair some of the assistant forward coaches) are not up to the task of evolving the team despite the poor injury run. Pity they didn’t punt Kelly in a good draft rather than let him hold up the development of a long term player for the sake of one year.

What now for the Geelong Cats, the AFL's most interesting team?

Must admit I am a fan of Atkins and was happier about his selection than the others. He should be an early starter in the team next year. Will be interested to see what the likes of Constable and miers will add to the 2019 team

2018 AFL Draft: Club-by-club review, my take on every team

Jon Boy.
“Geelong’s soft draw every year”.
Obviously the AFL fixture in Braille is a little late this year.
We all expect a little club supporter myopia and bias, with the attending total lack of any logical thought (polite way of saying stupidity) this engenders, but you have ascended to heights yet unseen in all fields. Congratulations.

The dirty dozen: Stories from the footy off season

“The reports of my death were an exaggeration” Mark Twains’ words echo in my ears as another so called “Guru” has them at 13th in ’19. Well I guess if you repeat something often enough you might actually believe it yourself. All these mathematical scores from Archimedes to Euclid and no one has pegged the Cats yet. Geelong has one of the best back halves in the competition. An admittedly older but superbly talented midfield whose form did drop off in 18 but they are champions and will be back. There forwards other than Hawkins has been their Achilles heal and persisting with injury plagued forwards, plus the unfortunate injury to rising star Ratugolea in 18 really unbalanced them in the last 2 years. They have finally bit the bullet and rid themselves of these players. I expect Constable to make his mark this year along with Narkle and a few others. I am not expecting great things in ’19 but they will still make the 8 reasonably comfortably. Scott is on the nose with many supporters and needs to justify his new contract which I am sure he is well aware of. Maybe leave Maths to the mathematicians and try Occam’s razor. How many of these so called “Roar experts” was it that picked West Coast for Premiers at the start of the season? I rest my case.

The comprehensive end-of-year review: Geelong Cats

The bombers foreign legion should get them back into the 8 this year. Most teams seem to be buying their way rather than developing players. The result of a semi professional sport becoming fully professional I suppose, with Hawthorn leading the way for. Mind you pre 2018 season I did pick the Dons for the eight last year, along with PA and the crows so what do I know.

The Bombers are back, and it’s top four or bust in 2019

I think Melbourne is the only side with a game style to beat Collingwood. It should be a close game but Melbourne should get over the Eagles home ground advantage to face the pies in the GF.

West Coast vs Melbourne: Preliminary final forecast

Adelaide want pick 1 for Lukosius and GWS will want a lot more than picks 24 and 25, possibly Carlton’s next years first round pick as well.

Carlton's rebuild stems on this trade period

In the end Collingwood had more contributors. Grundy won the Ruck. Sidebottom IMO was B.O.G. I thought Chris Maine played well and did a lot of the little things that count. Pendles did what Pendles always does as one of the best players in the comp. Dusty had a poor night but I dont believe Richmond had an off night. I thought that Collingwood were just better and beat them at their own game. They harassed and pressured the tigers and it showed in a lot of uncharacteristic mistakes from Richmond. I believe they will play Melbourne in the GF and if they bring this same pressure that they applied to Richmond they will be premiers. I cant see Melbourne holding up to that pressure providing the pies can maintain it and that remains to be seen. It will be a cracker. Sorry Weagles if by some miracle you beat Melbourne, you will be humiliated in a GF against the pies.

Ta-ta, Tigers! Collingwood in grand final after flipping flag favourites

Am I the only one expecting a Collingwood v Melbourne Grand final?

The Roar’s AFL expert tips and predictions: Preliminary finals

Richmond’s style of pressure on the opposition and getting the ball forward at any cost seems to be a winning formula. Contrary to others I didn’t think Hawthorn were really in the game at any time. One can argue that Richmond’s style doesn’t necessarily make pretty football but it has proven not only to be successful but hard to combat. The idea that Hawthorn’s position on the ladder was due to a soft draw, was only reinforced by the ease in which the tigers dispatched them.

Eat my Dust: Martin magic helps Richmond humble Hawthorn

Just out of left field. If players were all rated, say A,B,C,D grade. An A or B grade rated out of contract player could only be picked up by teams ranked 12 to 18th in lowest combined number of A and B grade players. The figures and way of rating players could be modified without altering the basic concept.

AFL free agency is totally unfair

Some fair comment from PeteB returns to the discussion. Cats comment that players “must know there is no guarantee they will be playing in their own backyard” completely ignores the fact that they are human with hope and I am sure most of them hope they are drafted by their favourite club or a club in their state and preferably a team with a successful culture.
Tim Kelly is a case in point. After being ignored for years by Freo and WCE, he jumped at a chance to play AFL with Geelong. His success has finally woken up the sleeping recruiters in WA who are now circling like vultures over road kill. Constant talk of homesickness may see him return to WA. His plan may have been to get to play for the Cats, hopefully get noticed by the teams that ignored him and return to WA, ASAP on a lucrative contract with no intention of playing long term with GFC. I wouldn’t blame him for that. I would think though, that Geelong would want to extract a high price and justifiably so.

Homesick? Suck it up, be a man, and blame someone else instead

If you are in the top end of the draft you would know you are a shoe in to get drafted. It’s then which team you go to that counts. Jeez Cat I doubt a top draftee says, “yippee I’m going to an interstate team thats on the bottom of the ladder”. Do you really think Jack Lukosius is champing at the bit to leave his home state and go to Carlton, G.C.Suns or St Kilda, where they are ATM? I doubt it. (sorry blues, GCS and saints supporters).

Homesick? Suck it up, be a man, and blame someone else instead

Maybe Koche needs to go.

No one off the table at Port Adelaide, says Koch

Rather a hypocritical article. After winging about players going home and his boarding school days, the author proudly acknowledges he is now back home in the city he was taken from. Apparently no one else is entitled to this privilege. This is a well worn topic with people comparing how they moved interstate with their job etc.
There is a difference where a young man is told he must work for a company he has never worked for and go to a city where he may have no friends or relatives and has no choice if he wants to be an AFL player.
Most “job seekers” who work and study hard to get good grades do so in the hope of a job offer from a very successful company in their profession of choice. In contrast these players that have risen to the top of the draft through talent and hard work, are destined to be picked up by the most unsuccessful teams in the competition some of which are there due to poor administration, team culture etc, in fact to be regarded in the top 3 is almost a poisoned chalice.
“Homesickness” in some cases, may just be an excuse. Imagine the player saying, “I want to return to my home state because this city sucks and I hate living here”. He would be pilloried by the press the club and every feral in that city for his honesty.
We have seen club poor reactions in the past to players who have been honest enough to tell clubs of their intention to leave before the end of the season As a result we now live with the endless speculation of players leaving until the season’s end.

Homesick? Suck it up, be a man, and blame someone else instead

Of course the MCG teams have a home advantage. It hasn’t been as glaring obvious and to some degree could be overlooked in the past, until all the MCG based teams improved to the point of a flag challenge as is the case this year. As an ex Victorian (if there is such a thing), I believe the fairest system would be in the home town of the minor premier if they make the Grand final. This will not happen in the short term so the only alternative is no home MCG teams. All teams play an equal (or close to) number of games at the MCG. All teams travel interstate and play each other twice home and away.
Unfortunately teams would need to be culled and the most logical place for that is Victoria (2 teams) and the traditional Rugby states (1 team each). Leaving two teams in WA and SA and 1 in Sydney and 1 in Brisbane and a maximum of eight in Victoria, although that wont happen any time soon.

Grand Finals at the MCG are unfair? That's rubbish

AFLW is not and will not be a professional sport for some time to come if ever. Male footballers get paid a good deal of money and some will earn earn in 10 years what an average worker will earn in a lifetime. Is it fair ? No.They are paid these huge amounts of money purely because sponsors are prepared to pay huge amounts of advertising to reach as many punters as possible.Why? Because a significant number of people watch/follow/support/are interested in mens AFL football and this money helps to attract the best of the best.
Until significant numbers of people who are prepared to pay/watch/support the AFLW the sponsors will not put enough money in to support it.
Many men around the country play AFL football for the love of it and get paid significantly less than women in the AFLW if at all.
This PC correct vanilla world you yearn for does not and will never exist. Life isn’t fair and never will be.The unfairness and inequality in this world is one reason we strive to do better to improve ourselves and our lives. Football is a microcosm of that. Some of your comments just defy any sort of reality. “She rightly shut me down because I couldn’t understand” She also apparently understands your feelings as a Male but you cannot understand hers as a female. Jeezus wept if that not patronising I dont know what is.There is a difference between being objective or just a simpering male apologist.

A letter to Mark Robinson from a male AFLW fan

I agree. Most premierships involve luck. Be they a home ground advantage, lack of injuries or avoiding the “bogey”team in the final series.The fact is the best team does not always win.
In sport we only remember the winner.We remember who one the Melbourne cup but who remembers the second placed horse or the bronze medalist of the 1500 metre swim in the Olympics.

Deconstructing Chris Scott's bizarre post-match comments

Thought Lion did a good job. It obviously affected him emotionally and I thought he showed good control under the circumstances. Obviously the mothers’ very obvious distress affected him quite deeply. I sometimes think Lions’ character is judged by his press conferences which is unfair.

Nine hot takes from AFL Round 20

I would say that if it is thrown in the direction of the foot it should be legal. Throwing it virtually sideways around the post isn’t. My opinion only.

With four AFL rounds to go, every spot in the eight is up for grabs