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The Dees performed poorly. Port bullied them out of the game with strong and at times questionable tactics that seemed to unsettle many of the Demons including Gawn.

Is Port Adelaide finally different from past teases?

Thought a few of Collingwoods champions were a bit rusty. Sidebottom did not have the impact he normally does but champions like him rarely have too many ordinary games in a row. Elliot good early faded a little as you would expect from a guy with his lack of matches. He will worry a lot of sides if he stays fit. I think they will be a little stung by their performance and will come out hard against the tigers. I’m expecting the woods to win a close game on thursday.

New-look Cats still have much to do

I think Shiels will be their best midfielders and complimented with some Rioli like magic from Anthony McT through the season.

Five bold predictions for the 2019 AFL season

Thats what all the Richmond supporters said and probably the doggies as well.

Five bold predictions for the 2019 AFL season

I hope Carlton looks after Sam Walsh so that he can come back to his home at Geelong in a couple of years.

Ten kids to watch in Round 1

I think more pertinent is the quality of the team. For that reason I would rate Fyfe no 1.
It’s always easier to be good in a good team and Fyfe did not have that luxury last year.

The Roar AFL Top 50 2019: 10-1

“Adding two discards, and two guys who’ve played eight games between them – please forgive me if I don’t quake in my boots”.
I think I might just have a little more faith in Wellsey’s opinion of those players.
Geelong will defy the odds yet again despite the hard first up draw. This time, with a little luck and fewer injuries to players in their forward structure, which unsettled them all year.

2019 AFL season preview: Geelong Cats

I was there to see Ted Whitten do a lap of honour. The Vics had Tony Lockett and one G Ablett senior on the forward line. SOO ended up mostly being played interstate, It seemed Victorians had no taste for it. It may have been because there was nothing to win and everything to lose. If the Vics won it was a case of so they should. Interstate teams played for the prestige of beating Victoria. I remember when a NSW team played, a joke went around saying if any Victorian footballer had every driven through NSW they qualified for the NSW team. It works for NRL as it only has two states and QLDers are always trying to prove they’re better than NSW.

The one move that would re-energise the AFL pre-season

I grew up around St Kilda so have a soft spot for the Saints but the membership add speaks volumes of what is wrong with that club. You’d think Reiwoldt would have been a shoe in to encourage new members.

St Kilda are not in the worst position in the AFL. Here's why

Good stab at the ladder for this time of the year. I believe Richmond has peaked and although making the finals will slip a little this year. Dusty slipped a little last season and I don’t expect him to put in a season like 2018. The Eagles will be hunted this year and will still be in top four but not top 2. At least one of the top two will be a surprise this year. The rest is anybody’s guess. The new rule changes IMO will have a bigger influence this year and some teams will adapt better than others.

My 2019 AFL ladder prediction

The ghost of TTF

AFL 2019 team-by-team preview: Part three

Hawthorns demise is wishful thinking. While nobody would expect them to win a premiership, they are a proud club and will not fall far. They are the champions at picking out Talent from other clubs and Clarko has molded them into a cohesive team to stave off the AFLs equalisation scheme. They do have a lot of aging players but at 75% they are still better than many players in the AFL and of course they have Clarko. They are already doing a top up from other teams again this year so I will predict that they will be in the top ten and I expect without Mitchell they wont do any better than eight barring any other injury to a major player. I think they will surprise many teams. Ask any Cats supporter. You disregard Hawthorn at your own peril. They are capable of beating any team on the day regardless of ladder position.

Hawthorn 2019 season preview, best 22 and predicted finish

I wrote a long explanation why it would not make any difference or “even” up the competition but deleted it when I realised you will not be swayed by any reasonable argument. In the end it’s a game of numbers. You have a state a population of only 2.5 mil compared to Melbourne alone with 5 mil people.
The bulk of the viewing audience and population is in the east and that’s why there will always be more teams here. Take heart in the fact that if Melbourne only had four teams, you might travel less but the increase in available talent to those teams would mean Victorian teams would permanently occupy the top four.
If it annoys you so much follow Subiaco or West Perth. Problem solved.

The end of an era

I suppose that depends on how much myopia one suffers from.
Father son picks is an even playing field for all teams as the rule is the same for all teams, regardless of success or failure, other than possibly GWS and GCS due to their time in the competition. In the future it could be any team that gets the benefit of Father son picks. Not so with draft picks.
In saying that I am not saying there should not be some “boost’ for poor performers. Its just a matter of how far the AFL should go in rewarding mediocrity and poor club culture year after year.

The end of an era

What a sad way to follow football. Premierships are the ultimate goal but to sacrifice years at the bottom with little reward for 1 day in the sun, seems to me to be rather sad.
Geelong may have been disappointing in many recent finals but part of what makes football exciting is to be part of the journey and the dream that this may be your clubs year. Part of the excitement, to me, is to know that on any given game no matter the team, Geelong can win the day. The game against Richmond last season was decided by one kick. The great exciting games we play against Hawthorn that seems to bring the best out in both sides, no matter the ladder position. I wouldn’t swap that even for an extra premiership this decade if it meant spending most of that time at the bottom with little hope of beating a half way decent team let alone making the finals. I can pretty well guarantee I have had much more joy watching many great wins by Geelong (and the narrowest of losses), rather than having to sit through repeated drubbings by teams that themselves are unlikely to make finals.
It must be quite emotionally draining season after season and my sympathies go to those stoic supporters.
You seem to be suggesting that a premiership this decade would make up for the rest. I disagree and suggest that Geelong’s 72% win ratio so far this decade was far more enjoyable for me than Carlton’s 37% was for you, and it was done without being gifted top draft picks, unlike most sides.

The end of an era

JB please post what your revised “fairer” draw would look like. I’m not sure how it is really possible to play more than 5 or six interstate games which Geelong does when 9 other teams are based in melbourne. Especially with the current “weighted” draw.

The end of an era

The unknown quantity next season in all this is who turns the new rules to their advantage the best. Clarko is generally pretty good at stretching any new rule.

Geelong Cats 2019 season preview, best 22 and predicted finish

I think this season will answer your question IAP. One would think that age and injuries must catch up with the Captain eventually be it this year or next. I would expect this will be Scooter, Ablett and Harrys’ last year and quite possibly Kelly as well. This year will be crucial to where the Cats go in the next few years. Its now or never for the likes of Cockatoo, Narkle, Constable and Jamaine Jones to cement themselves in the team. Expecting to see Tom Atkins and Clarke early in the season. There is a lot resting on the ability of some of these younger players to step up if Geelong is to remain competitive or be just another mid table team making up the numbers.

Geelong Cats 2019 season preview, best 22 and predicted finish

Definitely not. My preference would be to extend the season and have only 6 finalists. It is unlikely every team will ever play each other twice and this skews the final 8 at present depending on who played the weakest/strongest teams. I would prefer to see a fixture where every team is played twice over 2 seasons regardless of the previous years ladder position and a new points system where an away win earns more points.
E.G. draw is 1 point home win is 2 points and away win is 3 points with a neutral game such as two MCG tenants awarded 2 points with percentage being the decider if points are equal.
That aside It would be good to have that annoying Saints membership video removed. Don’t think I have seen anything more amateurish and embarrassing.
If Geelong ever comes out with something that woeful I will buy a lifelong membership at Hawthorn.

The AFL is ready for a ten-team finals series

Why Geelong extended the coaching contract of Scott is one of the mysteries of the AFL. Scott, if the supporter surveys are accurate, is one of the least popular coaches by club supporters and needs to justify his new contract to silence critics.
2018 was an injury riddled year for Geelong with a few of the stars also carrying niggles including Danger. The midfield needs to look to the future and the roles of Ablett scooter and even the captain need to be redefined.
They seem to have at last lost patience with the “permanent rehab” players and have only retained Cockatoo from that group but one would think he would have to stay on the park in 19 to have his contract extended.
I would expect Constable to make a successful debut along with Jordan Clark. There is no place for Harry on the forward line (that experiment was a failure) and unless he plays well the backline too, with Koldashnij also under pressure. Expect the backline that was to some degree cobbled together due to injuries to be even better with Blics being a revelation at full back.
Dalhuis will prove his worth and I expect big year from Sav. The Ruck jury is still out and Geelong will need to fix that hole as a prority and settle on a consistent Ruck pair, possibly Abbot and Fort. Smith is out of favour and Stanley has too many ST injuries to play consistently through a season.
If it does, I would expect Geelong to finish no lower than sixth. I believe 2018 was a bad year with too many injuries to write them off just yet. Geelong still has the players to get there but do they have the coach?

Geelong Cats 2019 season preview, best 22 and predicted finish

Buzza has been supplanted by Sav and unless there is some big improvement from him this year he will be an AFL fringe player. Agree on Cocky. GFC seem to have decided to ditch the perpetually injured and I believe this is likely Cockys last year. Far too many ST injuries at 22 which doesn’t look good long term. If he has another injury ridden year cant see him staying. Danger appears to be over those niggling back problems from last season and should be back to his best in the midfield.

The player who could be set for a career-defining season at your AFL club (part one)

Having grown up and spent a good part of my life in StKilda I feel for Saints fans. They never recovered from 09 and losing the likes of Rewoldt an absolute Star and a credit to the game, (Imagine what he could have been at a more successful club) never looked like they were going to challenge. They are a lesson in what not to do with high draft picks. Their list management has been appalling. They need a thorough clean out including the coach(as nice a guy as he may be) and start again. They certainly need a Stephen Wells type in their football recruiting dept and a new head coach. Sadly,I would be shocked if they made a Grand Final within 6 years.

St Kilda 2019 season preview: Best 22 and predicted finish

Geelong has no reason to panic quite yet. Although 2018 was one of their worst years for a while, I think it’s important to look at the outs that they had to fill for most of the year. Taylor, Henderson Gregson, McCarthy, Menzel, Cockatoo, and Scott Selwood who applies a lot of tackling pressure, then the injury to Ratugolea just as he was showing real promise. Danger was carrying a bad back for the first part of the season. In short most of the forward line and two of the most experienced backs in the competition.The Cats look like they have finally realised they can no longer afford to carry injury prone players as they have for the last five years and have cut the forever injured. IMO this season should be cockatoos’ last if he cannot overcome his injuries as he is only averaging 8 games per season over his career at Geelong. This year maybe GAJs swan song and with a year under his belt back at the cattery he will want to go out on top, along with improvement from Danger who is now injury free. Kelly will only get better this year and the addition of Dalhuis, Ratugolea now over his leg injury, Narkle and a rapidly improving Constable there is a lot to like. Now we will see if Scott and his forward coaches are up to the task of bringing the right forward game plan. They are still experimenting in the ruck which has been an achilles heel for them and this needs to be sorted ASAP. I expect to see (barring injury) a rapidly improving Geelong in the second half of 2019.

In five years the Cats could be Carlton - so go hard now

I feel for the players named in the top 5 of the draft. It must be like getting the poisoned chalice.

The appeal of big clubs is as strong as ever

We will need the salary cap space anyway, for Sam when he returns to Geelong after his initial contract expires.

The appeal of big clubs is as strong as ever