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We are massive fans of cricket and love making dream teams. We also love challenging each other to see who can make the best team. Barry is more of an expert on test cricket and Australian and English domestic leagues whereas Zac is more of an expert on cricket in Asia and Africa.



Renshaw always has a knack of losing form just when he is on the verge of selection. Who knows if Langer hadn’t been a fool in the UAE and let Renshaw play maybe he would have done well?

Turf wars: The day that Twenty20 killed Australian cricket

I think we are forgetting that the WACA is available AND Hobart is been snubbed for a road in Canberra.

Fans out of pocket as another Boxing Day sales pitch falls flat

The greatest test players thought it was a fantastic wicket, not all of us want flat batting tracks. Maybe if you were a Victorian you would be absolutely sick of them and like to see some old school spice in the pitch.

If the Perth pitch was ‘average’, the MCG is diabolical

It was a tough choice to leave out Ross Taylor, however, his strike rate of 88 counted against him, as I decided Joe Root can send down some handy overs if need be. But he certainly would have been one of my notable mentions.

Subcontinent vs the rest of the world: Who would play for each team?

Ill be honest, I think he is great, if not one of the best, especially to have such averages in England and the SC, but I thought everyone would abuse me like normal

Why Marcus Harris could be a key to fixing Australia’s batting woes

For an opener, that is probably a solid average, not spectacular, Cook averaged 45 and was a good opener

Why Marcus Harris could be a key to fixing Australia’s batting woes

Thanks Glenn!!
I completely forgot Uzzie when I was making my squads!! Shame on me!
Definitely No.3!

James Faulkner: Australia’s forgotten man

If he gets in form I think he could be the man Australia needs to solidify that spot if no-one else can

James Faulkner: Australia’s forgotten man

Absolutely, I dont disagree there are so many others, but I would love to see Faulkner play FC and List A cricket again to see how he goes. No doubt his knee should be looked after, but if he is up to the challenge then let him have another crack.

James Faulkner: Australia’s forgotten man

What about Mark Nicholas? I often found him a good commentator and quite insightful. He was schooled by Benaud early on in his 9 career and I think has been good at leaving out personal opinion/anecdotes. He was a very good anchor for 9 and I will miss him

The dying art of cricket commentary

Did the press forget to mention the hundreds of photos and autographs Smith signed?? He spent hours making others happy and he seemed to enjoy it. The man is pure class, he always is a good man at heart and I am sure he only wants to fix what happened and help the community. Good on Smith

Maybe not 'elite honesty', but a straightforward approach is the only way

I agree with this, but Finch hasn’t been picked on just white ball form.
He has averaged 50 in the shield over the past 3-4 years, so he has been pushing for a while.

Faith over form rewarded in Test selections

Because he is often called on to keep an end tight and bowl long 6-8 over spells, something Starc and to a lesser extent, Cummins, cant do. He often is the workhorse of the attack setting up batsmen with line and length whilst the bowler at the other end takes the wickets.

Peter Siddle, the perennial understudy, thrown the ball again

You cant even spell his name right, yet you pass down this kind of judgement?

Lock it in, Uzzie: Khawaja cements his spot in next month's Test team

Who do you think we should pick?? Gilchrist maybe? Slater? Renshaw is by far our best opener and the boy has potential, everyone needs a chance or many. It was his first time playing on the sub-continent last year so he did well.

Lock it in, Uzzie: Khawaja cements his spot in next month's Test team

I am surprised not to see the likes of Bradman, Smith and Kohli in this list, there is no doubt they are great batsmen, surely a mention would have been sufficient?

What type of batsman are you?

The Boxing Day and Sydney Tests are fine, Gabba is our best venue

What the 2019-20 summer of cricket should look like

aus and ind should swap. we certainly don’t have 40% chance of winning.

Who will win the 2019 World Cup?

Unfortunately womens cricket is at its peak and is going nowhere from here. It simply cannot compete with mens cricket, they are faster, stronger and just all round better.

Standalone WBBL finals a big tick for Cricket Australia

Can Ch7 get some proper Cricket commentators and NOT the AFL ones?

Seven make history as Alison Mitchell signs on as cricket commentator

Mark Nicholas was one of the good Ch9 commentators I thought. He anchored well and he learnt the art of commentary from the doyen Richie Benaud. I think he was dragged down a little by the other commentators, so I will definitely miss Mark when Brayshaw starts speaking

Seven make history as Alison Mitchell signs on as cricket commentator

enough with this Khawaja nonsense, you have a crack at Ronan for upping Finch but all I hear from you is Khawaja, Khawaja, Khawaja.

Australia vs Pakistan: T20 Tri-series cricket live scores, blog

yes, that exactly. You just hate them cos they are Vics.

Finch's phenomenal form has him primed to fly into Test side

Surely a bowler would work in Tests if he were able to give up ODI’s and T20’s, as they are very different formats compared to Tests. It would reduce injury and the bowler-captain would be more relaxed to plan for Tests only.

Selectors must get over their captaincy bias

I would select Watto over Khawaja, bring him out of retirement i reckon,

The key players to watch in Australia's T20 tri-series against Pakistan and Zimbabwe