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He’s not injured he is in New Zealand on personal grounds with his ill father.

Choker tag’s short stay and the pay-off for patience: Five things we learnt from Australia’s UK tour

Fine lines of international cricket. Alternate ending… Morgan opts for Curran over Rashid, Starc struggles to pick the slower balls and England scrape over the line by a whisker. Aussie press bash Maxwell and Carey for not having the smarts to get the team over the line… Only kidding Australia deserved the win and just about edged the series with a more prolific top order and much better fielding. England need stokes back for better balance but more importantly the England side need a rest after 12 weeks in the bubble for some of them not seeing friends and family. Great English summer given the circumstances and look forward hopefully to seeing the England boys down under next year!

A little bit of resilience goes a long way for Justin Langer's men

Brilliant performance from Maxwell and Carey. They had nothing to lose but Aus deserved the win and the series. They have edged England in pretty much every area biggest one being in the field where if England had taken their chances yesterday it would have been a very different result. I think Eng have quite a few areas to improve on, there is a lacking of clarity that saw them win the world cup. Without Stokes the side lacks balance with Buttler batting one too high and therefore if Roy, Root and Morgan fail as they’ve done in every game it forces them to rely on the tail just like the test side. The bowling has kept them in the series with Curran a shining light. Morgan has captained brilliantly to keep Eng in it at times but ironically the first mistake he made was bowling Rashid in the last over rather than his specialist death bowler Curran with a right left combination swinging to the short boundary. Australia have their issues with a long tail but I expect when Smith returns stoinis will drop back into his normal role and provide a bit more strength down the order. The only doubt is Carey who looks one dimensional with the bat and one good hit doesn’t change that. All in all two very closely matched sides seperated by some brilliance in the field and a better performing Aus top order.

WATCH: Maxwell and Carey magic stuns England as Australia win ODI series

Archer is probably last on the list for captaincy. Buttler will no doubt take it with Banton replacing Morgan at 4. I don’t think Morgan will make 2023. He will captain at least one of the T20 world cups and if England win one he will retire on a high.

Potential successors to Eoin Morgan as England's white-ball captain

Completely agree. Warne made a great point after the game that Australia actually didn’t do too much wrong. Quality bowling on a dead pitch that was difficult to start on.

Australia find a way to lose with shocking batting collapse against England

Interesting perspective.

Australia collapse, England win second ODI

It’s an odd one because whilst it was a mesmeric collapse from Australia, few if any of the batsmen (exc starc) played bad shots. It was just solid bowling from England hitting a length hard and not allowing the aussie batters to score easy runs on a pitch that was difficult to start on. Tom Curran the unsung hero for England no doubt with bat and ball. I think the difference between the two sides at the minute is the mentality Morgan has created. A never give up mindset, willing to risk everything to swing momentum. Australia have arguably out batted, out bowled and outfielded England so far in this series and should be 2 up but a winning mindset is an amazing thing in sport and even when below par England seem to always find a way to win in the white ball game. Only have to look back at the WC when nearly eliminated to come back and beat India in a must win, then somehow get over the line in the final.

Australia collapse, England win second ODI

Spot on Paul. The difference was undoubtedly Hazelwood. If England had got 20-30 more in the power play it would have been a different result. That first 10 overs created so much pressure on RR which resulted in Morgan, Buttler and Ali throwing away their wickets cheaply to try and counter attack. I still think England have missed a trick going very one dimensional with the seam attack in the absence of stokes. The only way to get wickets is either rapid pace or wrist spin, it did OK but Plunkett and Stokes used to take wickets in those middle overs with cross seam back of a length and that’s where maxwell and mm clearly swung back the momentum yesterday.

Australia claim first ODI over England

Such fine lines in T20 cricket often leaves a lot of ifs and buts when looking back. I don’t nessecarily buy the ‘rusty’ angle. Australia were lightning in the field, took pretty much every chance they had, bowled pretty well and apart from Smith and Maxwell they scored some good runs. Truth is in just 20 overs with two evenly matched sides it doesn’t take much to look a fool one minute and a hero the next. Mitch Marsh has had his fair share of that over the years.

In Marsh We Trust: Mitch keeps Australia at the top of the T20 rankings

Have to say that looks a pretty formidable side in any country:


Why England is the powerhouse of T20 cricket

As an England fan IMO there are two factors which will dictate if we can win the t20 world cup in India and be classed a powerhouse. Number 1 is Ben Stokes and Number 2 is Joe Root. Ben Stokes brings much needed balance to the side and should come back in for wood not curran. Wood and Archer bowling in tandem is too similar and will go for big runs in powerplays in India. Stokes becomes 4th seamer alongside Curran, Archer and Jordan with Rashid and Ali. Secondly Joe Root must play. Yes Malan is in form but he has always struggled against spin and this was evident again in this series slog sweeping his wicket away twice. Root averages 35, plays spin very well, rotates the strike and still has a 120+ strike rate. You can forgive his lack of power when you surround him with Roy, Bairstow, Buttler, Morgan, Stokes and Ali.

Why England is the powerhouse of T20 cricket

As an England fan it’s so odd to watch. Archer has ambled in during the Pakistan series and bowled 85-88mph (I know it’s a test match so longer spells). But he’s looked grumpy, uninterested and laboursome for nearly the whole summer. Suddenly he faces the aussies with a white ball and is sprinting in and bowling rockets again. Question for England is how they keep him happy and motivated in the less inspiring games, maybe they need his best mate Chris Jordan as 12th man in every match.

Jofra Archer's pace creates doubt: Buttler

The fine lines of international cricket. Still in my opinion two very closely matched sides but losing that first game from such a dominant position clearly knocked the stuffing out of Australia and further boosted England’s confidence. Momentum is a huge thing in sport and with the talent that England have in the limited overs format against what is clearly a rusty Aus batting lineup it’s going to be a real challenge to swing back that balance.

Buttler does it: Aussies lose T20 series

Great game! The sides are very closely matched. Both suffered and succeeded due to playing the extra bowler. As an England fan I still think Australia just edge it in t20 due to variation in their bowling attack with equally powerful batting lineups. Archer and Wood flinging down missiles at 150kph was fun to watch but clearly wasn’t the way to go on that pitch when you saw the success of Richardson’s variations. Either way it’s great entertainment and brilliant to have cricket back!

Australia snatch T20 defeat from the jaws of victory

It will be interesting to see how we approach it Cari. No stokes or roy certainly changes the dynamic but Banton and Billings look more than equal replacements on current form. I’m not sure there is much tinkering to be done in the ODI side as it looks pretty set. But agree there may be a bit more playing around in the t20 team ahead of India next year, as the bowling doesn’t look as set with question marks over Jordan and Curran.

Australia’s UK tour takes on importance of a different kind

I don’t understand this hang up on averages in different countries, of course home country averages are going to be better. Shane Warne averaged 43 in India and Murali 36 in Australia does that remove them from the great spinners list. In terms of cross generation examples they are in most cases impossible. Trueman played on uncovered pitches in England and batsmen in them days didn’t wear helmets. Hardly fair to compare his generation to Andersons, both are undoubtedly greats in their own times. I’m admittedly not saying Anderson is the BEST EVER. I don’t think it’s possible to say who is, arguments could be made for them all Lillee, Marshall, McGrath, Akram etc. What can’t be denied is in recent years Jimmy stands head and shoulders above nearly every seamer on wickets, average and strike rate. In the last 10 years his stats are 462 wickets at 24, better than any other bowler for the last 20 years. So at the very worst you could argue for 2 decades he’s been the greatest seam bowler on the planet. Of all time probably not, but that’s a completely different and more complex debate.

Reflections on an English Test summer like no other

Spot on. Only question is how will Wood’s body cope. I can see them actually using Anderson and Wood in rotation depending on the ground alongside Broad, Archer and Stokes. Don’t be surprised to seethe young spinner Virdi get fast tracked through if he gets on the winter tours. But we can forget about the bowlers if England batters don’t put big scores on the board. Only reason England won in 2011 was Cook scoring an insane number of runs and racking up huge totals to create scoreboard pressure.

Reflections on an English Test summer like no other

It fascinates me this view that Anderson isn’t a great. Rather than get into conjecture about him v past greats. It’s simple… He’s managed his body to play more tests than the rest and developed his skills in the country where he plays nearly all his cricket to take more wickets than anyone else. As Neil says it doesn’t really matter what we say the history books don’t lie and they show him as the leading wicket taker of all time amongst seamers and I reckon that will do Jimmy just fine.

Reflections on an English Test summer like no other

Great article Ronan and unfortunately for the most part I have to agree with you. However with so much cricket being played globally I think it’s about time we start picking groups of specialists for each format rather than trying to shoe horn good odi players into make shift test sides just on good form in another format.
Leave Roy, Buttler, Rashid and Hales for the short format and build a core of test specialists such as Burns, Broad, Anderson…yes that is where it stops currently. Then pad around those specialists with cross format top class players who can genuinely adapt their style such as Root, Stokes, Bairstow and Archer. I think exactly the same should happen with Aus. Finch, Starc and Carey for short format and Hazelwood, Lyon and Labs for long format. Drop in cross format players like Smith, Cummins and Wade and you’re not far off a solid team. The key is having a higher number of specialists in the 11 for that particular format rather than hoping a destructive dasher like Roy can keep out a swinging dukes ball from a test specialist like Hazelwood. Exactly the same way Cook looked all at sea trying to hit sixes in Englands old one day side. It’s certainly worked for England in the world cup so why not take the same approach into the test game..

England set to slide down Test rankings

As an England fan I hope Warner gets a score in this final innings because he’s a really warm, honest and likeable character who deserves nothing more than…to get his off peg ripped out the ground by Stuart Broad and sent back to Australia in floods of tears along with his useless gobby sidekick Matthew Wade.

Flat Australia blunted by Denly and Stokes

I think this will be more convincing than any previous test. Yes it’s a surprise to see Roy dropped and Stokes move to 4 but equally Roy has scored zilch so few could argue with England going all in on their strengths which is bowling all rounders. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stokes still bowled and it gives us essentially 5 seamers to choose from. Not that it will make a scrap of difference Smith to score two hundreds and Australia to cruise to a deserved 3-1 series win. Question to pose for another article and another day: After Englands wc win should we advocate and promote specialists in each format rather than shoe horning Roy and Buttler into the test side like we used to do with Cook and Trott in the one dayers? Assume a similar thought for the Aus side with Starc and Warner…

The Ashes: England vs Australia fifth Test preview, prediction

Agree on the last point James – I think this defeat has really hit a nerve with a lot of former Aus players McGrath on BBC radio couldn’t muster much apart from blaming the umpire and Warne just went silent on Sky Sports. Ponting was the only one showing any kind of positivity towards England. It must be painful for them to take hence SW losing his rag at Prior and then in the same breath sledging Chris Adams calling him ‘nothing more than a club cricketer’. Amazing how the current crop of Aus players have been so much more sporting and dignified in defeat.

One of the greatest Test matches of all time finally unleashes the banter

Still going to be 2 down for not many. Next two matches will be decided based on who scores more runs Root and Stokes or Smith and Labs.

Aussies need a reshuffle but only one change for fourth Ashes Test

Just didn’t think it was needed. Looks to everyone like he has been stewing since 2013/14 and waiting for the opportunity to give Lyon a kicking in public. I know Lyon made himself a target after coming out with those comments but surely it looks better to take the moral highground and just celebrate the win rather than tweeting stuff like that.

One of the greatest Test matches of all time finally unleashes the banter

Poor taste from Prior but Warney needs to get back in his box, this entire series has been played in great spirits despite lots of controversial decisions, batsmen getting hit and the odd crazy event, yet the respect between the two teams has always been present (unlike the Warne/Ponting/Clarke generations). I would say 1-1 is about fair at this stage with two quality bowling attacks ripping through two flawed batting lineups. Both teams have played hard, tough but fair cricket with no over the mark sledging or comments in the media and this has had zero effect on the competitiveness of the cricket, in fact this has probably been one of the most entertaing ashes series in recent memory and a great advert for test cricket in general. Bring on Old Trafford…

One of the greatest Test matches of all time finally unleashes the banter