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Its never ideal to lose someone as standout as Perry. Especially an allrounder. But i think she can be covered reasonably well. Haynes goes up a spot in order with Burns to cover the 6th batting spot.
It’ll also require another change with Kimmince in for Sutherland. The team trusts Kimmince to bowl 3-4 overs but they don’t seem to trust Sutherland just yet so i think she needs to make way.
There is already plenty of lower order batting with Jonassen listed at 10 who could easily bat 6-7.

Can the Aussies cover Ellyse Perry’s injury?

Awesome. Now with ads. Enjoyable podcast somehow made even better with ads.

Game of Codes, Episode 11: Folau's decision, Cronk's legacy and AFL player welfare

Ah, the good old days. Can you remember when Aussie fans used to say Test cricket was boring because we won too much.

When Steve Waugh and the baggy greens ruled the Test arena

Paul, agree with having a flexible approach. Any years with a WC in the antipodes as an example you can tweak for sure.

Totally agree with your gripes about the current scheduling mistakes CA have made like the UAE ODIs. Not to mention the selection blunders that occur because of these thoughtless short term cash grabs.

Fixing the Australian cricket schedule

Yeah, i’d say they’ll reduce back to 10 games. Won’t be until the current TV deal expires though unless there can be a huge reassessment by all the stakeholders. It would also require WBBL to be seen as a profitable substitute for loss of content. Hopefully that can happen.

Fixing the Australian cricket schedule

Morning sheek,

I agree with all that. Couldn’t tell you who won last week. I do like having cricket on every night though.

I think BBL will stay although probably not in current format. I’d say its very likely it’ll go back to 10 games each rather than 14.

More importantly though i think its here to stay in the school holiday period. Which makes it annoyingly hard to get a good schedule for the Shield. I think CA have totally given up on one-dayers.

Fixing the Australian cricket schedule

I used to be very against the removal of the Shield final but i have come around now.
There is nothing wrong with the best team taking the Shield after 10 home & away rounds.
We already have 2 domestic finals in formats that suit finals better.
Its a packed domestic summer as it is but i’d hope removing the Shield final may mean that you could have a couple more domestic one-dayers so that when players are getting picked for the Aussie team they have played more 7 in the last 12 months (usually with 11 months in between).
I know BBL is expanding but I hope there will be more double-headers (i.e. 2 games on one day in diff parts of country, not same teams playing again) to tighten up the schedule a bit.

Time to retire the Sheffield Shield final

Mark Waugh said last night during the BBL coverage that ‘he wasn’t sure that playing all three formats was the way to go for a spinner” (probably not exact quote).
I wasn’t sure why that was the thinking, but Ronan might have got the reasoning for this when he said “that exposure to the attacking batsmanship of the shorter formats could turn Lyon into a more defensive bowler with a flatter trajectory”
But why do the selectors think that batsman can adapt to different formats but bowlers are so mentally deficient that it will turn them into a drooling mess. FFS if Warner can manage it, I think Lyon can.

Nathan Lyon's limited-overs shunning must stop

You only put 10 people in your team

Who will make the England and Australia one-day sides?

That’s becasuse it was free to attend the protest

Five great bandwagons in Australian sports

Oh and no points for byes. I don’t know why that annoys me so much, but I really do hate it that teams get points for the week off. If everyone gets the same, then why have them at all? Seems to be just to make the teams down the bottom appear to have more points than they should.

Time for NRL to tinker with points system

I suppose its not that different to the NHL system but i wouldn’t mind seeing a points system where a win in regulation is 4 points, lose in regulation zero (as per the current AFL). Games that are decided in golden point split the 4 points as- 3 to the winner, 1 to the loser. And games where its not decided in golden point 2 each- for the draw. I just feel that losing in extra time shouldn’t go completely unrewarded. But I’d definitely still like the draw to be an option in the home and away season.

Time for NRL to tinker with points system

WCR, do you know off hand how many US (or Canadian for that matter) players play professionally in Europe or other markets?

American rugby: Onwards and upwards

I have absolutely nothing against Aaron Finch being in the side, but how do you reckon he gets his head around the fact that he made the Aussie team and Hodge didn’t. Victorians deserve to dominate short-form squads (that was tough to write), but surely the best performing Vic should be a shoe-in, right?

The curious case of Hodge's ommission

Yeah, you’re right. I just hope that we can get some really solid positive reforms, mainly at a 2nd and 3rd tier level. Reforms that will hold our cricket structure in good stead going into the future and that can see us back regularly in the top 2 or 3 within the next few years.

Cricket Australia is infected by ECC bug

I don’t have any issues with Ricky Ponting, or his involvemnt in the review. In fact it sounds like I’m one of the few that want him retained (at 5 or 6). But its just that I don’t think the review will be particularly worthwhile if the captain review the captaincy, coach the coaching, etc. It should be independent as possible. I think Ricky should be involved in review all other issues in the game for sure.

Otherwise as Rickety Knees is pointing out the self-serving interests of CA will continue to serve themselves first, cricket-loving public second.

Cricket Australia is infected by ECC bug

It sounds like the review won’t be very independent. Ricky Ponting seems to think he’ll be heavily invovled in it, so I assume Tim Nielson will be too. So i’d be extremely surprised if much blame was apportioned to the team hierachy. Selectors probably won’t even rate a mention.

But I do genuinely hope that something good comes out of the Ashes drubbing. It has highlighted the falling off of standard in Shield cricket. So a rescheduling so that the Shield isn’t nearly as affected by International’s absences, hopefully is high on the list. As well as keeping as many veterans in Club Cricket to help the youngsters.

Cricket Australia is infected by ECC bug

Yes Mintox, I think you might just have hit the nail on the head. Time is so prescious. I have talked to a few people that feel that its like they are working a six day week during cricket season. I think a lot of associations, and clubs themselves, are trying to be as flexible as possible now. Byes in lower grades are common-place and also there is a resignation of the need for a squad of say 16 or 17 for each grade a club enters into a competition as people are always going to need weekends off.

Most people I play with love it and want to play every weekend they can. But everyone else is welcomed and encouraged to play as much or as little as they are comfortable committing to. Even if that is one game a season.

Forget watching the cricket, play it!

Agreed on Copeland, his stats alreay are amazing. If he can help knock over South Australia today for the NSW win he really has to be picked for the WACA.

Cricket Australia to blame for the Aussie slide

Absolutley they would need to sacrifice some of the money on offer. Perhaps CA could re-coup some (maybe 20%) of that by have a very marketable product of a full strength SS, that they could sell to be shown on a sports channel here and maybe even overseas on Star Cricket or Sky, etc.

Cricket Australia to blame for the Aussie slide

How do we get the Sheffiled Shield back to the tough school it used to be? Obviously it would be ideal if the top 15 or so Australian cricketers were available for most games, but how does CA accomodate that with the international schedule?

Not playing overseas for two matches series at the start of the summer would help. But lets say the Shield runs from mid Oct to mid March. 10 home and away rounds + a final, means 11 weeks out of say 25 weeks. Even with 5 tor 6 home Test weekends of unavailability, most weekends during this period the Test players should be available.

If every second or third year CA wanted to tour SA or NZ during their summer, then OK the players would miss more cricket. Also If they miss some Domestic One-dayers during the season, then so be it (CA could work the calendar so that shield cricket is give priority windows). The one-dayers gives young players a go anyway. But surely the Shield should be the top priority.

Is there a reason other than money from TV rights this doesn’t happen?

Cricket Australia to blame for the Aussie slide

Yes I think that comment is pretty much spot on. A touch more humility in recent winning times wouldn’t have gone astray either.

Now is the time to support the Aussies

I’ve always admired the supporters of mainly Victorian AFL clubs who seem to have the realistic expectation of a cyclical nature of success. As well as the patience to see their team rebuilt in lean years. I fully understand wanting your team to do well week in- week out, but the cricket public and media has just seemed to have abandoned supporting the team for take swipes at any given chance.

The story a few years ago of when Collingwood won the wooden spoon also being the year they sold the most jerseys is a terrific, inspiring one (not just for marketers).

Now is the time to support the Aussies

Kersi, isn’t amazing to see Cook’s figures for the year after he was so recently talked up as the English team’s weak link, and probably the most likely to be dropped from that team.? There are still a few very interesting tests to go this year, especially SA versus India and the Ashes series. But at the moment the only arguement i think you could have with your team is that Sangakkara might derseve a spot (for me I would have him at 6 instead of Laxman).

Graeme Smith may force his way in if he has a good series against top-ranked India, most likely at the expense of Cook (despite his 200 on the far-too-flat Gabba). I think the bowlers pick themselves. Unless of course Doug Bollinger can turn the Ashes in Australia’s favour. With 3 tests to go this year it is looking likely that there would be no Aussies in the 2010 team, perhaps only chances are Bollinger pushing out Anderson and Ponting pushing out Amla. But it would require such monumental reversals of form that both seem fanciful.

Look for Sangakkara to push for inclusion further against the West Indies.

Not a single Australian in my 2010 cricket Test XI

I have a feeling both sides might struggle to dominate they way they would like. I think it could be 1-1 coming into the Sydney Test, which would be absolutely fantastic. What will really get the crowds going this summer are the gritty struggles, rather than the pure brilliance (of say a visiting Tendulkar or Lara, or the entire Australian team we were blessed with for over a decade). It will be efforts like the Aussie tail trying to keep out Swann or Hussey/Pieterson grafting out an innings striving for form or Anderson trying to conquer his last frontier.

By the way I think your preffered XI from your last artilce is still probably the way to go at the Gabba. I hope the selectors’ XI rise to the challenge.

Who will win the Ashes? The experts disagree