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News flash – they are not called South Melbourne any more.

Footy Fix: How the Swans have turned their biggest weakness into another strength - and become all but unstoppable

Yes, yes and again, YES!
I quote:
There is no need for these experts or character references -an illegal hit is an illegal hit if you seriously want the game cleaned up and players held accountable for their actions.

The AFL's Tribunal system is an overcomplicated mess designed to create drama - it needs a radical overhaul, fast

Cameron has quite a bit of on-field “previous” too.
Whether he is a good bloke off the field or not is irrelevant.

AFL News: Scott hits out at 'offensive' Tribunal call to clear Cameron, Pies to swoop on star Dog?

Cameron may well be a good bloke but that’s irrelevant.
He’s also a 5 time serial offender.

'Don't interview me': Chris Fagan in tense exchange with journo after defending Cameron's contentious Tribunal escape

Hear what you are saying James but if the Bomber’s much publicised “Edge” causes another major incident then all Scott has done is make a target of themselves for the media and indeed the AFL to have at – should have kept his mouth closed imho.

'The Essendon Edge': The Bombers are trying to fake it until they make it

Couldn’t agree more!
He has trademarked that sort of “mark”. I would like if he could try it on Plugger!

Six Points: Papley's hypocrisy, Wright's Tribunal verdict the wrong call, and why are we retiring Pendlebury?

…and perhaps Scott may need to clearly define what his so called “Essendon Edge” actually includes – one thing for public consumption but another in the rooms? If something similar happens again then he has some serious questions to answer.
The Scott brothers were tough players in their day but, like it or not, those days are over.

Six Points: Papley's hypocrisy, Wright's Tribunal verdict the wrong call, and why are we retiring Pendlebury?

AFL has to act, this appeal decision is ridiculous and makes them look like rank amateurs.
Of course Cripps is innocent…he ate breakfast this morning- that’s about the logic of it!
Make a stand AFL for God s sske, you are supposed to control the game!
Why are decisions like this even appealable?

Patrick Cripps' suspension overturn is a disgrace. The AFL must act to ensure it can't happen again

Great player but, well, he has hardly done himself an favours in the past. On balance and for the good of the game he has to go, min. I week. Umpires have to be protected…Neale should have gone too! I know the Swans have benefited from light decisions in the past but this is an umpire, in the course of an actual game, who is being intimidated. It has to be stamped out, no room for ifs or buts here.

'If Greene's suspended we riot' or 'three weeks minimum': AFL split over Toby ban

Agree with all…how does he get away with it. Right up there with Barry Hall if a little less…direct! Can’t see TG changing his spots. He even has “form” fot this sort of thing off the footy oval.

Toby Greene's interesting exchange with reporter after escaping Tribunal with a fine

This IS a young team though remember!

Sheesh – I don’t recall people ever pouring as much venom upon interstate teams! As a matter of fact I quite respect them…all of them, even Collingwood!

If you want a national competition then the Swans have to be in it so let’s apply some sort of reality check to the “get rid of them” cry (from somebody or other). There has been quite a large amount of money distributed to all clubs through the success of the Sydney Swans and the national competition. All teams go through highs and lows and it looks like right now the Swans are in a rut but they will get out of it.

Excellent point about the vindictive Fitzpatrick and the cancellation of Swan’s draft pick – should have gone to court. He acted as he played – dirty.

Menzil may be some help up front if he stays fit but the actual football related comments are spot on: speed in/out the centre, aggression at the ball, delivery into the 50 and conversion, so pretty much a complete rethink! You can’t play Finals every year alas!

As for the “fair weather supporters” comment, we shall just have to wait and see. I think the majority will see the current fade out for what it is and remain members. We have some good youngsters coming through and will be a force to be reckoned with again, soon.

Sydney's abysmal home record will cost them a finals spot