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Ex-front rower, albeit if they played where I lived, I'd still be putting my body thru motions it wasn't built for! Qld Country NRC, Qld Reds, and of course the Wallabies are my teams, plus the Cowboys. Prone to meandering and late night rambles, so possibly not made for articles worth reading! Part time publican, full time Racing Chicken trainer, living out in Western QLD trying to bring Rugby to a league heartland.



Didn’t expect this, but am stoked! Now the REAL test comes next week! Go the Cowboys!

Real deal Cowboys underline premiership hopes with crushing Storm win

Scrum I think his work rate in the scrum, far outweighs our need or want to get him to “get involved” more. I also think he has to reserve his energy, as he knows he will be on most of the game. I think we would see more involvement, if he was playing the traditional 50-60 min.

The Wrap: The light at the end of Australian rugby’s tunnel isn’t an oncoming train after all

Both looking forward to and dreading The Cowboy’s game this weekend. Need to see where they are up to, against some tougher opposition, but coming up against a Storm team who will have had an interesting pep talk from Bellamy, we could be in for a tough ride.

NRL Magic Round talking points: I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining

Thats it!

Code war: RA's aggressive plan to target league for World Cup - but NRL says 'tribalism and passion' is on their side

I am really hoping this is only in response to a leading question, rather then an outright targeted endeavour. Keep our talent, grow it, sort some issues out.

Albeit can’t help but wonder who would even take the leap who we would want currently. Where are our holes and who can fill?

Code war: RA's aggressive plan to target league for World Cup - but NRL says 'tribalism and passion' is on their side

Had the pleasure and privilege to play a few games of Rugby with him in Townsville(which he was bloody handy at), which meant was all lucky enough to share a few beers with him. A bloody ripper bloke, heart on his sleeve, and genuine. Vale Roy.

RIP ROY: Andrew Symonds, larger than life larrikin of Australian cricket, dies aged 46

If he was offered that money, I think it would largely come down to clarity as to what Bellamy is doing, and length of contract at the big bucks. If Bellamy is unsure, he’d be mad to risk losing a large amount of money, to hopefully set himself up for the future (if he’s staying away from the naughty stuff).

Lowball offer could have snowball effect: Storm can’t afford to lose most influential star in Munster

I think Banks would be mad not to go, sadly, as that’s money that can get you and your family settled.

I also won’t necessarily hold it against RA.

Is he worth that, in this market? He’s close, but not 100% first picked.

Rugby News: Banks' $2.8m mega offer threatens RWC place, ABs legend mauls 'horrific' SRP tactic

Cheiks can be good short term and as a motivator. I have faith in Rennie and the boys coming thru, but jees this will be the proverbial egg on face if they beat us haha

Cheika to take over Argentina head coaching role for World Cup campaign

Brett great wrap at as always, I think someone needs to look at injury management at the Rebels. Albeit, with a disjointed year(s), its hard to judge a team that was out of its correct environment for some time in the last few years.

Also, I am very upset that you’ve got the song stuck in my head, I don’t like U2’s music!

The Melbourne Rebels are stuck in a moment they can’t get out of

Can’t wIt, is it going to be televised on FTA? Hope so!

Rugby legends to strap on the boots in charity match

So good! To come back, hold the pressure off.

Well done!

Party like it’s 1978: 4 MILLION tune in as Ash Barty claims Aus Open glory

I love Union first, with league a close second.

This article resonates with me, but my main issue with league is if they could have a team with 13 SBW, they would.

And they would win.

If not win, be super competitive.

In Union, that team would be monstered, as we still need tall timber’s, short fat blokes, tall agile blokes, nugget quick blokes (and that’s just the forwards!).

League is becoming too refined in my opinion.

Sadly the athletes are too good.

I prefer the Women’s League, as it’s closer to Amateur and “the good old days”. Not perfect athletes. But giving it everything regardless. It’s “weird” how we complain less about referees in those games too. The mistakes are 1% in NRL, but in the woman’s league there’s more simple, obvious mistakes.

As the game is more pure, in my opinion

Will the NRL ever give the big men a break?

Sadly Rugby on Stan can’t be legally played in pubs. They haven’t worked that out yet. I keep bugging them, and they say both that I can and can’t show it until they sort it out.

Great Rugby on more FTA is getting bigger numbers which is great, but when most pubs are owned by big corporations, until they sort this out they’ll be too scared to put on

It’s hard as a Rugby loving publican!

The Wrap: Wallabies shake off the rust while All Blacks raise the ton

If Rennie and co think Noah is the future, I’d hope they maybe put O’Connor at FlyHalf or Inside Centre and leave Noah in the run on.

If he’s the future he needs a “mate we are happy, but we want to give you the right help”.

I haven’t watched enough rugby this year to know where to slot him, but if he’s the future, dropping isn’t the go

Stick or twist?: Ex-players call for Noah's removal as Wallabies weigh up No.10 options

I was the same once I saw it, as I missed it live.

I actually think it made the game a better result. Missing one of our strongest players, a man down, and still won against a plucky and “nothing to lose” French team.

Absolute cracker, and I hope people don’t focus on this!

'Absolute travesty': Outrage over Koroibete red in Wallabies v France decider

I’ve watched Koro’s hit a few times, and whilst I wish it wasn’t a penalty as I don’t believe there was intent, and BOTH players braced, and dropped there knees (as is tight by every decent rugby coach), regardless that is the current laws.

I actually believe the ref got it right based on the current standards, and am more proud of the boys for winning with this challenge

'Absolute travesty': Outrage over Koroibete red in Wallabies v France decider

Loved it.

Thanks Will and some great insight.

I was impressed that Noah didn’t have everything go his way at the end, but never put his head down.

WILL GENIA: Why I'd opt for Noah and Tate, and loved Hunter's 'ballsy' play

Haven’t read it yet, but can’t wait to read. Big fan Will, and hope to see some more articles from a player.

WILL GENIA: Why I'd opt for Noah and Tate, and loved Hunter's 'ballsy' play

It will be interesting.

Obviously the Crusaders would be the form team, but based on last year being so close with the Crusaders at home, it could be a great contest.

If you had to pick which team had moved forward and shown improvement, you’d pick the Reds surely?

The Reds can beat the Crusaders

Hi Nick, as always great read and very insightful.

Out of interest, do you see this weekends Brumbies team to be at full strength, or at least as full strength as a team ever is?

Why picking the best players does not always make the best team

A lot of talk above about how DR played a few Tahs over some players that showed better form from other franchises.

Any chance he’s a complete and utter genius and saw the Tahs fall this year and wanted to see what they had when they had some confidence?

Battle of the blindside enforcers: Why the power lies in Canberra

Albeit having a decent jumper, and line out caller makes the hookers job much easier.

Hosanna for Hosea: Is Trevor the second coming of John Eales?

Ahhhh I’m not crazy! Thanks mate

Vunivalu shows class on Reds rugby debut

Ok, so I googled “Clutch Tv Qld Reds”

That worked

Thanks team

Vunivalu shows class on Reds rugby debut