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Are they expert – hope you’re correct, afc has NEVER bottomed out, unlike the team you follow!!! We could do with multiple first round picks – perhaps even a priority pick!!

Four burning questions for Adelaide ahead of the AFL restart

Bwahahaha – how long you poortie pear mob been saying that crapiolla for?!?

Four burning questions for Adelaide ahead of the AFL restart

Vince had his best years at the Dees – really?? he won a B&F at AFC in 09 (a finals year)
When at Melb its a case of a good player in a crap team me thinks!
Anyway, love Bernie but M Crouch at 23 is the better end of the pineapple due to his age and games already played.

The 2013 trade period revisited: The full fallout from Brisbane's 'go-home five'

Why don’t we victorians just make it a Victoria only comp this year – I know that will seem unfair to the interstate teams but, no one really gives a hoot about the interstate teams anyway!
All games to be played at the G?

AFL examines quarantine hub options

AFC to finish second last – mmmmm
Sloane, x 2 Crouch, Laird, Smith, Talia, Lynch, ROB, Milera, Brown, Doedee, Fogarty, Walker etc. Then throw in the kids in McHenry, Jones, McAsey, Worrell, Shoenburg, Hamilton, Scholl etc

I wouldn’t mind have a little wager they finish at least 6 positions higher than that – even through a “Rebuild”!!

My predictions for the 2020 AFL season

Bwahahaha – January premiers ….. again!

Port Adelaide must be considered a 2020 AFL premiership threat

Bwahahaha – tremendous job building a list bwahahaha!
He’s been like a pocket on a singlet – completely useless at building a list – just ask half the karlton fans who have wanted him sacked for the past 3 years!

AFL Phantom Draft 2019: An early top 30

There’s not “not a lot in that deal for Adelaide” there’s NOTHING in that deal for AFC!
If GWS want to swap 4 for 6 plus round 1 for 2 swaps next year AND J Hateley then it’s worth considering. Otherwise tell your story walking GWS!

AFL Phantom Draft 2019: An early top 30

Looking forward to having Teague back home next year at the AFC – will be just what the group needs. Word over here is it’s a done deal if he isn’t offered the CFC job – which he won’t be!

Carlton need to do right by their fans in regards to their coach

Haters will hate eh peter. So if the crows get up you will be the first on here admitting how significantly wrong you were???

Geelong vs Adelaide: Friday night forecast

Yeah – I stopped reading your comment at “should not have one”

Clearly don’t have the intellect to make an intelligent comment!

Geelong vs Adelaide: Friday night forecast

You think???
I think he’s a biased Victorian with a deep hatred for the AFC and in particular T Walker, to which he has sniped at now for two straight days!

The pressure is now on Don Pyke

so what you’re saying FT is you would rather your kids go to collingwood, where there have been numerous strikes on players for illicit and performance enhancing drugs than the AFC??

Touche my friend!

You are putting all the blame on the club and in particular Walker for the Lever exit – I would suggest Lever had made his bed with the club and players well before GF day and was acting like a little sook at the airport – to which you continually reference!

The pressure is now on Don Pyke

Crows were lucky they played an undermanned port side Saturday night while being at full strength themselves (Gibbs, Doedee, Milera, Jacobs, Seedsman, Douglas)

2019 AFL Power Rankings: Round 8

I agree, good on you for putting a side up but its simply not a true reflection of who has been most influential this year. Im from SA and can categorically tell you that none of Talia, Burton or even Ebert deserve to be in the AA side.
Any AA side without Cripps and Neale seriously lacks credibility!

My All Australian side after Round 6

If I could make one change at the AFC it would be remove burton from his spoon fed job immediately. Too and the other king makers at the club have a lot to answer for – in particular how the decision to appoint one b Burton to his current role.

Despicable and doesn’t exactly fit in to Fagan’s “best football department” promise at his acceptance of CEO speech!

The confused, wayward Crows have no connection to their better past

As a member of the AFC since inception I cant help but realise there is an inherent soft belly about my club – theres just no real mongrel!
The bloke who came in and made a massive shift in standards and culture to the club within a very short space of time was P Walsh – he was the man to lead the shift to a culture the supporters want and the club needs. What was achieved in 2017 I believe was a by product of what PW changed.
Sadly, he was killed!
Pyke appears to be a one trick pony, someone with x 14 drivers in the bag but no 6 iron, sand wedge or putter! His pressers are bland and corporate speak. I want a proper clean out – starting with B Burton, S Comporeale, D Pyke, B Hart + a number of players who I dont want to name. None of the coaches / administrators Ive mentioned here had any mongrel – talent yes, but we already have talent, we need someone to change the whole psyche of the club with true hardness, will, desire, passion, fearlessness – the womens team had it this year and proved unstoppable – what about the men!??

An unpopular opinion: The tough calls Pyke won't make

Im not sure the Hawks win will turn out to be anything special – my side was absolutely putrid and will likely lose many more this season based on hat. Out coached, outclassed, out skilled, out structured! The slingshot, high speed, high skill brand I associated with the Crows is dead!

Eight talking points from AFL Round 1

@ Jack – AFC we’re minor premiers and played off in the GF a little over 12 months ago – had a bad game on the big day but hey.
Last year just everything that could go wrong did and they still only finished a game and % outside the top four.
I’m a little confused as to why you reckon they shouldn’t be as highly rated as any other club at that pointy end??

2019 AFL season preview: West Coast Eagles

This scribe likely thinks Laird is overated too – wasting your time

Response: Are Adelaide winning the Dangerfield trade?

You never have the crows or their players as being any better than MEH!
Not very balanced penmanship!

Response: Are Adelaide winning the Dangerfield trade?

Went back and had a look at some earlier pieces of yours to see what motivates you to say “Geelong easily win the trade”
Appears you have been a long term knocker of the AFC – haters will hate I guess.

You probably have AFC finishing between 10 -16 again this coming season – perhaps with R Douglas as the best midfielder, Otten as the best defender??

Response: Are Adelaide winning the Dangerfield trade?

Just had to look at a couple of your past opinions on the AFC to better understand your latest piece about the Dangerfield trade. Appear you have been and most likely always will be a crow basher.

Adelaide Crows: 2016 AFL season preview

Won’t matter – swans are at home (would have thought the author may checked this detail so now has rounds 1 AND 2 incorrect with ground advantage (crows home in rnd1 – away rnd 2

AFL ladder predictions: Round 2

No – the crows are next to no chance of beating the hawks at home in rnd 1 – after all, they only finished minor premiers 12 months ago!

AFL ladder predictions: Round 1