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I don’t think we have overly struggled in the Middle-East, just Jordan who seem to have the wood on us when playing in Amman.

The Roos' win over Kuwait a tasting plate of footballing morsels

A nice analysis, Evan, though it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of the system given the calibre of the opposition. Having one international break dedicated to training and another with only one game against a weak opponent coming off a two year hiatus speaks of a cautious approach to unveiling the new coaching regime. I just hope it does not leave us strategically undercooked for the Asia Cup, though retention of the majority of the World Cup squad will mitigate that.

It was good to see the likes of Mabil on the pitch and I hope he is rewarded with a start against South Korea where we will be tested across the park. He performed well in Portugal, as evidenced by his recall to Denmark, and it would be great to see him with more game time to show us his wares and create some serious competition at right AM.

Pace to burn wide on the right seems to be something of a feauture for the Socceroos over the past few years and given Leckie’s touch map, perhaps something that is to remain in the arsenal under the new regime. Certainly it provides space on the left and centre as defenders drift slightly to cover whippets, especially when defending high.

The Roos' win over Kuwait a tasting plate of footballing morsels

I wasn’t initially however I have changed my thinking.

I'm on the Bolt bandwagon - and you should be too

Steve McMahon Jr.

I'm on the Bolt bandwagon - and you should be too

I have been impressed with the way Bolt has conducted himself.

'I'm not a footballer yet: Bolt'

Would be nice. The main problem is global platforms that require you access from only the country from which you purchased your subscription. If you are on the move they are not much use.

Can you call yourself an A-League fan if you don't have Fox Sports?

Until there is a global platform broadcast partner I am limited in options depending on the country I am working in at the time. I am more than happy to pay, and do when the occassion presents, however for many of my work locations a paid option is simply not available.

In short, I am trying to give the A-League money but they won’t take it.

Can you call yourself an A-League fan if you don't have Fox Sports?

Interesting article, Nick. I do agree with Fad’s assertion that Coopers is the right size for Adelaide and all it really needs is a bit of cover, particularly on the Eastern stand. Generally the crowd in the Northerna nd Southern stands have spent sufficient time in the Joiner’s Arms across the road to be somewhat innoculated against the elements.

Low-cost stadium options for Australian needs

It raises an interesting question, Fad; the role of the Board. Under the Lowy’s the Board has been less an oversight and guidance mechanism and more a hand-picked executive team. That has confused the roles of Board Chairman and FFA CEO.
Will a new Board lean towards the oversight role or continue with the executive style?

The window of change opens, now to find the right people

A more inclusive governance structure is a stronger governance structure.

I am sorry that Steve Lowy does not see it that way however it must be understood that football in Australia is a community, not a business.

FFA can see clearly now, the reign has gone

I would imagine that one of the earlier moves will be to loosen various licensing requirements that have inflicted significant structural losses upon clubs – basically tweak the model to enable clubs to run in the black should they so choose.

More substantive changes will take longer due to underpinning contractual commitments.

What do you think the A-League will look like after the EGM?

The magic of the Cup. Such results will, hopefully, provide some impetus for the introduction of the A-League sides earlier in the competition.

Incidentally why is The Roar pushing the “Sky Blues” moniker? For most of us Sydney FC is, well, Sydney. Sydney, Wanderers, ‘Nix, Roar, Mariners, Jets, Victory, City, Reds, Glory. A 5th column effort to secure a new marketing identify ahead of the emergence of a third Sydney side?

Sky Blues avoid incredible boilover by the skin of their teeth

Good news and bad news is just news.

What is required is more investigative journalism to foment debate in relation to how organisations are run. The media has a role in promoting informed introspection, a role that organisations with flawed governance structures find uncomfortable. Often those vehemently defending these organisations attack the debate itself as opposed to the topic of discussion. The very idea of introspection is an anathema and they attempt to reduce the discussion to a series of ad hominem attacks. Mislabelling introspection as ‘bad news’ is one such method.

In the end discussion and informed debate strengthens rather than weakens. A problem with society is the tendency of individuals to seek news from sources that reflect and confirm their own beliefs, an act that stifles introspection and encourages hyper-partisanship. The media needs to resist the urge to pursue this trend, for their sake as much as ours.

Is it the media's responsibility to only report good news stories?

There are too many categories for sports, which risks some sports becoming dead zones unless other content or a general blog is incorporated. A good example is hockey, which I often read if I see it in the general sports section however am not so interested as to go hunting for articles.

Cycling is another where I am much keener, enjoying the Vuelta at the moment, however become frustrated having to click in to check the site to see if any article is written (which isn’t). As a result I am visiting The Roar far less as I go to other sites for such sports and when the Tour Down Under etc comes around I will probably stick with those sites.

The Roar has relaunched! Welcome to a new Roar

All my spacing, paragraphs and sentences, were lost when I posted…….is this a glitch?

Forget Usain Bolt, the A-League's latest imports are the real stars

This new format is difficult to negotiate. Many sports sections, such as hockey and even cycling, risk becoming graveyards now they are isolated.

It feels a victory of form over function.

Maybe it is popular with others. Site traffic will be the final arbiter.

Forget Usain Bolt, the A-League's latest imports are the real stars

There are some decent imports this year. Hopefully the clubs involved in the ACL can translate this into an improved continental performance.

Forget Usain Bolt, the A-League's latest imports are the real stars

It is a conundrum in that playing at the Cake Tin reduces both their home advantage and the football experience, contributing to below par metrics and performances, yet it is those same metrics and performance which places their license under threat which in turn precludes long term investment in a boutique stadium.

Mark Rudan: More of the same or a fresh start for the Phoenix?

That would be a fair and reasonable summation, Mid.

Our next iteration of football needs to be much more inclusive

Perhaps one way to demonstrate a risk inherent in the current governance model, is to close ones eyes and imagine that the hand-picked, sole-candidate successor for Steve Lowy was…………………………..Clive Palmer.

That’s one risk the current model presents. A broader based Congress reduces the chance for this as Individuals going for the position go through a far more rigorous and public selection process and are subject to higher levels of accountability to the Congress over the course of their tenure.

Our next iteration of football needs to be much more inclusive

It is the narrative from Lowy that the best way to avoid having the game dictated by narrow interest is to retain limited accountability and be run by a hand-picked elite that I find mind-boggling.

In the end change is coming. So rather than fight it we should be expending our energies on ensuring it contains sufficient elements of accountability to discourage hubris, a trait that has become disturbingly prevalent under the existing governance model.

Our next iteration of football needs to be much more inclusive

A very nice read, Evan. Youi certainly have encapsulated the magic of the Cup.

“an iron battering ram smashing an unworthy castle-gate to splinters” indeed. 😀

APIA Leichhardt stun the Victory in a raucous Cupset

The Tour was a little predictable this year, especially once Richie Porte crashed out. I was hoping that Dumoulin would mount a challenge however Team Sky’s planning and precision was just too good. For me it missed the general classification drama of this year’s Giro, however some of the descents were wicked.

On to Spain where we get to see the Yates twins in action. Hopefully all those years of pushing each other out of the cot and stealing each other’s toy’s will be forgotten 🙂

Tour de France 2018: Stage 21 live blog

Agreed. Already people on opposition fan sites are getting enthused about the propsect of seeing him action against their clubs, more-so than the likes of Emile Heskey.

CONFIRMED: Melbourne Victory land Keisuke Honda in massive A-League marquee signing

“conforms to my belief”, sorry. The edit function appears to have taken a holiday.

The smear campaign allegations could end up being the smoking gun needed to strip Qatar of the World Cup