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Geelong are capable of doing it all again 2012

Cameron Ling is representative of Geelong. After an inconsistent start to his career, the Cats skipper, who announced his retirement yesterday, has squeezed every little bit of effort and ability out of himself over the past five years and achieved greatness with three flags. But his retirement doesn’t mean the end of the ‘dynasty’. In […]

Thanks Redb, an oversight on my part. Amended.

What's the best timeslot for the AFL's ninth fixture?

I think that factor in players’ decisions is over-exaggerated. Players were always aware these teams would struggle for wins in their first few seasons. The money is surely the key factor in the decision, along with a new challenge or change of lifestyle.

GWS Giants a disaster waiting to happen for AFL?

To be fair, I’m aware of everything you listed above. Firstly, with due respect, the quality of the NEAFL is well short of the VFL, let alone the AFL. Yes the Giants have had two wins in the NEAFL but when put up against VFL opposition for the first time they were caught well, well short. I watched the game, it was painfully one-sided.

The worrying thing with this batch of players is they won’t get to face VFL opposition week-in week-out like the Suns did in 2010. That clearly has them behind the 8-ball already with their transition into AFL ranks, which is worrying considering how the Suns have performed in 2011.

GWS Giants a disaster waiting to happen for AFL?

Thanks Richard,

Whichever way you see it, it’s hard to predict what will happen as it is unprecedented in the AFL. It may a wonderful move, it might not work. We’ll have to wait and see.

My comment on the director of coaching role being a peripheral role is based on what Paul Roos said about Malthouse needing to give Buckley space, rather than watching over his shoulder 24/7. Sure, what Roos says isn’t sacred, but I think this comment holds a fair bit of weight. It’ll be interesting to observe it all unfold.


Malthouse must coach in 2012, but at which club?

I believe it’s an ACL requirement to have the competitors for the ACL decided by the end of the year before, which is for the ACL draw. All clubs who’ll compete in the 2011 ACL, initially qualified in 2010.

No problem with short-term contracts, in moderation

Interesting to see Korean club Pohang Steelers have signed Aussie Erik Paartalu on a short-term deal for the ACL.

No problem with short-term contracts, in moderation

I think you’re missing the point with the pitch inspection, TomC. The FFA re-scheduled THREE A-League fixtures to Skilled Park recently, thus creating a heavy workload at the venue which has had its surface issues, before suddenly deciding for this finals match the pitch needed to be inspected, following a heavy workload! Sure it’s common sense to have a pitch inspection but they may have created the problem themselves. Gold Coast Utd were always in a good position for a home final so I’d say it’s fair to say there was a lack of foresight there.

As well, Buckley was asked about the possibility of moving the game to Melbourne (FYI not once about Mars) and never outright said it wouldn’t be going there. Why not say Brisbane was the back-up plan? Why fuel the hype of a Melbourne home final? I’d said they were a bit too passive there and it wasn’t a good look.

FFA avoid a farce as Skilled Park surface gets the nod

As I also said in the article TomC, the FFA never outright said they wouldn’t be moving it to Melbourne, when Brisbane would’ve been a suitable back-up plan should Skilled Park have been unfit to use.
Also the fact the pitch was ‘subject to a pitch inspection’ following a heavy workload due to games the FFA re-scheduled at Skilled Park is damning too. These are the key points and the key reasons why I decided to write this column.

FFA avoid a farce as Skilled Park surface gets the nod

To be fair, Topor-Stanley has been a standout in the HAL this season, but not sure he can slot in for the Roos at this level, especially out at LB.

What does Holger do with David Carney?

Gday floppybottom,
Totally aware of Shane Cansdell-Sherriff. I do alot of work on Aussies Abroad and monitor his progress on a weekly basis, but not sure he’s international quality. Happy to be proven wrong, of course!

What does Holger do with David Carney?

This is from July when Traore hinted at a career in the green-and-gold.,traore-dreaming-of-socceroos.aspx?eid=10&edate=20100802&eaddr=

It’s difficult to know if he or any young player will be the answer, but I think there’s a problem which needs to be acknowledged and dealt with as we go towards Brazil 2014. Carney can play LM, but we need to groom a proper LB as we go ahead.

What does Holger do with David Carney?

Unfortunately today’s announcement by Central Coast of Michael Baird as their ‘major signing’ was a little underwhelming. But hopefully we still get the point.

Roar's dominance prompts ambitious transfer activity

Couldn’t agree more, Mike. Add to that, from a fans’ perspective, with some sides having played 18 games, some 14 games, some 16 games, it’s impossible to know what to make of the A-League ladder. You could argue Perth Glory are actually last right now.

The A-League fixture list is a confusing joke

He was called up by Macedonia in February last year but never actually played. Macedonia have since gone cold on him, meaning he’s available for Australia.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder for Ognenovski

Hi Midfielder,

I don’t see the FFA being in Europe presenting our bid on the WC as a defence. Far from it. If anything it emphasises the need to refine their structure to ensure there’s always an adequate amount of people focusing on the running of the A-League. In this instance they’ve failed to deliver their product, an A-League game, and failed one of their assets, a football club.

You can look at this, like Mahony has, as me attacking football, but it isn’t. I’m pointing out a clear failure by the FFA and/or the Jets to act on a foreseeable issue. And yes I’m saying the FFA should be aware of stadium situations, given it’s their responsibility to deliver football matches to the paying public and the clubs participating.

Of course, there’s others at fault in this debacle, but the main point I’m trying to make is the FFA’s procedures have allowed the faults of other parties to affect the A-League in a negative way. Surely there must be an effort made to ensure this doesn’t happen again and some accountability would show they’ve taken stock and learned a few lessons.

Accountability needed after Jets-Fury postponement

Hi Mahony,
It’s easy to see it that way with the football media and articles which can be interpreted as negative to the game, but I think it’s important to provide what I’d call constructive criticism. There’s some clear issues in this instance and they shouldn’t be swept under the carpet and ignored. Football can’t control what the NRL or AFL does, but it can control its own affairs and in this instance it didn’t, so lessons need to be learned. No more, no less.

Accountability needed after Jets-Fury postponement

Hi Fussball ist unser leben,
I can understand your concerns and it certainly was a difficult topic to handle. Unfortunately time can be a columnist’s enemy but my opinion is based on what I’ve seen, heard and read. I want to stress, though, there’s no hearsay or rumours to that. As you can read above, I’ve quoted several of the people involved to stress facts before presenting my opinion.

Accountability needed after Jets-Fury postponement

I think you are right, AndyRoo. I weighed up whether or not to mention the ACL spots but I couldn’t think why that would be a priority at this stage for the FFA, especially given the risks associated with a completely new FFA Cup.

Also I understand reducing the number of regular season matches played in the A-League wouldn’t fulfill the ACL’s requirements. I can’t remember the exact REGULAR SEASON requirement but 22 wasn’t an option. 27 perhaps? Anyone clarify that?

Why has FFA Cup suddenly been put on the agenda?

Cheers for the comments,
Agree with you all on your definition of being competitive in 2011. Certainly prior to Ablett signing on I had my concerns about Gold Coast in the short-term. The top 8 will be a stretch for a completely new team but they should cause some sides trouble, especially with home ground advantage in Queensland. If they win 5-6 games in 2011 I think they’d be content.

Now they've got Ablett, will Gold Coast be competitive?

Interestingly, Grant Smith, the AFL have decided if the replay ends a draw it will go to extra-time! That requires them to re-enact the rules on Monday. Seems a contradiction.

How do St Kilda and Collingwood rebound?

I tend to agree with you Anthony. On face value the Magpies looked more dejected, after all they’d thrown away a lead and probably should’ve put the game away after dominating the Inside-50s. They’ve gotta put that behind them though.

How do St Kilda and Collingwood rebound?

Gday Fully Loaded Man,
I never said Judd was undeserving. Just using this example and the resultant debate its caused to point out my views on the flaws of the system. Nothing more, nothing less.

There's a better way to decide the AFL's best player

Thanks amazonfan,
There’s a lot there to respond to and I don’t really want to get into a debate about who was the best player this season, as I didn’t watch every game of AFL footy this season, but popular opinion suggests it wasn’t Judd.

That’s subjective I agree. But the main point I want to make is I believe the system is flawed (and I’ve outlined those flaws in the article).

Yep, sometimes guys who deserve to win it, win it, but sometimes not. I think the system could be improved and I’m floating ideas.

There's a better way to decide the AFL's best player

Thanks for your comment, Andrew

My opinion is the Brownlow is known as the most prestigious award because it is the AFL’s award. Always has been the AFL/VFL’s individual award and has alot of history and tradition behind it.

The fact it’s the AFL’s award has a lot to do with its prestige, but there’s obviously flaws in the way it functions when guys win it who clearly weren’t the ‘best’ player for the season. I feel that’s clear-cut.

So if the AFL is content to hand out this award every couple of years to guys who arguably aren’t the best player for a particular season then that appears to make little sense (sure most years the system gets it right, but the flaws leave it open to getting it wrong). That’s why I’m calling for a change to its format. It doesn’t actually achieve what it sets out to achieve.

There's a better way to decide the AFL's best player

Holger Osieck it is….. our boy Mike Tuckerman is right onto it;

Holger Osieck named as the new Socceroos coach

I just watched Osieck’s press conference from Slovenia, so he’ll be in attendance tomorrow morning watching our young Roos in Ljubljana. Extra motivation?

What can Socceroos gain from the Slovenia game?