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he is definitely another option. I expect him to anchor the Portuguese Defense very soon

Two improvements for Manchester United in the transfer market

Head is the future. I’d play him over Wade in the fourth test

Matthew Wade's latest shocking shot might be the end of the line

I think Garland on the Cavs is a shout for Most Improved.

Way-too-early NBA award predictions: Sixth man of the year and most improved player

Agree fully. I laugh when people say Lillard is better. He never was never will be

Stephen Curry: The disrespected superstar

Thanks! While Cade may not be as hyped up as Zion, i’d argue he is actually better at his age than Zion was when he was in college. And definitely better than Edwards and LaMelo too. Not Doncic though.

A way-too-early 2021 NBA mock draft

with how he started the season he probably will be a top 5 talent if he continues this

A way-too-early 2021 NBA mock draft

he’s just not good enough

The trouble with Joe Burns, selectors and the blame game