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Hi Nick, if you were to quickly pick a Wallabies XV now who would they be?

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Have really high hopes for the inclusion of Moana Pasifika and the Fijian Drua in the comp! I hope that both sides are made up of predominantly local players however I wouldn’t mind both teams recruiting some experienced halves (whether or not they are Fiji/Samoa/Tonga elligible for internation selection).

Why have SANZAAR remained silent on 2022 Super Rugby plans?

I don’t think we are talking about a jockey switching to league 😂

Sydney Roosters reportedly close to luring star All Black to the NRL

TJ is one of the best defensive half backs you will ever see. He is like having an extra loose forward out there. Sure he will do fine

Sydney Roosters reportedly close to luring star All Black to the NRL

Legendary player 🏉

Former Wallaby Scott Fardy announces retirement from rugby

Great news! 2 Pacific teams will be an excellent idea. Now that is looking like a great comp. Funnily enough I think super rugby started with a team from Samoa in it and now we have come full circle 🏉 If it’s a 12 team comp or two 6 team conferences then playoffs, I’m happy with either

Two Pacific Island teams given green light to join Super Rugby in 2022 results (with a minimum of 50 kicks and ranking graded on difficulty):
Daly 3
Pollard 24
Steyn 29
Barrett 82
Hodge 201

Interesting with Hodge, as to be honest he has great distance but doesnt actually land many!!!

Leathering it: Who has the biggest boot in world rugby?

Great article. According to Elliot Dally has the best results of those mentioned once difficulty is taken into account. Although I notice that they dont have this seasons super rugby au and Aotearoa up yet and Barrett has been in fine touch with his kicking this season

Leathering it: Who has the biggest boot in world rugby?

Yeh 10 might be a bit overstated but I would rather any of the super rugby wingers who have at least played in that position defensively for a while. Could you imagine the ABs coming against a winger with a handful of professional rugby games under his belt. It would be a bloodbath

Vunivalu eyes return to stake Wallaby case

Yep, good call Peter K. So many good wingers at the moment. He would be lucky to be tenth in line. If he is capped it is a joke and I would lose a lot of faith in Rennie as a credible coach. Wouldnt even make the bench in the Reds. He should work is way up like Tom Wright did (granted Wright didnt have the name for himself or league success that Vunivalu has)

Vunivalu eyes return to stake Wallaby case

Great article Brett 🏉 Things are looking the brightest from an oz rugby perspective in a long time. Very confident that both Reds and Brumbies have the ability to beat any of the NZ teams on their day as they are both playing smart, effective, team rugby.

Reds-Brumbies has become 'the' modern-day Australian rugby rivalry

Good points capping Vunivalu would be an insult to all the other form wingers on the comp. League converts should play some club footie to get a hang of the game first

Hodge done for Super Rugby season after injuring knee

We really do over hype players too young and put far too much pressure on them. Look at Chris Feauai-Saitia. He was hyped very early from his under 20s success and got Wallabies caps very young. But injuries and not finding his best position meant he never became what he was hyped to be.

Hope the same doesnt apply to JP. We just need to judge him on his performances like every other player (regardless of if we think he will be a “superstar” in the future or not). In reality he has probably had 1 or 2 good matches this year and the rest average or poor. He himself would probably be pretty frustrated with how he has played.

Both players mentioned basically had the bodies of men when younger players were still developing physically. They were stringer and faster than their counterparts so that grew their confidence and played good rugby. Once you hit the top level you cant just rely on physical ability so it can be frustrating for these players who cant do things as easy as they used to.

I’m sure JP has the ability to grow his game but on overall form this year I couldnt select him in the Wallabies 23 on form.

Brad Thorn says the 'Lomu rule' applies to Jordan Petaia

Good article Tim 🏉

Tommy Raudonikis was a legend and larrikin... and a thug

Nick, I have to give you big wraps. Always look forward to your articles. I have to agree with some of the other posters that this article in particular and the discussion that has followed is the best yet!

You have just hit the nail on the head of the mistake that coaches in oz have been making for a long time ‘picking style over substance’.

Do you think that the likes of Rennie or Throne would read these articles and actually take some of the thoughts on board???

Why picking the best players does not always make the best team

Great comment. I always thought the same about players like Kerevi and Folau. On the outset it looks like they are great players but both have huge deficicencys and dont contribute to other players around them playing well. After years of watching both i changed my opinion of them being ‘great players’ to net negative players overall for the team.

Why picking the best players does not always make the best team

Hi Nick,
I’d like to get your analysis on Marika Koribete. Personally, I thought his first few years in rugby were very poor but has hit his straps in the last few. I have mixed feelings on on the way he plays. Love his work close to the ruck in attack, I dont think I have seen a much better pick and go merchant than him. But, he is a winger and really doesnt get over the line much or is that much of a threat in open space compared to others. I find his defense a bit wild as he rushes out and misses too much. Where does he fit in a team? A impact bench player might be best? Wouldnt mind any of Muirhead, Wright or Dangunu on the wings myself

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Very true Highlander, unfortunately there is too much emphasis on ‘highlight reel’ players especially in oz!!!

Why picking the best players does not always make the best team

Great article Nick! Stewart deserves much more accolades. I get the same feeling Karlmicheal Hunt would have made a similar difference for the Tahs, what do you think???

Why picking the best players does not always make the best team

Great article Brett. Good to see JOC pointing out Stewart and Hegarty. Both very underrated and provide balance to the Reds backline. What do you think has happened to Petaia??? His form has been very bad this year and by rights shouldn’t be starting at the Reds let alone the Wallabies. I always worried that with so many injuries so young that he might lose that physical edge he had then become frustrated… hope it’s not happening now. What do you think???

Who’d be a coach? The endless pursuit of the perfect game

The real shame will be if he doesnt play anymore until he gets brought back for the kiwi teams. He will be a big target in defense.
Always going to be a waste of money when you already have good wings anyway. Gifting him a Wallaby Jersey is an insult to players who have had to work their way up.
Koribete had a shocking first couple of years in rugby in my opinion and just found his feet the last 2 and is playing very well now. However, he was taking a spot in the Wallabies and Rebels while learning the game. Because of the bad first two years I’d say he is just breaking even overall now.
Not a great return on investment.
On the flipside look at a bloke like Hunter Paisami. Had to work real hard to get where he is and got a lucky break with the injury to Paisami. There are a lot more gems like him out there who just need the chance.

Vunivalu left hamstrung in Super Rugby AU

Would love to see Jones back in oz rugby

Winless Waratahs axe Rob Penney

Yep, have wondered that myself. Steve Hanson coached Wales to 11 successive defeats then years later went on to coach the All Blacks to their best winning runs in history??? Not that the coach has nothing to do with it but there is a lot of factors

Winless Waratahs axe Rob Penney

Yeh MacMahon was the greatest loss to oz rugby. A complete player, he would of been something special in the green and gold

Waratahs facing all-time low

Brilliant Nick, thanks 👍

Why the Queensland Reds are skating on thin ice