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Yeh agree, think he is overhyped just like what happened with Petaia

Trophies on agenda after Wilson's big year

You can’t fault him for effort. He gives 110% and plays with his heart. It’s just his decision making in attack and defence is very poor. Everyone remembers the tackle when he rushed to take McKenzie in the bledisloe. They forget the many other times he has rushed out of the line and let in tries. He is excellent at the pick and goes from the base of the ruck too but throws a lot of silly passes as well. But, I just think we lose more than we gain with him as a whole.

Australian rugby targets need for speed

Wright, Dangunu and Ramm… would have them all in the team ahead of a lad with zero professional rugby experience and a million dollar contract

Australian rugby targets need for speed

Great article Nick. What the Wallabies dont understand us that aggressive defence and a sound kicking game creates better opportunities for attack by both creating more turnover ball and giving more variety in attack. All our efforts under cheika and now Rennie to play ‘entertaining attacking’ rugby has done the opposite. Us predictably running into a set defensive line again and again until we eventually lose the ball. The best thing we did all season was Hodges chip kick into the Abs 22 to score. Hopefully more to come

Why defence is trending ahead of attack in modern rugby

Good points. However the Waalabies did far too little of point 3 and have done for years. Rennies selections didnt help our breakdown either. I had high Hope’s for this area of our game with Rennie but there has been very little improvement. Hopefully next year

A promising Wallabies start leaves us with the same unanswered questions

21 losses from 25 tests for Hanningan!
W9 L12 D3 are the real figures!
Might want to change your name to ‘Trump’ 😂

James O'Connor back at 10 for Wallabies' final Test of the year

Very true. Naisarani improved alot at the breakdown and is a real threat on the ball now but he seems majorly out of favour with selectors. Surely, Rennie etc must understand they need at least 4 or 5 threats at the breakdown on the field at once … as you say they currently have 2 at best

6-6-6: Where is the big beast of the Wallaby back row?

Great article Nick. Along with tactical kicking the defensive breakdown has been the Wallabies (and oz rugby in general) major weakness since 2015. I had high hope’s Dave Rennie would fix this but his selections have indicated this is not on his to-do list at all. Any thoughts why? Wright would be an excellent inclusion. To sure up the breakdown, I would play Hannigan in the 2nd row, have Uelese or McInnery on the bench, HJH in the mix too. What do you think?

6-6-6: Where is the big beast of the Wallaby back row?

Brilliant article WAE! Winning rugby is all that matters. The wallabies that held the bledisloe for 5 years (and every other trophy) just played a nice balanced traditional rugby style. Loved the match at Suncorp and want to see more of it!

Running rugby: not in my name!

Very true. Saveas leg drive and pure will after contact is just brilliant

Picking a winner in the Wallabies-Pumas game is too risky

Great article Daniel 🏉 As you said, the breakdown is an area we may struggle as it has been a constant area of issue over the past few years. Should be a brilliant match!

Where Australia vs Argentina will be won and lost

I wonder if anyone knows if ever in the history of rugby that 2 teams have played each other after both coming off victories over the All Blacks in their last matches??? Should be a cracker!

Tupou promoted as Dave Rennie makes five changes to Wallabies team for Argentina clash

Rooting for Hodge again. Must say didnt think the decision was great to play him in 10 in Brissie but very glad to be wrong! It really fills me with confidence to hear Philip say that Hodge is always researching the game. That is the type of player you need in 10. Should be a great match!!!

Wallabies back Hodge to deliver again

Great to see the Pumas get up! I thought they would do much better last year by capitalising on the great play of Jaguares. Maybe now it’s all starting to come through. Makes the rugby championship great. The ABs will bounce back for sure though!

Pumas beat All Blacks for the first time

Great news 🏉 next year looking excellent

Trans-Tasman Super Rugby competition confirmed for 2021

Sounds perfect. 5 oz, 5 nz, fiji, combined samoa tonga. That will be a brilliant comp

New Zealand Rugby confirm trans-Tasman comp in the works

Yeh it’s a shame for the other wingers who have all had great seasons. Tom Wright has well and truly earnt his spot by coming across and working his way through super rugby. Wright looks like a real star of the future. Theres a lot to be said for starting at the bottom and working the way up. Marika has had some very good games for the Wallabies last year and this year (all be it up and down) but the first few seasons there is no way he was up to international standard and almost not super rugby level. It’s unfair to other players to be promised or contracted Wallaby jerseys

"We want him to earn the right to play": Dave Rennie speaks about Vunivalu's Wallabies call-up

Brilliant stuff Nick! The beard call is great 😂

How the bench warmed Australian hearts in Brisbane

Great news! Rugby on free to wire is a dream come true. Even if it is for less money the increase in interest domestically will be worth its weight in gold!

New broadcast deal puts Rugby Australia on cloud Nine

Yep great to see Jordie get stuck into the breakdown a couple of times

Five talking points from Bledisloe 4

Yep it’s a recurring theme with oz rugby – not knowing when to kick or not. Tate should have kept playing it and running down the clock then. Whereas, many other times in the game we were guilty of playing too much in our own half when it wasnt on and should have kicked

Five talking points from Bledisloe 4

Thought Tom Wright looked pretty good in that gold jersey today. Played like he had 50 caps. The future looks bright in the wings for us

Wallabies win Bledisloe 4 thriller in Brisbane

Well holding the ball for the sake of it hasnt exactly worked out for us the last 5 years! In fact the only time we have kicked more often than the ABs this series was in the draw… but it has to smart contestable kicks. The kick to caleb clarke from joc was an absolute shocker! High contestable kicks are golden in rugby. Look how many the ABs (the consistently best team in the world the last 20 years) do!

All Blacks planning to work over Reece Hodge

Yep boot it long from the 22. Pressure the lineout, pressure the breakdown. Boot it high from our own half (when out of the 22) pressure the back 3 in the air and in then breakdown 🏉 The more we kick the more chance we have of winning so long as we are not passive in defence (particularly the breakdown)

All Blacks planning to work over Reece Hodge

Yeh it seems like madness to put in a makeshift 10 against the all blacks

Breaking down all of the Wallabies changes for Bledisloe 4