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Ben is a journalist and radio host currently living and working in New Zealand where he thankfully has retained his Australian accent and normal admiration for sheep since moving there in 2018. He has a particularly strong passion (and somewhat obsession) with Formula 1, as well as North American sports. Ask him about his beloved Raptors winning the NBA Championship in 2019. He'll happily engage in conversation with you about it again and again and and again....



1. I think the main difference over people having that opinion is that the large majority of F1 fans can agree that this decade hasn’t been the greatest. No decade has ever seen so limited amount of World Champions and such a dominance from one team/driver without any significant changes to curtail that. Two seasons of great fighting sure, but the remaining 8, not so much (with a few exceptions). The early 2000s were bemoaned for being boring but even then you had tight fights in 2000 and 2003 and then every other year turned out to be fantastic for title battles. This decade is just far too outweighed by the lacklustre.
2. Overtaking shouldn’t be easy. That’s my point. These are the best drivers in the world. They should fight for it and not be aided by something to help them do that. Watching them battle without any assistance is great and one of the reasons I watch this sport. I agree with you above about strategy being apart of it and I’m not one of these people who want the sport to increase overtaking for the show because it’s not all about overtaking. But when it is, I prefer it to be natural and not aided.
3. Brazil rarely throws out a bad race. So yes, it is a perfect finale for the season.
4. I think the Dutch GP will have issues as the circuit is notoriously tight and difficult to overtake. Yes the atmosphere will be incredible, maybe the best we’ve ever seen. But sadly an atmosphere does not make a great race. Vietnam will be very interesting and I’m excited to see F1 enter a completely new territory.
5. I remember when Ricciardo came in and Webber was there too. That was the first time I ever got to experience having two Aussies in at once. I remember growing up we had no Aussies so getting Webber in was a massive deal. So having two Canadian drivers to me almost feels the same as having two Aussies in at once. It’s exciting. And you will like Stroll one day I swear…

Five talking points from the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

I’m also planning on doing some decade articles so it’ll be interesting to see what we come up with as I think we’ll have some very different viewpoints it sounds!

Five talking points from the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

If I could agree with your comment anymore I would hug you. I think you summed it up well. People seemingly distinguish this era in a similar way to the early 2000s, but they are completely different based on how things changed up.

Sadly I think the early 4 years get lumped into the decade in general as people perceive them as ‘boring’ too given Vettel won every year. But you’re right, two and a half of those seasons were gems, and even the latter half of 2013 and 2011 were memorable for different reasons.

I’m planning on doing some articles on the decade in general, and it’s definitely not the greatest highlight for the sport when the majority of highlights happened in the first couple of years.

Five talking points from the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Sorry, must’ve misread this. I don’t seem to see a C Judd in the team. I’ll refresh to make sure I got the proper team to load

Revealing The Roar's AFL team of the decade for the 2010s

You know one thing that I completely forgot to add and I was planning on it was the finish of the two Alfa cars. 4th and 5th. Incredible. Sure some results went their way but I mean it did for Gasly and Sainz as well. Think back two seasons ago to imagine we would see those two cars in those positions. Great performance by both drivers!

Five talking points from the Brazilian Grand Prix

Yeah can’t imagine blogging about parts of it were that exciting. You do a great job with it though!

Five talking points from the Brazilian Grand Prix

I hold Palmer’s opinion as highly as I do the F1 career of Yuji Ide

Five talking points from the Brazilian Grand Prix

I agree with your Vettel comment. I think a lot gets lost on him “making mistakes” which 95% of the time I think is unfair. Your examples are spot on. Compare that to Hamilton, who I swear is the luckiest driver in the history of F1. Admittedly I think Vettel was in the wrong for this incident (very reminiscent of Turkey 2010) but as you mentioned, terrible luck for that amount of damage to happen for such a small touch

Max Verstappen, Pierre Gasly and Carlos Sainz: an unexpected podium for an unexpectedly crazy Brazilian Grand Prix

My viewpoint has nothing to do with the drivers I was following. I genuinely thought the middle section was lackluster. Yeah I get the strategy was interesting and I enjoy that, but I think people are talking this up like it’s on par with what we saw in Germany and I think the difference is that was one of the rare races that come around every 3 or 4 years and is full of incredible action and you’ll remember for a long time. This one was about 35% great, 40% meh and 25% bleh

Max Verstappen, Pierre Gasly and Carlos Sainz: an unexpected podium for an unexpectedly crazy Brazilian Grand Prix

Honestly this race was only exciting for the last 15 or so laps and maybe the first 2-3 laps. Everything else in the middle was pretty uneventful. Case in point watch the official highlights package. It basically skips everything until the latter half!

Sad for Carlos that they couldn’t make that penalty decision a priority and have him up on the podium properly. Remember Mexico 2016? They made a decision quick enough then, why not now? It’s great he got a bit of podium joy later on but I mean the guy has been waiting for over 100 races to get up there and then it still wasn’t proper. And just think of poor Nico watching on as two drivers get their first podiums and he probably has one more race left. Poor guy…

I’m just going to slowly drink more alcohol to forget about Ferrari and Lance in this race…*sigh*

Max Verstappen, Pierre Gasly and Carlos Sainz: an unexpected podium for an unexpectedly crazy Brazilian Grand Prix

As a kid I remember being hooked to the Atlanta coverage and that kept me hooked to the ABC for most of my life. It helped my huge passion for the Olympics and I loved falling asleep to each subsequent Olympics coverage in the years that followed. This is a sad day for Australian sport indeed

Sad day for Australian sport as ABC opts against broadcasting 2020 Olympics

Still not sold. It’s the same old selling point that they introduce every single time new changes are announced. “Better racing, more overtaking”. And alas, we reach this point as ever. I also don’t agree with a salary cap as sorts. In theory, yes, it’s a great idea to try and even things out. But teams are still able to spend whatever they want on the top talent to bring to their team. And F1 has always been and always should be the peak of motorsport and the peak of technology. I think in restricting this it’s not going to be that way anymore. It’s also something that I don’t see working the way they want it to, as there will be ways and means around it which teams will be able to exploit.

Also, no changes to the engines? Ugh. Perhaps the most disappointing of them all.

2021 will be interesting and I hope it works out. But for now, I’ll remain skeptical

F1 is about to go through a massive change

I’m bi-polar on Hamilton. Was a huge fan of his when he started, mild-mannered fan throughout most of the years and now he’s just hit and miss. Supreme talent? Yes. Helped by the period and team he drives for with the amount of records he is set to hold? Yes. Just can never fully get a handle on the guy. But I agree, his moaning can be slightly aggravating

F1 here is shown on a mobile phone companies sporting app, and I actually watched the Australian feed this weekend from Fox Sports, a fact that was annoying given they cut away from the podium before I got to see Tiesto. I’m a mad Tiesto fan, so, not a good moment! And yes, I think Mexico is great to have that and I shouldn’t say I’m completely opposed to things like that, but again I think there is a fine line. And yeah, it’s tricky to fully get it right. For example I loved the over the top intro in Austin a few years ago when they were brought out onto the grid. That was awesome. But something about that car rising and that annoying selfie stig guy (who Vettel rightfully shoved out of the way) was a tad too much. The off track concerts I think are great ideas. I believe Australia started doing it years before it took off when they had Kiss as a headline act back in 2009 (not sure if other tracks did it before then) and it’s a great initiative. I was at Austin the first year they did it, although having Taylor Swift as the headline act definitely didn’t entice me to go

I think I need to leave my Stroll love a mystery to make it even more awesome moving forward 😉 and on that note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANCE!

Five talking points from the Mexican Grand Prix

I strung around so many thoughts about Ferrari but couldn’t come to a definitive conclusion about them. I think they did blow the race but at the same time Hamilton did so well that realistically what more could Ferrari have done? I spent 95% of the race thinking Vettel was going to win and alas, it didn’t happen. So yeah, tricky one

Five talking points from the Mexican Grand Prix

Portugal are always so hit and miss in big tournaments, it’s like a flip of the coin. You have stand out years like 2004, 2006, 2012 and 2016 and then years to forget like 2002, 2008, 2010, 2014 and 2018. It would be great to see some more consistency but I agree with you that they’ll go into next year with every opportunity to go back to back. They never really seem to attract the major attention that the likes of Germany, England, France and Italy do so that should also work in their favour

Portugal will be the dark horse at Euro 2020

Fantastic article Sam. I think all of these are perfect comparisons! As a Carlton fan I think you hit the nail on the head perfectly with the Knicks and Blues. Brilliant reading

If AFL clubs were NBA franchises

This is the first World Cup I’ve lived in New Zealand for and it has been fun experiencing it. New Zealanders sure have a very calm way about themselves when it comes to major sporting events and the expectation around it is fun to see. It’s also fun to get ribbed as an Aussie over here when they beat us in sport. Because you know, that happens in like…three sports right? Fun times…

As a New Zealander, this is why I don't like the World Cup

Where do you expect support to come from? Do you think that everyone who lives in an area that has a new team automatically supports the new team based purely on geography? Supporters build up over time. Everyone has to wear two different hats at some stage. Every single Tasmanian isn’t going to drop teams they have passionately supported for decades to automatically take Tassie as their new team. They will support both equally and pass on their new passion for a new team on to other generations. The amount of kids at Suns games decked out in red and gold shows just how well they are doing in getting the kids excited and supporting the team and how well the fan base will grow over the years

Do we even want the Gold Coast Suns to succeed?

I lived in Brisbane for about six months last year and found myself at more Suns games than Lions games. I went to the games a neutral supporter and found myself falling in love with their spirit and passion that their fans had, and even managed to spend a few games in their cheer squad. The majority of that cheer squad is filled with fans of other teams who come along week in and week out to show their support for the side and show that there is a desire for a team on the GC and a desire to have them succeed. That has always entrenched itself in my memory and can’t help but always root for them to have success and survive in the competition. As a Tasmanian I for one of course would love for us to have a team, but I hope that comes as a brand new franchise rather than simply getting the Suns. A great little team that hopefully will find some success soon

Do we even want the Gold Coast Suns to succeed?

Good point. I was trying to think of a way to weight in premierships too, but just decided to run it on a point system to keep it on par with all the other stats

Geelong is officially the best team of the decade

Thanks for the comment. I agree for sure with what you posted. I guess the same could be had for a lot of these crowd numbers. The switch to Adelaide Oval from Football Park as well, although that happened a lot earlier in the decade than the Perth switch. There was nothing based in these to come across with a Victoria bias at all, just read them purely on the numbers that I compiled. Agree there were a lot more that could’ve been added with it all as well (financial ones would be a great one to look at) so it would be interesting to look at those perhaps at another time!

Geelong is officially the best team of the decade

Have requested this to be edited slightly, thanks for picking this up for me!

Geelong is officially the best team of the decade

Ah…you’re right. Slight faux pas there on my behalf

Geelong is officially the best team of the decade

I agree. This is a great article and I think it makes some fantastic points. But I also think that Carlton really lost nothing and had nothing to lose with the trade. Worst case he plays a couple of games and sits out the rest of the season, but his presence alone will bring an extra 5k to both members and seats at games surely

Are AFL fairytales standing in the way of success?

You should try watching F1 in this part of the world haha! Sunday evening races for the majority of the season, then we get 4am starts for Canada, US and Mexico, around the same for Brazil and then a midnight one for Abu Dhabi. The only good ones for us are obviously Australia, China and Japan being late Sunday afternoon. Singapore is decent too. But since living in New Zealand it’s even worse as it’s 2 hours later for every race! 1am starts basically for every European round…ugh.

Definitely remember Australia and Bahrain 2016. I was at the Australian race and everyone in the crowd was confused as to what was going on. It was good in theory, but in practice? Terrible. I actually was a fan of the one lap shoot out. I don’t see them bringing it back as this format generally works, but I’d like to see them scrap Q3 rules and let them have quali specific engines and tyres to let them go flat out like the good old pre-2003 days. Those sessions could be tedious, but they were still fascinating viewing and had a driver on the absolute edge of their capabilities for a hot lap. Really sorted the good drivers from the really great drivers.

I actually never attended a GP when there was a Sunday warm-up. My first ever race was 2003 in Australia when I was 16, and I remember there being the 2 hour test session on the Friday which was actually quite entertaining for a first taste of F1. But they somehow made it work back in the day so I’m not sure how they would do it today. Australia has a PACKED support race category. You don’t go more than at least 15 minutes without there being some form of action on the track. And I know they’ve added another category next year so yeah, it would be tricky. But I know having been to some other races around the world where there are barely any support categories, it would make it a bit easier. I remember attending my first Malaysian GP and there being like 2 support races and just hours of nothing. It was odd.

And thanks for the welcome! I’ve been floating around for a bit and finally decided to start writing and I’m definitely enjoying it and reading everything you guys have to write!

Five talking points from the Japanese Grand Prix