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Wallabies squad for Bledisloe 3: Dempsey returns from injury as Cheika names three potential debutants

I am firmly of the belief that , contrary to the tighthead argument , you pick your 10 first , as that choice will dictate the type of game you are going to play and from there , you pick the players to fit that gameplan . I sincerely don’t know what type of 10 Foley is , he’s not a Richardson type 10 man rugby 10 , he’s not a Larkham ghosting type of creating 10 , he’s not a flatout intelligent attacking Mark Ella type 10 , he’s not a harum scarum Cooper type 10 , he’s not a calm methodical keep it all together Lynagh.
All these guys with the some time exception of Cooper had sides picked to complement their 5/8 skills. None needed a second playmaker and , other than Cooper, all defended in the 10 channel.
If Foley is a 10, and I’m not convinced he is , then a side needs to be picked that complements his strengths , whatever they maybe.

Why were the Wallabies so slow to show up in Salta?

best comment of the day

Bernard Foley re-signs with Rugby Australia until 2019

Hi Nick very good as usual, Kepu would be my first pick for us and for me for has been for years but in your last example Kepu was first there a good 3 seconds after Genia was tackled , sought of begs the question of where was everyone else.
Kepu , a 10 in a props body.

Another world-class bench-press from the Wallabies' impact players will do wonders in Bledisloe 3

The pods working hard off the ball is probably the most incite full thing said about the wallabies all year, they have to worked harder off the ball everywhere. Great article.

Why the Wallabies' Plan A isn't working

I bet the Japanese will be better hosts than some , tattoo or not.

When did showing respect become a big ask?

Great tribute article

This is why Test cricket is played

Pretty sure riddler is Foleys’ dad.

Foley: Wallabies' attack based on strong defence

The possession %s had everything to do with both halves , we didn’t have to tackle in the 2nd half and finally decided to go direct.

Wallabies do it to us again. So what now?

Geez Louise, AAC , a major part of the problem, he’s the guy who taught Folau how ( not ) to pass. About as selfish as you get.

Michael Cheika must go, but who should replace him?

I’d have Fisher as caretaker till after the WC , I’d appoint a 3 man team to set the KPIs , the term of reviews, the behavioural standards, the expectations of interactions with the press and public and then conduct a real search for the right person or persons. There are a reasonable amount of possibilities out there , all with particular strengths and weaknesses.
We can never again be put in a position that we have to accept poor work because we panicked at contract time and left no way out.
The WC dream is over , we are a broken side , let’s not panic , stem the bleeding for sure , but get the structure right this time and make sure we can react quickly in the future if we are breaking down again.

Michael Cheika must go, but who should replace him?

I read recently that the original Russian roulette was played (?) with one empty chamber and 5 full ones , this surely is the version Cheika is playing.

Why is Michael Cheika playing Russian roulette with his career?

I don’t think anyone could accuse this Aussie side and coaches of overthinking.

With pride on the line, the Wallabies must be 'no frills' in Salta

Yep , so much for the natural back row he was rumoured to be selecting , Cottrell was obviously taken for a holiday and although I’m not as big a fan of Toomua as some here, lately he’s been the only back that looked like one ,so of course Cheika drops him.

With pride on the line, the Wallabies must be 'no frills' in Salta

Cheers, maybe stupid is the correct description. Thanks for publishing the team.

With pride on the line, the Wallabies must be 'no frills' in Salta

Ok, just found it ,insane, …

With pride on the line, the Wallabies must be 'no frills' in Salta

Has the side been picked and if so is it published anywhere.

With pride on the line, the Wallabies must be 'no frills' in Salta

Well said , wish I could be as clear and concise as this when I comment.

Cheika: Beale flyhalf experiment over

he was doing the Munster Mash , a popular dance in Rocky

Strewth Todd! You’ve got to be suspended for kicking a bloke in the head

Beale has been much worse for Aussie rugby than just about anyone I can recall, As far as QLD is concerned , if he suddenly discovered religion I’m sure he would have been given a start.

Cheika: Beale flyhalf experiment over

I guess you just proved JUST WRONG’s point , poor old QC, nowhere near the team and still feels the hate.

Cheika: Beale flyhalf experiment over

Love that Kiwis are arguing over 10s and 15s , just like Aussies do , only you do it with real players , we do it with pretenders , most who don’t even play in their normal position.

The All Blacks 10: Why Barrett and McKenzie are the future

Garbage like that is why we are where we are. We need more articles like the rugby pass one rather than the soft c stuff we get from roar experts and main stream media reporters. We are being served up rubbish both on and off the field.

Cheika: Beale flyhalf experiment over

there you go , you can find a fact to fit any fancy , incidentally I wouldn’t have Pocock as captain in any case , just look at his record. We need a cool calm ref whisperer , not the whingy winy type we have at the moment and I include Pocock and Genia in that description.

Captains Michael Hooper and Jim Furyk share a common denominator - both dead in the water

maybe he should make it a one test minimum, then there would be a slew at 100% loss record. it is of course his article and he can set the minimum wherever he likes. you could write an article and set the bar wherever you like and then we can snipe at you , what fun.

Captains Michael Hooper and Jim Furyk share a common denominator - both dead in the water