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Langer told him he must bat further up the order . runs at 7 or 6 don’t count . might write a book about this and call it Catch22.

Australia's batting future on show in Hobart today

You make much more sense than the selectors.

Glenn Maxwell's career has become a 12-part crime podcast

Maxwell at 7 , they’re determined not to let him shine and embarrass them. JLs interview was a joke

Cricket's successful formula - players play, coaches coach, selectors select - and never double up

late swing pinned against his stumps , with his technique he’ll be a walking LBW.

Will Pucovski must be a two-year commitment, not a two-Test thought bubble

but was Handcombs problem against spinners , I reckon not , his technique is a real problem against pace and the cricketing world know this. Once you are found out you need to drop back and address the problem. I reckon . in the main this mob they have selected is a pretty technically correct side so now they have to show the ticker and intelligence to be a test player.

Will Pucovski must be a two-year commitment, not a two-Test thought bubble

yeh , that was my point , when he goes he goes big,

Just let Will Pucovski be Will Pucovski

He scored the runs , he deserves the average, why do you want to cheapen his efforts and it’s not as if the 243 is an outlier.

Just let Will Pucovski be Will Pucovski

Good interview with him on fox.

Revealed: Australia's Test XI to face Sri Lanka (as chosen by the fans)

I can be much more condescending , I haven’t even tried yet. Please show me where his argument is. there are bodies buried is not an argument, it is at best an unsubstantiated rumour.

Sorry folks, sandpaper-gate ain’t over just yet

well sheek I disagree . I reckon a lot of us here have been there done that at varying levels. Being very good at something doesn’t necessarily make you a good mentor or trainer and I would argue that the only thing G Chappell has excelled at is batting . I actually agree with a degree of picking for the future ie the Pontings and Waughs of this world. One wonders though , would they or say Dougie Walters be picked today , probably not.
You really don’t need to be a brain surgeon to work out that a journey man like Finch is never going to make it in the red ball game. Go with the brave and talented , let them sink or swim.
And the brave and talented need to have a technique that is noy going to be broken down at the first video review.

The wizards of Aus: Why the selectors must go

He doesn’t have an argument , there is nothing to challenge except his innuendo and that my dear friend is the signature of a gossip , not a reporter.

Sorry folks, sandpaper-gate ain’t over just yet

Craddock is the type of reporter I so dislike, payed to report but sits back smugly saying I know more about this but doesn’t say what , just wink wink nudge nudge and when the s hits the fan says , see , I told you so. If what he knows is a proper story it should be reported, if it is just salacious gossip he should shut up and look for real stories , both good and bad.

Sorry folks, sandpaper-gate ain’t over just yet

Good post , true grit , the description I’ve been searching for all season. Warner , recently has gone from never to be picked again to 2nd choice . Defeat does that to you , forces forgiveness.

Ashes questions have to dictate Brisbane and Canberra selections

All on potential but they all had noticeable steel in their backbones and didn’t mind a blue , something lacking from recent selections.

The Australian selectors must choose runs over potential

If the bronks go well you can be sure Wayne will take the credit saying this is the team he built and the reason he wanted to stay this year.

The great NRL coach-off

Seems to be that you have a fair bit of support from a lot of people who have skin in the game . I’m in my 7th decade and have witnessed some very ordinary selections over the journey but have yet to see a poorer panel than this mob with the probable exception of RA who have only one selector. Keep up the good work.

The wizards of Aus: Why the selectors must go

We lost the series today , sorta says it all.

Six talking points from Australia vs India fourth Test

Slowly but surely the conmen in suits have taken over and jobs for mates has become epidemic with people obviously not up to their responsibilities being kept on in spite of their failures. If Aussie sport was the banking industry there would be a royal commission.

Are Australia's coaches really developing the players they're working with?

We used to start our series at the Gabba , on a lightning quick green top our quicks would immediately have won the early mental battle and off to Perth just to Re enforce things before we hit the benign Adelaide and Melbourne pitches by which time the opposition would be scarred black and blue and out of the contest.

What happened to the Aussie attack?

One of the true greats from a family of true greats. We are all a little poorer today.

Australian rugby loses one of the greats as Wallaby legend John Thornett dies, aged 83

The best humour is based on truth but there is far too much truth in this article.

Good news! We can stop calling for replacements, there's none there

Welcome Nav , good article, agree with all .

Four key moments from Day 1, fourth Test - India v Australia

Fair dinkum , this is a guy that has averaged 35 in 1st class cricket for over 12 years , shouldn’t be in a shield side let alone the test team.

Finch can be successful in the Test arena: Coach

Finch doesn’t average above 37 in any form of cricket no matter where he bats. Another good fella apparently.

Lehmann calls for Finch move down order

And yet we have Chris Lynn running around with a SS average of 43 with a steady strike rate of 55 ( he’s no slasher in 1st class) and doesn’t even get a mention. Way way in front of Head.

Langer a busy man, but not nearly as busy as his assistants should be…