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Love the attempt to break down this trade into a pure 1 on 1 mathematical comparison; but it just doesn’t work like that.
Footy is a team game. When Danger plays he is an awesome one man show….. at exclusion of his team mates. His ferocious attack on the the ball and resultant hardball gets are second to none; but his disposal of the hard won football is often terrible. His lowlights reel would feature many shanks resulting in direct gifts to the opposition, and be almost as long as his highlights reel (which is as good as any).
I would argue that Danger leaving the Crows has allowed Sloane & Crouch to fill the gap, who both have far better disposal skills than Danger. I would also argue that Dangers inclusion in Geelong has curbed the Selwoods influence somewhat, and their amazing ability to milk free kicks while attempting the hardball get……..
As for Wayne Milera; he is certainly better than Ian Perrie (remember him?)….. And come to think of it, Danger reminds me of Perrie when it comes to disposal by foot…..

Response: Are Adelaide winning the Dangerfield trade?

less than half the years that SOO has been played, and all of their inclusions irrelevant. Still, I’ll concede you half a point.

You’re now up to 3.5 out of 8.

The one move that would re-energise the AFL pre-season

Imagine if the Crows had taken Matthew Pavlich instead of Ken McGregor……..
Or if they’d kept Gunston, Davis and Bock………

Are the Adelaide Crows winning the Patrick Dangerfield trade?

Tassie has never had a SOO side, include QLD, NSW, ACT and NT. So we’re looking at 3 of 8.
Back to you Einstein

The one move that would re-energise the AFL pre-season

I for one, enjoy the JLT series. It gives the spectators a chance to see many of the new draftees and the players outside the top 22 in action. A lot of these guys remain unsighted in the H&A series.

I was also thoroughly entertained by the AFLX. Fast, entertaining and featuring the best of the best.

I have no burning desire to see a state vs state competition. Less than half of our states and territories are represented, thus less than half would care. Don’t we already have a version of State of Origin in the TLC cup? Broadcast that on FOX.

The one move that would re-energise the AFL pre-season

We had Foxtel streaming the AFLW games all weekend. Can’t say I found any of them “edge of my seat” riveting. I actually found it incredibly boring.
Frankly I’m getting a little sick of people telling me that I’m somehow being an “ist” of some sort because I don’t talk up something I don’t enjoy. But then again I don’t watch test cricket; car racing, any form of rugby, table tennis, badmington…… anything actually, except AFL….. and even then, usually only my own team.
Don’t hate AFLW, just not interested in it. Thus am very unlikely to spend any future time or money on it.
So, should it stay or should it go? Don’t care either way.

More respect is needed for AFLW

A person without integrity shouldn’t be commenting on the integrity of others.
Just go away Garry Lyon.

'D---head': Garry Lyon slams Jack Watts' 'stupidity' over leaked video