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If the Boks terrify you just watch their match at Loftus today, you will soon feel better

Bledi hell! Wallabies walloped by brilliant All Blacks

Yeah, I thought during the week the media was laying it on a bit thick. I suppose it is human nature to want that optimism that things are turning around, realism is often far from the minds of supporters and then media can sweep you away onto the belief everything’s going to be OK.

It is important to remember the AB’s are the best team in the world and they too factor into these equations.

I think those who held onto realistic expectations expecte a big come back from NZ

The media are to blame for the Wallabies' failure

Sounds like they are registered at birth 😉

The world's most rugby-mad nation - by players per capita

Regardless of the red card which obviously put a real challenge for NZ, I thought Australia looked good even before Barrett was sent off.

There was a vast improvement in the physicality at the breakdown, the best collective performance at the ruck in a long time.

If the forwards can maintain their execution at set piece and their physicality at the contact area then they are in with a real shot of winning the RWC.

They have the backs, Cheika need to buckle down on his back line now, the one today performed well,

Hodge had a great first half, White was solid, Leali’ifano is the obvious choice at ten, Kerevi and O’Connor did well as a unit considering it is their first match as a pairing.

They certainly aren’t Tim Horan and Jason Little, but can offer more than Kerevi and Kurindrani.

Back three looked solid.

Nine talking points from Wallabies vs All Blacks

Barrett didn’t get much opportunity tonight. Hard to judge him on this performance.

Wallabies beat All Blacks after dominant second half in Bledisloe 1

Wallabies were looking good in the first half with Barrett still on. Their forwards hit the rucks hard, their set piece was great and they dominated possession.

Wallabies beat All Blacks after dominant second half in Bledisloe 1

cheers Tman, that would be the icing on the cake.

Wallabies vs All Blacks preview and prediction

It is 2019 Tman, past results are largely irrelevant, different teams, different players, different circumstances.

Besides, the margin between performing and not performing is a mere few percentage points.

Wallabies and for that matter All Blacks could just click and either could put in a great performance.

Or it might just not. 😉

Wallabies vs All Blacks preview and prediction

it is a rare occurrence for any team to have their best 23 in a match day. You’re lucky if you get close to it.

Wallabies vs All Blacks preview and prediction

Last three tests between NZ and SA delivered 20 tries, 11 NZ and 9 SA.

Nothing ugly about that.

But then beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

a True connoisseur appreciates whatever tactics is necessary to down an opponent, but then not everyone is a connoisseur.

World Cup: Winning ugly a pretty attractive option for Wallabies

Perhaps classifying them as extremists will sum up most of the atrocities.

Israel Folau begins court action against Rugby AU and Waratahs

I reckon nobody really pays attention, or actually cares whether Hansen prioritises this over that.

As far as Barrett is concerned, he will only get away with it once or twice, then referees will monitor him.

Both issues are misnomers in my view.

The Rugby Championship: The feet-up week


Zimbabwe remembers historic win over All Blacks

Hi Bobwire, I think the match in Argentina will confirm whether we are on our way, we win that I will concur.

Zimbabwe remembers historic win over All Blacks

home town referee and such 😉

Zimbabwe remembers historic win over All Blacks

Brett perhaps it is time now for Cheika to stick to the Kerevi Kurindrani midfield combo, and focus on working on Kerevi putting Kurindrani away with more ball in hand.

O’Connor and Beale are multi talented and can slot in anywhere from the bench.

Focus should now be on making combinations work, there isn’t time to experiment anymore.

A win, signs of improvement, but still plenty of questions for the Wallabies

I don’t think there is time for trails anymore. Time to buckle down with what he believes is his best match day 23

Michael Cheika has found his Wallabies team, now he has to stick to it for the World Cup

Yeah Geoff, otherwise it would have been ballet as Pieter de Villiers once suggested 😉

The Wrap: So who’s a happy coach then?

I am all for experimentation, but I think there comes a time when a coach need to make the hard decisions and decide on his match day 23, consider Kitch Christie in 1995 had little time to get a team together and decided early on who his matchday 22 was. He stuck with that as far as possible.

Considering he hand only a handful of tests prior to the RWC he needed his combinations to settle as soon as possible.

Michael Cheika has found his Wallabies team, now he has to stick to it for the World Cup

Agree with you on that basis, contact sport is an intent to hurt, intimidate to create hesitation in the opposition.
Injury is unfortunately a consequence of a collision sport

The Wrap: So who’s a happy coach then?

We then thank the referee for his assistance. At this point we will take any help we can get.

Magical! The Springboks miraculously steal a draw in final play

Yeah well, you know this mercenary culture that has befallen professional rugby doesn’t sit well with me.

Steyn most certainly isn’t in the same class as Pollard, but, it is what it is.

I remember when Rassie started coaching, he started at the Cheetahs and had all sorts of innovative ideas, I suspect he will be a hot commodity in future seasons

The Wallabies can win the battle of the ruck

Yeah suspect the team getting rid of the jitters first will pull away, making heavy work for the other.

I think Rassie’s record will not change much, from earlier news he is stepping down as coach after the world cup, and will focus on his actual job, running rugby development etc.

The Wallabies can win the battle of the ruck

I am sure Hooper is faster than Michael Jones ????

The Wallabies can win the battle of the ruck

It will be interesting to see which team hit their straps first. You can expect both teams to be a bit rusty before the combinations gel.

Agree with Smoothy in regards to Marx and his line out throwing, problem is Bongi is even worse than Marx in finding his jumpers. New Zeala d will most definitely target the line outs, which could increase pressure on the line outs.

My biggest concern remains out back line defence.

New Zealand vs South African: Five key match-ups and predictions