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I am just wondering why Banks didn’t go for a HIA, harsh to expect referees to dish out a red card if the tackled player isn’t required to do an HIA, surely the requirement or non requirement is an indicator?

Tomkinson handed three-week ban over Banks hit

If there was suspected contact with the head would that not then be protocol?

Tomkinson handed three-week ban over Banks hit

Just a question, did Banks go for an HIA?

Tomkinson handed three-week ban over Banks hit

I empathize with these officials, yes on tv it looked like clear contact with the head, but it simultaneously made contact with most of his shoulder.

Either way you are going to be blamed for carding the tackler.

Tomkinson handed three-week ban over Banks hit

Thanks for that Harry, some perspective is always welcome

The Wrap: The Sunwolves and Super Rugby’s shame file

If Super 18 with its convoluted conferences didn’t work, why would a pro 18 work?

And considering the seven teams that came from Europe (remember the SA teams currently are ineligible to qualify for Champions Cup to protect the other teams) why would they now care to open it up to the SA teams?

The Wrap: The Sunwolves and Super Rugby’s shame file

NV, think about this.

Pro 14 has 14 teams in two conferences, it runs for 24 weeks
Gallagher Premiership has 12 teams and runs for 24 weeks
The French top 14 has 14 teams and runs for 28 weeks.
The European Champions Cup runs 9 weeks.
Six Nations for five weeks.

June test are usually three weeks
November test at least three weeks.
July August is the off season.

These three competition overlap quite a bit.

How do you fit in more teams?

The Wrap: The Sunwolves and Super Rugby’s shame file

perhaps, but no money in the world is going to provide you with more weekends in the year.

So by your suggestion how much money will be needed to throw away the old bucket and repurpose a new one taylor made for opposing rugby seasons to somehow be palatable for rugby players, fit more teams into already very long seasons, kick some teams out, or hash together some stupidly comlex conferences or pools, tell some teams they will no longer qualify for champions cup?

Makes little sense.

The Wrap: The Sunwolves and Super Rugby’s shame file

NV, problem is when a bucket can only take five liters, you cannot add a sixth.

The Wrap: The Sunwolves and Super Rugby’s shame file

Why is it an issue?

63 meter goal kicks are a rarity, why is it stupid? Because you say so?

Tries are scored in many different ways, should we also ban charge down tries because it seems stupid?

The Wrap: The Sunwolves and Super Rugby’s shame file

SARU isn’t going to join Europe. Just can’t see the European Unions bending over backwards to accommodate SA.

They as much as their fans habitually resist change.

The Wrap: The Sunwolves and Super Rugby’s shame file

I am taking it you see Berry as anti Ozzie, because at home he is accused of helping SA teams and in Australasia he is against Ozzie teams?


Brumbies call for red card consistency

Sharks are looking promising, lots of young talent, their problem will be lack of experience in big games.

Yet they will surprise a number of top teams.

Six talking points from Super Rugby Round 3

yeah, not a good start, getting to the play offs from here is going to be very tough.

Too soon for doom and gloom at Waratahs?

Yeah Nicholas, more can backfire after a statement like that, than can be gained

2020 coaches: Who will we see the best of?

I believe the expansion of Super Rugby was its downfall.

The twelve team single round robin was by far the best version of Super rugby

Ignore the Castle commotion and enjoy the rugby

You need Supersport, we get to watch it all.

Ignore the Castle commotion and enjoy the rugby

Low blow Neil 😔
You must discount Allister Coetzee’s reign

Time the NZAAR part of the partnership asked the obvious question of SA

We will have to wait and see, all just smoke at this stage

Time the NZAAR part of the partnership asked the obvious question of SA

Jacko, we are all interdependent, that much is clear for a number of reasons.

Firstly your first question, New Zealand and South Africa have always been the best rugby nations, long before professional rugby came to be. I believe Australia benefits the most in improving their quality since NZ played a big part in revitalizing Australian rugby .

But ultimately we all benefit from each other as we all have different strengths and what ons team doesn’t bring to the party another does.

I am a loyal fan to SH rugby, and most likely will always be. As for the three team participation it goes to how big the pot is to retain your best players to a degree, paying three squads the money you would pay 4, 5, or 6, squads makes sense to me.

Half the reason we struggle to keep financially afloat is too many professional teams.

The ARC, mitre 10 and Currie Cup already exist, they just need to be fine tuned in order to serve our unions for the greater good.

Time the NZAAR part of the partnership asked the obvious question of SA

Not sure that is as cut and dried as you suggest Jacko. How many teams in the Six Nations are really capable of winning a RWC?

Perhaps realistically England and France, and how many finals have they played? By memory 7 in total, so it is only the final hurdle that has eluded them.

Also remember SA is not England or France.

Time the NZAAR part of the partnership asked the obvious question of SA

To be honest, I think SARU’s move to Europe isn’t going to happen for a number of reasons.

I know the ARU and SARU doesn’t always see eye to eye.

Yet they have been bedfellows for twenty five years now, and with the new contract signed until 2025 it is still continuing.

Europe’s schedule is full, too full in my view. Their competitions overlap already, to me a season where you have to navigate a domestic comp, champions cup and inbetween a Six Nations meansEuropean rugby would have to overhaul their whole season if they want to accommodate SARU.

Already coaches, players and pundits are throwing their toys out the cot and that because of a rumour.

The authors of the article cannot provide even one source, so where do they get the information from, usually you would at least be able to quote one source.

Getting back to restructuring European rugby, I simply cannot see how.

Kick our Italy? Not likely.
Shorten their domestic season? No chance

The only possible way is to have SA run their Currie Cup and have teams qualify for the Champions cup, but then either the champions cup must expand to more pools or bigger pools, again how do they fit that in?

Or they must reduce the existing number of teams from Europe qualifying for the champions cup which would have huge ramifications in regards to revenue for those teams who would have previously qualified.

Then how do you fit an extra team in the Six Nations with an already chock a block calendar.

Then we come to the season, hot as dogs in SA during November to February. I can’t see those European fellows with their fair skin run around for 80 minutes in SA.

There are also historic reasons why it is very unlikely to happen, the Six Nations are the oldest international competition in the world, it is Euro centric, why would they open the door for an African country?

Will SARU just walk away from a history of 100 years with NZ? And lets be frank, Australia and SA have a 50/50 win rate since the trinations started, we see them as rivals as well.

I know we in the South are fighting a losing battle in regards to revenue and retaining players. But we are still the Big Three, even if we struggle at times.

I think the South needs an overhaul, but sadly the Administrators of SH rugby are fixated on staring at their inner eyelids.

There are some realities we all need to face. Unless weget a billionaire or two who dumps hundreds of millions into SH rugby we will never compete with salaries for international players.

That is the era of proffesionalism, and we cannot fight it.

Lets say for argument we double our tv revenue, it still won’t be enough to compete with overseas salaries.

It comes to acceptance, acceptance that we won’t compete again big brother financially.

Our strength lies in the fact that we beat them on the field, and ultimately that is what rugby is about, 8-1 in world cups is what matters, a superior win record for SA and NZ against all comers from the north, Australia themselves have a proud record against most from the north.

We need to go back to basics, look at what we can afford to pa our professionals a decent wage. More than that we cannot do.

We need to reduce the number of teams playing super rugby for two main reasons, condensing the competition will improve player management, something Europe is clearly not able to do.

Fewer proffessional, better wages for a core of players per union.

Imagine three Super Rugby teams per nation, SA, OZ and NZ. Another three maximum, whether they come from Argentina or Japan doesn’t matter.

Yes I know NZ will complain they have always had five teams, well, in my view NZRU has always been quite selfish in that regard and it is time they toe the line for future security of SH rugby.

The alternative is what I have suggested for some time.

Have a mitre 10, a currie cup, a ARC and let the top three qualify for a shortened version of the Super Rugby tournament.

I know this won’t go down well, but the expansion to Japan and Argentina was the cause of many of our issues, more travel, more games, but really not much more revenue.

In an ideal world I would not have Argentina and Japan in the Super Rugby comp.

I would however expand the RC to six teams, SA, NZ, OZ, Arg, Japan, and one qualifier from the Pacific Islands.

We need to realise we can only pay what we pay, if our players are playing all over the world for more money, good on them, and thank you Europe, whilst you pay our top players to play rugby, we will develop a new crop to strngthen our depth.

The only role World Rugby needs to play is increase residency qualifying to seven years, I understand our developed players through our systems need to earn as much as they can, but stuff Europe, they need to develop their own players to represent them internationally.

Apologies for the long rant.

We need to realise America and Japan are the new financial threats in the future.

The SH with their geographical challenges, lower density populations, and lower revenue will never compete financially, and with SANZAAR not acknowledging that fact, they are trying to achieve the impossible, they should focus on building a sustainable system within the confines of their financial resources.

I look at the ARU and the salaries they pay their marque players, and I just think that is nuts

Time the NZAAR part of the partnership asked the obvious question of SA

Time the NZAAR part of the partnership asked the obvious question of SA

Brett silence isn’t always an admission of guilt.

Time the NZAAR part of the partnership asked the obvious question of SA

Yeah, it seems so, could retire if only I make it public, eh.

Time the NZAAR part of the partnership asked the obvious question of SA