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Hi Slane. There is such a production line of players coming through the league development pathway that today’s champion is tomorrow’s former great. Just like the teeth on a shark, individually they are great and a formidable weapon, but there is always another one behind it waiting to take its place.

Confirmed: Storm star Vunivalu switching to rugby

My understanding has been that the Storm only really paid top dollar for stars, if they had to. Mostly they paid minimum possible for rejects and unknowns and turned them into stars.

Confirmed: Storm star Vunivalu switching to rugby

The Reds back line is looking better and better. 👍

Confirmed: Storm star Vunivalu switching to rugby

I always thought the Swedish Chef from the Muppets had captain material written allover him. He would be great talking to the refs.

103 people more likely to captain the Wallabies than Israel Folau

I agree. Hopefully he wasn’t employed by the Broncos in the run up to the finals and their shocking exit. Their lack of defence was pitiful.

More assistants drawing close to joining Wallabies coaching team

Not Grey

Dave Rennie inks deal to become next Wallabies coach

Thanks for the article Nick. I don’t really care who coaches the Wallabies, it can’t be worse than the last 4 years of tunnel vision coaching that we have had. In my opinion, we are in a similar position to the Aussie cricketers in the 80’s when Allan Border had the captaincy thrust upon him. My recollections were that there was a few bumpy years then a golden era lasting for a decade or more.

In order to rise up the ranks of the rugby ranks, we are going to have to have a more ruthless approach to success. The game has changed in the last 2 years and we need to change as well. Our ability to embrace change, jettison old notions of “Australian style” and only wanting a Australian coach, will ultimately determine wether the Wallabies rise to greatness or sink into obscurity.

Is Rennie the right coach? Only time will tell. But when looking at our crickets, we need someone to build the foundation for success to follow.

The Dave Rennie casebook: Can a Kiwi coach the Wallabies again?

It was one poorly thrown line out from a humiliation

All Blacks all over: England knock New Zealand out of Rugby World Cup

Well played England

All Blacks all over: England knock New Zealand out of Rugby World Cup

Dear Mr Cheika,

Thank you for epitomising the phrase of bringing a knife to a gun fight.
Yes we competed, and we won one or two as well, but thank you for the gritty way that Australian Rugby has been remembered for over the last 5 years.

Cheika and Australian Rugby Union's triumphs should be praised, not dismissed

I have been reading the comments and I have given my suggestions for the coaching staff for the wallabies much thought. I’m not sure if any of my team is available, but they do represent my “Dream Team” so to speak.

Head Coach: Albus Dumbledore

Attack Coach: Sun Tzu backed up by Ethan Hunt (Mission Impossible) and /or Han Solo

Defence Coach: Any soldier who was a Rat of Tobruk

Contact (wrestling/tackling) Coach: Hulk Hogan

Mental Conditioning Coach: Mandrake the Magician

Fitness Coach: Mickey from Rocky i, ii or iii

But seriously, we need the best coach we can get our hands on. We need results, not another 4 years of someone telling us this is what Australians want, when really it was just how he wanted to coach. Are there problems with RA? Yes, but the best coach, male or female, should be approached to get the Wallabies up near the top where we once were.

VOTE: Who should be the next Wallabies coach?

I see a Reds Brumbies power bloc forming the base of the Wallabies for the next World Cup cycle. I’m not so confident about the long term future of the Rebels though.

What will the Wallabies look like in 2020 - and at the next World Cup?

Fionn et al,

I was under the impression that Cheika selected his team from a mixture of loyalty (someone who has done the job before, no matter how long ago or how good their current form is) and performance at training. So I agree with you. No Ned or Phipps. Cheika is a good example of when persistence becomes pointless. If I were SJ, I too would have given him enough rope to end his reign as well. All but the most ardent fan knew what the end result was going to be.

Not waving but drowning: The Michael Cheika era comes to an end

I whole heartedly agree an independent review needs to occur before pen is put to paper and a new coach is announced. The simmering tensions which are ling beneath the surface need to be exposed. The scab needs to be ripped off and healing take place. There has been voices for a long time wanting change, not just the coach, that much was obvious, but structural change to take the Wallabies into the next decade and exit in a position much higher than 7th or 8th in the world. The potential for civil war looms large. The casualties will be the game and the supporters. Australian rugby can not survive unless there is consensus going forward. Who really wants to see how bad things can really get? Not me, for one. New coach, yes! About time. New plan and new administration, most definitely. This needs to happen or chaos will follow.

Slack: Australian rugby needs independent review

Good article Keith.

Looking back, I think the rot had set in from 2017. We had achieved some good results, but they may now be seen as a Springbok side about to bottom out and a Pumas side on the rise. The All Blacks were suffering from ‘post origin blues’ after a torrid Lions tour. From memory the spring tour was not all that good.

A for Cheika, I think he had settled on a style of play that as a team, were not capable of playing. There were always too many mistakes and handling errors. Perhaps in Cheika’s mind, the style, if played correctly, would beat any other style regardless of the opposition. It was probably a style of play which required that no specific combinations were required. This may answer the question as to why was there so much chopping and changing.

Cheika had his faults, and achieved some good results as well. The time came two years ago to change the coach and Rugby Australia missed the boat.

I think Australia will only get better and will be a real force at the next world cup.

Rugby Australia have questions to answer

but losing in this way to England for the seventh time in four years is just too much to take
True, but what about the last 4 years? 2018 was the low point, we just haven’t gotten off the bottom yet.

Where there is life there is hope. 2020 never look back.

Six talking points from Wallabies versus England

Three thoughts.
1. Give Petaia a chance to show his abilities. May as well be now instead of next year. I for one don’t want to die wondering. As some have said, he can always be pulled or moved if it isn’t working.

2. Cheika has been consistently inconsistent. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. (Like, do we have a choice)

3. What if, Cheika has been playing mind games on Eddie. When you tell the world you don’t watch your opposition, you are indirectly putting pressure on them. England must be outrageous favourites and now have to handle all the pressure that comes with that. England are approaching a nearly lose lose situation. If they beat the Wallabies, so what, the win means nothing as they should win. But if it’s close and times running down…..I wouldn’t want to be England.

The Wallabies to win the unwinable!!!!

With a massive selection gamble, Michael Cheika rearranges the deck chairs once again

Good idea. We could have our own 6 Nations: New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Japan and Oceania

Japan into RWC quarter-finals after beating Scotland 28-21

Here’s what I have learned about the Wallabies over the last 4 years for my list of ‘5 things’

1. You can’t keep selecting the same players based on their 2015 performances when their performances over the last 4 years have been average to poor, but we do.
2. Michael Cheika does not have a real, definitive game plan to win specific games against specific teams, only a general ideal of how rugby should be played and hopefully won.
3. Team selection needs to be based on more than club loyalties and going hard in training. The right players should be in the right positions for the game at hand.
4. Australia has correctly blooded a number of good players since 2015, however the fact that we still don’t know who is our best halves combination is criminally wrong.
5. No matter how bad things and results get, they are OUR Wallabies and we will support them to the bitter end if necessary.
6. (Sorry, one more) X-Factor is relative. An Australian Rugby player who has an X-Factor is someone who can consistently execute their basic skills every match. X-Factor for other nations is totally different.

Five things we learned from the Wallabies' win over Georgia

Sinckler has a better hair style then 7A’s. Plus they seem to have a settled 9, 10, 12 and 13

Scoreboard flatters Wallabies in 27-8 win over Georgia

But Tah-Man, that is what Cheika has said that we want. Apparently we all want running rugby, not that boring kick to the corner, lineout, rolling maul try scoring rugby. Or that tedious know your enemy and analyse and exploit their weakness rugby. Don’t even get me started on wet weather rugby…. Nothing is apparently more Australian and exciting rugby then the Wallabies running the ball from side to side with atrocious skills to boot.

Scoreboard flatters Wallabies in 27-8 win over Georgia

If Cheika had bothered to ask me what I wanted, I would have said that I want to watch the Wallabies win. If that is by kicking to the corners, so be it. We had one good win over the All Blacks in a decade, followed up by a shellacking, but this somehow justifies a playing style which has a high loss %, any wins are seen as lucky/against the grain/the other team lost it more than we won it scenarios. Any mug would have seen it was fool hardy to go wide against the Fijians. It was carnage. Who is on the coaching short list again?

Wallabies promise more risk, more adventure against Wales

I don’t know Fiona. Maybe television makes people look bigger, but I do believe that the Fijian backline was bigger than ours. Especially the wingers. Their no 7 who got head binned was a unit as well.

Rugby World Cup: Five talking points from Wallabies vs Fiji

I thought the Wallabies went well. It was always going to be a tough match and some of the combinations were a bit rusty. The Wallabies will be much better for that game.
I thought the Fijians were awesome. All but a handful of their team play top line rugby in the northern hemisphere. They would have pushed any team around in the first half. The Wallabies played okay but didn’t lose their composure and backed themselves to finish the stronger of the two teams in the second half. That said, it was frustrating to watch as the way forward against the Fijians seemed to be straight through the middle. Tolo Latu made good metres by throwing a dummy and running himself. I predict that we will have the goods for Wales and will beat them next week. I would not want to be Wales having to play Fiji for a spot in the quarter finals.

Rugby World Cup: Five talking points from Wallabies vs Fiji

I agree. By the way, is Ned on the bench for the opener? What about Phipps? Surely he’s there too?

Return of the Pooper: David Pocock and Michael Hooper set to start in World Cup opener