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Totally agree Loxie. This current crop of All Blacks peaked for the Lions in 2017. The rise and rise of the Northern Hemisphere teams, as well as the Boks and the Pumas, is ushering in a new world order where maybe the All Blacks are good, but not the out and out dominant force in world rugby.
Forget history. The Wallabies can and will win tonight. The All Blacks are good, but not great. A Wallabies win, close but still a win.

All Blacks vs Wallabies: Bledisloe 2 preview and prediction

But what if they do lose 2 in a row. It is on the books.

All Blacks vs Wallabies: Bledisloe 2 preview and prediction

I’m expecting a Wallabies win on Saturday. I won’t be happy with a near loss. This Wallaby side is more than capable of winning. It will most likely be wet but no matter, our forwards will dominate theirs. Dare to dream Roarers. We are going into this match with a loss and two wins under our belts. They have a win, a draw and a loss. Dare to dream! Wallabies by 10 and yellow cards galore.

Wallabies well poised to double down on All Blacks

Don’t forget the manditory forward pass thrown by A Smith which will lead to an AB try.

Michael Cheika sticks solid with winning Wallabies, confirms team for Bledisloe 2

I’m liking this Wallabies team for Saturday. Coleman in for Arnold and Simmons on the bench. Simmons does have his good points, but yes, will have to put his angry pants on. AAC, well, like others have said, when we are leading going into the last 20 minutes, it will be good to get some experience on the field. Also, as Coleman or Rodda gets gassed, LSL will revert to 2nd row and Wright will come on. I’m confident that he will live up to the hype. He has had 2 years in super rugby and didn’t suffer from 2nd year syndrome. He will have no issues with getting his hands dirty and he will be good at it as well. Wallabies by 10

Michael Cheika sticks solid with winning Wallabies, confirms team for Bledisloe 2

No doubt the All Blacks will come out fired up. But this Wallabies team is unlike any Wallabies team over the last 3 years. They are building and have the momentum going into Saturday’s match. The All Blacks are in, if not unfamiliar, then certainly the unwanted territory of having to win. Its a place where they have found themselves more often over the last couple of seasons since the Lions tour, then maybe other All Blacks teams that have gone before them. Wallabies by 10 in a tight but well won game.

Bledisloe 2 - now we're interested

is this a case of the pot calling the kettle “All Black”?

Bledisloe 2 - now we're interested

Motivated, yes. Most certainly. But they will have all the pressure in the world on them. The weight of expectation will be huge. I believe that the All Blacks are between a rock and a hard place. Clearly their preference would be for a world cup over a bledisloe. But they may be realising that having both could be out of the question and they may have to make a choice. By this I mean that they would have targeted what matches were important and when they wanted/needed to have their players peaking. They might have been working their players a little harder with the view of being in peak fitness in the quarters of the world cup. Some have suggested this as well. By us winning and by the way we did and the score line, this will have forced an appraisal of how things are really going. Having their team tapered to perform next week may not have been in the big picture but now has assumed a place of greater importance. It will be a cracker of a match between two teams desperate to win. The stakes will be huge.

Wallaby gold and 'dumb' All Blacks in a Test for the ages

I’m feeling a lot of hope for the Wallabies for tonight’s game. Yes, I believe that the Wallabies will give a good account of themselves. Maybe because Cheika isn’t solely in charge, maybe the musical chairs defensive patterns have gone, maybe because its a new season and the Wallabies have come off a win. It is still a very good All Blacks team, but, I feel confident and excited about the forward pack that will run on tonight. LSL may not be in the right position, but I would rather have him on the field than on the bench. If Lotu can keep his mouth shut and think before he acts, anything is possible. If Rodda plays like he did in the first game of SR this season, a win is not out of the question. The backs look good and JOC at 13 may prove to be a masterstroke. The bench looks better than it ever has. My prediction: the Wallabies by 3 WALLABIES!!!!!!!!

Wallabies vs All Blacks preview and prediction

I’m hoping for a vastly improved Wallabies effort this time around. To me, there seems to be a different feel to the team. Maybe it’s foolish optimism, in some part driven by the fact Cheika is not solely in charge anymore. I like the selections. LSL May be better suited in another position, but I love that he is one the park. The forwards have a sense of threat about them. The backs are mostly in form. No silly defensive patterns. Love him or hate him, Cheika can really get a team up for the game. Let’s hope it is today. Proudly Wallabies by 3!


Wallabies vs All Blacks preview and prediction

Hi Jimmy, good article.

I am of the opinion that League has far too much resources, ie money, for Rugby to seriously challenge the hearts and minds of the talented rugby school boys. Each year they are able to scoop the cream of the crop with the promises of big paydays and State of Origin glory. The reality is that not all of them will make it. More than a few of them will be lost in the system and never really crack first grade.

Rugby should target the under 20’s in league. Most will never play any higher and may be open to a switch in codes. On the plus side, these players would have had 2 or more years in the system, would have developed physically and mentally so they should be more likely to slot into Super Rugby squads successfully, in theory.

Is another league player really the answer for union?

True Nichol, true.
It will be a formidable AB’s in Perth. Not sure who they will replace Retallic with, but loose forwards of Cane and Suvea will be more than a handful. I can see the AB’s kicking for space and holding us deep in our territory if we aren’t careful.

Michael Cheika has found his Wallabies team, now he has to stick to it for the World Cup

Questions marks yes, but happily they are small questions now. I can wear a little tinkering at this point of proceedings.

Michael Cheika has found his Wallabies team, now he has to stick to it for the World Cup

You forgot to mention Phipps, Foley, Ashley-Cooper, Hannigan, Dempsey and more that have to come back in.

Wallabies chip away in Argentina Test win

What do you think of the two Tah’s wingers, Cam Clarke and Alex Newsome? Are they worth a look?

What is James O’Connor’s best position for the Wallabies?

Great article Brett.
I must admit that I’m confused as to what was the game plan for the last test….or for the last three years to be honest. There are two images from the last two years that resonate with me. The first is Kurtley Beale throwing that crazy intercept in the first minute or so of the test last year against the Boks. The second was Folau Fiangaa throwing a no look pass again in the first minutes of the game.
They are both good, I would assume intelligent , players yet they played/acted poorly in those situations. And this is symptomatic of how the Wallabies want to play. Have they, the playing group, been brainwashed into a form of play which the command to spread it wide overrules the logic of “the play is not on”?
Somebody push the reset button now please!!!!!

Address the structures rather than attack the scapegoats

I don’t recall wanting non wingers to play on the wings, which made a huge difference by the way. I take your point about getting a team close to what we may have wanted, its just that collectively, they played far worse than what they are capable of. The sum of the whole should be greater than the sum of the parts. This is a coaching deficiency. This is the cause of our misery.

Michael Cheika once again misses the mark after Wallabies loss to back-up Boks

If, and it is a big if, the Wallabies manage to get to the final of the RWC again, then they should be doing victory laps if they win the toss. They would have massively over achieved again and the sins of the past 4 years would most definitely be not forgotten.

Nic White and Tom Banks to give Wallabies a post-Folau kickstart

I agree…and using a knife and fork????? Doesn’t sound like any props I know.

Johnson-Holmes reveals hilarious Wallabies phone call moment that would make any Aussie proud

Don’t forget Mafi and BPA left behind in Australia. Either would make excellent hookers.

Nic White and Tom Banks to give Wallabies a post-Folau kickstart

I tend to agree with you Noodles re Foley. If the pack can give him time and space, he will play with greater confidence. Maybe not the best example, but he controlled the game well against the Reds in the second half and the tahs came away with a win (much to my dismay).
I really like the look of the team. I think the back three are built to kick long and defend well. Hodge can take long range penalties, ie, anything from up to 60 metres out. Foley, if he is on his game, can bang them over short range.
If nothing else, its new cattle coming out in 2019 with new combinations which may cause our opposition to stop and think.


Nic White and Tom Banks to give Wallabies a post-Folau kickstart

But as the seasons wind on, the chances become less likely. Genia rarely runs like he did back a few seasons ago.

Tom Banks, Nic White named to start as Wallabies side to play South Africa is revealed

I’m believing for a big Wallaby victory this weekend. It has to start somewhere, may as well be in Ellis Park. I like the squad, there is room to improve and grow with the confidence that wins bring. Go the Wallabies!!!!!!!

Buckle up, Cheika is going for broke on 2019 RWC challenge

As opposed to the message that he sends with his inconsistent and totally baffling to the outsider selections to date (this one excepted)

Returning veterans headline the first Wallabies squad of 2019

Didn’t Allan Border have a similar policy?

Returning veterans headline the first Wallabies squad of 2019