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who said it was the law? So you think that the trainers should be on the field barking orders after 3min? they shouldn’t be allowed on at all at that point. Would you disagree or your opinions follow the law every time ?

The worst call in grand final history

what part of “there was no knock on from Raiders so it should have been their ball.” and “I have tried to see if it hits James Tedesco’s back or a Raiders player and I’m not sure, but either way a hand waving means six again” suggests the refs made the right call?

The worst call in grand final history

nah, calls like the David Manson one happen all the time. I also don’t think the Dragons played anywhere near good enough to deserve the win.

The worst call in grand final history

Been reading long mate? I said the first call was clearly incorrect, the 2nd unclear after watching it 4 or 5 times, but the refs have never and should never change calls mid play.
The other things you mention happen in every game, but can you tell me a worse call in a prior grand final and we’ll have a proper discussion.

The worst call in grand final history

I understand, they thought their trainer should have got the award.

Jack Wighton booed after being named the 2019 Clive Churchill medallist

as the old saying goes..“If you win the toss, bat. If you are in doubt, think about it, then bat. If you have very big doubts, consult a colleague, then bat”.
cant believe Paine did that twice. Like Root in Adelaide last ashes…2nd test and gave Australia an easy 2 nil lead in the series

Aussies should be disappointed with underwhelming Ashes

Apologies gentlemen, before my time, though not really an excuse formy ignorance. I imagine he was much more annoyed then for being heckled. I’m sure opposing fans would have given as much to all the Aussies equally.
…when did Bob Dylan die?

'A load of bollocks': Ian Chappell lays into the Aussies for sledging

He’s only saying that cause he copped the worst of it after the underarm scandal. there’s nothing better than a bit of banter between teams, makes it more interesting for players and fans alike.

'A load of bollocks': Ian Chappell lays into the Aussies for sledging

Why is the rum always gone ?

The neutral dilemma for finals: Which NRL team to support

Did you direct the movie Pearl Harbour?

The neutral dilemma for finals: Which NRL team to support

A decent article but it massively glosses over what went wrong at the Bulldogs.

As a doggies fan I never felt we deserved to make those 2 Grand Finals, not with the robotic method Des employed. We got lucky with Barba’s amazing match winning performances in 2012 but the team never looked dangerous otherwise, as shown by lack of creativity in a Grand Final we could have won with a bit of creativity in strategy.

2014 was a brutal forward battle that suited the Dogs, but ultimately the Burgess boys lifted to the occasion and again we looked a bit lost in attack.

This inability to score points was a constant issue under Des while he was at the Dogs, and by the 4th year he had ground us down to boring, unimaginative and ultimately, unsuccessful footy which we are still struggling to get away from today. How can a top coach be so uncreative? constantly taking the tackle on the 5th and never seeming to use set plays, nor give the players freedom to throw the ball about.
Then to find out he’s screwed the club over financially before inept club management (good luck with Union Ms Castle) resigned him? Dibbs, Hasler and Castle have not received any repercussions for the —- show that is the Dogs of the last few years.
So that brings me to the question, despite making 2 Grand Finals with the Dogs, we never had the attacking flair and look of danger that he has brought to Manly. Why not? He could blame the players he had to work with, but he had enough time at the Dogs to bring in those players, but chose to build a forward pack. Maybe he doesn’t have the same emotional connection which perhaps brings passion to his coaching at the Sea Eagles.
But perhaps the best answer I’ve heard is that he realised he got a bit too stuck in numbers and data while at the Dogs and forgot to step back and do proper old school coaching. It took getting booted from the Dogs for him to force him to analyse what he’d done wrong and realise this, so that now he is using a balance of both.
Wish he’d learned that a few years earlier.

Des Hasler: Kooky, mad and perfect for Manly

so how much does your dollar get you now?

The Bulldogs' unlikely path to finals glory

“Roberts should have been sent off, meaning the Broncos probably would have won. And Roberts should get 5 weeks at least.” Bennett in the post match interview?

Bennett backs NRL effort to erode thuggery

too right, no teams fans I’ve heard go up in arms about so many calls as the Welfare cheats. kicked out of the competition after 10 years of invisible fans then the ultimate whinge parade to get back in. since then they seem to think whining is the key to staying in the comp

Which NRL club’s fans are the biggest whingers?

Ponga has shown moments of brilliance but has not proved himself to be a strong consistent match winner. His management is pushing for this money now because injury and form slumps could lower his value later. They might not happen, but better to get the money now in case they do

Better, stronger, faster: Kalyn Ponga is the Six Million Dollar Man

all that pain for so many years just makes another series win so sweet…just home from the bar after buying a round for everyone. Money well spent. though the missus might not agree tomorrow

BLUES WIN ORIGIN: NSW steal incredible series victory with last-minute Game 3 win

Thank you so much Sharks. We needed that gift cause we certainly didn’t earn it. I’d feel sorry for you but we’re still at the bottom of the table

Morris rips into Sharks stars

yeah, I just watched it 4 or 5 times. If Kerr isn’t there you leave that for the keeper. clear intent from Kerr to interfere with the ball. and then the blatant penalty to Brazil at the end, again after 4 views we were extremely lucky. No one outside Australia would call that no penalty.

The Matildas reminded us why we love the world game

Yeah, I agree that Bennett should be upset with tactics he’s famous for using. Bunnies did it first, Dogs did it worse, then the Bunnies did it again. Should have just had a warning and a sinbin in the first 20 minutes and it would have shut it down for the game. Simples.

Bennett: Ruck speed has become the worst it has ever been

Meh, wasn’t a penalty. Players protect the kick taker every single bomb just as much. he didn’t seem to go any more out of his way as other times. And the trip was a trip. Move along and take Lafai’s kicking with you.

DCE blows up at ref after clear last-second penalty is missed