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Just saw the unofficial list of CIA foreign assassinations and attempted assassinations. Was over 60 and the list ended in 2012. That’s ignoring all the American government investment in Saudi Arabia and the military contracts that have gone to Saudi Arabia from the US government in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not to mention Australia’s participation in the Qatar death stadium world cup.
But LIV are the villains? Anyone criticising LIV golf needs to criticise a lot more people first.

'We've all made mistakes': Greg Norman actually said THAT when asked about murder of Saudi dissident

I don’t think the schools and hospitals funding is a good argument, we all went through school and when you need a hospital you really need a hospital.
However there are many other areas you can argue the same thing… arts, music, the ridiculously overpriced cost of taking three years to upgrade a highway, museums, parks, endless royal commissions, libraries or a dozen other things that are mostly for public enjoyment but used by a minority.

Sydney Stadiums: Accor should be a palace, while Penrith become the bad guys from 'The Castle'

Is this trying to distract us from the Tigers Cowboys game and the Manly jersey saga or just poor timing?

For the good of the game, we must cull the Kangaroos from the Rugby League World Cup

Kyrgios clearly has some level of mental health issues and has struggled with them and depression. Yet his sporting talent is unmatched..he could beat any player if he remained focused. Yet so many people, especially Australian fans who probably advocate mental health abuse him constantly the hypocrites.
Though despite his issues I wouldn’t call him a role model. He gives up when things go against him, constantly abuses those around him and potentially abused his partner. I admire his athleticism and talent, I feel sympathy for his emotional problems, but I don’t want my son emulating his behaviour.

Why Nick Kyrgios is an exceptional role model

Exactly, like Barrett was judged on playing terrible unimaginative football and sitting in last place for the second year with a much better roster.
No-one is judging these guys on not winning titles, we’d just like them to win say..half their games at the start then improve from there.
Side note, I won $100 betting with a friend in 1998 or so that Parra would never win a title while Brian Smith was coach. Easy money ..took a while to collect though.

Coaches should be judged on expectations rather than titles or they’ll always be scapegoat for poorly run clubs

In hindsight…

England on the verge of another stunning win as BazBall Bairstow delivers again

That’s a while away.. they’ll be trying to get the target before then and the way Bairstow bats probably a good chance. At least get them close enough they can grind through the new ball.

England on the verge of another stunning win as BazBall Bairstow delivers again

Anyone who hates Kyrgios needs to stop reading articles about him and posting comments… journos love it. 4 stories about him in the SMH, not one about Tomljanovic. Even on the Roar this article has over 10k views but no-one seems interested in the only article about Tomljanovic I could find from 4 websites.( well played Roar!)

'Brought tennis to the lowest level': Aussie icon's blistering serve for Kyrgios

When’s the new ball due? If the Duke is battable once it’s worn then India will have to do wonders when they get the new un. You know if Root or Baird get out it could trigger a classic English collapse.
Go well.

England on the verge of another stunning win as BazBall Bairstow delivers again

I loved going out for three games on a Sunday afternoon, especially at a place like Belmore. Mum and Dad would read, I’d kick a footy around on the hill before it got crowded. Would love to do the same with my son soon.
Even better was letting the local kids game for first..I remember scoring at Brookvale I the under 16s and being gutted when the ground announcer called out the wrong name. Still a phenomenal day out with the family.

Three grades in a day should never be brought back: Nostalgia for good old days that didn't exist

Finally the first article I’ve found dedicated to Tomljanovic. Brilliant effort from her and I just wish Australian media covered tennis players other than You Know Who.
I guess she’s always going to find a hotel room, sadly de Minaur has one available. Epic match after which I’m sad to say I wasn’t able to stay up for Ajla.

Tomljanovic books her way into Wimbledon quarters

Cheers, I’ve looked at those stats before and not seen that… saves me counting it myself

REACTION: 'Sucked the juice out of Queensland' - Maroons battered by 'brutal' Blues after sin-bin 'gee up'

Nice, where’s that stat?

REACTION: 'Sucked the juice out of Queensland' - Maroons battered by 'brutal' Blues after sin-bin 'gee up'

It’s nice to win..Eels, Socceroos then this. Haven’t had a week like this for a very very long time.

Burton barges down Blues door as Bulldogs blitz sends Tigers spiralling

I know how to shatter his market worth, send him to the Bulldogs for a couple of years and watch him play ordinary footy

'Pony up': Broncos must do whatever it takes to keep Haas as Origin star requests immediate release

City one win away from back-to-back A-League crowns after stirring semi-final comeback

I miss Billy Johnstone. These lads would die under his watch.

MICHAEL HAGAN: Why more than just a new coach is needed to fix Dogs' breakfast

As bad as things have been I do think Barrett was a terrible choice as soon as I heard we were signing him. From the rumours in the preseason that players were concerned he didn’t develop their fitness…which has clearly shown in our second half effort,to the way players at Manly never gelled under him but most importantly the complete lack of detailed preparation for games. Look at the top sides and every player knows their role running forward, whether a highly paid veteran or a green rookie.
Discipline, fitness and preparation are the cornerstones to victory and if a team doesn’t have those it’s the coaches fault.
I wouldn’t be surprised if a few players talking about leaving change their mind if a strong coach comes in and they realise how poor Barrett has been.

MICHAEL HAGAN: Why more than just a new coach is needed to fix Dogs' breakfast

Hope he throws a few passes to the Dogs

Round 11 team lists Late Mail: Flu rips through Raiders, Hughes injury causes Storm reshuffle

I’d like to agree mate..from what I’ve seen Barrett has the motivational skills of a streaming pile of s#&t, but I didn’t follow Illawarra and the Eels closely at that time, I’m just using raw statistics there.

Barrett's successor will need to tread warily unless Gus can clean up Bulldogs’ mess

FYI out of 310 coaches in rugby league history, Barrett is ranked 230 for win percentage. but the vast majority of those below him didn’t last much more than 2 seasons. Luckily for Barrett I’d say Ron Hilditch has the worst looking record. 109 games to Barrett’s 106 with Illawarra and Parramatta from 89-96 and a slightly lower winning record. Don’t be like Ron , Trent. Leave now and let a real coach step in.

Barrett's successor will need to tread warily unless Gus can clean up Bulldogs’ mess

Pretty please…not my birthday but it’d be an awesome gift.

Barrett's successor will need to tread warily unless Gus can clean up Bulldogs’ mess

Whoopdeedoo… Rangers made the Europa league final while Celtic crashed out to a nobody team. Sick of all the Celtic headlines. Rangers performance in Europe beating teams like Dortmund and Leipzig has been much more impressive.

Ange's Celtic all but Scottish champions after crushing win

I hope you’re right, though I haven’t seen enough of him to agree. It is exactly what Burton needs though and hopefully Flanagan can provide it. Our game management cost us against the Broncos and Manly, stupid finishes to sets and no-one taking control to work us up field in tight games.
If Flanagan wants to cement his spot I expect to hear him talking all game, and guiding the Dogs around the park to set up plays. This will let Burton play his natural game which has been hampered without a solid playmaker next to him. Also hopefully Burton doesn’t need to take every kick, which puts so much pressure on him as the Storm worked that out pretty easily. It would also be nice if Flanagan cuts out Waddell down the left wing so Addo-Carr actually gets some runs.
Regardless of the result, that’s what I’m hoping to see from Flanagan.
Give him and Burton at least 4 or 5 games together and I think they could do well (so long as Barrett actually starts coaching too).

Flanagan can finally overcome Next Big Thing syndrome with nothing to lose attitude in Dogs recall

That awful joke certainly needed one.

Forceful contact: How many weeks would Will Smith get at the NRL judiciary?