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Most confounding was the replay that showed the entire Bulldogs line, including Jackson, easily 10 metres back. shocking call

Braith Anasta slams another inconsistent sin-bin decision

I’ll take it anyway it comes. However, .my hopes will remain where they always are, high as the sky…looking down at my expectations in the gutter

Better than another loss, but Bulldogs fans should not get crazy

Cheers mate…you didn’t send this to Napa before today’s game did you? If he plays like today every week I’d be pretty happy.
Worst signing for the Dogs though? I still think Foran, even if it wasn’t really his fault with all the injuries.

The salary cap burglars

and a much worse contact than Hetherington’s send off last week. While it was not far away from an awesome shoulder charge, Talakai’s shoulder drives up and into Doorey’s head hard and fast. Could cause a lot more damage than Hetherington’s lazy arm.
I love a good shoulder charge and don’t think they should be banned, but the moment they make contact with the head should be an automatic send off. No other part of the tackling body can cause as much damage.

Sharks forward sin-binned after knocking out opponent with massive hit

Love Perez’s comment yesterday : “It cannot be that in England, the six lose money, and 14 make money. In Spain the top three lose money, and the others make money. It cannot continue – at the moment the rich are those who are losing money.”
Even a 4 year old can do a ‘connect the dots’ better than him.

European Super League falls apart as English clubs opt out

To be honest I’m not that keen on the Bears coming back, but there was an article in the SMH spruiking them and saying there are 220,000 avid fans still about. This kind of thing could give them hope which is a powerful thing for old time league fans.

"Not enough talent for expansion"? Well, what about for a two-tier competition?

What’s to be gained? Aside from more interest in more games across more teams and potentially more revenue and better grass roots development? Not much I guess.

Also, that domination of a few teams in the Premier League is because their salary cap is so effective…..wait, they don’t have that. Teams that get promoted there can’t compete with the big money and that’s the main problem across European soccer. Teams get promoted but then can’t compete with the top 4 or 5 teams financially, but the salary cap her counters that a lot more effectively.

"Not enough talent for expansion"? Well, what about for a two-tier competition?

Just like all the teams in the NSW Cup have? The Jets and the Bears are still about.

The whole point is the lower division teams get enough funding to build a team and if they get promoted, get a funding boost from the NRL to resign players or buy better ones. Right now the clubs are all spending money on a team in the Knock On Effect Cup or Intrust Super Cup so the money is there.
Also, which is going to attract a bigger television audience, the promotion and relegation battles, a dead rubber between two underperforming teams with nothing to play for or a top team smashing a much worse team by 50 points. Guaranteed of those three scenarios, the first one gets the highest audience. Even then, TV rights are based on overall viewership and having more games with more to play for would offer more air time for the TV rights holders. not to mention more opportunities for specialised advertising on the online platforms.
We already have lower divisions, this would just make them more profitable.

"Not enough talent for expansion"? Well, what about for a two-tier competition?

Sheesh, as I go to throw my 2 cents in I see the well is overflowing with coins.

I didn’t get through all the comments, yea, lazy bastard aren’t I, so not sure if this has been said.
Could the technology be a simple high angle camera following the ball for the first metre out of the passers hands in relation to the 10m lines and if it hasn’t traveled more than say, a forgiving 25% of the balls width forward or more in that first meter its let go. Like in cricket has to be definitely hitting the stumps to count.
If it comes down to the naked eye of the bunker it would mean some very long replay sessions when momentum is involved so this seems more decisive.
Then, if that’s the technology, and its effective, the big question then is should it only be implemented in the lead up to the try? Or maybe if at least 10% of the crowd shout out “forward”! (same should apply to the commentators saying it was a bit flat)

Forward pass technology already exists: Video replays and a little common sense

Georgalis did more in his time with lesser players than Barrett had shown so far.

Did Dean Pay or Steve Georgallis deserve the cheque book?

you’re forgetting one important factor..had he been playing for the Broncos you would have found some other way to lose.

How Darius Boyd broke the Broncos

Aaargh…another rumour. Stop it people and just jump to Feb 1st please!

Jack Grealish is the most underappreciated star in the Premier League

Oh I appreciate him very much and nervously await the end of the transfer window, hoping every day he stays with Villa. It’s been way too much disappointment in the last 20 years and yes, he is the key, every Villa knows it.

Jack Grealish is the most underappreciated star in the Premier League

I agree, I am sure I remember a few times someone already on field subbed for the keeper. Bringing on a specialist keeper is unbalanced. If a bowler is unable to bat can we replace them with a specialist batsmen? No, so why is it any different for the fielding side.

Should wicket keepers be allowed to be replaced during a game?

Cool, bring back the keeper with broken leg in the second half though…injured players don’t come back on in football so not really the same argument.

Should wicket keepers be allowed to be replaced during a game?

I’ve an idea to attract fans from different sports..Add elements from those sports into the game..1 rugby tackle of a batsman per innings, catchers can take a mark and the batsman stop running for a fielder’s free throw at the stumps for a double play..I also like archery but not sure how to include that safely.

The Big Bash has announced three new rules for BBL10 and they're ridiculous

He clearly did..3 seconds is the standard tackle time before a penalty. Regardless of the time channel 9 showed that was at least 6 seconds of holding down

WATCH: Did Gerard Sutton rob the Blues of one final play at the death?

… Do you mean Henry Porter? Not quite the same level of achievement and didn’t think it would be good to choose two props from that era.

Canterbury's greatest NRL team

I guess you are under 80… what about Eddie Burns! 16 seasons, 2 premierships, top try scorer as a prop/! Only beaten by Chris Anderson in 1978!
But perhaps best of all, he was sent off in his first game!
Can’t see how any of these whippersnappers have left him out.

Canterbury's greatest NRL team

Completely agree with the 100 games thing, which stops a lot of great players making the team but they have to be proper Bulldogs! Barba, SBW, JT etc wouldn’t make mine for that reason (admittedly Barba played 97 but the drugs and domestic violence cancels him out too)

Canterbury's greatest NRL team

I was going to mention Gearin, as much as El Masri is one of my favourite players, I think Gearin was a better player, more dangerous in attack…hard to compare defence of the two different eras but look at the Dogs of that time and you can’t argue much about his defence. And of course a great goal kicker in his own right.

Canterbury's greatest NRL team

Exactly, they weren’t fundamental to the role in the past, but that changed in the mid 90s, first with Benny Elias who was a great kicker, then later with the likes of Buderus. Now all the best hookers are much better runners from dummy half- Cook is as important to the Bunnies as their halves. Then, Smith’s kicking game is a big part of the Storm’s success, taking pressure off the halves.
My original point is that it’s hard to compare these guys to players who would have had half the time to kick so rarely did, and mostly had to get the quick pass away and fight for the scrum. Ken Kearney and Ian Walsh were brilliant passers while Noel Kelly was terrifying in the scrum….not sure he’d succeed in the era of video refs that’s for sure.

You don't have to like him, but you do have to admit Cameron Smith is rugby league's greatest ever

changed the least? try running and kicking from dummy half with a 5m line. a lot harder to do in those days. which position has changed so much as to become a 3rd play maker?

You don't have to like him, but you do have to admit Cameron Smith is rugby league's greatest ever

Also, while we are looking at stats, to be the best Hooker let’s start with #1 factor for 80 years. How many scrums won against the feed….Smith is pretty low there.
You just can’t compare hookers of today to those who played with a 5m defense line and contested scrums so to argue about GOATs is silly…lets just say GOTME, greatest of the modern era.

You don't have to like him, but you do have to admit Cameron Smith is rugby league's greatest ever

This is the only real question over him being the GOAT. The salary cap issue aside, and that’s the one point in the article I most strongly disagree with, those titles were taken off Melbourne and should have been given to Parra and Manly.
That aside, his record in other seasons and in rep footy stand out well enough. So back to who they played with. While the last few seasons Smith has lost some great players around him, how good the new kids are is up to Bellamy and perhaps Smith’s efforts off the field. on the field, Smith is extremely clever in guiding the team, choosing his kicks and passes and of course his defence is outstanding. There can be no argument about his stats and longevity…but I’d certainly argue Thurston and John’s did what they did in weaker teams across most of their careers. More often an individual effort from JT or Joey dragged them back into the contest through clever play and determination. Hookers on the other hand can’t be compared to half backs, doesn’t matter how good Grant was this year the Tigers needed more than a good hooker. Smith certainly controls the game as well as a halfback but look at what Cronk did for the Roosters with a dud arm 2 years ago…that’s masterclass control of a team that Smith occasionally matches but not at that level JT and Joey did.
So enough arguing about wrestling and salary cap cheating..on the field Smith is a legend certainly in the top few players I’ve seen in the past 30 years. But GOAT? Not quite.

You don't have to like him, but you do have to admit Cameron Smith is rugby league's greatest ever