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I’d throw Paul Carige in there while you’re at it…since you’re having a laugh with Burt

You don't have to like him, but you do have to admit Cameron Smith is rugby league's greatest ever

It’s a big call but I agree, psychologically the Eels turned off after that missed kick. Disappointing for Eels and neutral fans alike, I had been looking forward to a tight scrap to the end. Yet it seems the Eels are missing that mental toughness needed to win finals games and competitions. Instead they still suffer from Brian Smith syndrome.

Six talking points from the NRL semi-finals

For all the discussion of stats, this is Origin, and I want a Blues forward who will get massively fired up and tear into the opposition with passion and fire. Not too many can match Klemmer for that on the day

How can Brad Fittler justify dropping David Klemmer for Origin?

I’d love to be able to see the 10 metre line of defence on TV but yeah, they never show it. Your main indicator is the crowd noise but most of the time they are bias..too often the ref stands 11 m back and the crowd sees the defence slightly in front.
Also, that 3 seconds is generally the count I do almost every tackle and certainly some teams…..not to be mentioned here, push the time more than others. Almost every team does it in the first couple of tackles now and often in the last 15 minutes of games as well. Annoyingly a lot of penalties for holding down come after just 1 or 2 seconds because of the fast pace of a breakaway, which blows the consistency out of the water.

How I'd improve the six-again rule

..but pause it as it is kicked and you have a screen shot showing the ball is over the 40. Wrong call leading to a try.

Benji Marshall hits a 40/20 that is simply millimetre perfect

Having the pleasure of watching both, Bella seemed more justified. DWZ hadn’t been tackled too hard, blue and white shirt in front of him. Cost us a try and massive momentum to Parra. So far he’s not done much for the Dogs

Marty Bella revisited as DWZ has one of the great howlers

Brilliant stuff. as a layperson I really needed this explained to me and this makes more sense than anything coming out of the Roosters camp.

Roosters set to free up $400k salary cap space by signing SBW

I’d say first and foremost that you never ever say “I’ve been a fan for X years but that’s it, I’ve had a gut full and I’m switching to soccer/other lite entertainment”
Embarrassing losses, disgraced players, corrupt directors, idiot coaches…we can respond how we like to them but the club and the sport are above and beyond that. If there were a better sport I’ve not found it..and I watch every sport imaginable.
Rugby league and Bulldogs for life.

What does it really mean to be a true and loyal sports fan?

..don’t help him prove his point!

Eight talking points from NRL Round 8

I don’t see how he’s worse than million dollar man Foran. Not just because of all the injuries but even when he has played he’s not had that big an impact, but more importantly that money has stopped us signing a real million dollar player. But I think Titans fans might throw Ash Taylor in the mix and they would have a strong case.

Joey Leilua the “worst signing by any club in the NRL era”? Hmm, he may well be

90s style footy..i went back last night and this morning and watched the 94 semi final (not that painful grandfinal) and 95 grand final…the main difference is in the 90s one player would hold down the tackled player instead of having 3 piled on top, but it still seemed the standard 3 second count from the moment the player hits the ground. I’ve been doing that count for almost 10 years and it occasionally varies from game to game (which i usually do when i feel hard done by and most of the time it turns out to be bias…most but not all) but every game count it…1,2, 3… and they’re up or penalised by the 4th second. Interestingly, some of the best at holding down were Hasler, Stuart and Pay. What bothered me the most was those baggy shirts all hanging out back then.

The six-again rule is here to stay, and so are the Eels

I’m jealous of the speed and energy you boys have. Gutherson in particular looks world class. Not sure how other teams will be affected and cope with the increased pace of the game. I love the new rule but looking at the Dogs team this year I hope Dean Pay has them as fit as possible cause otherwise we’ll get rolled every week. The Eels though, this should help you get a massive crack at the title. And this is not a criticism or accusation of bias, the restart rule is nothing but brilliant and I hope most teams can use the extra space as well as the Eels last night.

The Eels are back in the premiership window

Then you missed a fantastic game if you were really that petulant….the rule wasn’t always implemented perfectly but often enough that it made for a wonderful open, fast paced game of footy. It was definitely better used than teams constantly giving away penalties to slow the game down. Awesome game to reboot the season

The six-again rule is here to stay, and so are the Eels

I know this has been a while but what a perfect time its been for going back to watch a game I was lucky enough to attend..and not leave with 12 minutes to go.
But being at the ground you miss just how inept Paul Carige was that day, you need the constant commentators attention calling his name for these mistakes. It might not be entirely his fault given the overall ineptitude of Parra from about the 60th minute for some reason; poor final kick choices, missed easy field goal, lazy defense which in a time of unlimited interchange is astounding and also some strange interchange choices by Brian Smith; but none of that compares to how awful Carige was at the back end of that game.
Cheers mate, you gave me one of the best feelings I ever had when I thought that field goal went over..followed up by a slower build up of joy in extra time.

NRL Friday Flashbacks: Paul Carige

A healthy crowd ? that’s a pretty poor crowd for the first footy of the season and I’d blame the lack of coverage. I’ve struggled to find many articles on mainstream media about the 9s and if I weren’t an follower I wouldn’t have known about this tournament.

Then when I do watch it my team only plays 2 games…ok, yes we didn’t get through to the finals but 1 win and 1 loss and goodbye ? It’s a shocking format.
On top of that I don’t know why we, as a 13 player code, even have a 9s while the union mob go from 15 to 7. I’d much rather this were a 7s tournament, it would showcase the advantages of league much better. Anyway, rant over. Can’t wait for the real footy to begin.
PS Gotta laugh about the ref error in the semi…at least the video ref doesn’t usually get those ones wrong so just a solid argument for the Bunker. you can’t complain both ways.

Cowboys claim second NRL Nines title

who said it was the law? So you think that the trainers should be on the field barking orders after 3min? they shouldn’t be allowed on at all at that point. Would you disagree or your opinions follow the law every time ?

The worst call in grand final history

what part of “there was no knock on from Raiders so it should have been their ball.” and “I have tried to see if it hits James Tedesco’s back or a Raiders player and I’m not sure, but either way a hand waving means six again” suggests the refs made the right call?

The worst call in grand final history

nah, calls like the David Manson one happen all the time. I also don’t think the Dragons played anywhere near good enough to deserve the win.

The worst call in grand final history

Been reading long mate? I said the first call was clearly incorrect, the 2nd unclear after watching it 4 or 5 times, but the refs have never and should never change calls mid play.
The other things you mention happen in every game, but can you tell me a worse call in a prior grand final and we’ll have a proper discussion.

The worst call in grand final history

I understand, they thought their trainer should have got the award.

Jack Wighton booed after being named the 2019 Clive Churchill medallist

as the old saying goes..“If you win the toss, bat. If you are in doubt, think about it, then bat. If you have very big doubts, consult a colleague, then bat”.
cant believe Paine did that twice. Like Root in Adelaide last ashes…2nd test and gave Australia an easy 2 nil lead in the series

Aussies should be disappointed with underwhelming Ashes

Apologies gentlemen, before my time, though not really an excuse formy ignorance. I imagine he was much more annoyed then for being heckled. I’m sure opposing fans would have given as much to all the Aussies equally.
…when did Bob Dylan die?

'A load of bollocks': Ian Chappell lays into the Aussies for sledging

He’s only saying that cause he copped the worst of it after the underarm scandal. there’s nothing better than a bit of banter between teams, makes it more interesting for players and fans alike.

'A load of bollocks': Ian Chappell lays into the Aussies for sledging

Why is the rum always gone ?

The neutral dilemma for finals: Which NRL team to support

Did you direct the movie Pearl Harbour?

The neutral dilemma for finals: Which NRL team to support