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Let’s get engaged with Australian rugby’s future

Let's get engaged with Australian rugby's future

5 Jun 2018

As an Australian rugby fan, it seems that these days the focus is on the blight of the game at the professional level, the inept performances of our domestic sides, and our inability to compete with league, football and Aussie rules.

Balance is the way to Super Rugby success

Balance is the way to Super Rugby success

28 May 2018

After the decision was made to reduce Australian Super Rugby sides to a count of four, and to cut the Western Force, it’s safe to say that many were not only hoping, but expecting a dramatic increase in form from our sides.

Australian rugby: Down but not out

Australian rugby: Down but not out

21 Aug 2017

This is the third article for The Roar I’ve written in two years, on my third account, because I forgot the username and password for the other two.