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At heart I am still the 11 yo boy that was spellbound by Campo and forever enchanted by running rugby.



Mind-numbingly dumb wet weather football.

Link developed two game plans – one entertaining, one grafting, for this very reason. I can’t stomach the unintelligence of this team lead by captain sk8tr boi.

England end Wallabies' winning run

Seven changes to make rugby so much more entertaining

Fix your own game first. Rugby will be just fine. Ha.

New Zealand vs Fiji: Rugby League World Cup quarter-final live scores, blog

Why can’t Foley have a break so that I can have a relaxing spring?

Folau set for position switch against Barbarians

The guy with 3 out of the 4 necessary skills instead of just the 1.

Oh, and if you’re still confused, re-read my posts above slowly. Sound out the big words. You can do it champ.

Wallabies win at last, but the breakdown is still an issue

When all rational reasons have been exhausted one has to look below the surface. Both players had ordinary SR form this year. ‘Nard was diabolical in the June window and the backline immediately sparked in the 10 mins that QC played in each test. Hell, he almost pulled the scotland game out of the fire.

For the first time in two years the bloke doesn’t completely cock it up in a test and and all of a sudden he gets the MOM.

Oh and it’s not a theory.

McKenzie was appalled at the vitriolic attacks against Patston and the insinuations about his relationship with her.[11] Team captain Michael Hooper backed Beale while Christian Lealiifano and Quade Cooper joined McKenzie in backing Patston.[37][38]

Wallabies win at last, but the breakdown is still an issue

The simple fact that people think he’s the best we’ve got is an indictment on AU rugby.

Wallabies win at last, but the breakdown is still an issue

Who’s knocking down the door? I would suggest a bloke with 3 of the 4 above mentioned skills (pass, kick, run).

If Foley had of been sent back to the NRC in 2016 your argument might hold some water, because any fair-minded commentator would admit that he was diabolical last year.

Both players had a terrible 2017 SR campaign, so no sound argument there either.

What it boils down to is that he supported the wrong person in the Di Patston affair and li’l hoops has blacklisted him.

Wallabies win at last, but the breakdown is still an issue

Put simply, you expect any 10 to be able to pass, kick, run and tackle. This is what you expect at schoolboy level. For a bloke to have a mortgage on the Wallaby 10 jersey when he only has one of these skills (run) is just a disgrace. Noddy’s comments are still spot on and relevant.

His continued selection has put a permanent stain on the Wallabies reputation. What example is this setting to kids playing the game?

Wallabies win at last, but the breakdown is still an issue

As I said in another thread, it felt like an encouragement award giving Foley the MOM. I mean, great, he kicked his goals when we didn’t actually need them, but, like Hooper, does none of the core roles of his position.

Wallabies win at last, but the breakdown is still an issue

Yep, agreed. I thought he had one of his better games last night but still woefully off the pace.

Wallabies win at last, but the breakdown is still an issue

Foley MOM? What? Are we giving out encouragement awards now?

Five talking points from Wallabies vs Argentina

Yes, as per the unwritten law of comments, please summarize the relevant point of any links you post. Not all of us are comfortable giving $4 to that evil little twit.

Will Twiggy's IPRC step on the toes of the NRC?

Nah, I’d pick him at 13. It’s pretty much where he always plays anyway.

Hooper to halfback for Wallabies? What, the flanker?

Long Tom Bowman? I still remember that try he scored in Bled 2 ’98. He had a cult following 🙂

Roar Forum: What changes should the Wallabies make for Argentina?

If Quade had of done that at the start the lynch mob would be out!! The double standard in this setup and the broader AU rugby fan base sickens me to the core.

Also, I am so sick of the little bunny boy Hooper repeatedly bouncing off bok players. The kid is a joke. No wonder we couldn’t find the killer blow at the end, the bok forwards were fresh as daises after being beaten with foam batons all game!

And one last thinig, Phipps!!! That last pass to Samu?? Give me strength! Facepalm.

Wallabies must find killer instinct: Cheika

I still can’t believe what I’m seeing

All Blacks vs Wallabies highlights: Bledisloe Cup Game 2 live scores, blog

Sometimes you have to pick your battles riddler. Let’s be honest, we all know that Cheik will go the opposite direction to the collective wisdom. Rather that shoring things up, he will undoubtedly foist on us a selection so grotesquely bizarre that it will make last week’s setup look like the Rock of Gibraltar!!!

The Wallabies changes I’d like for Bledisloe 2, please

Once again, as the roar predicted, Samu will be the scapegoat. NB well and truly debunked his so-called “bad game”. Cheik is intellectually bankrupt!

Cheika rules out wholesale changes to Wallabies line-up

Come now. Who are you to deny the great man’s baking skills?

Kicking game key for Wallabies: Bernard Foley

Because we only select from 0.5% of our population base. A tiny little area on the north shore of Sydney. Outside of that you could be Jonah Lomu’s twin and yet you can forget it.

Unless you’re a private school pu$$y with a dad on the ARU board you don’t stand a chance. That’s why our forwards are so limp. They don’t want to get their smoking jackets dirty.

Bledisloe blowout a damning indictment of Australian rugby

Serious question: Have you had many posts deleted? Any reasons given?

Bledisloe blowout a damning indictment of Australian rugby

Wow, the last thing I expected in this post was a potshot at Swannie. LOL. Where did that come from?

Bledisloe blowout a damning indictment of Australian rugby

How slow is Beale compared to BB? He almost ran him down in that turnover try.

Bledisloe blowout a damning indictment of Australian rugby


Time's up for the Cheika dictatorship

This is going to be brutal. To the letter of the descriptions given – “Had he not played, the team would have been better off. Negatively affected the performance of the side. May God have mercy on his soul.” – I had no choice but to give Foley and Phipps a 1. We honestly would have been better off without them.

VOTE: Wallabies DIY player ratings vs All Blacks Bledisloe Cup first Test