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I couldn’t agree more in regards to Essendon. I have said for years that the club seem to have culture issues from the top down; which is clear by how things were handled in the off-season with Rutten and Thorburn. I don’t believe the changes they’ve made to management have fixed the problem at it’s core, and from the press in the months after all the initial stories broke, I’m not confident we’re in a better place than we were last year.

I’m happy with the appointment of Brad Scott and there’s still a lot of great people at Essendon; I just worried the culture is not where it should be.

AFL Oracle: Someone ALWAYS surges into September from the bottom five... so who will it be in 2023?

It’s becoming too familiar a tune these days. All these coaches being stuffed about by upper poor management. I think a few external reviews are needed around the league personally.

'Disgraceful': Veteran coach slates Saints chiefs for treatment of Ratten - 'one of the best coaches I've ever worked with'

Great read 👍

Houston’s superstar duo is electrifying, captivating and probably not going to work