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They’re not chasing fourth generation American’s – it’s south Asian’s bringing cricket to south Asian’s.

Cricket icon is facing extinction - for the good of the game, this travesty must be stopped

Don and a few others are on the mark. The idea that these blokes in their 20s earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year are living lives analogously to other blokes in their 20s who don’t earn that coin is very wrong. Just because they have the money it doesn’t mean they spend it on drugs.

I’m reminded of a comment Matthew Lloyd made a few years ago – in his whole career he never played with anyone who could go on a bender every weekend and continue playing good football. Ben Cousins is an exception to the rule, and whilst I’m sure there are plenty of players who give it a good nudge in the off season, or maybe even during the bye weekend, there would only be a very small proportion who give the beers a real crack week to week, let alone the nose beers. Likewise chicken parmas or burgers or McDonalds – Will Day, skinny bloke that he is, said in a podcast interview a few weeks ago that he could probably let himself go for a fortnight post season eating things he wouldn’t normally eat, but would then get himself back on track. Yes, players in the AFL have incredible amounts of talent, but they also have incredible dedication and commitment to their craft because they know they only have a finite time to exploit that talent.

'Players don't take drugs mid-week': Cornes slams Gawn's 'happens at most clubs' defence of Dees' off-field dramas

Glorious writing!

A tale from country footy to put a fresh perspective on being a 'senior footballer'

Seems very focussed on why his efforts weren’t being rewarded, rather than what he could have done so his efforts would be rewarded.

Loved him as a Hawk, but I think that in time he’ll regret spending so much energy focussed on his supposed mistreatment by Hawthorn rather than enjoying the immediate aftermath of a premiership.

'Didn't feel valued at all': Mitchell lashes Hawks for 'unprofessional' treatment which forced him out to Magpies

As a bit of an Olympics nuff, I had to go and see Montjuic when I was in Barcelona in 2009. Incredible spot for a stadium, and also pretty amazing that it’s basically unchanged from 1992 even though it’s barely been used since!

Was there really a 'full house’ at the AFL grand final?

There’s two factors here, and Damo’s contention about #1 being a starting point probably destroys both of them.

1. Despite how good he is, the Dees are obviously open to trading him. When did an out and out superstar last get PUSHED out of a club? It just doesn’t happen.
2. If Clarry is anything like most professional sportspeople then he will have a fragile ego… how will he walk back through the doors of the club after they’ve tried to sell him? After they’ve dropped a story that they want him to live on the Mornington Peninsula with Max? He’s a nearly 27yo man with a bunch of B&Fs and AAs to his name, not some second or third year player trying to find his way…

How much is Clayton Oliver worth... and who's the best fit? Five burning questions over looming AFL trade bombshell

That was Sam McClure

How much is Clayton Oliver worth... and who's the best fit? Five burning questions over looming AFL trade bombshell

Nah, I’m well and truly in agreement with the top tier members who are pissed off that lower tier members – who don’t pay for a membership which guarantees them a seat – have ended up with, in some circumstances, materially better seats.

Many Hawks fans went through the same a decade ago (I downgraded my membership from P1 to P2 after getting back row of the SS in 2012 and got better tickets in each of the next three GFs), and it beggars belief that the tickets aren’t prioritised in line with membership level or that there isn’t scope for members in the ballot to select which category of seat they’re willing to pay for.

Grand final ticketing fiasco doesn't make top-tier Pies fans whingeing about low-quality seats okay

I understand the point you’re making Tom, but having watched ‘Show Me The Money’ recently, I reckon they are duty bound to trade him – all the talk from Goodwin and Tim Lamb was that Grundy would be coming to a club where he was wanted and would be cared for (with the inference being that this wasn’t the case at Collingwood). Seeing as they haven’t been able to provide him with the things they promised from both and on and off field perspective, then I reckon trading him to the club of his choice is fair enough.

TOM MORRIS: The hidden peril the Dees can't afford to risk in trading Brodie Grundy

What I’ve found interesting is that the media is desperate for West Coast to trade #1, but why wouldn’t West Coast be considering trading next years 1st round pick for one of North’s picks this year? Would allow them to get Reid and Curtin, whilst also allowing North to select McKercher or Duursma this year plus have two of the first handful of selections next year to continue their rebuild.

AFL Rising Star Power Rankings: Every nominee rated from 1-24 - is it Sheezel's to lose in the best crop of young guns ever?

I think you’re rating Nathan Chapman and Brad Nicholson higher than you should, but agree with the broader sentiments – what a list!

AFL Rising Star Power Rankings: Every nominee rated from 1-24 - is it Sheezel's to lose in the best crop of young guns ever?

I have a bit of sympathy for Aker in this scenario, as there’s been no accounting for context, and seeing as though his combatant is the AFL’s sacred cow he’s on a hiding to nothing. He’s a bit like Dermie – his mind moves so quickly and his mouth struggles to keep up with it, so what ends up coming out is a bit of a dog’s breakfast. The two points that probably should be emphasised are that he played with a gay player whose company he enjoyed and who he thinks was a great teammate, and a quote he made on Channel 9 back in 2010 when this all kicked off:

“I’m ready. I’m fine with it all”

AFL News: 'Sooked it up' - Aker slams Murphy over 'biased' ABC story, Dons fan favourite bows out

I get the feeling, it’s only just a feeling though, that Russell does, in fact, care what Kane has to say!

AFL News: 'Sooked it up' - Aker slams Murphy over 'biased' ABC story, Dons fan favourite bows out

Hate to burst your bubble Doc, but the Lions already have this year and both Essendon and Fremantle did last year!

Singin' Elijah's Song: Eagles diamond the Round 22 Rising Star

The fear is that in desperation we play a half fit Sam Kerr and all she can do is basically powerwalk around

'He'll look back with regret': Matildas coach admits 'strange' call as hosts on brink of World Cup elimination

I think Ashcroft being fourth or fifth banana in the midfield of a top four team isn’t as impressive as what Sheezel has consistently produced in a dreadful team (and that consistency combined with his team being very much off Broadway has made him somewhat forgotten) and Owens has produced playing a very difficult position in a middling team.

Whether injured or not I don’t think Ashcroft deserves to be at the top of the judges scoresheets.

Six Points: Why Ashcroft should still win Rising Star, and a message for Collingwood fans

Agreed – which further emphasises why it is confounding that every club overlooked him multiple times

Overlooked by everyone, but now McVee takes the Round 18 AFL Rising Star nomination

Good as always Tim.

If you’d had room for 7… geez these are troubling times for the Kangaroos. Wardlaw and Sheezel look class, and LDU is quality, but where have their 17th and 18th placed finishes really got them? Their list just seems so bland and so uninteresting, and to be absolutely smoked off the park by a team one spot above them – and who were accused of being an asterisk at the beginning of the season – is damning.

They must be thankful for that pick in the 70s that got them Larkey (which, interestingly, was three selections before the Hawks selected Mitch Lewis – rich pickings indeed!) because otherwise things would be even more dire.

Six Points: Defending Josh Rachele, the Blues' unsung hero, and why the Dogs would be mad to sack Bevo

Has there ever been a bigger team of frauds than the Bulldogs?

Footy Fix: The Swans exposed every one of the Dogs' biggest weaknesses - but did it come too late to save their season?

He’s averaging 12 touches and 1.5 clearances per game – he’s not a natural ball winner

Pedlar to the metal: Crow battler is the Round 16 Rising Star nominee

Definitely tough (very) and skilful, but he still hasn’t shown that ball winning ability of a Danger (or a Roo before that). Plenty of time though!

Pedlar to the metal: Crow battler is the Round 16 Rising Star nominee

Definitely agree – Kangas have the building blocks of a versatile and impressive midfield.

I think lowly teams often improve as the season goes on as, firstly, young players get up to speed with the pace of the game, but also secondly, their coaches adjust game plans and structures to either free things up or tighten things up. Kangas and Hawks both playing with plenty of freedom.

By George the Kangas have a good one here: Wardlaw the Round 13 Rising Star

Indeed – Johnson was excellent last week. He and the Hawks’ Seamus Mitchell should find themselves nominated soonish one would think.

By George the Kangas have a good one here: Wardlaw the Round 13 Rising Star

I think Tim English is like Brodie Grundy was – completely overrated for what he actually does as a ruckman when really he’s a midfielder. Would the Dogs be better off with a competitor in the ruck rather than an extra midfielder?

The Roar's 2023 mid-season AFL All Australian team: Why this underrated Port star should be an AA bolter

Ok, well Suckling didn’t play in the 2013 grand final and didn’t kick any set shot goals in the two other grand finals he played in.

Amiss runs very straight when kicking for goal over short distances.

Nothing Amiss about this nomination: Jye takes out Round 11