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No disagreement here, it was just the first thing that came to mind to check the viewership of. Never watched that garbage myself (have two kids, I’d watch Bluey well before MAFs)

When life’s great distractor can no longer distract


When life’s great distractor can no longer distract

Like I said, I understand being a sports site, my opinion will be the minority, but how many people in general fall into the same category.

And please dont misunderstand, I’m not trying to lessen the impact on the loss of you and mean no offence mate. It was more an observation on society as a general whole. No disrespect intended at all to you or any fans on this site.

When life’s great distractor can no longer distract

I honestly think we are over estimating the importance of sport. I understand this is literally a sports website, so everyone will likely disagree, but its just a game. The reality is the majority of fans are not die hard fans who watch every game, they MIGHT watch their own team play if its easy to do.

The average rating for games in 2019 was only 459,000, obviously excluding Origin and the finals. As a comparison, MAFs (no thanks…) rated 1.17 million.

Its just a game, and when its not on, people will either leave the TV off or watch something else. No impact, no fuss.

The question should be asked, when all this eventually dies down, how many people go back? We only tune in to footy out of habit for the most part, we always complain, so when the habit is broken by outside forces, will we bother tuning back in? Trump has indicated the current situation could last until August (and whether its smart or not, he is leading the government actions on this so what he says is kind of the law right now) and that would mean no footy for over a year and a half. Do we bother tuning in for a half year competition? I suspect casual fans wont. That can be dangerous for the sport.

When life’s great distractor can no longer distract

You think we’ll be that lucky? The NBA suspended the comp today a few minutes before tip off (players where on the court!)

Imagine that, Parra about to kick off….and thats it, time to go home!

The Roar's NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 1

To be fair, without putting the qualifier in that you only speak for some, it would be easy to read your sentence one way or the other.

For example, if I said I didn’t like the Roosters, you’d assume I didn’t like all of the players, correct? If I say I don’t like some of the Roosters, you’d assume I do, therefore, like some.

You said “if you don’t like the behaviour of young people today”. The logical assumption would be all young people. If you wished to indicate you only represented a small group (those that aren’t ok with Latrells Flag and the lesbian kiss, for example) it would be more appropriate to have said “If you don’t like the behaviour of some young people today”, and for even more accuracy, you could have added more variables to reduce the amount you are referring to, such as the “if you don’t like the behaviour of young people who don’t embrace indigenous rights” or “if you don’t like the behaviour young people who don’t approve of women kissing on TV”

Just a thought of course.

If you don't like the NRL TV ad, you may need to change

I’m a young person today, and while I respect your right to have an opinion, I want to say you dont speak for all of us!

If you don't like the NRL TV ad, you may need to change

Its interesting that you’ve drawn a line through the Storm when their stability compared to 2019 is greater than the other real contenders. Roosters have lost one of the best on field generals of the modern age as well as one of the best natural talents (when he wants to be), Raiders have lost BJ, Jordan and Sezer and the Storm has lost…well…a half back that got dumped, Scott who was out more than in, and Joe Stimson.
I’d argue you’re selling the Storm short for 2020. If they can finally solve the half back conundrum, they would surely be a major contender for 2020 (and by solve I mean get Smith to play HB, bring Smith to hooker).

Predicting the 2020 NRL Premier before the season even starts

When making rules, the idea is to make them as hard to manipulate as possible.

“In all cases when trainers enter the field of play to either attend to an injured player, carry water, or deliver individual messages, they must immediately leave the field once their assigned task has been completed and return to the players bench.”

Technically you can deliver water all the time, as long as you have water. You can pass a single message to multiple players, and who is dictacting when the tasks are complete?

“Currently, blue-shirt trainers may only enter the field of play after their team gains possession of the football and must leave the field at the completion of the fourth tackle. “

You have a set time frame and limited number of times a trainer can enter a field during the time of play. It can still be manipulated, but by giving defined boundaries, its much harder to do.

I like the change, it eliminates the parts of the ambiguous portions of the rules. Definitely a win!

The NRL and the mystery of trainers' on-field access

That is a shocking double dribble miss there half way through that video (23 seconds in). Basic rule there…

College basketballer's bonkers plan to send match to overtime somehow works

I can’t fathom how any professional organisation can publically suspend a person, have that person deliberately break the rules of the suspension, indefinitely suspend that person and still even consider allowing him back to his original job….

Shane Flanagan broke the rules of the game in one of the worst ways, then ignored the punishment and did what he wanted anyway. He should never be allowed near an NRL game again, let alone as a head coach.

'I want to be a head coach again': Flanagan

So to confirm, Big NAS doesn’t end up in a jail cell, doesn’t have to pay a fine, was defending his mate, and gets a 3 week ban.

Fafita spends 3 days in jail, has to pay $30,000 to his accuser to get him to drop the charges, and yet he doesn’t get any punishment at all?

And everyone wonders why we talk about inconsistency in the NRL…

Fifita escapes further sanction over Bali incident

I do and don’t agree with the blame on the player managers. They are in the same boat as Latrell right now, they rolled the dice and took a chance, trying to earn big money for all involved. Thats what a player manager should be doing, trying to earn big money for their client right?

1 thing that I find interesting in this entire situation is that we are talking like its an immediate crisis. Technically speaking, Latrell has 12 months to find another team, he is contracted through 2020. Thats plenty of time to find a new club right? I think a lot of fault in this scenario falls to the Roosters who seem to be playing a campaign against Latrell here.

Leave Latrell alone, he's done nothing wrong

The easy and only real solution to this is to allow the cap to reward loyalty to one club. Make it harder for other clubs to lure players away by giving them incentives. Every year you play at a club, 10% of your salary is removed from the cap. Simple. By 5 years, a club can pay a player an extra 50% compared to other clubs. 10% may seem like a lot, but 5 years in goot ball time is a long time so I figured it would be fair?

Looking at Latrell, at this stage, 30% of his salary could be omitted from the cap, so he can earn his $800k + an extra $240K. It makes it harder for other clubs to chase him and makes him more likely to be a one club player. At 10 years, a club has the player outside the cap, rewarding players like Smith, Gallen, Thurston, etc for being 1 club players, with essentially a salary that is dictated by the clubs ability to pay only.

"It's a farce": The King demands loyalty in NRL

I think the NRL needs to take a much harder stance on contracts. Mimicing the NBA would be a good start. You play with the dclub you are signed on. Simple. You don’t sign a new contract until your current one is up. Why do players need 12 months to sign a new contract?

Negotiate, plan, have it ready, but no official announcement should be made until current contracts end and new contracts are signed. This eliminates the messy situations where a player is signed currently to one club, knowing he will play for a rival next year.

This could also open up to player trading as players are forced to play out contracts. Imagine a 3 way trade, Latrell to Storm, JAC to Tigers, Random Tiger to Roosters..? Not the best example, but it certainly opens up options.

Currently there is very little club loyalty going on, few players are 1 club players, so why not go the opposite, and really open up the system. Introduce a drafting system and the game can become much more even and exciting.

The current player contracts and management system is definitely flawed and needs an overhaul!

Is a transfer window the solution to the NRL’s player contract fiasco?

Thats the same discussion that was had when Slater left, then when Cronk left.

Considering the 2020 team will field 15 international players, including 6 origin players, they will always be a force. I 100% acknowledge Smith leaving will hit the Storm hard, but there is no way they will be done and dusted!

And even when he retires, Smith will still be in Melbourne, coaching from the sideline!

Bellamy admits NRL end may be near

Thanks for posting, I wasn’t sure the Roar rules on posting links to other sites.

100% agree, its a great interview, paints him really well and gives a glimpse into his team management skills as a whole (the player work program, the attitude towards the non-superstar players, etc) rather than just the “Big 3” conversation

Bellamy admits NRL end may be near

I 100% agree. I sit and yell at the TV during the footy (and yeah, will drop the f-bomb a lot!), as did my parents. Its normal, and I could think of nothing more boring than not being emotionally invested in a game!

He also has a lot riding on the Storm players and their victories, so its only natural he’d be overly invested in their success!

Honestly, and I don’t like saying this often, but the hatred and media criticism of Bellamy is very similar to the criticism of Smith, very anti-Melbourne.

Bellamy admits NRL end may be near

Fare comment, and typically I would agree, why double up. The problem is this article is a hack-job of the wide world of sports article, leaving out the pieces I mentioned. So rather tha providing the story, they chose to take these pieces from it only.

I 100% agree to only post new content (though I must say I prefer all content here for discussion with level header rational people rather than on social media :P) but if you are going to copy paste, as is the case here, take the entire thing, not just portions.

Bellamy admits NRL end may be near

I’m really disappointed in the Roar on this one, the interview is on another website and talks a bout a lot of really good stuff. Why did you cut it to just this portion of the interview?

I particularly like the portion where he talks about the first two weeks a new players being mandatory work, showing players they are privaleged to be where they are. It speaks volumes for the Storm who really have had minor behaviour issues in the past.

I was also amazed to see the stat on current coaches coming from the storm. 1/3 of first grade coaches (Anthony Seibold (Broncos), Michael Maguire (Wests Tigers), Brad Arthur (Eels), Dean Pay (Bulldogs), Adam O’Brien (Knights) and Stephen Kearney (Warriors)) come from the Storm system, thats incredible!

Bellamy admits NRL end may be near

I’m more thinking of the massive plays we will see after a 20m tap. Imagine is, Tedesco takes the tap, passes it to keary who smacks a 20/40!

NRL make raft of major rule changes for 2020 season

I’m not sure why the 40/20 rule is limited to those field positions. If we are going 40/20 and 20/40, why not 30/30? Why not just say if it travels 60+m then crosses the boundary, then the kicking team gets the ball.

NRL make raft of major rule changes for 2020 season

The Storm came out and said JAC isn’t going anywhere. They indicated he refuted the claim, not that they denied it. I think it’s a bit of a beat up. Possibly a ploy by the Tigers to scare Latrell a little.

Storm confirm exits for Croft, Scott

The other half of this story is that apparently the Tigers are chasing JAC, who is now feeling a bit homesick.

So the Storm have/will lose (accoridng to reports at least) JAC, Croft, Scott and Chambers, with other whispers of Suli wanting out as well. Is thats the case, do the Storm shape as a potential home as well? If no one is willing to give Mitchell the $1 million for fullback, he wont have a lot of choice but to play centre somewhere, and I reckon the Storm could be a good home. Under Craig Bellamy he could develop into a real once in a generation player…

Alternatively, Pap could shift to the wing. thats Pap and Earl on the wing, Olam and Seve in the centres and Mitchel at fullback (all of which can be rotated nicely if need be)….

Gold Coast emerge as shock favourites to sign Latrell Mitchell as Tigers drop out

Wow, considering he effectively stuck his finger up at the NRL management during his excile, its amazing he is allowed near the game at all. Its good to know the NRL only holds a grudge for 12 months…

Unless you’re a Melbournian 😛

Shane Flanagan confirmed as Dragons assistant coach