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I think we forget the form between the hundreds, I remember him losing his confidance big time after a great start then getting dropped due to pretty poor form.

I’d still pick him this test though, he’ll have learnt from that dropping.

Five-way battle for two Test batting spots

I feel he got treated poorly at the beginning of his career but as it’s gone along he just hasn’t performed when needed, he’s probably then been given chances when he shouldn’t have.

After the last India series I gave up on him.

Five-way battle for two Test batting spots

These guys are so lucky to work in an industry that allows mental health breaks, I’m a chef and would have benefited immensely from being able to take a mental health rest, alas, in my industry at least the stigma around mental health is still fully alive and kicking, but also it’s hard to replace staff, in sports there’s always someone else ready to go.

Pucovski and Burns for mine, no way Khawaja should ever be let back into the Aus team, Pucovskis potential needs to be used.

Five-way battle for two Test batting spots

Watts or Broadbent? I’d take broadly every day, watts or Howard? I’d take Howard every day.

The only one left on the list is Watts, strange.

What's going on at Port Adelaide?

Let’s be real man, thanks for writing the Article, but.

Cripps is in the top 3 midfielders in the comp, IMO is the best (Fyfe is a badass as well, then Dusty)

Phillips is a good player but when you have a man named Pendelbury In the team, there’s only one choice for the captaincy.

Reckon McKay before Curnow, Docherty gets a gigs as does Walsh and Simpson, possibly petrovski but captaincy for Walsh, pfft, that’s stupid bro, it’s his second year in the system. but that’s about from Carlton.

They’re not that good remember.

What if Carlton and Collingwood joined forces?

I like Gerard Healy (port fan) and Basil, Andy Maher isn’t bad either.

There will never be another Dennis Cometti though

AFL media axe falls on diversity, individuality and quality

Not just sports commentary, most companies benefit from a mixture of a bunch of personalities, I work in kitchens and over the years have found that kitchens with racial and sexual diversity work far better than kitchens with similar cultures only, but at the end of the day, the best person should get the job, race, color or sexuality should play almost no part in the decision making process.

AFL media axe falls on diversity, individuality and quality

I disagree, the playing list is great, excellent even, talent on every line, which is why it’s so hard to understand how they could have missed the finals in the past 4 years.

Jack Watts ain’t going to help, I’m sure of That? Would have preferred to keep Broadbent and do away with the Watts experiment.

What's going on at Port Adelaide?

I’m unsure of Voss contract status but judging by Kochies comments he’s on notice, it’s rare to see assistant coaches get sacked mid year and I’ve heard nothing from the club about any real big shake ups in the current coaching set and given the disappointment of last year I’m a little disappointed with that.

What's going on at Port Adelaide?

Pretentious man, take it somewhere else mate.

AFL media axe falls on diversity, individuality and quality

My boss is a middle class white woman, where’s her disadvantage?

AFL media axe falls on diversity, individuality and quality

I really dislike people on this site that dis peoples spelling, English could be his third language mate, and if this is the case then it’s clearly discrimination.

Which is what you’ve been arguing against, badly, on this thread.

It’s just a cheap shot Mark.

AFL media axe falls on diversity, individuality and quality

The main woman commentator on fox can’t speak English properly.

Can’t remember her name but English is her first language, so why’s she in the job?

AFL media axe falls on diversity, individuality and quality

That game, I just want to forget it forever

What's going on at Port Adelaide?

That’s part of my gripe with Voss, Wines and SPP have shown very little improvement in the time Voss was midfield coach, then they promoted him, what the?

What's going on at Port Adelaide?

You know Durssma is right footer? And Amons number are now where near Polec.

After Robbie Gray he was out best midfielder when he left even though he was starting on a wing.

Amon if the rumors are correct is on about 500k a year, so 200k less and up until this year hs been quite inconsistent and poor, they couldn’t have known he was going to come on this year, it’s a dumb decision that by sheer luck has worked ok.

Go and have a look at Polec stats, he’s a lot better than you realise.

Also, Sam Gray for 150k a year is a good player to have on the list, Sydney appear to think so anyway.

What's going on at Port Adelaide?

Charlie Dixon really should be a star of the comp, but he has consistently been unable to time his run and jump at the ball, he gets dropped, brought back to soon and generally treated poorly.

We need another key forward badly as unfortunately young Marshall hasn’t come on like we’d hoped.

What's going on at Port Adelaide?

Rockliff has played well for the most part, but Motlop is a lazy bugger, just like his cousin and the Watts signing was always going to fail, just like it did with Melbourne for all those years.

What's going on at Port Adelaide?

Yep, Ken played the gold coast situation perfectly, and the club blinked.
I’m not quite ready to sack the coach yet bit if there’s no finals this year, and a win in said finals series then unfortunately that’s exactly what will happen.

What's going on at Port Adelaide?

I’m not sold on Ollie Wines, perhaps he’s hit his ceiling early? It happens.
I’m certainly not hoping this is the case, I want him to reach his potential, it’s fair to say this is a big year for Ollie.
The CEO and the board have done a wonderful job in recent years and I’ll always support the club, I’m just feeling a little bit of disconnect at the moment.

What's going on at Port Adelaide?

SA footy really is in the doldrums at the moment isn’t it, when do I get a Power vs Crows grand final? How good would that be?

What's going on at Port Adelaide?

Yawn……….when’s the cricket gonna start? It’s November and they’re playing the short game rubbish still.
Way to go CA.
Seriously, it’s been over a month since the grand final and I won’t watch this dross, why is there no one day cricket at least yet?

Mighty Pakistan await cruising Aussies

So Wester Bulldogs, North Melbourne and Geelong.

I like it.

Tigers, Pies and Cats to hog the limelight as AFL unveils 2020 fixture

Khawaja is the new Shaun Marsh I reckon, has a decent innings every 6 months and then straight back into the test team.

What’s he actually done?

Formidable Australia A squad named ahead of Test summer

Wow, I just remember them sucking for the longest time, but yes that is far better than GC.

Do we even want the Gold Coast Suns to succeed?