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At the end of the day if it wasn’t for injury Taggart would probably have 20 or more caps under his belt by now. When his composure matches his movement….which is first class…then yes we have a player that could potentially be putting them in the back of the net as often as Cahill.

Is Taggart the man now that Timmy’s time is up?

I agree i thought it was embarrassing, calm down Arnie!

Late equaliser can't conceal familiar issues facing the Arnold era

On Keogh he’s had a great start to the season but geez he didn’t half butcher a few chances on Sunday.Finally put one in the back of the net to give us the lead though so alls forgiven. Popa’s got Glory purring and really could of had 5 or 6 had the shooting boots been on, great defence and with Spiranovic and a certain Spaniard still to come into the side things are looking good.

Six talking points from A-League Round 4

Great signs that the team has adapted so well so early,new coach and plenty of new players so a great start really. Should become an an even more cohesive unit as the season goes on and with Castro still to come in lots of optimism for Glory fans this season.

Glory stun Victory in five-goal thriller

Yes Punter what you dont always pick up on TV is a players movement and watching Taggart in the flesh at Glory his movement is first class, he creates so many opportunities for himself that even if he botches a chance or two he usually scores in the end . His little flicks and one twos around the box are a pleasure to watch as well, really looking forward to seeing him linking up with players like Rogic in the NT set up.

The A-League team of the week: Round 1

As stated by others we are looking a little light in attack, having said that Poppa has had success with fairly average strike forces in the past so heres hoping. We’ll need the likes of Ferriera to chip in with goals which he’s very capable of if he stays fit.

Can Popovic bring glory back to Perth?

I think making the FFA Cup final two years running and not even having a sniff of hosting one of the finals has many Glory fans not caring about the FFA Cup to be honest.

The wonder of super-Tuesday in the FFA Cup

Great signing, Honda is up there with the greats of Japanese football and it’s a pleasure having him in our league.

CONFIRMED: Melbourne Victory land Keisuke Honda in massive A-League marquee signing

A fair few broken playstation controllers in my case.

What has 25 years of FIFA given us?

ol Marty boy is known to post links to trouble at a 3rd division game in Brazil so it’s hardly surprising he’s not on top of problems in his own backyard.

Even as an innocent bystander, football is implicated

Deserved, absolutely brilliant technique.

WATCH: Benjamin Pavard's goal of the World Cup

If Graham Arnold was still at Sydney this might be considered a good move, instead he’ll be working under someone in a vital stage in his career whos never been a 1st team coach before….i do wonder who is guiding these young guys sometimes.

Daniel De Silva moves to Sydney FC on loan

I’m not sure the label matters quite frankly…and most of these violent clashes have involved far more than “2 blokes”.

Even as an innocent bystander, football is implicated

Yeah well violence at aussie rules games isn’t just a Geelong problem, it’s Australia wide and at all levels, about time it’s gotten the media attention it’s getting now.

Even as an innocent bystander, football is implicated

I believe our deputy prime minister warned Australian fans to think not once, not twice but three times about attending the World Cup in Russia….it seems he needs to give the same advice to people attending an aussie rules match.

Even as an innocent bystander, football is implicated


Went to the game last night, nice enough stadium but watching football at NIB with a vastly smaller crowd is a better experience. Football fans were once again treated like second class citizens by the security by telling fans in the active area ( an active area which was okay’d weeks in advance) to stop playing the drum they had brought in and to sit down. Pathetic but hardly surprising.

Should Perth Glory host an A-League game at Optus Stadium?

Tom Rogic and Trent Sainsbury are the two best players to grace the pitch in Gosford.

We can't demand more A-League marketing then complain when we get it

I believe this is the video he’s passing around to clubs, impressive.

Usain in the membrane: Why Bolt in the A-League makes no sense

Watched highlights of Bolt in a charity match recently at Old Trafford and he’s average. Didn’t even look particularly fast against other non or retired footballers, Freddie Flintoff was getting a across stopping him getting into the box ffs.

It's so crazy it just might work: Why Usain Bolt to the A-League might be worth it

I’m probably speaking in terms more of intent, teams set up to stop Spain playing so yes they didn’t blow teams away 4-0 every match.

Why France's win has left me unsatisfied

Weird old team and just seemed to do what they had to, any time they were challenged they rose to it and were only behind in the tournament for 9 mins. It is pretty rare World Cup winners play exciting attacking football, Spain probably really the only one in recent memory.

Why France's win has left me unsatisfied

Australian legend, so many unforgettable moments. Thanks Tim and give that man a statue.

Tim Cahill retires from international football

I can see the Mariners mug of an owner signig him up for a quick buck.

Usain Bolt on the verge of joining the A-League - no, seriously!

I’m cheering for Croatia, a new world champion would be fantastic.

Croatia and France to meet under the majesty of the final

You’d think Roma and Lazio would be abit more successful then.

England are disappointed, but this time it's a different kind of disappointment