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Keeping in mind what I wrote above, I think a splash of Maroon in the jersey would probably be a good start.

They don’t look like a QLD team to me.

Remember the Titans? They don't

“You can’t have a smashing Anzac Day rugby league round in 2019 because not enough rugby league players were killed at Gallipoli over a hundred years ago” really is one of the worst takes I’ve read on this site.

How many dead would make it acceptable?

Eight talking points from NRL Round 7

The game against the Rabbitohs – Bennett vs Seibold – will be the match of the week.

Hold on to your hats, folks. The media will be out in force.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 7

“What would a Daly Cherry-Evans injury mean to Manly?”

Who gives a stuff about Manly?

What will it mean for Queensland, dammit?

Eight talking points from NRL Round 7

“He now needs Munster to play that role in support, as well as providing the balanced head to control the kicking game alongside Croft”

Well, as we saw in the Grand Final – Munster certainly has what it takes to be the head kicker…

NRL 2019 season preview: Melbourne Storm

As a Queenslander, I’m licking my lips at the prospect of Pearce getting a blue jersey again. It’ll finally put an end to all that “New Blue Dynasty!” nonsense.

Mitchell Pearce is an excellent halfback. One of the best in the game. Under his guidance, Newcastle are a strong chance to finally make the top eight again for the first time in years.

… and he’s just not up to the task when it comes to Origin.

Call it nerves; call it a lack of mental toughness; call it guts. He just doesn’t have it. Something happens to him when he runs out onto that Origin field. He’s not himself. The Maroons are in his head, living rent-free.

It’s not unheard-of. Many players have had fantastic club careers and hopeless Origin records. Ben Hunt is the obvious Queensland counterpart – fantastic player, can’t hack it in the Maroon jersey.

Happens in cricket too – many great Shield and/or ODI players just fold when they get to the Test arena.

Rock solid predictions for the 2019 NRL season: Part one

“In a salary-capped competition, such squad retention following grand final success is simply unheard of.”

That is a very, um… tactful way of putting what we are ALL thinking.

Go into politics, mate.

Rock solid predictions for the 2019 NRL season: Part one

Exactly. These were massive breaches.

And whatever the Sharks might have done, I don’t like the way Smith is using them as an excuse to get Melbourne off the hook.

What the Sharks might have done has absolutely no bearing on the fact that Melbourne committed the biggest act of rorting in Australian sporting history.

Cameron Smith's Cronulla complaint is crying over spilt milk

There’s no doubt Reynolds is due for a BIG season, put it that way.

The five under-the-radar NRL players you need to watch this season

Why shouldn’t they be used as an example?

There must be a reason why every team the league has put on the Gold Coast has been a disaster – and I’ve given my reasons as to why I believe that is.

As to whether another Brisbane team will be supported – well, you say it will. I say it won’t.

I’ve explained why I don’t think it will work – why do you think it will?

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

Frankly, them or the Redcliffe Dolphins – each with a ready-made fanbase – are the only options I could see possibly working.

They’re the best shot, and I still don’t think it would happen.

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

I don’t think the Sunny Coast will work, for the same reason the Titans never took off.

Gotta say, though, games at Dolphins stadium in Redcliffe would be amazing.

If we ARE going to have a second Brisbane team, the only one I think might work – as I wrote in the article – is elevating the Ipswich Jets to the NRL, as they already have a huge fanbase of their own. But I have my doubts about that too.

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

I disagree with your analysis of the situation, but I admire your passion for the game.

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

Exactly. Remember, one reason the Broncos took off (and many young ‘uns may not be aware of this) was the sheer joy of having a Queensland team in the game at all.

Queensland had dominated Origin since it had begun. There was no doubt that Queenslanders could compete with the best of them, and now we finally had a local team to prove it in the major competition.

The whole city got behind the Broncos. I remember, when they won in 92 and 93, hearing Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best” on the radio for weeks in Brisbane. For WEEKS. Didn’t matter what channel either.

(RIP the Brisbane Rugby League though).

Those conditions just don’t exist now for a new team.

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

This is the gist of my article.

Broncos will choke the oxygen out of any new team in the greater Brisbane area.

Go where there is a ready made fanbase – such as the Central Coast, where the Norths / Bears franchise has a sizeable following already, or at least the foundations of one, and a you-beaut stadium ready to go.

Who’s been to the stadium in Gosford? For those who haven’t – it may not be the biggest in the NRL, but boy is it a treat. Scenic, cool breezes, what an experience.

Has to be one of the most beautiful in the game. Get a team in there every fortnight. What a waste.

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

I agree that it is unreasonable, or at least that you’d think there was room for more.

I DON’T agree that anything can be done about it, not now.

That’s the point of my article – that the Broncos have this place so locked up that no other team will take off.

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

Like I said, Geoff, it’s not that Brisbane can only have one team.
It’s that I firmly believe that only one team here will be viable. Any other team will only survive with financial support from the NRL – and what’s the point in that?
The time for a second team was… well, straight away, actually. Had the Broncos had a local rival from day one, who knows how things might have turned out?
But the NSWRL (as it was then) guaranteed the Broncos there would be no rival team in Brisbane for a period (the first decade, I think).
The Gold Coast team was meant to be the ‘other’ Queensland expansion team at the time – but it never had a chance.
Again, guys, we have to deal with what’s possible, not what we’d like to happen. Just because we all want another team in Brisbane (yes, even me – I want the game to grow), and just because everyone south of the Tweed want to see the Broncos humbled, doesn’t mean it’s viable.

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

That’s ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

The sissification of Rugby League continues…

(Apologies to any sissies reading this)

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

I think he means 8 in Sydney, one in Penrith (that’s the .5)

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

Well, the same NRL that thought it was a great idea to install the Titans on the Gold Coast (a “dumb” example, according to you) is the same NRL that is certain a second team up here will be a roaring success.

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

Excellent points mate.

There is an awful lot of home-grown talent having to move away, it’s true. Such a waste.

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

Well, as my opening sentence reads:

“Can Brisbane support a second NRL team? Absolutely. Will Brisbane support a second NRL team? Nope.”

I’m well aware that on paper Brisbane can support another team. That’s why I opened saying just that. It’s just that in real life, down here on the ground, I’m convinced it will be a flop for the reasons I outlined.

You’re exactly right though – the only team with a chance of success would have to be a well established team like the Ipswich Jets. Again, though, I have my doubts about whether that would even work, as I wrote.

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

I wonder if it’s the same thing, Geoff.
With GWS, that involved putting a second AFL team in an area that wasn’t particularly attached to AFL in the first place. Many supported the Swans because they were the only team around, but they didn’t have their hearts set on them. GWS found lots of room to move.
And even then – correct me if I’m wrong – but hasn’t the AFL had to support GWS (and the Gold Coast too) with massive financial subsidies to get them going? I don’t see the NRL doing that. The Titans were enough.
A second team in Brisbane would be going into NRL heartland with a pre-existing monster already there, not into an area where people are lukewarm about the sport to begin with and therefore don’t have many pre-conceived notions about which team to support.
As to your second point about Brisbane’s monopoly up here. All I can say there is – with the greatest respect to the other clubs – tough titties. The question isn’t about what SHOULD happen, or what others WANT to happen, but what is VIABLE.
I’ve outlined why I don’t think a second team is viable, I guess we’ll see if the NRL agrees.

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

All good points, mate, except for your last sentence. The atmosphere at Lang Park is mind-blowing.

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

Yeah, though as I said in the article I doubt even a Logan/Ipswich team will take off.

Look, that’s practically Brisbane (yes, yes, I know that’ll rile up the Ipswich mob). There’s already immense support for the Broncos out there, just as much as in Brisbane itself.

As I wrote, if it was the Ipswich Jets themselves that were catapulted upwards into the NRL, then maybe. They already have a passionate fanbase of their own, all built up and ready to go.

But even then, I have serious doubts.

A central Queensland team might work, but where would they play? You’re right, infrastructure would be the issue there – not to mention the widespread and sparsely populated catchment area for fans (though the Cowboys got over that hurdle eventually).

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming