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One of the funniest commentary moments of the year was in the Broncos v Panthers match. A Panther (Naden I think) chases hard a grubber everyone thought was going dead, and gets to it in time. The replays showed he bounced it, but Gould was jumping up and down, “That’s a try! That’s a try!” over and over. No one else in the commentary is able to get a word in while Gould just continues to repeat his three-word mantra.
The video ref comes up red, and Billy Slater is the only one brave enough to say anything, and cheekily offers: “Looks like the video ref doesn’t agree with you Gus.”

Gus is so biased towards the Panthers and Roosters. That’s why JWH shouldn’t be rubbed out…he plays for one of Gus’ favourite teams

Referees get it right and the commentators misread the room - again

Loose bus change…

Australia Ashes series player ratings: No surprises as Steve Smith and Pat Cummins take top honours

Joe Burns

Kurtis Patterson too please

No Mitch Marsh, no Bancroft, no Harris.

Warner, and to a lesser extent Khawaja to earn selection via strong Sheffield Shield performances only.

Who should the Test selectors look at for the summer?

It WAS a really hard game to watch.
And our captain’s continual lack of effort is a massive problem, especially with him always stating that he wants to play on.

Unb-Eel-ievable! Parramatta blow away Broncos 58-0

That is amazing!

Ronan mentioned that we ‘slumped’ to 2-28…
That’s par for the course!

Australia retain Ashes in a thriller

In 2018 the Knights ran 11th with a 9-15 record. In 2019 they ran 11th with a 10-14 record. So they improved, but only marginally.
When you consider that last year the Knights big weakness was lack of middle size, and they bought in arguably the best prop in the comp in Klemmer, I think this season isn’t actually an improvement. They went backwards. The run of 6 wins showed what they are capable of, and then they never showed it again.
I would be seething if I was a Knights supporter. The team showed in the last 10 weeks a complete lack of heart. Damning.

The numbers that prove the Knights' improvement

Australia’s mental fortitude this series has been both unexpected and very welcomed by Aussie supporters.
Its amazing we’ve done so well considering we’ve had only 2 half-centuries from 24 innings from our top 3.

Brilliant win last night – well done boys

Australia retain Ashes in a thriller

Praise Jeebus!
He hasn’t been selected

Mitch Marsh Ashes recall would be farcical

Bravo Mary!
Someone has finally called Brown out for the faker he is.
He can buy players, but what about developing them?? Evidence says no.

Did Nathan Brown leave Newcastle in a better place? I'm not so sure

But the Dragons often start the season strong…I can easily see them winning 6 of their first 8, Scotty Pryde calling them morals on making the finals, and then losing 10 of their last 12 to finish 9th!!

The brutal questions Paul McGregor has to answer

I think you’ve got that the wrong way around.
Pretty sure 7 had to offload the tennis after unexpectedly snaffling the cricket.

The five Sydney teams that could relocate to Queensland

I like your use of the word farcical, Ronan.
Some other options include preposterous, ludicrous, absurd, hare-brained, asinine and idiotic.

They’re all very valid to the proposed MMarsh selection.

There is one synonym of farcical that simply doesn’t apply to this looming selection – laughable. I will NOT be laughing if this eventuates

Mitch Marsh Ashes recall would be farcical

Good post Albo.
I remember when Gus started, he claimed something like 60% of the cap was taken up by 5 players – Luke Lewis, Michael Jennings, Tim Grant, Sam McKendry, and I think Lachlan Coote. The last three were signed on potential, not sustained performance, and they’ve done it again!
How can the current line-up be so over-valued they need to shed half a dozen 1st graders to keep the rest?? The mind boggles

The Penrith Panthers: The club that can’t handle success

One of your best Tim.
Great insight into Fonua-Blake. Great to see the young man own his actions, express genuine remorse, and commit to being better. Now that’s a role model.
And yes, at 23 I thought I was king…but hindsight says very differently.

Suck it up princess: Addin Fonua-Blake did nothing wrong

Hi Ronan,
Our batting line-up is a pickle isn’t it? Only Smith and Labuschagne, and to a lesser degree Head have done enough to cement themselves. Warner and Khawaja are there based on 40+ career averages only, Wade had one good innings and 5 poor ones, Bancroft has Shane Watson’s old front pad problem, Harris looked ordinary in Leeds…

I can’t definitively decide who should make way for Smith – Wade or Harris. I probably favour your proposition, but I’d be fine with Labuschagne at 6 also.

I wonder if the selectors are wondering what I am – would Joe Burns go/have gone any better in the opening spot? If he played the first three tests, he’d probably have a form line similar to Wade’s – one big score among a number of small scores. Still, one century in 6 innings would be a lot better than Bancroft/Harris has given the team so far – 6 low scores.

Aussies need a reshuffle but only one change for fourth Ashes Test

Out of the loop and out of form

Aussies need a reshuffle but only one change for fourth Ashes Test

There’s still two spots up for grabs Nat.
If the Titans win some games, both of the Broncos and Bulldogs can make it.

Could we complete the fairytale by seeing the Titans avoid the spoon?? 🙂

The Bulldogs' unlikely path to finals glory

It must have felt good to pen an open love-letter to the Raiders Tim!

You’re one of the Roar’s best contributors, and for your sake, I’m glad your team is going well, even if I can’t really stand them!!

A laughing stock no longer, the Raiders are coming to beat you

Brown had local halves Lamb and Cogger, who are probably no more than solid first graders, but then bought a 6 in Connor Watson, rated at the time as one of the most exciting young talents in the game.
Then he bought Pearce, and both Lamb and Cogger went elsewhere. Watson has gone backwards, even though he has Pearce as senior halves partner.

As you say, Ramien looked special…until he came to the Knights. That’s two special talents wasted. He let Meaney go, who looks very good. He hasn’t developed Levi, who three years ago was the NZ hooker at age 21…. what’s happened?

From the outside looking in, it appears Brown struggles to develop young players

A dignified end to Nathan Brown's tumultuous tenure in Newcastle

I too believe it was risky putting Voges into coaching straight from captaining the side, but seeing who they are losing, I don’t think it’s cause for panic.

NCN is overrated – he is a great fielder, and can occasionally hit a few late 6’s, but he has no change-ups with his bowling – a T20 necessity. Is expensive and has lost his primary weapon – pace.
SMarsh is 36 and very injury prone. At his best, a great T20 batsman, but not worth more than a 1yr contract. Bravo Scorchers for standing firm.
Cartwright had a great first 1.5 Shield seasons but has done nothing since, especially in T20’s… his loss is not worth crying over.
And two relative unknowns have left – none of this points to poor coaching from Voges.

One has to remember that last year was a stinker for the Scorchers, so they’re not exactly breaking up a winning unit.

Voges got off to a poor start last season, but I’ll wait to see what happens this season before judging his coaching ability.

How significant is the Perth Scorchers' exodus?

Has he really succeeded in his rebuilding mission?
I’d be shocked if they lose to the Titans in round 24, but they could easily lose to both the Tigers and Panthers (both away) and finish ~11th again.

Last, last, 11th, 11th – job well done Mr Brown…?
Sorry, I think you’ve set the bar a little low

Newcastle owe Nathan Brown a debt of gratitude – but who will replace him?

Very well said TB.
The list was way over-hyped for mine, although Klemmer was a huge signing.

I’m fascinated by how Brown gets judged – yes he started with a crappy team, but he went for the ‘patience, we’re rebuilding using local juniors’ route, and then proceeded to sign a bunch of out-of-towners and play most of the locals in reserve grade. Brown’s best 17 has 2 juniors max, and he’s jettisoning his best hooker for another out-of-towner…
Apart from buying cattle, what has Brown achieved?? Who has he developed? He sees himself as a rebuilding coach, but seems to lack the ability to develop young players with promise into genuine 1st graders.

A dignified end to Nathan Brown's tumultuous tenure in Newcastle

Biggest problem with a top 5 is that there are so many more meaningless games at the back end of the year.
Newcastle were gone more than a month ago if we has a top 5, but Scotty is saying they’re still a very slim mathematical chance.
The Panthers vs Sharks game this week, and Broncos vs Panthers next week, to name a couple, would have the same lack of meaning as the Dragons vs Titans game on Saturday. Who wants that??

Eight talking points from NRL Round 21

Hey Scotty,
It just so happens that I’m pretty ‘meh’ about James Graham!

Eight talking points from NRL Round 21

This is an interesting stance Tim.
I’m no Dragons fan, so fairly neutral… my view is that Mary’s teams have developed a pattern of fading in the second half of the season. That’s a concerning trend that as coach he has to be accountable.
At the end of 2017 (I think), after a shocking fade-out, StG did a review and recommended to keep Mary, but overhaul his support staff.
So that excuse is gone, and yet the problem remains.
Further, Mary has the team/squad he wanted, injuries notwithstanding. He identified players and brought them in. Losing a half is definitely disruptive, losing a middle forward less so.
I would say losing Widdop ended any hopes of a premiership, but a good team that is well coached would still have make the finals. StG are still packed with rep players, and Widdops eventual replacement in Norman, so floundering the way that they are suggests next year a similar result is likely.
At what point does it all become untenable? If they keep losing more games than they win with a team stacked with rep players, how is that not at least partially a reflection on the coach?

Fail Mary? He didn’t really have a chance