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Agree wholeheartedly with your opening statement 40/20.
I played one year of high school footy (badly) back in the mid-90’s and that was one of the standards. We were never to run one-out…we always ran with at least one support player.
I have gotten frustrated with my team running boring one-out plays for years.

I’m very surprised NRL teams don’t do it more. I guess fitness must be part of the reason why it’s not, because it’s simple.

This might be the most important stat you've never heard of - and Cronulla are dominating in it

I’m okay with that.
Watch footage from the 80’s to see how footy was played on bogged up mud patches week-in, week-out.

I’m not advocating we should go back to that, but it will add a different challenge to the norm for the later games.

Magic Round just became aquatic round: Why you should never play eight NRL games at the same venue

That’s because they burned 50% of the salary cap on him.
I love Lynn, but he was poor last season and he has been on the slide for some time now. The Heat haven’t had a rounded team in a very long time. With Lynn gone they can rectify that

Chris Lynn dumped from the Brisbane Heat in shock move

I don’t rate Harris, so I instinctively agree that he should go. However, this kind of “He’s had 4 tests and not done a lot, he needs to go” is the exact reason Warner has had so many opening partners and so little stability.
Matt Renshaw was a 10yr player…dumped after a short string of avg performances.
Burns was dumped a few times, but still has a higher test avg than Harris has a FC avg.

I don’t agree with the selectors call that Harris is the best opening option right now, but I want to see whomever they deem appropriate given an extended run to prove themselves. Like, a year / 10 tests.

Khawaja must play ahead of Harris while Starc should rest but selectors remain coy

A bit of Benny Hill music should sort that out!! 😂

The Liebke report card: 'More nineties than downloading Alanis Morissette off Napster'

Joj Roor
Diwid / Dawad Malam / Nalan

The Liebke report card: 'More nineties than downloading Alanis Morissette off Napster'

He’s averaged 56 in FC since moving to the middle order.

That’s better than okay.

Can ice cool Renshaw fuel Warner's fire in the Ashes?

The fielding position thing doesn’t stack up. Often the fielders at fine leg or 3rd man do more running than those in the ‘ring’. And there’s a number of bowlers who field in the slips.
It’s the mental side that will change most for him…but it’ll change for whomever they choose.

DAMIEN FLEMING: The two great Test captains Pat can emulate, as moment arrives for Fast Bowling Cartel

I can’t stand his commentary…otherwise known as ‘yabbering’.
He clearly hates silence, preferring to remove it with gibberish nonsense.

But that’s how he’s always been. At 9, and then at 7. So, how did he get a gig at 7 in the 1st place??

The external reason fits because he’s always been a crap commentator, yet got the work.

Michael Slater, who said ScoMo had 'blood on his hands', let go by Channel 7

I didn’t think Souths were that emphatic against Manly.
Manly shot themselves in the foot with dropped ball and other errors, and yet when they got the ball were able to make linebreaks and were a touch unlucky to have a couple of tries disallowed. Meanwhile, the Rabbits got the rub of the green. The ball bounced their way pretty much all night.
For Souths to win, they’ll have to defend a lot better than they did in the preliminary.

JAMIE SOWARD: The titanic personal battle that could decide Grand Final and Churchill Medal

The big winger phenomenon started / really took hold with Sailor and Tuquiri didn’t it??

The secret statistic behind the top NRL teams

I love golf…

My NRL 2021 wish list revisited

What a fantastic article.
Articulate and balanced and presenting new information – very well done.

I love the style of Federer: the single handed backhand – glorious. I’m never one to go for a dominating player (unless an Aussie!!), so I was happy to see the Fed lose to Djoker back in 2008…but now they’re even, I find Fed’s more attacking style of play better to watch.
I actually barrack for Thiem, Tsitsipas and the like now to rise up and take over.
If they play attacking tennis, with a single-handed backhand, I like ’em!

But to the thrust of the article – there can be no doubting Djoker’s greatness. He’s now tied on 20 slams, but probably has another couple in him which will see him stand alone. Deserves nothing more than our kudos

Quiet please: It's time for the Novak knocking to stop

Gives an insight into the mentality of young men.

Gallen has missed the mark by a LONG way.

I actually had a longer comment written about the link between this type of mentality and domestic abuse and sexual assault, but I know it’ll be taken by many the wrong way and I can’t be bothered trying to defend / going tit-for-tat.
See What You Made Me Do by Jess Hill is one recent book (also doco on SBS) that exposes how male entitlement on this country creates so many societal issues. Check it out for yourselves. I’ll leave it at that.

P.s. not saying Gallen has abused or assaulted anybody (off the field!)

Lockdowns are hard for everyone, not just single footy players with an 'urge'

You’ve only listed 1 winger for Qld…
I’m pretty sure Val Holmes is the other

2021 State of Origin: Game 3 preview

14 day isolation, with a 1 week suspension on top.
Missing 3 weeks would show the NRL was more serious

Why are the NRL bending over backwards to accommodate the Dragons?

Clear as mud Mary! Thanks for trying 😊

Bravo NRL for making this process easy to follow for league fans!

Equalisation model proves challenging for NRLW

C’mon Aussies!

Four Aussies on the charge at Wimbledon

Hi Mary,
I also note one of my fave players (despite being a cockroach!) Millie Boyle is also not a fan of the talent equalisation measures.

Pretty tone deaf of Vlandys to ask women to suck it up and make a sacrifice for the good of the game, when they already make big ones just to be able to play NRLW.

The women’s game should be expanded, but the plans around that expansion should be put in place way ahead of time, so it’s not last minute rush stuff. Even an outline of the future would be better than what we have now.

Can you explain a couple of things to me??
I’ve read about the 24 central contracts, which is 4 per team…but the Titans and Broncos have both named 5 marquee signings. Who are the 24 centrally contracted players? What is the marquee signing system, and how are the two systems related??
From my Broncos, Ali Brigginshaw and Millie Boyle are definitely top 24, and Tamika Upton almost certainly is too. Is one of the 5 marquee’s not centrally contracted?? (Amber Hall or Taryn Aitken)

Equalisation model proves challenging for NRLW

I would give these guys very different ratings.
Coates gets a 3/10, but I thought he did okay for someone who was thrown in at the last minute. He tried hard and was safe under the high ball.
Capewell played okay too, as did Ben Hunt, who at least offered some energy. Yet you gave these guys the lowest rankings.

Holmes was poor. Feldt had a shocker. DCE offered very little.
Munster was a 5/10 max.

Holmes 3
Feldt 1
Capewell 5
Gagai 4
Coates 5
Munster 4
Papa 6
McCullough 5
Welch 5
Kaufusi 5
Arrow 5
Tino 4
Hunt 6
Fifita 3
Fotuaika 4
Molo 4

The team was beat 26-0 and never really looked like scoring.

State of Origin 2 player ratings: Queensland Maroons

I’ve seen the Titans do it this year to defences that aren’t back-pedalling.

The half skips outside his defensive opposite, which draws in the third man in…an isolated defender on Fifita. If the centre jams in on Fifita, the half can throw a faceball to his speedy centre… oh, Capewell.
Like Tedesco did in his sideways run which opened up the RH side for Murray/Turbo/Foxx, except they only need to get outside 1 defender!

Six talking points from State of Origin Game 2

I’ll second that

State of Origin 2 player ratings: NSW Blues

Fifita is a case in point. Against isolated defenders, Fifita is a weapon. By my reckoning in two matches, Fifita has been tackled one-on-one a single time. And it was nowhere near the attacking 20.

That’s poor coaching.

Six talking points from State of Origin Game 2

Cam Smith nailed it post game: Qld need to do something different! They cannot just keep doing what they’ve done so far as it’s not working.

Let’s get rid of Green, bring in Smith.
That’s how Qld turn it around

Six talking points from State of Origin Game 2

Coates was an age rep centre. Which is where his future is.
His decision making in defence is poor, but I thought his effort tonight was pretty good.
Feldt was awful. Holmes offered nothing.

Six talking points from State of Origin Game 2