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jon whats your traditional number 1 sport soccer rugby or other

How the AFL can go global

same here in sa

The A-League stadium situation: Part 2

If government funding is so disproportionate for our game then apart from the Prejudice of government decision makers in allocating the funding the majority of fault Lays at the Feet of the games administrators in their inability to achieve equitable results on our behalf

The football community is its own worst enemy – but it doesn't have to be

I understand that at the time how to deal with global pandemic was an unknown in hindsight I’m not sure that a global Lockdown was the best way to go just heard a report that year on year the total number Of deaths in America this year were lower than in the previous year

PM announces national framework for sport’s return


AFL confident they can lock in 2020 plans before end of April

i’m concerned easing of restrictions prematurely may cause significant death this virus is a real bugger and we’re coming into winter as well

AFL confident they can lock in 2020 plans before end of April

that is not a wage

AFL confident they can lock in 2020 plans before end of April

the title of this article brought tears to my eyes 😂

Why rugby league is an essential service

Planning 101 be realistic with your plans 2/10

Marketing 101 any news is good news 8/10

Lack of details a cause for concern in NRL return

carlton 😛

Both the AFL and NRL must make serious cuts to clubs

risk of head injury will always be an issue

The state of grassroots rugby in Australia

well we have the greatest participation and a national footprint with international interest in the game so why not

A radical proposal for a revised A-League

third world countries 🤢

Think the A-League has poor crowds? Think again

Love the code war topics imagine if our game had the same finances and the same coverage. We wouldn’t be having this argument. ⚽

The code wars are here, so let's have at it

some of his comments are accurate a view of our game from outside does not hurt

Markus Babbel is a goose, but is he entirely wrong?

hes a legend john 👍

King Nick and his tennis dilemma

exactly vast majority of media commentators have no attachment whatsoever to our game its not in their dna they grew up in Australia

Would a winter season even work in the A-League?

they could update the location as well

Would a winter season even work in the A-League?

it should improve the quality on the pitch which is what we have been calling for the concerns are reduction of broadcast dollars and stadia accessibility
media coverage and crowds are non issues if anything the sports market would be less cluttered in winter and crowds could not get any poorer in fact semi interested football spectators would have an easy option to switch from watching the oval balls 24/7

Caceres backs A-League winter switch

oh dear

Time for sport to realise climate change is its fight, too

next gig – high priest

Finding Izzy’s next gig is a hell of a job

his contract wasn’t water-tight – error where rc needs to hand in her resignation

Martin: Folau settlement like a Christmas present

yeah is it closer to $8m or $200k

Rugby AU and Israel Folau settle legal dispute

The death of active support will be the death of the A-League

model needs to be adjusted to work with smaller crowds in the current environment and to survive over the long term and the growth will occur organically

Six talking points from A-League Round 8