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We all know that they will remain the measuring stick of Rugby, as they always have been, just possibly not quite as long as in the past decade.

Where is rugby heading in Australia and NZ?

Possibly won’t till the pool stages are done. Fiji looked legitimately good and it will be interesting their game with Wales

Australia down Fiji to open Rugby World Cup campaign with unconvincing win

Well if I take a pessimistic view you could say he is thinking of the future, just his own. His career can’t afford 4 years of failure so pick what he thinks might work now, compared to what might help in the long term.

Though probably any selection panel interviewing him surely has to think about his development policies, I mean the warratahs haven’t exactly got amazing development pathways from what I can understand, not solely his fault but he could have improved that.

The great motivator. Passion doesn’t leave much for room for planning or development. Just hit them harder is nice, play smarter would be better. Oh well.

Wallabies name 31-man squad for 2019 Rugby World Cup

Only issue is that kicking from the base of the ruck can be significantly harder to get distance so while I agree that White has a big boot, I’d still rather Hodge clearing.

Address the structures rather than attack the scapegoats

That’s a fair point of view. So is your preference just a longer Super Rugby Comp?

Or are you suggesting a single long domestic comp?

Or would my suggestion of domestic, to international club, to international test be a preference given that until international its all the same teams?

What rugby competition would you like to watch?

I also like Super Rugby, I’m just worried that it’s not sustainable and is dragging the sport down.

But consider this, each country has their own competitions then move into a Champions league, which you could then open to the Japanese competition teams, instant easy expansion into a highly populated already established market. Thoughts?

What rugby competition would you like to watch?

Regardless of the competition structure for the 15 man game, think it could be an idea to have the games of that competition be openers to each local game?

What rugby competition would you like to watch?

I also like the idea of an Aus & NZ comp, but I understand that NZ are reluctant? I’d be interested in any sources on SA’s doubts. But this would keep all games in relative prime time and would be a good idea.

I like the 8 team idea also but am curious, no QLD Country rather than South QLD?

My only thought with including all into a Champions League style competition is that there just aren’t enough weeks in the year!

What rugby competition would you like to watch?

I agree that winning wouldn’t hurt and playing NZ, ARG and SA teams likely would make us stronger, I am not even suggesting that we stop doing that, there would still be those games. I didn’t really write this article for the purpose of addressing issues with our players, coaches etc, but rather to get peoples opinions on what structure they as fans would engage with more.

And while winning wouldn’t hurt I don’t think that it’s everything, it’s seemed to me that all crowds are down, across the board, even in NZ. And perhaps the structure isn’t to blame, or not fully, but it’s worth asking the question and discussing.

What rugby competition would you like to watch?

For clarity I like the SR also, but I feel like the last few years the crowds have been speaking with their feet/wallets. So I thought maybe a food for thought experiment article would be fun.

I think the issue with having the domestic comps first is that you couldn’t have a full super rugby season as there wouldn’t be enough time. Though perhaps you could work the domestic into the SR points system and front load the domestic games.

Then the challenge may be the travel, which would be brutal on the players, and loss of that control over the domestic decisions again.

What rugby competition would you like to watch?

Just curious, how does the 10 game test comp work for you? If it’s the current 4 southern hemisphere teams is that 3 games against 2 opponents and then 4 against another?

What rugby competition would you like to watch?