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Grew up watching and playing all sorts of Sport. I've recently found that writing about the sport I watch has turned into a hobby of mine. Any feedback and comments in which I can be better is appreciated.



Legend <3

Mario Balotelli scores a stunner then celebrates... with a selfie?

messi is soft

Lionel Messi goes troppo at Sergio Ramos after being clipped in the face

Lewandowski is a better striker.

Luis Suarez: Old wine in a new bottle

so we’re just going to ignore the fact he has bitten 3 players in his whole career?

Luis Suarez: Old wine in a new bottle

As a Chelsea fan, it’s a terrible look on the club and our management, but not all the fingers deserve to be pointed at Sarri and Kepa. Kepa was in the wrong not going off and pretty much, disobeying orders. The captain, Azpilicueta needed to step in and get more involved and show leadership. Instead, he just watched this happen. If it was John Terry, Frank Lampard or even Didier Drogba I doubt this wouldn’t of ever happened. Azpilicueta needs to be a better captain and show leadership. I don’t this incident is too embarrassing for Sari although it’s not a good look. As a consequence, I don’t think a fine is enough and I do believe Sarri should bench Kepa and start Willy Caballero against Tottenham . This is what I would do at least.

Managers losing their power to the players

why when writing about European football you don’t get many views/comments…?

Italian football's dark days continue

why when writing about European football you don’t get many views/comments…?

Liverpool Champions League clean sheet crucial: Robertson

Reynolds deserves to be lower on the list…imo

The Roar's top 50 NRL players: 50-41

Wooden Spoon?

NRL 2019 season preview: Parramatta Eels


Joel Embiid's classic reaction to Ben Simmons actually attempting a three-pointer

Great Article 🙂

Western United take first steps towards becoming a real club, but questions remain

Not sure if you could call him a ‘long victim’

Aaron Ramsey: Bluebird in an Arsenal coal mine

FFA needs to step up

Why can’t the FFA come clean?

For more information on Manchester United vs PSG, check out my article

Angel of the northwest: Di Maria silences boo boys as PSG star has final word

Rabbits winning 2019 calling it now

All Stars clash: Playing footy for your family's blood

Rabbits winning 2019 calling it now

Is the game dying or already dead?

will be interesting to see how marc gasol at raptors plays out

Trade deadline madness: The best trades of the 2019 NBA trade deadline

Ryan mate, you really reckon Lebron is going to wanna tank and would agree to do that? LeBron especially a player like him. Very extreme view.

Are the Lakers wasting a year of LeBron’s prime?

They should I mean, is there an reason why they shouldn’t?

Can Australia win the 2019 AFC Asian Cup?

Sir Alex was in a great position to do so, all the players loved him. With Jose, there were many players who didn’t get along with him. Not leaving Mourinho in a position to criticise his players.

The steps leading up to the sacking of Jose Mourinho

he was, your not a basketball fan if you don’t think he was. It’s what everyone was talking about going into the draft

All aboard the Lonzo Ball bandwagon

Unfortunately, racism does exist in the game of football. It’s good to see FIFA use players who have a big voice in the football world (eg, Ronaldo) to say racism is not ok and will not be tolerated. Players have been hurt by these acts, we saw Inter be very disrespectful to Mario Balotelli when playing against Inter for AC Milan. Thankfully, Mario used that awful moment to later tell sources such as the media that racism is not tolerated, making higher football officials tell the fans on a global stand that racism is not ok.

Football must do more to eradicate the scourge of racism

I agree with your point here, not sure how they could of thought Jose would do them any good especially considering their back line.

The steps leading up to the sacking of Jose Mourinho

I don’t disagree with your point but at the same time, I was trying to make this article more in a professional matter rather than my opinion. I was looking at this situation from different perspectives and outlining them. Would people rather spend time reading my opinion or factual information? In future, I will consider writing with more an opinion.

The steps leading up to the sacking of Jose Mourinho

The boy was just excited and Giannis wasn’t too bothered by the act, maybe a technical is a little harsh.

Brown fouled for flexing after savage dunk on Greek Freak