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Blame the rules, not the umpies

Blame the rules, not the umpies

2 Jun 2017

It’s a job that when done to perfection goes completely unnoticed, but when sub-par, in even the thinnest of slivers, is the reason for the all the world’s perils.

Forget back-to-back, the Dogs won’t make the finals

Forget back-to-back, the Dogs won't make the finals

17 Mar 2017

The Western Bulldogs aren’t going to play finals footy in 2017. I’ve made this call among friends and they’ve laughed at me, looked at me with bewilderment, and some have threatened the ultimate disownment of unfollowing me on Facebook.

For Essendon, the damage is already done

19 Feb 2015

‘Mud sticks’ is an old adage that will haunt Essendon. It will take a miracle for the Bombers to escape from this chaos with their dignity intact.

The most sought-after position in AFL

20 Jun 2014

When a senior coaching position becomes available, the assistants will submit their resum├ęs in the hope of securing the top gig.

AFL needs to stop punishing courage

9 May 2014

The AFL world has turned into Paris of the 18th century, with fans preparing to storm AFL House and free the theoretical prisoners of laws that are putting the game in a stranglehold.

Robbing the AFL’s rich won’t help the poor

Robbing the AFL's rich won't help the poor

17 Feb 2014

The current zeitgeist of equalisation through the AFL is a good and noble thing. Many seem to disagree.