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4 day tests are not a bad option but making it mandatory seems a bit much. Sadly, outside of the big three, test cricket seems to be struggling and actually staging matches probably costs boards and their best players money. Other than prestige, there is little incentive for them to play. The ICC ditched the Intercontinental Cup a couple of years back so there is no real avenue for further teams to be promoted to ‘test status’ either. I wouldn’t be surprised if test cricket is almost exclusively just Aus / Eng / Ind within a few years and they can prob then play over as many days as they like.

No, it's not time for four-day Tests

The guy bowls about 20kms slower than the likes of Starc and Archer. Disagree that it is negative or defensive – he gets loads of wickets with these short balls at a good strike rate. Very smart. Good on him. Would you suggest he serves up half volleys so that the likes of Smith can smash him all over the park instead?

Neil Wagner on song, but needs policing on short-pitched bowling

Definitely a great bowling attack led by Roberts and Ambrose. Batting obviously reliant on Viv and Richie but an incredible side overall, particularly given the relatively small size of the island.

Antigua's all-time cricket XI

Cheers Matth, I guess you’re right about this being a successful era for Victoria. Suppose in my mind the comp just doesn’t seem as prestigious or important somehow these days. The best players rarely play and it has been overtaken by the Big Bash etc. Therefore reckon recent players need to really stand out if they’re gonna be picked over those who played when it was a world class comp. Great exercise and looking forward to seeing the remaining teams.

Celebrating the Sheffield Shield: Best ever Victoria team

Yeah all of Tremain, Siddle and Pattinson in Vic’s first XI from past 130 years seems weird. Tremain & Pattinson in particular have played relatively few matches. Plus this is at a time when the best players rarely play shield, the standard of shield batting has rarely been weaker – Mitch Marsh has been batting top 6 in the test side for much of this time. No wonder these bowlers have decent averages. Just from the guys I’ve seen, the likes of Hughes, Fleming, Reiffel, Inness, Dodemaide would be at least equal with these guys and have greater longevity. The likes of Harwood, Nannes, McKay, Corbett, Saker would be comparable too.

And Marcus Harris has only played a few seasons for Vic yet he opens ahead of Bill Woodfull? And Neil Harvey can’t find a place in the 3rd xi. Hmmm.

Jack Blackham & Keith Miller are other legendary Aus players who might have been considered though not sure how much Miller played for Vic.

Very much enjoying this exercise though.

Celebrating the Sheffield Shield: Best ever Victoria team

I would use James Pattinson as the all-rounder to bat at 7. At least he can bowl and his batting average is higher than Marsh anyway. Allows Starc to come in. He is too good to be sitting on the bench. In: Smith, Starc. Out: Harris, Wade.

Steve Smith is back, but Australia mulls other changes

Can’t see Harris, Bancroft or any backup batsman making much impression to be honest. Meanwhile Starc is just way too good to be sitting on the bench. I’d drop Harris and go with 5 bowlers.

Aussies need a reshuffle but only one change for fourth Ashes Test

Don’t get the big deal with people whinging about Jofra’s reaction. He has nothing to apologise for. There were already half a dozen people crowding around checking Smith was ok plus doctors etc. Last thing Smith would’ve wanted was Jofra in his face too.

Jofra Archer opens up on his reaction to felling Steve Smith

It won’t happen but I’d just bring in Starc for Bancroft. Sorta like Bradman, Smith is as good as two normal batsmen allowing the option of the extra bowler. Pattinson is probably as likely to score runs as any of the fringe batsmen anyway and I reckon Bancroft (av 27.8) is a bit lucky to be there.

Why the Aussie selectors should drop Nathan Lyon and pick four quicks at Lord's

Totally agree re building the relationship with Scotland (and possibly Netherlands) which should be mutually beneficial. Am looking forward to the T20 comp (go Edinburgh Rocks!!) The ECB seem to give about as much prominence to Scottish and Irish interests as the government do with Brexit. Wouldn’t expect to see any forthcoming fixtures for several years even though we rolled them last year in that ODI and this match with Ireland being one of the more interesting tests in years.

From a Scottish perspective, I know we are strongly pushing for full membership however this is no longer tied to test status. There is almost zero incentive to look to play test cricket at this point. It is expensive to play and unlikely to attract crowds unless it is vs Eng or Ind. It is hard enough to attract high profile teams to play a single ODI let alone a test. I can’t recall us even playing a fc match since the last intercontinental cup finished a year or two back. Everything is geared towards white ball cricket and outside of the big three I think that is the direction cricket is taking – see M. Aamir retiring today aged 27. Having said that, an annual Irish/ Scottish test would be great.

I would love to see the Euro T20 becoming somewhat commercially viable and accessible – it certainly seems more interesting than ‘the hundred,’ and can potentially expand to other European nations as the game continues to develop in the likes of Germany for example.

Where do Ireland go from here?

Nice piece Geoff. Certainly an incredible match though not sure if using most boundaries as a basis for deciding the ‘winner’ makes it the best or worst ever.

Tied and tied again: How the greatest-ever World Cup final was won

Decent effort to finish 2nd on the table but in reality Eng at home are the better side in ODIs at the moment and showed it here.

Not quite sure how Jason Roy avoided suspension for the final and possibly beyond. Refused to leave the crease after being given out. Shocking decision but doesn’t mean you can stay there for ages and argue with the umps. Given slap on wrist fine and couple of demerit points. Very lucky for Eng.

Clinical England boss Australia in World Cup semi-final

When it comes to fairness, it’s hard to beat the format of the 2019 World Cup.

Tell that to Ireland, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Nepal and UAE, not to mention Scotland who probably would’ve been there if there had been DRS in the qualifying tournament.

Would contend that less games are actually meaningful since the group stage is so long.

The one major mistake at this Cricket World Cup

Hamid. What a legend. Definitely one of my faves. Reckon as much as any single player, he is responsible for Afghanistan emerging so quickly on the global scene. Devastating that he has probably missed most of his peak years, potential IPL contracts etc due to injury. It was a great effort yesterday to get back to somewhere around his best. Think I heard he might retire from ODIs after this tournament so hope he can go out with a bang!

Hamid's swift return gives Afghanistan hope

Was at the game, feel the booing was more pantomime stuff rather than genuinely aggressive. Would be v surprised if Smith or Warner were worried. In fact the only crowd issue I saw was an unfunny, loud Aussie guy screaming stuff like ‘Break his face Starcy’ and generally sledging the Afghan players all day. Every single delivery. What a hero. Security took him away at one point to the roars of the crowd but sadly he returned. Thanks to him, this Aussie supported Afghanistan for the day!

Warner answers boo boys in Australia win

Strange innings by Smith I thought. Aus will hope they don’t miss out narrowly on net run rate. Not quite sure what was happening there at the end.

In reality Afg were always on the back foot after the openers fell for ducks. Thought Hamid Hassan bowled really well. Fantastic to see after several years out injured.

Aussie bowlers rusty in World Cup opener

Agreed, the associates are stronger now than ever before and it is an absolute disgrace that they have been excluded from the showpiece event of the sport. Not to mention full members Zimbabwe and Ireland are missing too. It has nothing to do with lack of competitiveness – Scotland is the only team to beat England in a bi-lateral ODI contest in years and would almost certainly would have qualified had DRS been in place for the qualifying tournament. It has everything to do with them being TOO competitive. The number of teams has steadily decreased since India and Pakistan both bombed out in the first round of the 2007 world cup.

There are plenty of other series and tournaments to milk as much money as possible. It is a shame that emerging teams like the USA, Oman etc are missing let alone quality outfits like Ire, Zim, Scot, Neth, UAE and Nepal.

A great World Cup beckons with a key ingredient missing

A tragedy that the best ever Scottish team who have beaten England, Sri Lanka, Zim, Afghanistan etc over the past 18 months are not at the 2019 WC thanks to the full members reducing the number of teams participating and a Blocker Wilson howler when no DRS was available.

Rewind to 1999: When Scotland faced Australia in their first ODI

As a Geelong supporter who had experienced so many near misses – heroic grand final losses, humiliating grand final losses, Leigh Colbert’s unpaid mark, Nick Bloody Davis – I honestly thought we would never win one. So the 2007 Grand Final is and was the greatest thing ever. So appropriate that Gary’s two sons were in the team. And what a team. Started out as skinny kids who slowly became a formidable combination of flair and skill. Played our best game all year on Grand Final day. Watched the game on the big screen at Kardinia Park. Scenes after the match: Streets packed. Traffic at a standstill. Every car horn blaring in celebration. Strangers hugging. Everybody delirious. Tears. Laughter. Relief. Elation. Yeah, I’ve never quite seen anything like that before or since.

09 and 11 were quite good too but a long and agonizing wait for a flag will make it much sweeter I reckon. I don’t think anything will top 07. I’m still celebrating. To be honest these days I follow footy much less closely than I used to. Maybe that one perfect performance killed off some of my passion for following the game.

I do hope you long suffering Dees get there soon as I’m sure it is something that every long time fan deserves to experience.

Is winning a premiership really what matters?

Agreed. ODI cricket still seems to be the TV staple at international level. I still really like the format but I reckon it works better in the old tournament style comps with 3-4 teams and a final played within a couple of weeks than boring 5 or 7 match bi-lateral series which now seem to drag over a similar time period. With many more competitive teams these days there is nothing stopping short, sharp 5-6 team tournaments being organised and including the likes of Nepal and Scotland.

Do we need 50-over cricket?

To be honest these days few top players play much first class cricket outside of test matches. County cricket is a bit of a relic with very few world class players there and the way multiple players who have dominated at that level have looked completely out of place in test cricket is a concern. In general it fails to give much of a prep for test cricket.

I think Rashid took 20+ wickets against India last time and was then cast aside for inferior bowlers like Liam Dawson. No wonder he retired to concentrate on short form. Jos Buttler has been chosen on IPL form and dominated. I think we will see more of these selections going forward not less. The likes of Lynn and Short have been chosen for ODIs solely on T20 form for example.

Why Australia must not mirror England's Rashid selection

“There was only one team in the World Cup final and they lost…” Geez this article is so bitter.

France are world champions, but all the headlines are about VAR

Agreed. I used to enjoy the old triangular and quadrangular tournaments that used to be more common. There’s nothing stopping the big teams inviting some of the lower ranked teams to participate in multi-team tournaments rather than indulging in yet more bi-lateral ODI and T20I series with no context.

Scottish cricket arrives after 225 years

Thanks mate. Ha ha no that wasn’t me but certainly it was a great atmosphere there. Cricket Scotland did a great job bringing in the temporary stands. Incredible game. Still can’t quite believe it. Hopefully they’ve got something left in the tank for the T20Is this week against Pak.

Scottish cricket arrives after 225 years

Oops duplicate post.

Scottish cricket arrives after 225 years