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So your aim was to have people totally disagree with you…?

Is Pep truly a world-class manager?

This article is blatantly wrong. What awful journalism.

It implies that the Cove started leaving the ground because of the on-field performance. This is not true.

The Cove walked because their capo and his wife was ejected from the ground for no reason other than holding up the “Farina Out” sign- so much for freedom of speech. Some Cove memberships were revoked on the spot.

The walkout had nothing to do with what was happening on the field. It was about how the club treated its fans.

Fans rebel as Sydney crash to Adelaide

I think wait a few more years, allowing SFC and WSW more time to grow. It won’t be long before 60k+ is easily achievable for a Sydney Derby (and long term I can see it selling out ANZ each year) but that time isn’t now. In a few seasons, I think having the third Sydney Derby of each season at ANZ would be perfect.

How to make the most out of the Sydney Derby

Sounds like a good idea but I’d be wary that this could lead to further momentum for Asian expansion in the A-League… which is a definite no.

AFF Super League is an opportunity for the Top End

Have you ever heard of the National Youth League mate…?

That aside, promotion/relegation won’t happen in Australia for decades, if ever.

The second tier of football in Australia

As above, you’re using stereotypes about Asians to try and rebut an article that criticises stereotypes- you can’t see the contradiction?

Faux media outrage is driven by prejudice, not hooliganism

And now you’re just debasing the debate to stereotypes, precisely what my article was criticising…

Faux media outrage is driven by prejudice, not hooliganism

I’m not saying that ticket prices *should* be more than $10, just that they will be, because the AFC will want to turn a profit.

Anyway, I’m expecting decent crowds- matches involving the Socceroos will all sell out, Japan, Korea, China and so on will draw big crowds and even matches involving the minnows should get decent attendances. The FFA said a while back they expect a total attendance of around 500,000- which is an average of about 16,000 per match.

Anyway, it’s going to be a great tournament, I’m excited and I’m sure the rest of Australia will be as the tournament gets closer.

2015 AFC Asian Cup: Australia prepares, with one year to go

You’re having a laugh mate. The standard of football will be good (no, not World Class but then neither is the A-League) and as far as $10 tickets are concerned you’re dreaming.

2015 AFC Asian Cup: Australia prepares, with one year to go

No one was stabbed at the Wanderers-Victory game in Sydney.

There was a stabbing after the Sydney-Victory game back in November but it was later confirmed that the perpetrator was just a random teenager who hadn’t been at the match.

Keep trying mate.

Faux media outrage is driven by prejudice, not hooliganism

But how does that prove that hooliganism is “simply a part of fan culture.” That’s the point that I’m rejecting.

Countries such as Japan demonstrate that you can have a thriving football culture without violence. Hooliganism is not inherent in the sport, contrary to what many journalists suggest.

Faux media outrage is driven by prejudice, not hooliganism

The problem I have with it is that- although Wilson and Panahi are the most vocal and unapologetic writers about these issues, many articles (particularly in the Murdoch press) about hooliganism had undertones that were based very much on stereotypes and seemed to treat hooliganism as “inherent” in football- which it isn’t.

Faux media outrage is driven by prejudice, not hooliganism

Granted, hooliganism still exists- my point is that it’s not ubiquitous in football, because there are many passionate football countries (Japan, Korea, even the USA) where hooliganism doesn’t occur.

Faux media outrage is driven by prejudice, not hooliganism

I wasn’t branding these two as examples of the mainstream media as a whole, just pointing out that some journalists in particular are unduly harsh on football.

Faux media outrage is driven by prejudice, not hooliganism

Did you bother to read the article mate?

Not once in the article did I “defend” hooliganism. The media’s condemnation of this hooliganism, in my opinion, is absolutely justified.

I’m merely commenting that some “journalists,” like Panahi and Wilson, use these events to attack football as a sport, and to push their own stereotypes and biases against the sport.

Faux media outrage is driven by prejudice, not hooliganism

That’s exactly the point- the fact that police presence is there has helped wipe out football hooliganism in England. But even then, other countries (Japan, USA, Korea and so on) have thriving football cultures without any hooliganism- my point about hooliganism not being inherent in football remains.

Faux media outrage is driven by prejudice, not hooliganism

So I totally agree with you about Simon Hill’s article, I think it was spot-on and wasn’t driven by the stereotypes that many resort to.

Hooliganism does exist elsewhere, I’m just commenting that it isn’t simply a *natural* part of football, considering many countries where football is very popular (such as Japan, Korea, even England since security measures were tightened) don’t experience such problems. My point is that while hooliganism does occur in football, it isn’t caused simply by the fact that the hooligans are football fans- unfortunately, some in the media are very keen to suggest that.

And in terms of the picture, you’re correct- I didn’t choose it. But I don’t see the irony at all. I’m definitely not denying that hooliganism exists in the A-League, and I am absolutely in favour of stamping it out. I’m merely commenting that some of the responses in the media to A-League hooliganism have been driven by prejudice and not necessarily anger about the violence itself.

Faux media outrage is driven by prejudice, not hooliganism

I think it’s a bit unfair to attack Schwarzer. He was already probably going to be on the bench for Fulham considering the arrival of Stekelenburg. After all his service to Australian football, I think it was fair enough for Schwarzer to take a season to secure himself a financial future.

What price for loyalty in modern sport?

That refers to average crowds decreasing over the course of the season… which happens in every league, simply because interest in any league is higher in the opening rounds- it’s hardly a story if it’s a regular feature of every sport.

Five defining moments of Australian sport in 2013

I’m hoping for a group of Switzerland, England, Algeria and Australia- all, in my opinion, winnable matches on a good day. The match against England would be awesome and the media (even Murdoch papers) would be right into it.

And personally, 5/6am is the ideal time slot for me.

Socceroos' World Cup draw could result in football for breakfast

Ridiculous statement, just like the whole concept of an international round in the EPL.

Should the EPL host international fixtures?

Please can we just leave this stupid concept alone… 32 teams is the perfect number.

The benefits of a 40-team World Cup

When are people going to accept that Promotion and Relegation in Australia is an impossibility for at least the foreseeable future? In fact, it may never be achievable.

Like David Gallop says, we need to consolidate, and that means that the A-League will likely have ten teams for at least another five years, and probably won’t have more than 16, maybe even 14, teams in 20 years time. All, of course, in the one division.

If an A-League team were to be relegated they would suffer immensely. It would take decades to recover their previous levels of support and sponsorship once they finally were promoted to the A-League again. Conversely, state league clubs would be absolutely unprepared for a professional football league such as the A-League. Ignoring their player standards, brand exposure and facilities, they would simply struggle to attract fans. A state league club that gets a couple of hundred people to a game on average isn’t suddenly going to bring that number up to 10,000+ in line with the other A-League teams. Further, how would a state league team with small-time owners afford the travel costs and other expenses of a regular A-League club? Most A-League teams lose millions of dollars every season- a state league club could *never* afford that.

Relegation could conceivably destroy some clubs in the A-League- imagine if Wellington, Perth or Heart got relegated? Similarly, it could significantly damage the support and standard of some of the nation’s biggest clubs- say Victory, Western Sydney or SFC got relegated.

Australian football is nowhere near ready for promotion and relegation, and it may never be. So let’s stop harping on about it and focus on enjoying the competition we have today.

Australia needs promotion and relegation

40 teams is a stupid idea, no matter what the format. Stop meddling with the tournament and enjoy it for the fantastic spectacle that it is.

How to make a 40-team FIFA World Cup work

Shocking decision. I expected better from Ange. Aside from his disgraceful refusal to take any blame whatsoever after the France and Brazil games, why on earth is Neill considered worthy of captaining our country when he is struggling to even make the bench at a middling team in the Japan?

Neill to captain Socceroos, says he will 'prove' worthy